17 letter words ending in ism

Attitudinarianism (n.) A practicing of attitudes; posture making.

Congregationalism (n.) That system of church organization which vests all ecclesiastical power in the assembled brotherhood of each local church.

Congregationalism (n.) The faith and polity of the Congregational churches, taken collectively.

Constitutionalism (n.) The theory, principles, or authority of constitutional government; attachment or adherence to a constitution or constitutional government.

Consubstantialism (n.) The doctrine of consubstantiation.

Denominationalism (n.) A denominational or class spirit or policy; devotion to the interests of a sect or denomination.

Electro-magnetism (n.) The magnetism developed by a current of electricity; the science which treats of the development of magnetism by means of voltaic electricity, and of the properties or actions of the currents evolved.

Infralapsarianism (n.) The doctrine, belief, or principles of the Infralapsarians.

Latitudinarianism (n.) A latitudinarian system or condition; freedom of opinion in matters pertaining to religious belief.

Predestinarianism (n.) The system or doctrine of the predestinarians.

Saint-Simonianism (n.) The principles, doctrines, or practice of the Saint-Simonians; -- called also Saint- Simonism.

Sesquipedalianism (n.) Alt. of Sesquipedalism

Supralapsarianism (n.) The doctrine, belief, or principles of the Supralapsarians.

Transcendentalism (n.) The transcending, or going beyond, empiricism, and ascertaining a priori the fundamental principles of human knowledge.

Transcendentalism (n.) Ambitious and imaginative vagueness in thought, imagery, or diction.

Uniformitarianism (n.) The uniformitarian doctrine.

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