16 letter words ending in ive

Antiputrefactive (a.) Alt. of Antiputrescent

Consignificative (a.) Consignificant; jointly significate.

Electro-negative (a.) Having the property of being attracted by an electro-positive body, or a tendency to pass to the positive pole in electrolysis, by the law that opposite electricities attract each other.

Electro-negative (a.) Negative; nonmetallic; acid; -- opposed to positive, metallic, or basic.

Electro-negative (n.) A body which passes to the positive pole in electrolysis.

Electro-positive (a.) Of such a nature relatively to some other associated body or bodies, as to tend to the negative pole of a voltaic battery, in electrolysis, while the associated body tends to the positive pole; -- the converse or correlative of electro-negative.

Electro-positive (a.) Hence: Positive; metallic; basic; -- distinguished from negative, nonmetallic, or acid.

Electro-positive (n.) A body which passes to the negative pole in electrolysis.

Indiscriminative (a.) Making no distinction; not discriminating.

Interpenetrative (a.) Penetrating among or between other substances; penetrating each the other; mutually penetrative.

Parthenogenitive (a.) Parthenogenetic.

Philoprogenitive (a.) Having the love of offspring; fond of children.

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