15 letter words whose second letter is U

Authenticalness (n.) The quality of being authentic; authenticity.

Autobiographist (n.) One who writes his own life; an autobiographer.

Autobiographies (pl. ) of Autobiography

Autochronograph (n.) An instrument for the instantaneous self-recording or printing of time.

Autofecundation (n.) Self-impregnation.

Autoschediastic (a.) Alt. of Autoschediastical

Bunsen's burner () See under Battery, and Burner.

Burring machine () A machine for cleansing wool of burs, seeds, and other substances.

Butcher's broom () A genus of plants (Ruscus); esp. R. aculeatus, which has large red berries and leaflike branches. See Cladophyll.

Butter-fingered (a.) Apt to let things fall, or to let them slip away; slippery; careless.

Cubo-octahedral (a.) Presenting a combination of a cube and an octahedron.

Cubo-octahedron (n.) A combination of a cube and octahedron, esp. one in which the octahedral faces meet at the middle of the cubic edges.

Eudaemonistical (a.) Eudemonistic.

Guatemala grass () See Teosinte.

Humanitarianism (n.) The distinctive tenet of the humanitarians in denying the divinity of Christ; also, the whole system of doctrine based upon this view of Christ.

Humanitarianism (n.) The doctrine that man's obligations are limited to, and dependent alone upon, man and the human relations.

Hump-shouldered (a.) Having high, hunched shoulders.

Jurisprudential (a.) Of or pertaining to jurisprudence.

Mushroom-headed (a.) Having a cylindrical body with a convex head of larger diameter; having a head like that of a mushroom.

Numismatography (n.) A treatise on, or description of, coins and medals.

Numismatologist (n.) One versed in numismatology.

Public-spirited (a.) Having, or exercising, a disposition to advance the interest of the community or public; as, public-spirited men.

Public-spirited (a.) Dictated by a regard to public good; as, a public-spirited project or measure.

Pulmobranchiata (a. & n.) Alt. of Pulmobranchiate

Pulmobranchiate (a. & n.) Same as Pulmonibranchiata, -ate.

Pusillanimously (adv.) With pusillanimity.

Quadragenarious (a.) Consisting of forty; forty years old.

Quadrigenarious (a.) Consisting of four hundred.

Quadripartitely (adv.) In four parts.

Quadripartition (n.) A division or distribution by four, or into four parts; also, a taking the fourth part of any quantity or number.

Quadruplicating (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Quadruplicate

Quadruplication (n.) The act of making fourfold; a taking four times the simple sum or amount.

Questionability (n.) The state or condition of being questionable.

Quindecemvirate (n.) The body or office of the quindecemviri.

Quinquarticular (a.) Relating to the five articles or points; as, the quinquarticular controversy between Arminians and Calvinists.

Quinquedentated (a.) Five-toothed; as, a quinquedentate leaf.

Quinquefoliated (a.) Having five leaves or leaflets.

Quinquesyllable (n.) A word of five syllables.

Quinquevalvular (a.) Having five valves, as a pericarp.

Subconjunctival (a.) Situated under the conjunctiva.

Sublapsarianism (n.) Infralapsarianism.

Sublimification (n.) The act of making sublime, or state of being made sublime.

Subministration (n.) The act of subministering.

Subpodophyllous (a.) Situated under the podophyllous tissue of the horse's foot.

Substantialized (imp. & p. p.) of Substantialize

Substantialness (n.) The quality or state of being substantial; as, the substantialness of a wall or column.

Substantiveness (n.) The quality or state of being substantive.

Substitutionary (a.) Of or pertaining to substitution; substitutional.

Suchospondylous (a.) Having dorsal vertebrae with long and divided transverse processes; -- applied to certain reptiles.

Sulphantimonate (n.) A salt of sulphantimonic acid.

Sulphantimonite (n.) A salt of sulphantimonious acid.

Sulphocarbonate (n.) A salt of sulphocarbonic acid; a thiocarbonate.

