16 letter words ending in er

Crystallographer (n.) One who describes crystals, or the manner of their formation; one versed in crystallography.

Haemadynamometer () Same as Hemadynamometer.

Haemochromometer (n.) An apparatus for measuring the amount of hemoglobin in a fluid, by comparing it with a solution of known strength and of normal color.

Hemoglobinometer (n.) Same as Haemochromometer.

Horologiographer (n.) A maker of clocks, watches, or dials.

Hydrodynamometer (n.) An instrument to measure the velocity of a liquid current by the force of its impact.

Lactobutyrometer (n.) An instrument for determining the amount of butter fat contained in a given sample of milk.

Lacashire boiler () A steam boiler having two flues which contain the furnaces and extend through the boiler from end to end.

Microchronometer (n.) A chronoscope.

Pantochronometer (n.) An instrument combining a compass, sundial, and universal time dial.

Photographometer (n.) An instrument for determining the sensibility of the plates employed in photographic processes to luminous rays.

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