6 letter words ending in ful

Aidful (a.) Helpful.

Armful (n.) As much as the arm can hold.

Artful (a.) Performed with, or characterized by, art or skill.

Artful (a.) Artificial; imitative.

Artful (a.) Using or exhibiting much art, skill, or contrivance; dexterous; skillful.

Artful (a.) Cunning; disposed to cunning indirectness of dealing; crafty; as, an artful boy. [The usual sense.]

Barful (a.) Full of obstructions.

Batful (v. i.) Rich; fertile.

Capful (n.) As much as will fill a cap.

Cupful (n.) As much as a cup will hold.

Dueful (a.) Fit; becoming.

Eyeful (a.) Filling or satisfying the eye; visible; remarkable.

Fitful (a.) Full of fits; irregularly variable; impulsive and unstable.

Gerful (a.) Changeable; capricious.

Ireful (a.) Full of ire; angry; wroth.

Joyful (a.) Full of joy; having or causing joy; very glad; as, a joyful heart.

Lapful (n.) As much as the lap can contain.

Lawful (a.) Conformable to law; allowed by law; legitimate; competent.

Lawful (a.) Constituted or authorized by law; rightful; as, the lawful owner of lands.

Manful (a.) Showing man

Noyful (a.) Full of annoyance.

Panful (n.) Enough to fill a pan.

Rewful (a.) Rueful.

Rueful (a.) Causing one to rue or lament; woeful; mournful; sorrowful.

Rueful (a.) Expressing sorrow.

Sapful (a.) Abounding in sap; sappy.

Sinful (a.) Tainted with, or full of, sin; wicked; iniquitous; criminal; unholy; as, sinful men; sinful thoughts.

Topful (a.) Full to the top, ore brim; brimfull.

Toyful (a.) Full of trifling play.

Tubful (n.) As much as a tub will hold; enough to fill a tub.

Urnful (n.) As much as an urn will hold; enough to fill an urn.

Vatful (n.) As much as a vat will hold; enough to fill a vat.

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