16 letter words ending in ism

Anthropomorphism (n.) The representation of the Deity, or of a polytheistic deity, under a human form, or with human attributes and affections.

Anthropomorphism (n.) The ascription of human characteristics to things not human.

Antichristianism (n.) Alt. of Antichristianity

Dolichocephalism (n.) The quality or condition of being dolichocephalic.

Electro-vitalism (n.) The theory that the functions of living organisms are dependent upon electricity or a kindred force.

Gynandromorphism (n.) An abnormal condition of certain animals, in which one side has the external characters of the male, and the other those of the female.

Hypochondriacism (n.) Hypochondriasis.

Imaginationalism (n.) Idealism.

Internationalism (n.) The state or principles of international interests and intercourse.

Internationalism (n.) The doctrines or organization of the International.

Necessitarianism (n.) The doctrine of philosophical necessity; the doctrine that results follow by invariable sequence from causes, and esp. that the will is not free, but that human actions and choices result inevitably from motives; deteminism.

Phalansterianism (n.) A system of phalansteries proposed by Fourier; Fourierism.

Philanthropinism (n.) A system of education on so-called natural principles, attempted in Germany in the last century by Basedow, of Dessau.

Porphyrogenitism (n.) The principle of succession in royal families, especially among the Eastern Roman emperors, by which a younger son, if born after the accession of his father to the throne, was preferred to an elder son who was not so born.

Preternaturalism (n.) The state of being preternatural; a preternatural condition.

Psychopannychism (n.) The doctrine that the soul falls asleep at death, and does not wake until the resurrection of the body.

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