6 letter words ending in ty

Acrity (n.) Sharpness; keenness.

Acuity (n.) Sharpness or acuteness, as of a needle, wit, etc.

Agouty (n.) A rodent of the genus Dasyprocta, about the size of a rabbit, peculiar to South America and the West Indies. The most common species is the Dasyprocta agouti.

Beauty (n.) An assemblage or graces or properties pleasing to the eye, the ear, the intellect, the aesthetic faculty, or the moral sense.

Beauty (n.) A particular grace, feature, ornament, or excellence; anything beautiful; as, the beauties of nature.

Beauty (n.) A beautiful person, esp. a beautiful woman.

Beauty (n.) Prevailing style or taste; rage; fashion.

Blasty (a.) Affected by blasts; gusty.

Blasty (a.) Causing blast or injury.

Bounty (n.) Goodness, kindness; virtue; worth.

Bounty (n.) Liberality in bestowing gifts or favors; gracious or liberal giving; generosity; munificence.

Bounty (n.) That which is given generously or liberally.

Bounty (n.) A premium offered or given to induce men to enlist into the public service; or to encourage any branch of industry, as husbandry or manufactures.

Cavity (n.) Hollowness.

Cavity (n.) A hollow place; a hollow; as, the abdominal cavity.

Cecity (n.) Blindness.

Chatty (a.) Given to light, familiar talk; talkative.

Chatty (n.) A porous earthen pot used in India for cooling water, etc.

Cherty (a.) Like chert; containing chert; flinty.

Chitty (a.) Full of chits or sprouts.

Chitty (a.) Childish; like a babe.

Clarty (a.) Sticky and foul; muddy; filthy; dirty.

Clotty (n.) Full of clots, or clods.

Comity (n.) Mildness and suavity of manners; courtesy between equals; friendly civility; as, comity of manners; the comity of States.

County (n.) An earldom; the domain of a count or earl.

County (n.) A circuit or particular portion of a state or kingdom, separated from the rest of the territory, for certain purposes in the administration of justice and public affairs; -- called also a shire. See Shire.

County (n.) A count; an earl or lord.

Crafty (a.) Relating to, or characterized by, craft or skill; dexterous.

Crafty (a.) Possessing dexterity; skilled; skillful.

Crafty (a.) Skillful at deceiving others; characterized by craft; cunning; wily.

Crusty (a.) Having the nature of crust; pertaining to a hard covering; as, a crusty coat; a crusty surface or substance.

Crusty (a.) Having a hard exterior, or a short, rough manner, though kind at heart; snappish; peevish; surly.

Dainty (n.) Value; estimation; the gratification or pleasure taken in anything.

Dainty (n.) That which is delicious or delicate; a delicacy.

Dainty (n.) A term of fondness.

Dainty (superl.) Rare; valuable; costly.

Dainty (superl.) Delicious to the palate; toothsome.

Dainty (superl.) Nice; delicate; elegant, in form, manner, or breeding; well-formed; neat; tender.

Dainty (superl.) Requiring dainties. Hence: Overnice; hard to please; fastidious; squeamish; scrupulous; ceremonious.

Deputy (n.) One appointed as the substitute of another, and empowered to act for him, in his name or his behalf; a substitute in office; a lieutenant; a representative; a delegate; a vicegerent; as, the deputy of a prince, of a sheriff, of a township, etc.

Deputy (n.) A member of the Chamber of Deputies.

Dimity (n.) A cotton fabric employed for hangings and furniture coverings, and formerly used for women's under-garments. It is of many patterns, both plain and twilled, and occasionally is printed in colors.

Docity (n.) Teachableness.

Drasty (a.) Filthy; worthless.

Drifty (a.) Full of drifts; tending to form drifts, as snow, and the like.

Durity (n.) Hardness; firmness.

Durity (n.) Harshness; cruelty.

Egoity (n.) Personality.

Eighty (a.) Eight times ten; fourscore.

Eighty (n.) The sum of eight times ten; eighty units or objects.

Eighty (n.) A symbol representing eighty units, or ten eight times repeated, as 80 or lxxx.

Enmity (n.) The quality of being an enemy; hostile or unfriendly disposition.

Enmity (n.) A state of opposition; hostility.

Entity (n.) A real being, whether in thought (as an ideal conception) or in fact; being; essence; existence.

Equity (n.) Equality of rights; natural justice or right; the giving, or desiring to give, to each man his due, according to reason, and the law of God to man; fairness in determination of conflicting claims; impartiality.

