16 letter words ending in ous

Acanthocephalous (a.) Having a spiny head, as one of the Acanthocephala.

Anthropomorphous (a.) Having the figure of, or resemblance to, a man; as, an anthropomorphous plant.

Archaeostomatous (a.) Applied to a gastrula when the blastopore does not entirely close up.

Caryophyllaceous (a.) Having corollas of five petals with long claws inclosed in a tubular, calyx, as the pink

Caryophyllaceous (a.) Belonging to the family of which the pink and the carnation are the types.

Circumterraneous (a.) Being or dwelling around the earth.

Concupiscentious (a.) Concupiscent.

Corneocalcareous (a.) Formed of a mixture of horny and calcareous materials, as some shells and corals.

Corneocalcareous (a.) Horny on one side and calcareous on the other.

Dolichocephalous (a.) Having the cranium, or skull, long to its breadth; long-headed; -- opposed to brachycephalic.

Epiphylospermous (a.) Bearing fruit on the back of the leaves, as ferns.

Equitemporaneous (a.) Contemporaneous.

Gynandromorphous (a.) Affected, with gynandromorphism.

Hystricomorphous (a.) Like, or allied to, the porcupines; -- said of a group (Hystricomorpha) of rodents.

Idiocyclophanous (a.) Same as Idiophanous.

Malacopterygious (a.) Belonging to the Malacopterygii.

Monocotyledonous (a.) Having only one cotyledon, seed lobe, or seminal leaf.

Musculocutaneous (a.) Pertaining both to muscles and skin; as, the musculocutaneous nerve.

Neurosensiferous (a.) Pertaining to, or forming, both nerves and sense organs.

Obdiplostemonous (a.) Having twice as many stamens as petals, those of the outer set being opposite the petals; -- said of flowers.

Oppositipetalous (a.) Placed in front of a petal.

Oppositisepalous (a.) Placed in front of a sepal.

Plectospondylous (a.) Of or pertaining to the Plectospondyli.

Pseudepigraphous (a.) Inscribed with a false name.

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