8 letter words ending in ical

Aaronical (a.) Pertaining to Aaron, the first high priest of the Jews.

Abbatical (a.) Abbatial.

Acritical (a.) Having no crisis; giving no indications of a crisis; as, acritical symptoms, an acritical abscess.

Angelical (a.) Belonging to, or proceeding from, angels; resembling, characteristic of, or partaking of the nature of, an angel; heavenly; divine.

Aquatical (a.) Aquatic.

Arborical (a.) Relating to trees.

Archaical (a.) Archaic.

Arsenical (a.) Of or pertaining to, or containing, arsenic; as, arsenical vapor; arsenical wall papers.

Ascitical (a.) Of, pertaining to, or affected by, ascites; dropsical.

Bacchical (a.) Of or relating to Bacchus; hence, jovial, or riotous,with intoxication.

Basilical (a.) Royal; kingly; also, basilican.

Basilical (a.) Pertaining to certain parts, anciently supposed to have a specially important function in the animal economy, as the middle vein of the right arm.

Botanical (a.) Of or pertaining to botany; relating to the study of plants; as, a botanical system, arrangement, textbook, expedition.

Bucolical (a.) Bucolic.

Caustical (a.) Capable of destroying the texture of anything or eating away its substance by chemical action; burning; corrosive; searing.

Caustical (a.) Severe; satirical; sharp; as, a caustic remark.

Centrical (a.) Placed in the center or middle; central.

Chronical (a.) Chronic.

Classical (n.) Of or relating to the first class or rank, especially in literature or art.

Classical (n.) Of or pertaining to the ancient Greeks and Romans, esp. to Greek or Roman authors of the highest rank, or of the period when their best literature was produced; of or pertaining to places inhabited by the ancient Greeks and Romans, or rendered famous by their deeds.

Classical (n.) Conforming to the best authority in literature and art; chaste; pure; refined; as, a classical style.

Clergical (a.) Of or pertaining to the clergy; clerical; clerkily; learned.

Colonical (a.) Of or pertaining to husbandmen.

Cryptical (a.) Hidden; secret; occult.

Dapatical (a.) Sumptuous in cheer.

Deistical (a.) Pertaining to, savoring of, or consisting in, deism; as, a deistic writer; a deistical book.

Dilogical (a.) Ambiguous; of double meaning.

Dinetical (a.) Revolving on an axis.

Dominical (a.) Indicating, or pertaining to, the Lord's day, or Sunday.

Dominical (a.) Relating to, or given by, our Lord; as, the dominical (or Lord's) prayer.

Dominical (n.) The Lord's day or Sunday; also, the Lord's prayer.

Dropsical (a.) Diseased with dropsy; hydropical; tending to dropsy; as, a dropsical patient.

Dropsical (a.) Of or pertaining to dropsy.

Druidical (a.) Pertaining to, or resembling, the Druids.

Dynamical (a.) Of or pertaining to dynamics; belonging to energy or power; characterized by energy or production of force.

Dynamical (a.) Relating to physical forces, effects, or laws; as, dynamical geology.

Elastical (a.) Elastic.

Empirical (a.) Pertaining to, or founded upon, experiment or experience; depending upon the observation of phenomena; versed in experiments.

Empirical (a.) Depending upon experience or observation alone, without due regard to science and theory; -- said especially of medical practice, remedies, etc.; wanting in science and deep insight; as, empiric skill, remedies.

Empyrical (a.) Containing the combustible principle of coal.

Endemical (a.) Peculiar to a district or particular locality, or class of persons; as, an endemic disease.

Energical (a.) In a state of action; acting; operating.

Energical (a.) Having energy or great power; energetic.

Entomical (a.) Relating to insects; entomological.

Eristical (a.) Controversial.

Erratical (a.) Erratic.

Eulogical (a.) Bestowing praise of eulogy; commendatory; eulogistic.

Fanatical (a.) Characteristic of, or relating to, fanaticism; fanatic.

Fatidical (a.) Having power to foretell future events; prophetic; fatiloquent; as, the fatidical oak.

