15 letter words ending in ty

Apprehensibiity (n.) The quality of being apprehensible.

Approachability (n.) The quality of being approachable; approachableness.

Communicability (n.) The quality of being communicable; capability of being imparted.

Compressibility (n.) The quality of being compressible of being compressible; as, the compressibility of elastic fluids.

Contemporaneity (n.) The state of being contemporaneous.

Contemptibility (n.) The quality of being contemptible; contemptibleness.

Contractibility (n.) Capability of being contracted; quality of being contractible; as, the contractibility and dilatability of air.

Controllability (n.) Capability of being controlled; controllableness.

Conventionality (n.) The state of being conventional; adherence to social formalities or usages; that which is established by conventional use; one of the customary usages of social life.

Demonstrability (n.) The quality of being demonstrable; demonstrableness.

Destructibility (n.) The quality of being capable of destruction; destructibleness.

Determinability (n.) The quality of being determinable; determinableness.

Discerptibility (n.) Capability or liableness to be discerped.

Discoverability (n.) The quality of being discoverable.

Disreputability (n.) The state of being disreputable.

Exchangeability (n.) The quality or state of being exchangeable.

Immeasurability (n.) The quality of being immeasurable; immensurability.

Immensurability (n.) The quality of being immensurable.

Impenetrability (n.) Quality of being impenetrable.

Impenetrability (n.) That property in virtue of which two portions of matter can not at the same time occupy the same portion of space.

Impenetrability (n.) Insusceptibility of intellectual or emotional impression; obtuseness; stupidity; coldness.

Imperishability (n.) The quality of being imperishable: indstructibility.

Imponderability (n.) The quality or state of being imponderable; imponderableness.

Inaccessibility (n.) The quality or state of being inaccessible; inaccessibleness.

Inadmissibility (n.) The state or quality of being inadmissible, or not to be received.

Inappellability (n.) The quality of being inappellable; finality.

Inapplicability (n.) The quality of being inapplicable; unfitness; inapplicableness.

Incalculability (n.) The quality or state of being incalculable.

Inchangeability (n.) Unchangeableness.

Incommutability (n.) The quality or state of being incommutable.

Incompatibility (n.) The quality or state of being incompatible; inconsistency; irreconcilableness.

Incompetibility (n.) See Incompatibility.

Incorrigibility (n.) The state or quality of being incorrigible.

Indefeasibility (n.) The quality of being undefeasible.

Indefectibility (n.) The quality of being indefectible.

Indefensibility (n.) The quality or state of not being defensible.

Indigestibility (n.) The state or quality of being indigestible; indigestibleness.

Indisputability (n.) Indisputableness.

Indisdolubility (n.) The quality or state of being indissoluble.

Inexplicability (n.) The quality or state of being inexplicable.

Instrumentality (n.) The quality or condition of being instrumental; that which is instrumental; anything used as a means; medium; agency.

Intellectuality (n.) Intellectual powers; possession of intellect; quality of being intellectual.

Intelligibility () The quality or state of being intelligible; clearness; perspicuity; definiteness.

Invulnerability (n.) Quality or state of being invulnerable.

Irredeemability (n.) The state or quality of being irredeemable; irredeemableness.

Irrefragability (n.) The quality or state of being irrefragable; incapability of being refuted.

Irrepealability (n.) The quality or state of being irrepealable.

Irresistibility (n.) The quality or state of being irrestible, irresistibleness.

Irresolvability (n.) The quality of being irresolvable; irresolvableness.

Irreversibility (n.) The state or quality of being irreversible; irreversibleness.

Marriageability (n.) The quality or state of being marriageable.

Polysyllabicity (n.) Polysyllabism.

Precipitability (n.) The quality or state of being precipitable.

Proportionality (n.) The state of being in proportion.

Pyroelectricity (n.) Electricity developed by means of heat; the science which treats of electricity thus developed.

Questionability (n.) The state or condition of being questionable.

Recognizability (n.) The quality or condition of being recognizable.

Self-partiality (n.) That partiality to himself by which a man overrates his own worth when compared with others.

Semidiaphaneity (n.) Half or imperfect transparency; translucency.

Semipellucidity (n.) The qualiti or state of being imperfectly transparent.

Supernaturality (n.) The quality or state of being supernatural.

Transferability (n.) The quality or state of being transferable.

Transmutability (n.) The quality of being transmutable.

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