7 letter words ending in acy

Fallacy (n.) Deceptive or false appearance; deceitfulness; that which misleads the eye or the mind; deception.

Fallacy (n.) An argument, or apparent argument, which professes to be decisive of the matter at issue, while in reality it is not; a sophism.

Fermacy (n.) Medicine; pharmacy.

Mediacy (n.) The state or quality of being mediate.

Prelacy (n.) The office or dignity of a prelate; church government by prelates.

Prelacy (n.) The order of prelates, taken collectively; the body of ecclesiastical dignitaries.

Primacy (a.) The state or condition of being prime or first, as in time, place, rank, etc., hence, excellency; supremacy.

Primacy (a.) The office, rank, or character of a primate; the chief ecclesiastical station or dignity in a national church; the office or dignity of an archbishop; as, the primacy of England.

Privacy (n.) The state of being in retirement from the company or observation of others; seclusion.

Privacy (n.) A place of seclusion from company or observation; retreat; solitude; retirement.

Privacy (n.) Concealment of what is said or done.

Privacy (n.) A private matter; a secret.

Privacy (n.) See Privity, 2.

Probacy (n.) Proof; trial.

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