17 letter words ending in ate

Hydrofluosilicate (n.) A salt of hydrofluosilic acid; a silicofluoride. See Silicofluoride.

Lamellibranchiate (a.) Having lamellar gills; belonging to the Lamellibranchia.

Lamellibranchiate (n.) One of the Lamellibranchia.

Opisthobranchiate (a.) Of or pertaining to the Opisthobranchiata.

Opisthobranchiate (n.) One of the Opisthobranchiata.

Pectinibranchiate (a.) Having pectinated gills.

Perennibranchiate (a.) Having branchae, or gills, through life; -- said especially of certain Amphibia, like the menobranchus. Opposed to caducibranchiate.

Perennibranchiate (a.) Belonging to the Perennibranchiata.

Pulmonibranchiate (a. & n.) Same as Pulmonate.

Quinque foliolate (a.) Having five leaflets.

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