Frenzical (a.) Frantic.

Galenical (a.) Pertaining to, or containing, galena.

Galenical (an.) Relating to Galen or to his principles and method of treating diseases.

Generical (a.) Pertaining to a genus or kind; relating to a genus, as distinct from a species, or from another genus; as, a generic description; a generic difference; a generic name.

Generical (a.) Very comprehensive; pertaining or appropriate to large classes or their characteristics; -- opposed to specific.

Genetical (a.) Pertaining to, concerned with, or determined by, the genesis of anything, or its natural mode of production or development.

Georgical (a.) Relating to agriculture and rural affairs.

Graphical (a.) Of or pertaining to the arts of painting and drawing.

Graphical (a.) Of or pertaining to the art of writing.

Graphical (a.) Written or engraved; formed of letters or

Graphical (a.) Well de

Graphical (a.) Having the faculty of, or characterized by, clear and impressive description; vivid; as, a graphic writer.

Hepatical (a.) Hepatic.

Heretical (a.) Containing heresy; of the nature of, or characterized by, heresy.

Icterical (a.) Pertaining to, or affected with, jaundice.

Icterical (a.) Good against the jaundice.

Identical (a.) The same; the selfsame; the very same; not different; as, the identical person or thing.

Identical (a.) Uttering sameness or the same truth; expressing in the predicate what is given, or obviously implied, in the subject; tautological.

Idiotical (a.) Common; simple.

Idiotical (a.) Pertaining to, or like, an idiot; characterized by idiocy; foolish; fatuous; as, an idiotic person, speech, laugh, or action.

Illogical (a.) Ignorant or negligent of the rules of logic or correct reasoning; as, an illogical disputant; contrary of the rules of logic or sound reasoning; as, an illogical inference.

Immusical (a.) Inharmonious; unmusical; discordant.

Indexical (a.) Of, pertaining to, or like, an index; having the form of an index.

Juridical (a.) Pertaining to a judge or to jurisprudence; acting in the distribution of justice; used in courts of law; according to law; legal; as, juridical law.

Laconical (a.) Expressing much in few words, after the manner of the Laconians or Spartans; brief and pithy; brusque; epigrammatic. In this sense laconic is the usual form.

Laconical (a.) Laconian; characteristic of, or like, the Spartans; hence, stern or severe; cruel; unflinching.

Laconical (a.) See Laconic, a.

Lanifical (a.) Working in wool.

Levitical (a.) Of or pertaining to a Levite or the Levites.

Levitical (a.) Priestly.

Levitical (a.) Of or pertaining to, or designating, the law contained in the book of Leviticus.

Lumbrical (a.) Resembling a worm; as, the lumbrical muscles of the hands of the hands and feet.

Lumbrical (n.) A lumbrical muscle.

Lustrical (a.) Pertaining to, or used for, purification.

Mimetical () Apt to imitate; given to mimicry; imitative.

Mimetical () Characterized by mimicry; -- applied to animals and plants; as, mimetic species; mimetic organisms. See Mimicry.

Mirifical (a.) Working wonders; wonderful.

Monadical (a.) Of, pertaining to, or like, a monad, in any of its senses. See Monad, n.

Monodical (a.) Belonging to a monody.

Monodical (a.) For one voice; monophonic.

Monodical (a.) Homophonic; -- applied to music in which the melody is confined to one part, instead of being shared by all the parts as in the style called polyphonic.

Numerical (n.) Belonging to number; denoting number; consisting in numbers; expressed by numbers, and not letters; as, numerical characters; a numerical equation; a numerical statement.

Numerical (n.) The same in number; hence, identically the same; identical; as, the same numerical body.

Nymphical (a.) Of or pertaining to nymphs.

Obconical (a.) Conical, but having the apex downward; inversely conical.

Oological (a.) Of or pertaining to oology.

Organical (a.) Organic.

Pacifical (a.) Of or pertaining to peace; pacific.

Paganical (a.) Of or pertaining to pagans or paganism; heathenish; paganish.

Parodical (a.) Having the character of parody.

