17 letter words ending in ness

Carnal-mindedness (n.) Grossness of mind.

Clear-sightedness (n.) Acute discernment.

Communicativeness (n.) The quality of being communicative.

Compassionateness (n.) The quality or state of being compassionate.

Comprehensiveness (n.) The quality of being comprehensive; extensiveness of scope.

Concentrativeness (n.) The quality of concentrating.

Concentrativeness (n.) The faculty or propensity which has to do with concentrating the intellectual the intellectual powers.

Concupiscibleness (n.) The state of being concupiscible.

Conscientiousness (n.) The quality of being conscientious; a scrupulous regard to the dictates of conscience.

Consequentialness (n.) The quality of being consequential.

Contemplativeness (n.) The state of being contemplative; thoughtfulness.

Contradictoriness (n.) The quality of being contradictory; opposition; inconsistency.

Demonstrativeness (n.) The state or quality of being demonstrative.

Disciplinableness (n.) The quality of being improvable by discip

Disinterestedness (n.) The state or quality of being disinterested; impartiality.

Extraordinariness (n.) The quality of being extraordinary.

Great-heartedness (n.) The quality of being greathearted; high-mindedness; magnanimity.

Impracticableness (n.) The state or quality of being impracticable; impracticability.

Inconsecutiveness (n.) The state or quality of not being consecutive.

Inconsiderateness (n.) The quality or state of being inconsiderate.

Inconvertibleness (n.) Inconvertibility.

Indefatigableness (n.) Indefatigable quality; unweariedness; persistency.

Indispensableness (n.) The state or quality of being indispensable, or absolutely necessary.

Indissolvableness (n.) Indissolubleness.

Inefficaciousness (n.) Want of effect, or of power to produce the effect; inefficacy.

Irretrievableness (n.) The state or quality of being irretrievable.

Preternaturalness (n.) The quality or state of being preternatural.

Proportionateness (n.) The quality or state of being proportionate.

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