Equity (n.) An equitable claim; an equity of redemption; as, an equity to a settlement, or wife's equity, etc.

Equity (n.) A system of jurisprudence, supplemental to law, properly so called, and complemental of it.

Fainty (a.) Feeble; languid.

Faulty (a.) Containing faults, blemishes, or defects; imperfect; not fit for the use intended.

Faulty (a.) Guilty of a fault, or of faults; hence, blamable; worthy of censure.

Fealty (n.) Fidelity; constancy; faithfulness, as of a friend to a friend, or of a wife to her husband.

Fedity (n.) Turpitude; vileness.

Ferity (n.) Wildness; savageness; fierceness.

Fixity (n.) Fixedness; as, fixity of tenure; also, that which is fixed.

Fixity (n.) Coherence of parts.

Flinty (superl.) Consisting of, composed of, abounding in, or resembling, flint; as, a flinty rock; flinty ground; a flinty heart.

Flitty (a.) Unstable; fluttering.

Floaty (a.) Swimming on the surface; buoyant; light.

Foisty (a.) Fusty; musty.

Fretty (a.) Adorned with fretwork.

Frosty (a.) Attended with, or producing, frost; having power to congeal water; cold; freezing; as, a frosty night.

Frosty (a.) Covered with frost; as, the grass is frosty.

Frosty (a.) Chill in affection; without warmth of affection or courage.

Frosty (a.) Appearing as if covered with hoarfrost; white; gray-haired; as, a frosty head.

Gaiety (n.) Same as Gayety.

Gayety (a.) The state of being gay; merriment; mirth; acts or entertainments prompted by, or inspiring, merry delight; -- used often in the plural; as, the gayeties of the season.

Gayety (a.) Finery; show; as, the gayety of dress.

Gleety (a.) Ichorous; thin; limpid.

Gritty (a.) Containing sand or grit; consisting of grit; caused by grit; full of hard particles.

Gritty (a.) Spirited; resolute; unyielding.

Grouty (a.) Cross; sulky; sullen.

Guilty (superl.) Having incurred guilt; criminal; morally delinquent; wicked; chargeable with, or responsible for, something censurable; justly exposed to penalty; -- used with of, and usually followed by the crime, sometimes by the punishment.

Guilty (superl.) Evincing or indicating guilt; involving guilt; as, a guilty look; a guilty act; a guilty feeling.

Guilty (superl.) Conscious; cognizant.

Guilty (superl.) Condemned to payment.

Hearty (superl.) Pertaining to, or proceeding from, the heart; warm; cordial; bold; zealous; sincere; willing; also, energetic; active; eager; as, a hearty welcome; hearty in supporting the government.

Hearty (superl.) Exhibiting strength; sound; healthy; firm; not weak; as, a hearty timber.

Hearty (superl.) Promoting strength; nourishing; rich; abundant; as, hearty food; a hearty meal.

Hearty (n.) Comrade; boon companion; good fellow; -- a term of familiar address and fellowship among sailors.

Hogsty (n.) A pen, house, or inclosure, for hogs.

Jaunty (superl.) Airy; showy; finical; hence, characterized by an affected or fantastical manner.

Kempty (n.) Coarse, rough hair wool or fur, injuring its quality.

Knotty (superl.) Full of knots; knotted; having many knots; as, knotty timber; a knotty rope.

Knotty (superl.) Hard; rugged; as, a knotty head.

Knotty (superl.) Difficult; intricate; perplexed.

Laxity (a.) The state or quality of being lax; want of tenseness, strictness, or exactness.

Lenity (n.) The state or quality of being lenient; mildness of temper or disposition; gentleness of treatment; softness; tenderness; clemency; -- opposed to severity and rigor.

Levity (n.) The quality of weighing less than something else of equal bulk; relative lightness, especially as shown by rising through, or floating upon, a contiguous substance; buoyancy; -- opposed to gravity.

Levity (n.) Lack of gravity and earnestness in deportment or character; trifling gayety; frivolity; sportiveness; vanity.

Levity (n.) Lack of steadiness or constancy; disposition to change; fickleness; volatility.

Lighty (a.) Illuminated.

Mighty (n.) Possessing might; having great power or authority.

Mighty (n.) Accomplished by might; hence, extraordinary; wonderful.

Mighty (n.) Denoting and extraordinary degree or quality in respect of size, character, importance, consequences, etc.

Mighty (n.) A warrior of great force and courage.

Mighty (adv.) In a great degree; very.

Moiety (a.) One of two equal parts; a half; as, a moiety of an estate, of goods, or of profits; the moiety of a jury, or of a nation.

