15 letter words whose second letter is N

Anaglyptography (n.) The art of copying works in relief, or of engraving as to give the subject an embossed or raised appearance; -- used in representing coins, bas-reliefs, etc.

Anemometrograph (n.) An anemograph.

Anfractuosities (pl. ) of Anfractuosity

Angiospermatous (a.) Same as Angiospermous.

Annihilationist (n.) One who believes that eternal punishment consists in annihilation or extinction of being; a destructionist.

Anomalistically (adv.) With irregularity.

Antepenultimate (a.) Of or pertaining to the last syllable but two.

Antepenultimate (n.) The antepenult.

Antepredicament (n.) A prerequisite to a clear understanding of the predicaments and categories, such as definitions of common terms.

Anthropocentric (a.) Assuming man as the center or ultimate end; -- applied to theories of the universe or of any part of it, as the solar system.

Anthropological (a.) Pertaining to anthropology; belonging to the nature of man.

Anthropomorphic (a.) Of or pertaining to anthropomorphism.

Anthropopathism (n.) Alt. of Anthropopathy

Anthropophagite (n.) A cannibal.

Anthropophagous (a.) Feeding on human flesh; cannibal.

Anthropotomical (a.) Pertaining to anthropotomy, or the dissection of human bodies.

Antiaphrodisiac (a. & n.) Same as Antaphrodisiac.

Antichristianly (adv.) In an antichristian manner.

Anti-federalist (n.) One of party opposed to a federative government; -- applied particularly to the party which opposed the adoption of the constitution of the United States.

Antihemorrhagic (a.) Tending to stop hemorrhage.

Antihemorrhagic (n.) A remedy for hemorrhage.

Antihydrophobic (a.) Counteracting or preventing hydrophobia.

Antihydrophobic (n.) A remedy for hydrophobia.

Antimagistrical (a.) Opposed to the office or authority of magistrates.

Antimonarchical () Opposed to monarchial government.

Antiparalytical (a.) Antiparalytic.

Antiperistaltic (a.) Opposed to, or checking motion; acting upward; -- applied to an inverted action of the intestinal tube.

Antiphlogistian (n.) An opposer of the theory of phlogiston.

Antisabbatarian (n.) One of a sect which opposes the observance of the Christian Sabbath.

Antiscorbutical (a.) Antiscorbutic.

Antivaccination (n.) Opposition to vaccination.

Antivivisection (n.) Opposition to vivisection.

Enantiomorphous (a.) Similar, but not superposable, i. e., related to each other as a right-handed to a left-handed glove; -- said of certain hemihedral crystals.

Encyclopediacal (a.) Encyclopedic.

Endolymphangial (a.) Within a lymphatic vessel.

Enfranchisement (n.) Releasing from slavery or custody.

Enfranchisement (n.) Admission to the freedom of a corporation or body politic; investiture with the privileges of free citizens.

Inaccessibility (n.) The quality or state of being inaccessible; inaccessibleness.

Inadmissibility (n.) The state or quality of being inadmissible, or not to be received.

Inalienableness (n.) The quality or state of being inalienable; inalienability.

Inappellability (n.) The quality of being inappellable; finality.

Inapplicability (n.) The quality of being inapplicable; unfitness; inapplicableness.

Inapprehensible (a.) Not apprehensible; unintelligible; inconceivable.

Inauthoritative (a.) Without authority; not authoritative.

Incalculability (n.) The quality or state of being incalculable.

Incarnification (n.) The act of assuming, or state of being clothed with, flesh; incarnation.

Inchangeability (n.) Unchangeableness.

Incommensurable (a.) Not commensurable; having no common measure or standard of comparison; as, quantities are incommensurable when no third quantity can be found that is an aliquot part of both; the side and diagonal of a square are incommensurable with each other; the diameter and circumference of a circle are incommensurable.

Incommensurable (n.) One of two or more quantities which have no common measure.

Incommunicating (a.) Having no communion or intercourse with each other.

