17 letter words

Amphitheatrically (adv.) In the form or manner of an amphitheater.

Anthropomorphitic (a.) to anthropomorphism.

Anthropomorphosis (n.) Transformation into the form of a human being.

Anthropophaginian (n.) One who east human flesh.

Chromolithography (n.) Lithography adapted to printing in inks of various colors.

Chromophotography (n.) The art of producing photographs in colors.

Dephlogisticating (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Dephlogisticcate

Dephosphorization (n.) The act of freeing from phosphorous.

Ichthyophthalmite (n.) See Apophyllite.

Anthropogeography (n.) The science of the human species as to geographical distribution and environment. Broadly, it includes industrial, commercial, and political geography, and that part of ethnology which deals with distribution and physical environment.

Photochromography (n.) Art or process of printing colored photographs.

Photochronography (n.) Art of recording or measuring intervals of time by the photochronograph.

Phototrichromatic (a.) Designating a photomechanical process for making reproductions in natural colors by three printings.

Spectrophotometry (n.) The art of comparing, photometrically, the brightness of two spectra, wave length by wave length; the use of the spectrophotometer.

Omphalomesenteric (a.) Of or pertaining to the umbilicus and mesentery; omphalomesaraic; as, the omphalomesenteric arteries and veins of a fetus.

Paleontographical (a.) Of or pertaining to the description of fossil remains.

Perennibranchiate (a.) Having branchae, or gills, through life; -- said especially of certain Amphibia, like the menobranchus. Opposed to caducibranchiate.

Peristeromorphous (a.) Like or pertaining to the pigeons or Columbae.

Persulphocyanogen (n.) An orange-yellow substance, produced by the action of chlorine or boiling dilute nitric acid and sulphocyanate of potassium; -- called also pseudosulphocyanogen, perthiocyanogen, and formerly sulphocyanogen.

Phantasmatography (n.) A description of celestial phenomena, as rainbows, etc.

Pharyngobranchial (a.) Of or pertaining to the pharynx and the branchiae; -- applied especially to the dorsal elements in the branchial arches of fishes. See Pharyngeal.

Pharyngobranchial (n.) A pharyngobranchial, or upper pharyngeal, bone or cartilage.

Pharyngolaryngeal (a.) Of or pertaining both to pharynx and the larynx.

Photolithographer (n.) One who practices, or one who employs, photolithography.

Photolithographic (n.) Of or pertaining to photolithography; produced by photolithography.

Phytogeographical (a.) Of or pertaining to phytogeography.

Scrophulariaceous (a.) Of or pertaining to a very large natural order of gamopetalous plants (Scrophulariaceae, or Scrophularineae), usually having irregular didynamous flowers and a two-celled pod. The order includes the mullein, foxglove, snapdragon, figwort, painted cup, yellow rattle, and some exotic trees, as the Paulownia.

Siphonobranchiata (n. pl.) A tribe of gastropods having the mantle border, on one or both sides, prolonged in the form of a spout through which water enters the gill cavity. The shell itself is not always siphonostomatous in this group.

Siphonobranchiate (a.) Having a siphon, or siphons, to convey water to the gills; belonging or pertaining to the Siphonobranchiata.

Siphonobranchiate (n.) One of the Siphonobranchiata.

Spectrophotometer (n.) An instrument for measuring or comparing the intensites of the colors of the spectrum.

Splanchnapophyses (pl. ) of Splanchnapophysis

Splanchnapophysis (n.) Any element of the skeleton in relation with the alimentary canal, as the jaws and hyoidean apparatus.

Steganophthalmata (n. pl.) The Discophora, or Phanerocarpae. Called also Steganophthalmia.

Stereographically (adv.) In a stereographical manner; by delineation on a plane.

Stereotypographer (n.) A stereotype printer.

Stylommatophorous (a.) Of or pertaining to Stylommatophora.

Sulphophosphorous (a.) Of, pertaining to, or designating, a hypothetical acid of phosphorus, analogous to phosphorous acid, and known in its salts.

Theophilanthropic (a.) Pertaining to theophilanthropy or the theophilanthropists.

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