8 letter words ending in dom

Birthdom (n.) The land of one's birth; one's inheritance.

Duncedom (n.) The realm or domain of dunces.

Pagandom (n.) The pagan lands; pagans, collectively; paganism.

Queendom (n.) The dominion, condition, or character of a queen.

Rebeldom (n.) A region infested by rebels; rebels, considered collectively; also, conduct or quality characteristic of rebels.

Saintdom (n.) The state or character of a saint.

Swelldom (n.) People of rank and fashion; the class of swells, collectively.

Thanedom (n.) The property or jurisdiction of a thane; thanage.

Thraldom (n.) The condition of a thrall; slavery; bondage; state of servitude.

Unseldom (adv.) Not seldom; frequently.

Unwisdom (n.) Want of wisdom; unwise conduct or action; folly; simplicity; ignorance.

Usherdom (n.) The office or position of an usher; ushership; also, ushers, collectively.

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