Piratical (a.) Of or pertaining to a pirate; acquired by, or practicing, piracy; as, a piratical undertaking.

Plastical (a.) See Plastic.

Polemical (a.) Polemic; controversial; disputatious.

Political (a.) Having, or conforming to, a settled system of administration.

Political (a.) Of or pertaining to public policy, or to politics; relating to affairs of state or administration; as, a political writer.

Political (a.) Of or pertaining to a party, or to parties, in the state; as, his political relations were with the Whigs.

Political (a.) Politic; wise; also, artful.

Practical (a.) Of or pertaining to practice or action.

Practical (a.) Capable of being turned to use or account; useful, in distinction from ideal or theoretical; as, practical chemistry.

Practical (a.) Evincing practice or skill; capable of applying knowledge to some useful end; as, a practical man; a practical mind.

Practical (a.) Derived from practice; as, practical skill.

Prosaical (a.) Of or pertaining to prose; resembling prose; in the form of prose; unpoetical; writing or using prose; as, a prosaic composition.

Prosaical (a.) Dull; uninteresting; commonplace; unimaginative; prosy; as, a prosaic person.

Psychical (a.) Of or pertaining to the human soul, or to the living principle in man.

Psychical (a.) Of or pertaining to the mind, or its functions and diseases; mental; -- contrasted with physical.

Pyrexical (a.) Of or pertaining to fever; feverish.

Pyritical (a.) Of or pertaining to pyrites; consisting of, or resembling, pyrites.

Quizzical (a.) Relating to quizzing: given to quizzing; of the nature of a quiz; farcical; sportive.

Satanical (a.) Of or pertaining to Satan; having the qualities of Satan; resembling Satan; extremely malicious or wicked; devilish; infernal.

Satirical (a.) Of or pertaining to satire; of the nature of satire; as, a satiric style.

Satirical (a.) Censorious; severe in language; sarcastic; insulting.

Satyrical (a.) Of or pertaining to satyrs; burlesque; as, satyric tragedy.

Sceptical () Alt. of Scepticism

Schetical (a.) Of or pertaining to the habit of the body; constitutional.

Scholical (a.) Scholastic.

Sciatical (a.) Sciatic.

Scoptical (a.) Jesting; jeering; scoffing.

Sirenical (a.) Like, or appropriate to, a siren; fascinating; deceptive.

Skeptical (a.) Of or pertaining to a sceptic or skepticism; characterized by skepticism; hesitating to admit the certainly of doctrines or principles; doubting of everything.

Skeptical (a.) Doubting or denying the truth of revelation, or the sacred Scriptures.

Somatical (a.) Somatic.

Soritical (a.) Of or pertaining to a sorites; resembling a sorites.

Spherical (a.) Alt. of Spheric

Splenical (a.) Splenic.

Styptical (a.) Styptic; astringent.

Subapical (a.) Being under the apex; of or pertaining to the part just below the apex.

Synodical (a.) Of or pertaining to a synod; transacted in, or authorized by, a synod; as, synodical proceedings or forms.

Synodical (a.) Pertaining to conjunction, especially to the period between two successive conjunctions; extending from one conjunction, as of the moon or a planet with the sun, to the next; as, a synodical month (see Lunar month, under Month); the synodical revolution of the moon or a planet.

Tabifical (a.) Producing tabes; wasting; tabefying.

Technical (a.) Of or pertaining to the useful or mechanic arts, or to any science, business, or the like; specially appropriate to any art, science, or business; as, the words of an indictment must be technical.

Teratical (a.) Wonderful; ominous; prodigious.

Theorical (a.) Theoretic.

Twistical (a.) Crooked; tortuous; hence, perverse; unfair; dishonest.

Umbilical (n.) Of or pertaining to an umbilicus, or umbilical cord; umbilic.

Umbilical (n.) Pertaining to the center; central.

Venatical (a.) Of or pertaining to hunting; used in hunting.

Venefical (a.) Veneficial.

Veridical (a.) Truth-telling; truthful; veracious.

Vivifical (a.) Giving life; reviving; enlivening.

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