Moiety (a.) An indefinite part; a small part.

Moisty (a.) Moist.

Mounty (v.) The rise of a hawk after prey.

Munity (n.) Freedom; security; immunity.

Nicety (n.) The quality or state of being nice (in any of the senses of that word.).

Nicety (n.) Delicacy or exactness of perception; minuteness of observation or of discrimination; precision.

Nicety (n.) A delicate expression, act, mode of treatment, distinction, or the like; a minute distinction.

Ninety (a.) Nine times ten; eighty-nine and one more; as, ninety men.

Ninety (n.) The sum of nine times ten; the number greater by a unit than eighty-nine; ninety units or objects.

Ninety (n.) A symbol representing ninety units, as 90 or xc.

Novity (n.) Newness; novelty.

Nudity (n.) The quality or state of being nude; nakedness.

Nudity (n.) That which is nude or naked; naked part; undraped or unclothed portion; esp. (Fine Arts), the human figure represented unclothed; any representation of nakedness; -- chiefly used in the plural and in a bad sense.

Oddity (n.) The quality or state of being odd; singularity; queerness; peculiarity; as, oddity of dress, manners, and the like.

Oddity (n.) That which is odd; as, a collection of oddities.

Orbity (n.) Orbation.

Owelty (n.) Equality; -- sometimes written ovelty and ovealty.

Painty (a.) Unskillfully painted, so that the painter's method of work is too obvious; also, having too much pigment applied to the surface.

Parity (n.) The quality or condition of being equal or equivalent; A like state or degree; equality; close correspondence; analogy; as, parity of reasoning.

Pexity (n.) Nap of cloth.

Pigsty (n.) A pigpen.

Plenty (a.) Full or adequate supply; enough and to spare; sufficiency; specifically, abundant productiveness of the earth; ample supply for human wants; abundance; copiousness.

Plenty (a.) Plentiful; abundant.

Polity (n.) The form or constitution of the civil government of a nation or state; the framework or organization by which the various departments of government are combined into a systematic whole.

Polity (n.) Hence: The form or constitution by which any institution is organized; the recognized principles which lie at the foundation of any human institution.

Polity (n.) Policy; art; management.

Pretty (superl.) Moderately large; considerable; as, he had saved a pretty fortune.

Pretty (superl.) Affectedly nice; foppish; -- used in an ill sense.

Pretty (superl.) Mean; despicable; contemptible; -- used ironically; as, a pretty trick; a pretty fellow.

Pretty (superl.) Stout; strong and brave; intrepid; valiant.

Pretty (adv.) In some degree; moderately; considerably; rather; almost; -- less emphatic than very; as, I am pretty sure of the fact; pretty cold weather.

Purity (n.) The condition of being pure.

Purity (n.) freedom from foreign admixture or deleterious matter; as, the purity of water, of wine, of drugs, of metals.

Purity (n.) Cleanness; freedom from foulness or dirt.

Purity (n.) Freedom from guilt or the defilement of sin; innocence; chastity; as, purity of heart or of life.

Purity (n.) Freedom from any sinister or improper motives or views.

Purity (n.) Freedom from foreign idioms, or from barbarous or improper words or phrases; as, purity of style.

Rarity (n.) The quality or state of being rare; rareness; thinness; as, the rarity (contrasted with the density) of gases.

Rarity (n.) That which is rare; an uncommon thing; a thing valued for its scarcity.

Realty (n.) Royalty.

Realty (n.) Loyalty; faithfulness.

Realty (n.) Reality.

Realty (n.) Immobility, or the fixed, permanent nature of real property; as, chattels which savor of the realty; -- so written in legal language for reality.

Realty (n.) Real estate; a piece of real property.

Reasty (a.) Rusty and rancid; -- applied to salt meat.

Rudity (n.) Rudeness; ignorance.

Safety (n.) The condition or state of being safe; freedom from danger or hazard; exemption from hurt, injury, or loss.

Safety (n.) Freedom from whatever exposes one to danger or from liability to cause danger or harm; safeness; hence, the quality of making safe or secure, or of giving confidence, justifying trust, insuring against harm or loss, etc.

Safety (n.) Preservation from escape; close custody.

Safety (n.) Same as Safety touchdown, below.

Sanity (n.) The condition or quality of being sane; soundness of health of body or mind, especially of the mind; saneness.

Scanty (a.) Wanting amplitude or extent; narrow; small; not abundant.

Scanty (a.) Somewhat less than is needed; insufficient; scant; as, a scanty supply of words; a scanty supply of bread.

