6 letter words ending in fy

Aerify (v. t.) To infuse air into; to combine air with.

Aerify (v. t.) To change into an aeriform state.

Argufy (v. t. & i.) To argue pertinaciously.

Argufy (v. t. & i.) To signify.

Basify (v. t.) To convert into a salifiable base.

Bluffy (a.) Having bluffs, or bold, steep banks.

Bluffy (a.) Inc

Bonify (v. t.) To convert into, or make, good.

Calefy (v. i.) To make warm or hot.

Calefy (v. i.) To grow hot or warm.

Chaffy (a.) Abounding in, or resembling, chaff.

Chaffy (a.) Light or worthless as chaff.

Chaffy (a.) Resembling chaff; composed of light dry scales.

Chaffy (a.) Bearing or covered with dry scales, as the under surface of certain ferns, or the disk of some composite flowers.

Chuffy (a.) Fat or puffed out in the cheeks.

Chuffy (a.) Rough; clownish; surly.

Cliffy (a.) Having cliffs; broken; craggy.

Codify (v. t.) To reduce to a code, as laws.

Domify (v. t.) To divide, as the heavens, into twelve houses. See House, in astrological sense.

Domify (v. t.) To tame; to domesticate.

Draffy (a.) Dreggy; waste; worthless.

Dwarfy (a.) Much undersized.

Finify (a.) To make fine; to dress finically.

Fluffy (superl.) Pertaining to, or resembling, fluff or nap; soft and downy.

Fumify (v. t.) To subject to the action of smoke.

Gasify (v. t.) To convert into gas, or an aeriform fluid, as by the application of heat, or by chemical processes.

Gasify (v. i.) To become gas; to pass from a liquid to a gaseous state.

Ignify (v. t.) To form into fire.

Labefy (v. t.) To weaken or impair.

Ladify (v. t.) To make a lady of; to make ladylike.

Lenify (v. t.) To assuage; to soften; to mitigate; to alleviate.

Madefy (v. t.) To make wet or moist.

Minify (v. t.) To make small, or smaller; to diminish the apparent dimensions of; to lessen.

Minify (v. t.) To degrade by speech or action.

Modify (v. t.) To change somewhat the form or qualities of; to alter somewhat; as, to modify a contrivance adapted to some mechanical purpose; to modify the terms of a contract.

Modify (v. t.) To limit or reduce in extent or degree; to moderate; to qualify; to lower.

Munify (v. t. & i.) To prepare for defense; to fortify.

Netify (v. t.) To render neat; to clean; to put in order.

Notify (v. t.) To make known; to declare; to publish; as, to notify a fact to a person.

Notify (v. t.) To give notice to; to inform by notice; to apprise; as, the constable has notified the citizens to meet at the city hall; the bell notifies us of the time of meeting.

Nugify (v. t.) To render trifling or futile; to make silly.

Omnify (v. t.) To render universal; to enlarge.

Ossify (v. t.) To form into bone; to change from a soft animal substance into bone, as by the deposition of lime salts.

Ossify (v. t.) Fig.: To harden; as, to ossify the heart.

Ossify (v. i.) To become bone; to change from a soft tissue to a hard bony tissue.

Pacify (v. t.) To make to be at peace; to appease; to calm; to still; to quiet; to allay the agitation, excitement, or resentment of; to tranquillize; as, to pacify a man when angry; to pacify pride, appetite, or importunity.

Purify (v. t.) To make pure or clear from material defilement, admixture, or imperfection; to free from extraneous or noxious matter; as, to purify liquors or metals; to purify the blood; to purify the air.

Purify (v. t.) Hence, in figurative uses: (a) To free from guilt or moral defilement; as, to purify the heart.

Purify (v. t.) To free from ceremonial or legal defilement.

Purify (v. t.) To free from improprieties or barbarisms; as, to purify a language.

Purify (v. i.) To grow or become pure or clear.

Ramify (v. t.) To divide into branches or subdivisions; as, to ramify an art, subject, scheme.

Ramify (v. i.) To shoot, or divide, into branches or subdivisions, as the stem of a plant.

Ramify (v. i.) To be divided or subdivided, as a main subject.

Rarefy (v. t.) To make rare, thin, porous, or less dense; to expand or enlarge without adding any new portion of matter to; -- opposed to condense.

Rarefy (v. i.) To become less dense; to become thin and porous.

Ratify (n.) To approve and sanction; to make valid; to confirm; to establish; to settle; especially, to give sanction to, as something done by an agent or servant; as, to ratify an agreement, treaty, or contract; to ratify a nomination.

Rubify (v. t.) To redden.

Salify (v. t.) To combine or impregnate with a salt.

Salify (v. t.) To form a salt with; to convert into a salt; as, to salify a base or an acid.

Scurfy (superl.) Having or producing scurf; covered with scurf; resembling scurf.

Sheafy (a.) Pertaining to, or consisting of, a sheaf or sheaves; resembling a sheaf.

Shelfy (a.) Abounding in shelves; full of dangerous shallows.

Shelfy (a.) Full of strata of rock.

Snuffy (a.) Soiled with snuff.

Snuffy (a.) Sulky; angry; vexed.

Stuffy (a.) Stout; mettlesome; resolute.

Stuffy (a.) Angry and obstinate; sulky.

Stuffy (a.) Ill-ventilated; close.

Tabefy (v. t.) To cause to waste gradually, to emaciate.

Tepefy (v. t. & i.) To make or become tepid, or moderately warm.

Tumefy (v. t.) To swell; to cause to swell, or puff up.

Tumefy (v. i.) To rise in a tumor; to swell.

Typify (v. t.) To represent by an image, form, model, or resemblance.

Uglify (v. t.) To disfigure; to make ugly.

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