17 letter words ending in ty

Archiepiscopality (n.) The station or dignity of an archbishop; archiepiscopacy.

Circumstantiality (n.) The state, characteristic, or quality of being circumstantial; particularity or minuteness of detail.

Comprehensibility (n.) The quality or state of being comprehensible; capability of being understood.

Constitutionality (n.) The quality or state of being constitutional, or inherent in the natural frame.

Constitutionality (n.) The state of being consistent with the constitution or frame of government, or of being authorized by its provisions.

Consubstantiality (n.) Participation of the same nature; coexistence in the same substance.

Disrespectability (n.) Want of respectability.

Impertransibility (n.) The quality or state of being impertransible.

Impressionability (n.) The quality of being impressionable.

Incommunicability (n.) The quality or state of being incommunicable, or incapable of being imparted.

Incompressibility (n.) The quality of being incompressible, or incapable of reduction in volume by pressure; -- formerly supposed to be a property of liquids.

Indemonstrability (n.) The quality of being indemonstrable.

Indestructibility (n.) The quality of being indestructible.

Indiscerptibility (n.) The state or quality of being indiscerpible.

Insurmountability (n.) The state or quality of being insurmountable.

Intransmutability (n.) The quality of being intransmutable.

Irreconcilability (n.) The quality or state of being irreconcilable; irreconcilableness.

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