17 letter words ending in er

Apollinaris water () An effervescing alka

Ballooning spider () A spider which has the habit of rising into the air. Many kinds ( esp. species of Lycosa) do this while young by ejecting threads of silk until the force of the wind upon them carries the spider aloft.

Galactodensimeter (n.) Same as Galactometer.

Great-grandfather (n.) The father of one's grandfather or grandmother.

Great-grandmother (n.) The mother of one's grandfather or grandmother.

Haemoglobinometer (n.) Same as Hemochromometer.

Photolithographer (n.) One who practices, or one who employs, photolithography.

Spectrophotometer (n.) An instrument for measuring or comparing the intensites of the colors of the spectrum.

Stereotypographer (n.) A stereotype printer.

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