15 letter words whose second letter is O

Boa constrictor () A large and powerful serpent of tropical America, sometimes twenty or thirty feet long. See Illustration in Appendix.

Borough-English (n.) A custom, as in some ancient boroughs, by which lands and tenements descend to the youngest son, instead of the eldest; or, if the owner have no issue, to the youngest brother.

Boustrophedonic (a.) Relating to the boustrophedon made of writing.

Coachwhip snake () A large, slender, harmless snake of the southern United States (Masticophis flagelliformis).

Coestablishment (n.) Joint establishment.

Coinstantaneous (a.) Happening at the same instant.

Colliquefaction (n.) A melting together; the reduction of different bodies into one mass by fusion.

Colonizationist (n.) A friend to colonization, esp. (U. S. Hist) to the colonization of Africa by emigrants from the colored population of the United States.

Colorado beetle () A yellowish beetle (Doryphora decem

Combustibleness (n.) Combustibility.

Comfortableness (n.) State of being comfortable.

Commentatorship (n.) The office or occupation of a commentator.

Commissionnaire (n.) An agent or factor; a commission merchant.

Commissionnaire (n.) One of a class of attendants, in some European cities, who perform miscellaneous services for travelers.

Commonplaceness (n.) The quality of being commonplace; commonness.

Communicability (n.) The quality of being communicable; capability of being imparted.

Compassionating (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Compassionate

Compassionately (adv.) In a compassionate manner; mercifully.

Compendiousness (n.) The state or quality of being compendious.

Complimentative (a.) Complimentary.

Comprehensively (adv.) In a comprehensive manner; with great extent of scope.

Compressibility (n.) The quality of being compressible of being compressible; as, the compressibility of elastic fluids.

Compromissorial (a.) Relating to compromise.

Compunctionless (a.) Without compunction.

Concavo-concave (a.) Concave or hollow on both sides; double concave.

Conceptionalist (n.) A conceptualist.

Conchyliologist (n.) Alt. of Conchyliology

Concupiscential (a.) Relating to concupiscence.

Condescendingly (adv.) In a condescending manner.

Conferruminated (a.) Closely united by the coalescence, or sticking together, of contiguous faces, as in the case of the cotyledons of the live-oak acorn.

Confessionalism (n.) An exaggerated estimate of the importance of giving full assent to any particular formula of the Christian faith.

Confessionalist (n.) A priest hearing, or sitting to hear, confession.

Conformableness (n.) The quality of being conformable; conformability.

Confraternities (pl. ) of Confraternity

Congreve rocket () See under Rocket.

Conjunctiveness (n.) The state or quality of being conjunctive.

Connoisseurship (n.) State of being a connoisseur.

Conscientiously (adv.) In a conscientious manner; as a matter of conscience; hence; faithfully; accurately; completely.

Consecutiveness (n.) The state or quality of being consecutive.

Consequentially (adv.) With just deduction of consequence; with right connection of ideas; logically.

Consequentially (adv.) By remote consequence; not immediately; eventually; as, to do a thing consequentially.

Consequentially (adv.) In a regular series; in the order of cause and effect; with logical concatenation; consecutively; continuously.

Consequentially (adv.) With assumed importance; pompously.

Constitutionist (n.) One who adheres to the constitution of the country.

Constructionist (n.) One who puts a certain construction upon some writing or instrument, as the Constitutions of the United States; as, a strict constructionist; a broad constructionist.

Consubstantiate (v. t. ) To cause to unite, or to regard as united, in one common substance or nature.

Consubstantiate (v. i.) To profess or belive the doctrine of consubstantion.

Consubstantiate (a.) Partaking of the same substance; united; consubstantial.

Consumptiveness (n.) A state of being consumptive, or a tendency to a consumption.

Contemplatively (adv.) With contemplation; in a contemplative manner.

Contemporaneity (n.) The state of being contemporaneous.

Contemporaneous (a.) Living, existing, or occurring at the same time; contemporary.

Contemptibility (n.) The quality of being contemptible; contemptibleness.

Contortuplicate (a.) Plaited lengthwise and twisted in addition, as the bud of the morning-glory.

Contractibility (n.) Capability of being contracted; quality of being contractible; as, the contractibility and dilatability of air.

Contradictional (a.) Contradictory; inconsistent; opposing.

Contradictorily (adv.) In a contradictory manner.

Contradictories (pl. ) of Contradictory

Contraindicated (imp. & p. p.) of Contraindicate

Contrastimulant (a.) Counteracting the effects of stimulants; relating to a course of medical treatment based on a theory of contrastimulants.

Contrastimulant (n.) An agent which counteracts the effect of a stimulant.

Contravallation (n.) A trench guarded with a parapet, constructed by besiegers, to secure themselves and check sallies of the besieged.

Controllability (n.) Capability of being controlled; controllableness.

Controversially (adv.) In a controversial manner.

