15 letter words ending in ion

Acclimatization (n.) The act of acclimatizing; the process of inuring to a new climate, or the state of being so inured.

Achromatization (n.) The act or process of achromatizing.

Acupuncturation (n.) See Acupuncture.

Adsignification (n.) Additional signification.

Americanization (n.) The process of Americanizing.

Antivaccination (n.) Opposition to vaccination.

Antivivisection (n.) Opposition to vivisection.

Appropinquation (n.) A drawing nigh; approach.

Arterialization (n.) The process of converting venous blood into arterial blood during its passage through the lungs, oxygen being absorbed and carbonic acid evolved; -- called also aeration and hematosis.

Autofecundation (n.) Self-impregnation.

Catheterization (n.) The operation of introducing a catheter.

Chondrification (n.) Formation of, or conversion into, cartilage.

Circumcursation (n.) The act of running about; also, rambling language.

Circumgestation (n.) The act or process of carrying about.

Circumincession (n.) The reciprocal existence in each other of the three persons of the Trinity.

Circumscription (n.) An inscription written around anything.

Circumscription (n.) The exterior

Circumscription (n.) The act of limiting, or the state of being limited, by conditions or restraints; bound; confinement; limit.

Circumvallation (n.) The act of surrounding with a wall or rampart.

Circumvallation (n.) A

Colliquefaction (n.) A melting together; the reduction of different bodies into one mass by fusion.

Contravallation (n.) A trench guarded with a parapet, constructed by besiegers, to secure themselves and check sallies of the besieged.

Crystallization (n.) The act or process by which a substance in solidifying assumes the form and structure of a crystal, or becomes crystallized.

Crystallization (n.) The body formed by crystallizing; as, silver on precipitation forms arborescent crystallizations.

Decalcification (n.) The removal of calcareous matter.

Decarbonization (n.) The action or process of depriving a substance of carbon.

Decarburization (n.) The act, process, or result of decarburizing.

Deconcentration (n.) Act of deconcentrating.

Dehydrogenation (n.) The act or process of freeing from hydrogen; also, the condition resulting from the removal of hydrogen.

Denitrification (n.) The act or process of freeing from nitrogen; also, the condition resulting from the removal of nitrogen.

Desilverization (n.) The act or the process of freeing from silver; also, the condition resulting from the removal of silver.

Dezincification (n.) The act or process of freeing from zinc; also, the condition resulting from the removal of zinc.

Differentiation (n.) The act of differentiating.

Differentiation (n.) The act of distinguishing or describing a thing, by giving its different, or specific difference; exact definition or determination.

Differentiation (n.) The supposed act or tendency in being of every kind, whether organic or inorganic, to assume or produce a more complex structure or functions.

Disassimilation (n.) The decomposition of complex substances, within the organism, into simpler ones suitable only for excretion, with evolution of energy, -- a normal nutritional process the reverse of assimilation; downward metabolism.

Discommendation (n.) Blame; censure; reproach.

Discontentation (n.) Discontent.

Discontinuation (n.) Breach or interruption of continuity; separation of parts in a connected series; discontinuance.

Disorganization (v. t.) The act of disorganizing; destruction of system.

Disorganization (v. t.) The state of being disorganized; as, the disorganization of the body, or of government.

Dissatisfaction (n.) The state of being dissatisfied, unsatisfied, or discontented; uneasiness proceeding from the want of gratification, or from disappointed wishes and expectations.

Diversification (n.) The act of making various, or of changing form or quality.

Diversification (n.) State of diversity or variation; variegation; modification; change; alternation.

Electrification (n.) The act of electrifying, or the state of being charged with electricity.

Electrolyzation (n.) The act or the process of electrolyzing.

Etherealization (n.) An ethereal or spiritlike state.

Excarnification (n.) The act of excarnificating or of depriving of flesh; excarnation.

Excommunication (n.) The act of communicating or ejecting; esp., an ecclesiastical censure whereby the person against whom it is pronounced is, for the time, cast out of the communication of the church; exclusion from fellowship in things spiritual.

Exemplification (n.) The act of exemplifying; a showing or illustrating by example.

Exemplification (n.) That which exemplifies; a case in point; example.

Exemplification (n.) A copy or transcript attested to be correct by the seal of an officer having custody of the original.

Experimentation (n.) The act of experimenting; practice by experiment.

Extemporization (n.) The act of extemporizing; the act of doing anything extempore.

Familiarization (n.) The act or process of making familiar; the result of becoming familiar; as, familiarization with scenes of blood.

Formularization (n.) The act of formularizing; a formularized or formulated statement or exhibition.

Fossilification (n.) The process of becoming fossil.

Granitification (n.) The act or the process of forming into granite.

Immortalization (n.) The act of immortalizing, or state of being immortalized.

Immortification (n.) Failure to mortify the passions.

Impatronization (n.) Absolute seignory or possession; the act of investing with such possession.

Incarnification (n.) The act of assuming, or state of being clothed with, flesh; incarnation.

Incomprehension (n.) Want of comprehension or understanding.

Inconsideration (n.) Want of due consideration; inattention to consequences; inconsiderateness.

Indemnification (n.) The act or process of indemnifying, preserving, or securing against loss, damage, or penalty; reimbursement of loss, damage, or penalty; the state of being indemnified.

Indemnification (n.) That which indemnifies.

Indetermination (n.) Want of determination; an unsettled or wavering state, as of the mind.

Indetermination (n.) Want of fixed or stated direction.

Instrumentation (n.) The act of using or adapting as an instrument; a series or combination of instruments; means; agency.

Instrumentation (n.) The arrangement of a musical composition for performance by a number of different instruments; orchestration; instrumental composition; composition for an orchestra or military band.

