16 letter words ending in ist

Anthropomorphist (n.) One who attributes the human form or other human attributes to the Deity or to anything not human.

Chronogrammatist (n.) A writer of chronograms.

Controversialist (n.) One who carries on a controversy; a disputant.

Experientiallist (n.) One who accepts the doctrine of experientialism. Also used adjectively.

Internationalist (n.) One who is versed in the principles of international law.

Internationalist (n.) A member of the International; one who believes in, or advocates the doctrines of, the International.

Introspectionist (n.) One given to the introspective method of examining the phenomena of the soul.

Paleophytologist (n.) A paleobotanist.

Philanthropinist (n.) An advocate of, or believer in, philanthropinism.

Phytolithologist (n.) One versed in phytolithology; a paleobotanist.

Phytopathologist (n.) One skilled in diseases of plants.

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