Incommunicative (a.) Not communicative; not free or apt to impart to others in conversation; reserved; silent; as, the messenger was incommunicative; hence, not disposed to hold fellowship or intercourse with others; exclusive.

Incommutability (n.) The quality or state of being incommutable.

Incompassionate (a.) Not compassionate; void of pity or of tenderness; remorseless.

Incompatibility (n.) The quality or state of being incompatible; inconsistency; irreconcilableness.

Incompetibility (n.) See Incompatibility.

Incomprehension (n.) Want of comprehension or understanding.

Incomprehensive (a.) Not comprehensive; not capable of including or of understanding; not extensive; limited.

Inconsequential (a.) Not regularly following from the premises; hence, irrelevant; unimportant; of no consequence.

Inconsiderately (adv.) In an inconsiderate manner.

Inconsideration (n.) Want of due consideration; inattention to consequences; inconsiderateness.

Inconsistencies (pl. ) of Inconsistency

Incorresponding (a.) Not corresponding; disagreeing.

Incorrigibility (n.) The state or quality of being incorrigible.

Incredulousness (n.) Incredulity.

Indefeasibility (n.) The quality of being undefeasible.

Indefectibility (n.) The quality of being indefectible.

Indefensibility (n.) The quality or state of not being defensible.

Indemnification (n.) The act or process of indemnifying, preserving, or securing against loss, damage, or penalty; reimbursement of loss, damage, or penalty; the state of being indemnified.

Indemnification (n.) That which indemnifies.

Indeprehensible (a.) Incapable of being found out.

Indetermination (n.) Want of determination; an unsettled or wavering state, as of the mind.

Indetermination (n.) Want of fixed or stated direction.

Indigestibility (n.) The state or quality of being indigestible; indigestibleness.

Indisciplinable (a.) Not disciplinable; undisciplinable.

Indisputability (n.) Indisputableness.

Indisdolubility (n.) The quality or state of being indissoluble.

Indistinguished (a.) Indistinct.

Individualistic (a.) Of or pertaining to the individual or individualism.

Individualities (pl. ) of Individuality

Individualizing (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Individualize

Indivisibleness (n.) The state of being indivisible; indivisibility.

Indubitableness (n.) The state or quality of being indubitable.

Ineffectiveness (n.) Quality of being ineffective.

Ineffectualness (n.) Want of effect, or of power to produce it; inefficacy.

Ineffervescence (n.) Want of effervescence.

Ineffervescible (a.) Not capable or susceptible of effervescence.

Inefficaciously (adv.) without efficacy or effect.

Inexcusableness (n.) The quality of being inexcusable; enormity forgiveness.

Inexplicability (n.) The quality or state of being inexplicable.

Inferobranchian (n.) One of the Inferobranchiata.

Infinitesimally (adv.) By infinitesimals; in infinitely small quantities; in an infinitesimal degree.

Inflammableness (n.) The quality or state of being inflammable; inflammability.

Infraclavicular (a.) Below the clavicle; as, the infraclavicular fossa.

Infrangibleness (n.) The state or quality of being infrangible; infrangibility.

Infundibuliform (a.) Having the form of a funnel or cone; funnel-shaped.

Infundibuliform (a.) Same as Funnelform.

Injudiciousness (n.) The quality of being injudicious; want of sound judgment; indiscretion.

Inquisitiveness (n.) The quality or state of being inquisitive; the disposition to seek explanation and information; curiosity to learn what is unknown; esp., uncontrolled and impertinent curiosity.

Inquisitorially (adv.) In an inquisitorial manner.

Inscribableness (n.) Quality of being inscribable.

Inscrutableness (n.) The quality or state of being inscrutable; inscrutability.

Inseparableness (n.) The quality or state of being inseparable; inseparability.

Insignificantly (adv.) without significance, importance, or effect; to no purpose.

Insignificative (a.) Not expressing meaning; not significant.

Instrumentalist (n.) One who plays upon an instrument of music, as distinguished from a vocalist.

Instrumentality (n.) The quality or condition of being instrumental; that which is instrumental; anything used as a means; medium; agency.

Instrumentation (n.) The act of using or adapting as an instrument; a series or combination of instruments; means; agency.