Conventionalism (n.) That which is received or established by convention or arbitrary agreement; that which is in accordance with the fashion, tradition, or usage.

Conventionalism (n.) The principles or practice of conventionalizing. See Conventionalize, v. t.

Conventionalist (n.) One who adheres to a convention or treaty.

Conventionalist (n.) One who is governed by conventionalism.

Conventionality (n.) The state of being conventional; adherence to social formalities or usages; that which is established by conventional use; one of the customary usages of social life.

Conventionalizw (v. t.) To make conventional; to bring under the influence of, or cause to conform to, conventional rules; to establish by usage.

Conventionalizw (v. t.) To represent by selecting the important features and those which are expressible in the medium employed, and omitting the others.

Conventionalizw (v. t.) To represent according to an established principle, whether religious or traditional, or based upon certain artistic rules of supposed importance.

Conventionalize (v. i.) To make designs in art, according to conventional principles. Cf. Conventionalize, v. t., 2.

Conventionalily (adv.) In a conventional manner.

Conversableness (n.) The quality of being conversable; disposition to converse; sociability.

Conversationism (n.) A word or phrase used in conversation; a colloquialism.

Conversationist (n.) One who converses much, or who excels in conversation.

Convertibleness (n.) The state of being convertible; convertibility.

Convexo-concave (a.) Convex on one side, and concave on the other. The curves of the convex and concave sides may be alike or may be different. See Meniscus.

Convolvulaceous (a.) Of, pertaining to, or resembling, the family of plants of which the bindweed and the morning-glory are common examples.

Copper-bottomed (a.) Having a bottom made of copper, as a tin boiler or other vessel, or sheathed with copper, as a ship.

Copper-fastened (a.) Fastened with copper bolts, as the planks of ships, etc.; as, a copper-fastened ship.

Cornet-a-piston (n.) A brass wind instrument, like the trumpet, furnished with valves moved by small pistons or sliding rods; a cornopean; a cornet.

Corpora callosa (pl. ) of Corpus

Corpora striata (pl. ) of Corpus

Correlativeness (n.) Quality of being correlative.

Correspondently (adv.) In a a corresponding manner; conformably; suitably.

Correspondingly (adv.) In a corresponding manner; conformably.

Cosignificative (a.) Having the same signification.

Cosmopolitanism (n.) The quality of being cosmopolitan; cosmopolitism.

Counteractibely (adv.) By counteraction.

Counterbalanced (imp. & p. p.) of Counterbalance

Counterchanging (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Counterchange

Countercharming (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Countercharm

Counterchecking (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Countercheck

Counter-compony (a.) See Compony.

Counter-courant (a.) Running in opposite directions; -- said of animals borne in a coast of arms.

Counterfaisance (n.) See Counterfesance.

Counterirritant (n.) Alt. of Counterirritation

Counterirritate (v. t.) To produce counter irritation in; to treat with one morbid process for the purpose of curing another.

Countermandable (a.) Capable of being countermanded; revocable.

Countermarching (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Countermarch

Countermovement () A movement in opposition to another.

Counterplotting (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Counterplot

Counter-salient (a.) Leaping from each other; -- said of two figures on a coast of arms.

Countertrippant (a.) Trippant in opposite directions. See Trippant.

Countertripping (a.) Same as Countertrippant.

Court-martialed (imp. & p. p.) of Court-martial

Cowper's glands () Two small glands discharging into the male urethra.

Doctrinarianism (n.) The principles or practices of the Doctrinaires.

Dolichocephalic (a.) Alt. of Dolichocephalous

dorsibranchiata (n. pl.) A division of chaetopod annelids in which the branchiae are along the back, on each side, or on the parapodia. [See Illusts. under Annelida and Chaetopoda.]

Dorsibranchiate (a.) Having branchiae along the back; belonging to the Dorsibranchiata.

Dorsibranchiate (n.) One of the Dorsibranchiata.

Double-barreled (a.) Alt. of -barrelled

Double-breasted (a.) Folding or lapping over on the breast, with a row of buttons and buttonholes on each side; as, a double-breasted coat.

Double-entendre (n.) A word or expression admitting of a double interpretation, one of which is often obscure or indelicate.

Double-tonguing (n.) A peculiar action of the tongue by flute players in articulating staccato notes; also, the rapid repetition of notes in cornet playing.

Forcible-feeble (a.) Seemingly vigorous, but really weak or insipid.

Foreappointment (n.) Previous appointment; preordinantion.

Fore-topgallant (a.) Designating the mast, sail, yard, etc., above the topmast; as, the fore-topgallant sail. See Sail.

Forisfamiliated (imp. & p. p.) of Forisfamiliate

Formularization (n.) The act of formularizing; a formularized or formulated statement or exhibition.

Fossilification (n.) The process of becoming fossil.

Good-fellowship (n.) Agreeable companionship; companionableness.

Hobson's choice () A choice without an alternative; the thing offered or nothing.


