15 letter words ending in ize

Conventionalize (v. i.) To make designs in art, according to conventional principles. Cf. Conventionalize, v. t., 2.

Deprovincialize (v. t.) To divest of provincial quality or characteristics.

Experimentalize (v. i.) To make experiments (upon); to experiment.

Intellectualize (v. t.) To treat in an intellectual manner; to discuss intellectually; to reduce to intellectual form; to express intellectually; to idealize.

Intellectualize (v. t.) To endow with intellect; to bestow intellectual qualities upon; to cause to become intellectual.

Mischaracterize (v. t.) To characterize falsely or erroneously; to give a wrong character to.

Resurrectionize (v. t.) To raise from the dead.

Supernaturalize (v. t.) To treat or regard as supernatural.

Supersulphurize (v. t.) To impregnate or combine with an excess of sulphur.

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