18 letter words ending in al

Anticonstitutional (a.) Opposed to the constitution; unconstitutional.

Crystallographical (a.) Pertaining to crystallography.

Hydrometallurgical (a.) Of or pertaining to hydrometallurgy; involving the use of liquid reagents in the treatment or reduction of ores.

Lieutenant general () An army officer in rank next below a general and next above a major general.

Magneto-electrical (a.) Pertaining to, or characterized by, electricity by the action of magnets; as, magneto-electric induction.

Mechanico-chemical (a.) Pertaining to, connected with, or dependent upon, both mechanics and chemistry; -- said especially of those sciences which treat of such phenomena as seem to depend on the laws both of mechanics and chemistry, as electricity and magnetism.

Parallelogrammical (a.) Having the properties of a parallelogram.

Postmaster-general (n.) The chief officer of the post-office department of a government. In the United States the postmaster-general is a member of the cabinet.

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