7 letter words ending in ship

Curship (n.) The state of being a cur; one who is currish.

Disship (v. t.) To dismiss from service on board ship.

Dogship (n.) The character, or individuality, of a dog.

Donship (n.) The quality or rank of a don, gentleman, or knight.

Foxship (n.) Foxiness; craftiness.

Godship (n.) The rank or character of a god; deity; divinity; a god or goddess.

Hagship (n.) The state or title of a hag.

Kinship (n.) Family relationship.

Layship (n.) The condition of being a layman.

Midship (a.) Of or pertaining to, or being in, the middle of a ship.

Sonship (n.) The state of being a son, or of bearing the relation of a son; filiation.

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