Instrumentation (n.) The arrangement of a musical composition for performance by a number of different instruments; orchestration; instrumental composition; composition for an orchestra or military band.

Instrumentation (n.) The act or manner of playing upon musical instruments; performance; as, his instrumentation is perfect.

Insubordination (n.) The quality of being insubordinate; disobedience to lawful authority.

Insurrectionary (a.) Pertaining to, or characterized by, insurrection; rebellious; seditious.

Insurrectionist (n.) One who favors, or takes part in, insurrection; an insurgent.

Intangibilities (pl. ) of Intangibility

Integumentation (n.) The act or process of covering with integuments; the state or manner of being thus covered.

Intellectualism (n.) Intellectual power; intellectuality.

Intellectualism (n.) The doctrine that knowledge is derived from pure reason.

Intellectualist (n.) One who overrates the importance of the understanding.

Intellectualist (n.) One who accepts the doctrine of intellectualism.

Intellectuality (n.) Intellectual powers; possession of intellect; quality of being intellectual.

Intellectualize (v. t.) To treat in an intellectual manner; to discuss intellectually; to reduce to intellectual form; to express intellectually; to idealize.

Intellectualize (v. t.) To endow with intellect; to bestow intellectual qualities upon; to cause to become intellectual.

Intelligentiary (n.) One who gives information; an intelligencer.

Intelligibility () The quality or state of being intelligible; clearness; perspicuity; definiteness.

Intemperateness (n.) The state of being intemperate; excessive indulgence of any appetite or passion; as, intemperateness in eating or drinking.

Intemperateness (n.) Severity of weather; inclemency.

Intensification (n.) The act or process of intensifying, or of making more intense.

Interambulacral (a.) Of or pertaining to the interambulacra.

Interambulacrum (n.) In echinoderms, one of the areas or zones intervening between two ambulacra. See Illust. of Ambulacrum.

Interarboration (n.) The interweaving of branches of trees.

Intercessionate (v. t.) To entreat.

Interchangeable (a.) Admitting of exchange or mutual substitution.

Interchangeable (a.) Following each other in alternate succession; as, the four interchangeable seasons.

Interchangement (n.) Mutual transfer; exchange.

Interclavicular (a.) Between the clavicles; as, the interclavicular notch of the sternum.

Interclavicular (a.) Of or pertaining to the interclavicle.

Intercollegiate (a.) Existing or carried on between colleges or universities; as, intercollegiate relations, rivalry, games, etc.

Intercomparison (n.) Mutual comparison of corresponding parts.

Interconnection (n.) Connection between; mutual connection.

Interdependence (n.) Mutual dependence.

Interdependency (n.) Mutual dependence; as, interdependency of interests.

Interdigitation (n.) The state of interdigitating; interdigital space.

Interestingness (n.) The condition or quality of being interesting.

Interfascicular (a.) Between fascicles or bundles; as, the interfascicular spaces of connective tissue.

Interfoliaceous (a.) At the same node with opposite or whorled leaves, but occupying a position between their places of attachment.

Interfollicular (a.) Between follicles; as, the interfollicular septa in a lymphatic gland.

Interganglionic (a.) Between and uniting the nervous ganglions; as, interganglionic cords.

Interjectionary (a.) Interjectional.

Interlamination (n.) The state of being interlaminated.

Intermandibular (a.) Between the mandibles; interramal; as, the intermandibular space.

Intermeddlesome (a.) Inc

Intermembranous (a.) Within or beneath a membrane; as, intermembranous ossification.

Intermesenteric (a.) Within the mesentery; as, the intermesenteric, or aortic, plexus.

Intermetacarpal (a.) Between the metacarpal bones.

Intermetatarsal (a.) Between the metatarsal bones.

Internationally (adv.) In an international manner; from an international point of view.

Internuncioship (n.) The office or function of an internuncio.

Interpedencular (a.) Between peduncles; esp., between the peduncles, or crura, of the cerebrum.

Interphalangeal (a.) Between phalanges; as, interphalangeal articulations.

