17 letter words ending in ion

Consubstantiation (n.) An identity or union of substance.

Consubstantiation (n.) The actual, substantial presence of the body of Christ with the bread and wine of the sacrament of the Lord's Supper; impanation; -- opposed to transubstantiation.

Contradistinction (n.) Distinction by contrast.

Counterirritation (n.) See Counter irritant, etc., under Counter, a.

Cross-examination (n.) The interrogating or questioning of a witness by the party against whom he has been called and examined. See Examination.

Deflectionization (n.) The act of freeing from inflections.

Denationalization (n.) The or process of denationalizing.

Dephosphorization (n.) The act of freeing from phosphorous.

Fowler's solution () An aqueous solution of arsenite of potassium, of such strength that one hundred parts represent one part of arsenious acid, or white arsenic; -- named from Fowler, an English physician who first brought it into use.

Impersonification (n.) The act of impersonating; personification; investment with personality; representation in a personal form.

Incircumscription (n.) Condition or quality of being incircumscriptible or limitless.

Individualization (n.) The act of individualizing; the state of being individualized; individuation.

Intercolumniation (n.) The clear space between two columns, measured at the bottom of their shafts.

Maladministration (n.) Bad administration; bad management of any business, especially of public affairs.

Misinterpretation (n.) The act of interpreting erroneously; a mistaken interpretation.

Misrepresentation (n.) Untrue representation; false or incorrect statement or account; -- usually unfavorable to the thing represented; as, a misrepresentation of a person's motives.

Monsel's solution () An aqueous solution of Monsel's salt, having valuable styptic properties.

Particularization (n.) The act of particularizing.

Preadministration (n.) Previous administration.

Recorporification (n.) The act of investing again with a body; the state of being furnished anew with a body.

Recrystallization (n.) The process or recrystallizing.

Self-annihilation (n.) Annihilation by one's own acts; annihilation of one's desires.

Self-condemnation (n.) Condemnation of one's self by one's own judgment.

Self-preservation (n.) The preservation of one's self from destruction or injury.

Self-renunciation (n.) The act of renouncing, or setting aside, one's own wishes, claims, etc.; self-sacrifice.

Self-satisfaction (n.) The quality or state of being self-satisfied.

Semivitrification (n.) The quality or state of being semivitrified.

Semivitrification (n.) A substance imperfectly vitrified.

Superalimentation (n.) The act of overfeeding, or making one take food in excess of the natural appetite for it.

Supercolumniation (n.) The putting of one order above another; also, an architectural work produced by this method; as, the putting of the Doric order in the ground story, Ionic above it, and Corinthian or Composite above this.

Superinpregnation (n.) The act of impregnating, or the state of being impregnated, in addition to a prior impregnation; superfetation.

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