Scanty (a.) Sparing; niggardly; parsimonious.

Shanty (a.) Jaunty; showy.

Shanty (n.) A small, mean dwelling; a rough, slight building for temporary use; a hut.

Shanty (v. i.) To inhabit a shanty.

Shelty (n.) A Shetland pony.

Shifty (a.) Full of, or ready with, shifts; fertile in expedients or contrivance.

Shinty (n.) A Scotch game resembling hockey; also, the club used in the game.

Shooty (a.) Sprouting or coming up freely and regularly.

Skilty (n.) The water rail.

Skitty (n.) A rail; as, the water rail (called also skitty cock, and skitty coot); the spotted crake (Porzana maruetta), and the moor hen.

Sleety (a.) Of or pertaining to sleet; characterized by sleet; as, a sleety storm; sleety weather.

Smutty (superl.) Soiled with smut; smutted.

Smutty (superl.) Tainted with mildew; as, smutty corn.

Smutty (superl.) Obscene; not modest or pure; as, a smutty saying.

Snotty (a.) Foul with snot; hence, mean; dirty.

Snouty (a.) Resembling a beast's snout.

Spotty (a.) Full of spots; marked with spots.

Stilty (a.) Unreasonably elevated; pompous; stilted; as, a stilty style.

Stulty (a.) Foolish; silly.

Surety (n.) The state of being sure; certainty; security.

Surety (n.) That which makes sure; that which confirms; ground of confidence or security.

Surety (n.) Security against loss or damage; security for payment, or for the performance of some act.

Surety (n.) One who is bound with and for another who is primarily liable, and who is called the principal; one who engages to answer for another's appearance in court, or for his payment of a debt, or for performance of some act; a bondsman; a bail.

Surety (n.) Hence, a substitute; a hostage.

Surety (n.) Evidence; confirmation; warrant.

Surety (v. t.) To act as surety for.

Swarty (a.) Swarthy; tawny.

Sweaty (superl.) Moist with sweat; as, a sweaty skin; a sweaty garment.

Sweaty (superl.) Consisting of sweat; of the nature of sweat.

Sweaty (superl.) Causing sweat; hence, laborious; toilsome; difficult.

Thirty (a.) Being three times ten; consisting of one more than twenty-nine; twenty and ten; as, the month of June consists of thirty days.

Thirty (n.) The sum of three tens, or twenty and ten; thirty units or objects.

Thirty (n.) A symbol expressing thirty, as 30, or XXX.

Treaty (n.) The act of treating for the adjustment of differences, as for forming an agreement; negotiation.

Treaty (n.) A proposal tending to an agreement.

Treaty (n.) A treatise; a tract.

Tristy (a.) See Trist, a.

Trusty (superl.) Admitting of being safely trusted; justly deserving confidence; fit to be confided in; trustworthy; reliable.

Trusty (superl.) Hence, not liable to fail; strong; firm.

Trusty (superl.) Involving trust; as, a trusty business.

Twenty (a.) One more that nineteen; twice; as, twenty men.

Twenty (a.) An indefinite number more or less that twenty.

Twenty (n.) The number next following nineteen; the sum of twelve and eight, or twice ten; twenty units or objects; a score.

Twenty (n.) A symbol representing twenty units, as 20, or xx.

Uberty (n.) Fruitfulness; copiousness; abundance; plenty.

Ubiety (n.) The quality or state of being in a place; local relation; position or location; whereness.

Uncity (v. t.) To deprive of the rank or rights of a city.

Unpity (n.) Want of piety.

Vanity (n.) The quality or state of being vain; want of substance to satisfy desire; emptiness; unsubstantialness; unrealness; falsity.

Vanity (n.) An inflation of mind upon slight grounds; empty pride inspired by an overweening conceit of one's personal attainments or decorations; an excessive desire for notice or approval; pride; ostentation; conceit.

Vanity (n.) That which is vain; anything empty, visionary, unreal, or unsubstantial; fruitless desire or effort; trifling labor productive of no good; empty pleasure; vain pursuit; idle show; unsubstantial enjoyment.

Vanity (n.) One of the established characters in the old moralities and puppet shows. See Morality, n., 5.

Vaulty (a.) Arched; concave.

Verity (n.) The quality or state of being true, or real; consonance of a statement, proposition, or other thing, with fact; truth; reality.

Verity (n.) That which is true; a true assertion or tenet; a truth; a reality.

Vicety (n.) Fault; defect; coarseness.

Vility (n.) Vileness; baseness.

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