Instrumentation (n.) The act or manner of playing upon musical instruments; performance; as, his instrumentation is perfect.

Insubordination (n.) The quality of being insubordinate; disobedience to lawful authority.

Integumentation (n.) The act or process of covering with integuments; the state or manner of being thus covered.

Intensification (n.) The act or process of intensifying, or of making more intense.

Interarboration (n.) The interweaving of branches of trees.

Interconnection (n.) Connection between; mutual connection.

Interdigitation (n.) The state of interdigitating; interdigital space.

Interlamination (n.) The state of being interlaminated.

Introsusception (n.) The act or process of receiving within.

Introsusception (n.) Same as Intussusception.

Intussusception (n.) The reception of one part within another.

Intussusception (n.) The abnormal reception or slipping of a part of a tube, by inversion and descent, within a contiguous part of it; specifically, the reception or slipping of the upper part of the small intestine into the lower; introsusception; invagination.

Intussusception (n.) The interposition of new particles of formative material among those already existing, as in a cell wall, or in a starch grain.

Intussusception (n.) The act of taking foreign matter, as food, into a living body; the process of nutrition, by which dead matter is absorbed by the living organism, and ultimately converted into the organized substance of its various tissues and organs.

Malassimilation (n.) Imperfect digestion of the several leading constituents of the food.

Malassimilation (n.) An imperfect elaboration by the tissues of the materials brought to them by the blood.

Malconformation (n.) Imperfect, disproportionate, or abnormal formation; ill form; disproportion of parts.

Materialization (n.) The act of materializing, or the state of being materialized.

Mercurification (n.) The process or operation of obtaining the mercury, in its fluid form, from mercuric minerals.

Mercurification (n.) The act or process of compounding, or the state of being compounded, with mercury.

Merorganization (n.) Organization in part.

Misapprehension (n.) A mistaking or mistake; wrong apprehension of one's meaning of a fact; misconception; misunderstanding.

Misconsecration (n.) Wrong consecration.

Misconstruction (n.) Erroneous construction; wrong interpretation.

Misrecollection (n.) Erroneous or inaccurate recollection.

Nationalization (n.) The act of nationalizing, or the state of being nationalized.

Nonintervention (n.) The state or habit of not intervening or interfering; as, the nonintervention of one state in the affairs of another.

Nonpresentation (n.) Neglect or failure to present; state of not being presented.

Personification (n.) The act of personifying; impersonation; embodiment.

Personification (n.) A figure of speech in which an inanimate object or abstract idea is represented as animated, or endowed with personality; prosopop/ia; as, the floods clap their hands.

Phlogistication (n.) The act or process of combining with phlogiston.

Politzerization (n.) The act of inflating the middle ear by blowing air up the nose during the act of swallowing; -- so called from Prof. Politzer of Vienna, who first practiced it.

Preapprehension (n.) An apprehension or opinion formed before examination or knowledge.

Predeliberation (n.) Previous deliberation.

Preexistimation (n.) Previous esteem or estimation.

Procrastination (n.) The act or habit of procrastinating, or putting off to a future time; delay; dilatoriness.

Prognostication (n.) The act of foreshowing or foretelling something future by present signs; prediction.

Prognostication (n.) That which foreshows; a foretoken.

Quadripartition (n.) A division or distribution by four, or into four parts; also, a taking the fourth part of any quantity or number.

Quadruplication (n.) The act of making fourfold; a taking four times the simple sum or amount.

Rationalization (n.) The act or process of rationalizing.

Reafforestation (n.) The act or process of converting again into a forest.

Reconsideration (n.) The act of reconsidering, or the state of being reconsidered; as, the reconsideration of a vote in a legislative body.

Reconsolidation (n.) The act or process of reconsolidating; the state of being reconsolidated.

Reforestization (n.) The act or process of reforestizing.

Refortification (n.) A fortifying anew, or a second time.

Re-presentation (n.) The act of re-presenting, or the state of being presented again; a new presentation; as, re-presentation of facts previously stated.

Retrocopulation (n.) Copulation from behind.

Self-abnegation (n.) Self-denial; self-renunciation; self-sacrifice.

Self-admiration (n.) Admiration of one's self.

Self-centration (n.) The quality or state of being self-centered.

Self-conviction (n.) The act of convicting one's self, or the state of being self-convicted.

Self-estimation (n.) The act of estimating one's self; self-esteem.

Self-exaltation (n.) The act of exalting one's self, or the state of being so exalted.

Self-involution (n.) Involution in one's self; hence, abstraction of thought; reverie.

Self-possession (n.) The possession of one's powers; calmness; self-command; presence of mind; composure.

Self-repetition (n.) Repetition of one's self or of one's acts; the saying or doing what one has already said or done.

Speechification (n.) The act of speechifying.

Sublimification (n.) The act of making sublime, or state of being made sublime.

Subministration (n.) The act of subministering.

Superconception (n.) Superfetation.

Superexaltation (n.) Elevation above the common degree.

Superexcination (n.) Excessive, or more than normal, excitation.

Superordination (n.) The ordination of a person to fill a station already occupied; especially, the ordination by an ecclesiastical official, during his lifetime, of his successor.

Superproportion (n.) Overplus or excess of proportion.

Superreflection (n.) The reflection of a reflected image or sound.

Supersaturation (n.) The operation of supersaturating, or the state of being supersaturated.

Supersemination (n.) The sowing of seed over seed previously sown.

Supertuberation (n.) The production of young tubers, as potatoes, from the old while still growing.

Supparasitation (n.) The act of flattering to gain favor; servile approbation.

Supplementation (n.) The act of supplementing.

Syllabification (n.) Same as Syllabication.

Synchronization (n.) The act of synchronizing; concurrence of events in respect to time.

Systematization (n.) The act or operation of systematizing.

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