Interrogatively (adv.) In the form of, or by means of, a question; in an interrogative manner.

Interrogatories (pl. ) of Interrogatory

Interstratified (a.) Stratified among or between other bodies; as, interstratified rocks.

Intertransverse (a.) Between the transverse processes of the vertebrae.

Intertwistingly (adv.) By intertwisting, or being intertwisted.

Intoxicatedness (n.) The state of being intoxicated; intoxication; drunkenness.

Intrafoliaceous (a.) Growing immediately above, or in front of, a leaf; as, intrafoliaceous stipules.

Intransmissible (a.) Not capable of being transmitted.

Intrinsicalness (n.) The quality of being intrinsical; intrinsicality.

Introsusception (n.) The act or process of receiving within.

Introsusception (n.) Same as Intussusception.

Intussusception (n.) The reception of one part within another.

Intussusception (n.) The abnormal reception or slipping of a part of a tube, by inversion and descent, within a contiguous part of it; specifically, the reception or slipping of the upper part of the small intestine into the lower; introsusception; invagination.

Intussusception (n.) The interposition of new particles of formative material among those already existing, as in a cell wall, or in a starch grain.

Intussusception (n.) The act of taking foreign matter, as food, into a living body; the process of nutrition, by which dead matter is absorbed by the living organism, and ultimately converted into the organized substance of its various tissues and organs.

Inunderstanding (a.) Void of understanding.

Involuntariness (n.) The quality or state of being involuntary; unwillingness; automatism.

Invulnerability (n.) Quality or state of being invulnerable.

Knickknackatory (n.) A collection of knickknacks.

Knight bachelor () A knight of the most ancient, but lowest, order of English knights, and not a member of any order of chivalry. See Bachelor, 4.

Knight banneret () A knight who carried a banner, who possessed fiefs to a greater amount than the knight bachelor, and who was obliged to serve in war with a greater number of attendants. The dignity was sometimes conferred by the sovereign in person on the field of battle.

Knight baro-net () See Baronet.

Knight-errantry (n.) The character or actions of wandering knights; the practice of wandering in quest of adventures; chivalry; a quixotic or romantic adventure or scheme.

Knight-er-ratic (a.) Pertaining to a knight-errant or to knight-errantry.

Know-nothingism (n.) The doctrines, principles, or practices, of the Know-nothings.

Oneirocriticism (n.) Alt. of Oneirocritics

Pneumatological (a.) Of or pertaining to pneumatology.

Unacceptability (n.) The quality of being unacceptable; unacceptableness.

Unanswerability (n.) The quality of being unanswerable; unanswerableness.

Unchristianness (n.) The quality or state of being unchristian.

Uncomprehensive (a.) Unable to comprehend.

Uncomprehensive (a.) Incomprehensible.

Uncoformability (n.) The quality or state of being unconformable; unconformableness.

Uncoformability (n.) Want of parallelism between one series of strata and another, especially when due to a disturbance of the position of the earlier strata before the latter were deposited.

Unconsequential (a.) Inconsequential.

Uncontroversory (a.) Not involving controversy.

Underproduction (n.) The production of less than is demanded or of less than the usual supply.

Undershrievalty (n.) The office or position of an undersheriff.

Understandingly (adv.) In an understanding manner; intelligibly; with full knowledge or comprehension; intelligently; as, to vote upon a question understandingly; to act or judge understandingly.

Undetermination (n.) Indetermination.

Unembarrassment (n.) Freedom from embarrassment.

Unexceptionable (a.) Not liable to any exception or objection; unobjectionable; faultless; good; excellent; as, a man of most unexceptionable character.

Universological (a.) Of or pertaining to universology.

Unparliamentary (a.) Not parliamentary; contrary to the practice of parliamentary bodies.

Unprotestantize (v. t.) To render other than Protestant; to cause to change from Protestantism to some other form of religion; to deprive of some Protestant feature or characteristic.

Unsophisticated (a.) Not sophisticated; pure; innocent; genuine.

Unsymmetrically (adv.) Not symmetrically.

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