Homeopathically (adv.) According to the practice of homeopathy.

Homogeneousness (n.) Sameness 9kind or nature; uniformity of structure or material.

Hooke's gearing () Spur gearing having teeth slanting across the face of the wheel, sometimes slanting in opposite directions from the middle.

Hop-o'-my-thumb (n.) Alt. of Hop-thumb

Horologiography (n.) An account of instruments that show the hour.

Horologiography (n.) The art of constructing clocks or dials; horography.

Joseph's flower () A composite herb (Tragopogon pratensis), of the same genus as the salsify.

Logarithmetical (a.) See Logarithmic.

Logarithmically (adv.) By the use of logarithms.

Long-sufferance (n.) Forbearance to punish or resent.

Lophobranchiate (a.) Of or pertaining to the Lophobranchii.

Loving-kindness (n.) Tender regard; mercy; favor.

Monkey's puzzle () A lofty coniferous Chilian tree (Araucaria imbricata), the branches of which are so crowded and intertwisted "as to puzzle a monkey to climb." The edible nuts are over an inch long, and are called pi?on by the Chilians.

Monochlamydeous (a.) Having a single floral envelope, that is, a calyx without a corolla, or, possibly, in rare cases, a corolla without a calyx.

Monosymmetrical (a.) Same as Monoclinic.

Monroe doctrine () See under Doctrine.

Mother-of-pearl (n.) The hard pearly internal layer of several kinds of shells, esp. of pearl oysters, river mussels, and the abalone shells; nacre. See Pearl.

Mother-of-thyme (n.) An aromatic plant (Thymus Serphyllum); -- called also wild thyme.

Mountainousness (n.) The state or quality of being mountainous.

Noematachograph (n.) An instrument for determining and registering the duration of more or less complex operations of the mind.

Noli-me-tangere (n.) Any plant of a genus of herbs (Impatiens) having capsules which, if touched when ripe, discharge their seeds. -- See Impatiens.

Noli-me-tangere (n.) The squirting cucumber. See under Cucumber.

Noli-me-tangere (n.) A name formerly applied to several varieties of ulcerous cutaneous diseases, but now restricted to Lupus exedens, an ulcerative affection of the nose.

Nolo contendere () A plea, by the defendant, in a criminal prosecution, which, without admitting guilt, subjects him to all the consequences of a plea of quilty.

Nonacquaintance (n.) Want of acquaintance; the state of being unacquainted.

Nonacquiescence (n.) Refusal of acquiescence; failure to yield or comply.

Noncommissioned (a.) Not having a commission.

Noncontributing (a.) Alt. of Noncontributory

Noncontributory (a.) Not contributing.

Noninflectional (a.) Not admitting of, or characterized by, inflection.

Nonintervention (n.) The state or habit of not intervening or interfering; as, the nonintervention of one state in the affairs of another.

Nonpresentation (n.) Neglect or failure to present; state of not being presented.

Nonprofessional (a.) Not belonging to a profession; not done by, or proceeding from, professional men; contrary to professional usage.

Non prosequitur () A judgment entered against the plaintiff in a suit where he does not appear to prosecute. See Nolle prosequi.

Nonslaveholding (a.) Not possessing or holding slaves; as, a nonslaveholding State.

Northeastwardly (adv.) Toward the northeast.

Northwestwardly (adv.) Toward the northwest.

Notwithstanding (prep.) Without prevention, or obstruction from or by; in spite of.

Notwithstanding (adv. / conj.) Nevertheless; however; although; as, I shall go, notwithstanding it rains.

Poikilothermous (a.) Poikilothermal.

Politzerization (n.) The act of inflating the middle ear by blowing air up the nose during the act of swallowing; -- so called from Prof. Politzer of Vienna, who first practiced it.

Polypragmatical (a.) Overbusy; officious.

Polysyllabicism (n.) Polysyllabism.

Polysyllabicity (n.) Polysyllabism.

Polsyntheticism (n.) Polysynthesis.

Portland cement () A cement having the color of the Portland stone of England, made by calcining an artificial mixture of carbonate of lime and clay, or sometimes certain natural limestones or chalky clays. It contains a large proportion of clay, and hardens under water.

Posse comitatus () The power of the county, or the citizens who may be summoned by the sheriff to assist the authorities in suppressing a riot, or executing any legal precept which is forcibly opposed.

Posse comitatus () A collection of people; a throng; a rabble.

Robe-de-chambre (n.) A dressing gown, or morning gown.

Roche moutonnee () See Sheepback.

Southeastwardly (adv.) Toward the southeast.

South southerly () the old squaw; -- so called in imitation of its cry. Called also southerly, and southerland. See under Old.

Southwestwardly (adv.) Toward the southwest.

Toreumatography (n.) A description of sculpture such as bas-relief in metal.

Zoogeographical (a.) Of or pertaining to zoography.

Zoophytological (a.) Of or pertaining to zoophytology; as, zoophytological observations.

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