Sulphophosphate (n.) A salt of sulphophosphoric acid.

Sulphophosphite (n.) A salt of sulphophosphorous acid.

Sulphotungstate (n.) A salt of sulphotungstic acid.

Superacidulated (a.) Acidulated to excess.

Supercarbureted (a.) Bicarbureted.

Superconception (n.) Superfetation.

Supercretaceous (a.) Same as Supracretaceous.

Superexaltation (n.) Elevation above the common degree.

Superexcellence (n.) Superior excellence; extraordinary excellence.

Superexcination (n.) Excessive, or more than normal, excitation.

Superincumbence (n.) Alt. of Superincumbency

Superincumbency (n.) The quality or state of being superincumbent.

Superinducement (n.) Superinduction.

Superintendence (n.) The act of superintending; care and oversight for the purpose of direction; supervision.

Superintendency (n.) The act of superintending; superintendence.

Supernaturalism (n.) The quality or state of being supernatural; supernaturalness.

Supernaturalism (n.) The doctrine of a divine and supernatural agency in the production of the miracles and revelations recorded in the Bible, and in the grace which renews and sanctifies men, -- in opposition to the doctrine which denies the agency of any other than physical or natural causes in the case.

Supernaturalist (n.) One who holds to the principles of supernaturalism.

Supernaturality (n.) The quality or state of being supernatural.

Supernaturalize (v. t.) To treat or regard as supernatural.

Supernumeraries (pl. ) of Supernumerary

Superordination (n.) The ordination of a person to fill a station already occupied; especially, the ordination by an ecclesiastical official, during his lifetime, of his successor.

Superparticular (a.) Of or pertaining to a ratio when the excess of the greater term over the less is a unit, as the ratio of 1 to 2, or of 3 to 4.

Superproportion (n.) Overplus or excess of proportion.

Superreflection (n.) The reflection of a reflected image or sound.

Supersaturation (n.) The operation of supersaturating, or the state of being supersaturated.

Supersemination (n.) The sowing of seed over seed previously sown.

Supersphenoidal (a.) Situated above, or on the dorsal side of, the body of the sphenoid bone.

Superstitionist (n.) One addicted to superstition.

Supersulphurize (v. t.) To impregnate or combine with an excess of sulphur.

Supertuberation (n.) The production of young tubers, as potatoes, from the old while still growing.

Supparasitation (n.) The act of flattering to gain favor; servile approbation.

Supplementation (n.) The act of supplementing.

Supra-auricular (a.) Situated above the ear coverts, or auriculars; -- said of certain feathers of birds.

Supra-auricular (n.) A supra-auricular feather.

Supraclavicular (a.) Situated above the clavicle.

Supraclavicular (a.) Of or pertaining to the supraclavicle.

Supracretaceous (a.) Lying above the chalk; Supercretaceous.

Supradecompound (a.) More than decompound; divided many times.

Supra-esophagal (a.) Alt. of Supra-esophageal

Suprafoliaceous (a.) Inserted into the stem above the leaf, petiole, or axil, as a peduncle or flower.

Supranaturalism (n.) The state of being supernatural; belief in supernatural agency or revelation; supernaturalism.

Supranaturalist (n.) A supernaturalist.

Supranaturalist (a.) Alt. of Supranaturalistic

Suprascalpulary (a.) Situated above, or on the anterior side of, the scapula.

Suprasphenoidal (a.) Situated above the sphenoidal bone; as, the suprasphenoidal appendage, or pituitary body.

Suspectiousness (n.) Suspiciousness; cause for suspicion.

Tuberculization (n.) The development of tubercles; the condition of one who is affected with tubercles.

Tubulibranchian (n.) One of the Tubulibranchiata.

Turnbull's blue () The double cyanide of ferrous and ferric iron, a dark blue amorphous substance having a coppery luster, used in dyeing, calico printing, etc. Cf. Prussian blue, under Prussian.

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