15 letter words ending in ous

Acetabuliferous (a.) Furnished with fleshy cups for adhering to bodies, as cuttlefish, etc.

Amaryllidaceous (a.) Alt. of Amaryllideous

Angiospermatous (a.) Same as Angiospermous.

Anthropophagous (a.) Feeding on human flesh; cannibal.

Asclepiadaceous (a.) Of, pertaining to, or resembling, plants of the Milkweed family.

Batrachophagous (a.) Feeding on frogs.

Biantheriferous (a.) Having two anthers.

Brachycephalous (a.) Having the skull short in proportion to its breadth; shortheaded; -- in distinction from dolichocephalic.

Branchiostegous (a.) Branchiostegal.

Campylospermous (a.) Having seeds grooved lengthwise on the inner face, as in sweet cicely.

Caprifoliaceous (a.) Of, pertaining to, or resembling, the Honeysuckle family of plants (Caprifoliacae.

Circumforaneous (a.) Going about or abroad; walking or wandering from house to house.

Coinstantaneous (a.) Happening at the same instant.

Contemporaneous (a.) Living, existing, or occurring at the same time; contemporary.

Convolvulaceous (a.) Of, pertaining to, or resembling, the family of plants of which the bindweed and the morning-glory are common examples.

Disadvantageous (a.) Attended with disadvantage; unfavorable to success or prosperity; inconvenient; prejudicial; -- opposed to advantageous; as, the situation of an army is disadvantageous for attack or defense.

Dromaeognathous (a.) Having the structure of the palate like that of the ostrich and emu.

Echinodermatous (a.) Relating to Echinodermata; echinodermal.

Edriophthalmous (a.) Pertaining to the Edriophthalma.

Enantiomorphous (a.) Similar, but not superposable, i. e., related to each other as a right-handed to a left-handed glove; -- said of certain hemihedral crystals.

Excrementitious (a.) Pertaining to, or consisting of, excrement; of the nature of excrement.

Extrafoliaceous (a.) Away from the leaves, or inserted in a different place from them; as, extrafoliaceous prickles.

Heterodactylous (a.) Having the first and second toes turned backward, as in the trogons.

Hydrosulphurous (a.) Pertaining to, or designating, an acid obtained by the reduction of sulphurous acid. See Hyposulphurous acid, under Hyposulphurous.

Hypophosphorous (a.) Pertaining to, or containing, phosphorus in a lower state of oxidation than in phosphoric compounds; as, hypophosphorous acid.

Ichthyomorphous (a.) Fish-shaped; as, the ichthyomorphic idols of ancient Assyria.

Interfoliaceous (a.) At the same node with opposite or whorled leaves, but occupying a position between their places of attachment.

Intermembranous (a.) Within or beneath a membrane; as, intermembranous ossification.

Intrafoliaceous (a.) Growing immediately above, or in front of, a leaf; as, intrafoliaceous stipules.

Macrencephalous (a.) Having a large brain.

Margaritiferous (a.) Producing pearls.

Menispermaceous (a.) Pertaining to a natural order (Menispermace/) of climbing plants of which moonseed (Menispermum) is the type.

Mesaticephalous (a.) Mesaticephalic.

Micrencephalous () Having a small brain.

Monochlamydeous (a.) Having a single floral envelope, that is, a calyx without a corolla, or, possibly, in rare cases, a corolla without a calyx.

Myelencephalous (a.) Of or pertaining to the Myelencephala.

Odontostomatous (a.) Having toothlike mandibles; -- applied to certain insects.

Oppositifolious (a.) Placed at the same node with a leaf, but separated from it by the whole diameter of the stem; as, an oppositifolious peduncle.

Osteopterygious (a.) Having bones in the fins, as certain fishes.

Pamprodactylous (a.) Having all the toes turned forward, as the colies.

Pergamentaceous (a.) Like parchment.

Peristeropodous (a.) Having pigeonlike feet; -- said of those gallinaceous birds that rest on all four toes, as the curassows and megapods.

Plagiostomatous (a.) Same as Plagiostomous.

Plec-tognathous (a.) Of or pertaining to the Plectognathi.

Poikilothermous (a.) Poikilothermal.

Quadragenarious (a.) Consisting of forty; forty years old.

Quadrigenarious (a.) Consisting of four hundred.

Recrementitious (a.) Of or pertaining to recrement; consisting of recrement or dross.

Salsamentarious (a.) Salt; salted; sa

Self-suspicious (a.) Suspicious or distrustful of one's self.

Semiperspicuous (a.) Half transparent; imperfectly clear; semipellucid.

Spermatophorous (a.) Producing seed, or sperm; seminiferous; as, the so-called spermatophorous cells.

Subpodophyllous (a.) Situated under the podophyllous tissue of the horse's foot.

Suchospondylous (a.) Having dorsal vertebrae with long and divided transverse processes; -- applied to certain reptiles.

Supercretaceous (a.) Same as Supracretaceous.

Supracretaceous (a.) Lying above the chalk; Supercretaceous.

Suprafoliaceous (a.) Inserted into the stem above the leaf, petiole, or axil, as a peduncle or flower.

Syncotyledonous (a.) Having united cotyledonous.

Tentaculiferous (a.) Producing or bearing tentacles.

Umbraculiferous (a.) Bearing something like an open umbrella.

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