7 letter words ending in ness

Allness (n.) Totality; completeness.

Aptness (n.) Fitness; suitableness; appropriateness; as, the aptness of things to their end.

Aptness (n.) Disposition of the mind; propensity; as, the aptness of men to follow example.

Aptness (n.) Quickness of apprehension; readiness in learning; docility; as, an aptness to learn is more observable in some children than in others.

Aptness (n.) Proneness; tendency; as, the aptness of iron to rust.

Badness (n.) The state of being bad.

Bigness (n.) The state or quality of being big; largeness; size; bulk.

Coyness (n.) The quality of being coy; feigned o/ bashful unwillingness to become familiar; reserve.

Dimness (n.) The state or quality / being dim; lack of brightness, clearness, or distinctness; dullness; obscurity.

Dimness (n.) Dullness, or want of clearness, of vision or of intellectual perception.

Dryness (n.) The state of being dry. See Dry.

Dueness (n.) Quality of being due; debt; what is due or becoming.

Farness (a.) The state of being far off; distance; remoteness.

Fatness (n.) The quality or state of being fat, plump, or full-fed; corpulency; fullness of flesh.

Fatness (n.) Hence; Richness; fertility; fruitfulness.

Fatness (n.) That which makes fat or fertile.

Fewness (n.) The state of being few; smallness of number; paucity.

Fewness (n.) Brevity; conciseness.

Fitness (n.) The state or quality of being fit; as, the fitness of measures or laws; a person's fitness for office.

Falness (n.) See Fullness.

Gayness (n.) Gayety; finery.

Harness (n.) Originally, the complete dress, especially in a military sense, of a man or a horse; hence, in general, armor.

Harness (n.) The equipment of a draught or carriage horse, for drawing a wagon, coach, chaise, etc.; gear; tackling.

Harness (n.) The part of a loom comprising the heddles, with their means of support and motion, by which the threads of the warp are alternately raised and depressed for the passage of the shuttle.

Harness (v. t.) To dress in armor; to equip with armor for war, as a horseman; to array.

Harness (v. t.) Fig.: To equip or furnish for defense.

Harness (v. t.) To make ready for draught; to equip with harness, as a horse. Also used figuratively.

Hotness (n.) The quality or state of being hot.

Hotness (n.) Heat or excitement of mind or manner; violence; vehemence; impetuousity; ardor; fury.

Iciness (n.) The state or quality of being icy or very cold; frigidity.

Illness (n.) The condition of being ill, evil, or bad; badness; unfavorableness.

Illness (n.) Disease; indisposition; malady; disorder of health; sickness; as, a short or a severe illness.

Illness (n.) Wrong moral conduct; wickedness.

Laxness (n.) The state of being lax; laxity.

Lioness (n.) A female lion.

Lowness (n.) The state or quality of being low.

Madness (a.) The condition of being mad; insanity; lunacy.

Madness (a.) Frenzy; ungovernable rage; extreme folly.

Newness (n.) The quality or state of being new; as, the newness of a system; the newness of a scene; newness of life.

Oddness (n.) The state of being odd, or not even.

Oddness (n.) Singularity; strangeness; eccentricity; irregularity; uncouthness; as, the oddness of dress or shape; the oddness of an event.

Oldness (n.) The state or quality of being old; old age.

Oneness (n.) The state of being one; singleness in number; individuality; unity.

Outness (n.) The state of being out or beyond; separateness.

Outness (n.) The state or quality of being distanguishable from the perceiving mind, by being in space, and possessing marerial quality; externality; objectivity.

Patness (n.) Fitness or appropriateness; striking suitableness; convenience.

Rawness (n.) The quality or state of being raw.

Redness (n.) The quality or state of being red; red color.

Sadness (n.) Heaviness; firmness.

Sadness (n.) Seriousness; gravity; discretion.

Sadness (n.) Quality of being sad, or unhappy; gloominess; sorrowfulness; dejection.

Setness (n.) The quality or state of being set; formality; obstinacy.

Shiness (n.) See Shyness.

Shyness (n.) The quality or state of being shy.


Slyness (n.) The quality or state of being sly.

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