18 letter words

Anthropomorphitism (n.) Anthropomorphism.

Anthropomorphology (n.) The application to God of terms descriptive of human beings.

Cardiosphygmograph (n.) A combination of cardiograph and sphygmograph.

Chromolithographer (n.) One who is engaged in chromolithography.

Chromolithographic (a.) Pertaining to, or made by, chromolithography.

Crystallographical (a.) Pertaining to crystallography.

Hypermetamorphosis (n.) A kind of metamorphosis, in certain insects, in which the larva itself undergoes remarkable changes of form and structure during its growth.

Iatromathematician (n.) One of a school of physicians in Italy, about the middle of the 17th century, who tried to apply the laws of mechanics and mathematics to the human body, and hence were eager student of anatomy; -- opposed to the iatrochemists.

Semiphlogisticated (a.) Partially impregnated with phlogiston.

Theophilanthropism (n.) The doctrine of the theophilanthropists; theophilanthropy.

Theophilanthropist (n.) A member of a deistical society established at Paris during the French revolution.

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