8 letter words ending in ous

Absonous (a.) Discordant; inharmonious; incongruous.

Acarpous (a.) Not producing fruit; unfruitful.

Acaulous (a.) Same as Acaulescent.

Achilous (a.) Without a lip.

Acholous (a.) Lacking bile.

Achroous (a.) Colorless; achromatic.

Achylous (a.) Without chyle.

Achymous (a.) Without chyme.

Aculeous (a.) Aculeate.

Adipsous (a.) Quenching thirst, as certain fruits.

Aduncous (a.) Curved inwards; hooked.

Aestuous (a.) Glowing; agitated, as with heat.

Amoebous (a.) Like an amoeba in structure.

Amurcous (a.) Full off dregs; foul.

Amyelous (a.) Wanting the spinal cord.

Anginous (a.) Alt. of Anginose

Angulous (a.) Angular; having corners; hooked.

Anhelous (a.) Short of breath; panting.

Annoyous (a.) Troublesome; annoying.

Anourous (a.) See Anurous.

Anserous (a.) Resembling a goose; silly; simple.

Anticous (a.) Facing toward the axis of the flower, as in the introrse anthers of the water lily.

Apellous (a.) Destitute of skin.

Aphonous (a.) Without voice; voiceless; nonvocal.

Aphthous (a.) Pertaining to, or caused by, aphthae; characterized by aphtae; as, aphthous ulcers; aphthous fever.

Apterous (a.) Destitute of wings; apteral; as, apterous insects.

Apterous (a.) Destitute of winglike membranous expansions, as a stem or petiole; -- opposed to alate.

Araceous (a.) Of or pertaining to an order of plants, of which the genus Arum is the type.

Araneous (a.) Cobweblike; extremely thin and delicate, like a cobweb; as, the araneous membrane of the eye. See Arachnoid.

Arborous (a.) Formed by trees.

Ardurous (a.) Burning; ardent.

Arhizous (a.) Alt. of Arhythmous

Asperous (a.) Rough; uneven.

Astomous (a.) Not possessing a mouth.

Atropous (a.) Not inverted; orthotropous.

Augurous (a.) Full of augury; foreboding.

Auntrous (a.) Adventurous.

Avenious (a.) Being without veins or nerves, as the leaves of certain plants.

Avidious (a.) Avid.

Azureous (a.) Of a fine blue color; azure.

Basylous (a.) Pertaining to, or having the nature of, a basyle; electro-positive; basic; -- opposed to chlorous.

Bibulous (v. t.) Readily imbibing fluids or moisture; spongy; as, bibulous blotting paper.

Bibulous (v. t.) Inc

Biferous (a.) Bearing fruit twice a year.

Biforous (a.) See Biforate.

Bigamous (a.) Guilty of bigamy; involving bigamy; as, a bigamous marriage.

Bijugous (a.) Bijugate.

Bimanous (a.) Having two hands; two-handed.

Biparous (a.) Bringing forth two at a birth.

Biramous (a.) Having, or consisting of, two branches.

Bisetous (a.) Having two bristles.

Bisexous (a.) Bisexual.

Blendous (a.) Pertaining to, consisting of, or containing, blende.

Boistous (a.) Rough or rude; coarse; strong; violent; boisterous; noisy.

Boracous (a.) Relating to, or obtained from, borax; containing borax.

Bournous (n.) See Burnoose.

Butyrous (a.) Butyraceous.

Caducous () Dropping off or disappearing early, as the calyx of a poppy, or the gills of a tadpole.

Caesious (a.) Of the color of lavender; pale blue with a slight mixture of gray.

Canorous (a.) Melodious; musical.

Captious (a.) Apt to catch at faults; disposed to find fault or to cavil; eager to object; difficult to please.

Captious (a.) Fitted to harass, perplex, or insnare; insidious; troublesome.

Caricous (a.) Of the shape of a fig; as, a caricous tumor.

Carneous (a.) Consisting of, or like, flesh; carnous; fleshy.

Cautious (a.) Attentive to examine probable effects and consequences of acts with a view to avoid danger or misfortune; prudent; circumspect; wary; watchful; as, a cautious general.

Cavilous (a.) Alt. of Cavillous

Cernuous (a.) Inclining or nodding downward; pendulous; drooping; -- said of a bud, flower, fruit, or the capsule of a moss.

Chlorous (a.) Of, pertaining to, or derived from, chlorine; -- said of those compounds of chlorine in which this element has a valence of three, the next lower than in chloric compounds; as, chlorous acid, HClO2.

Chlorous (a.) Pertaining to, or resembling, the electro-negative character of chlorine; hence, electro-negative; -- opposed to basylous or zincous.

Chromous (a.) Of, pertaining to, or derived from, chromium, when this element has a valence lower than that in chromic compounds.

Cirrhous (a.) See Cirrose.

Clangous (a.) Making a clang, or a ringing metallic sound.

Comatous (a.) Comatose.

Couscous (n.) A kind of food used by the natives of Western Africa, made of millet flour with flesh, and leaves of the baobab; -- called also lalo.

Covenous (a.) See Covinous, and Covin.

Covetous (v. t.) Very desirous; eager to obtain; -- used in a good sense.

Covetous (v. t.) Inordinately desirous; excessively eager to obtain and possess (esp. money); avaricious; -- in a bad sense.

Covinous (a.) Deceitful; collusive; fraudulent; dishonest.

Crebrous (a.) Frequent; numerous.

Croceous (a.) Of, pertaining to, or like, saffron; deep reddish yellow.

Croupous (a.) Relating to or resembling croup; especially, attended with the formation of a deposit or membrane like that found in membranous croup; as, croupous laryngitis.

Cumbrous (a.) Rendering action or motion difficult or toilsome; serving to obstruct or hinder; burdensome; clogging.

Cumbrous (a.) Giving trouble; vexatious.

Cupreous (a.) Consisting of copper or resembling copper; coppery.

Dartrous (a.) Relating to, or partaking of the nature of, the disease called tetter; herpetic.

Decorous (a.) Suitable to a character, or to the time, place, and occasion; marked with decorum; becoming; proper; seemly; befitting; as, a decorous speech; decorous behavior; a decorous dress for a judge.

Dedalous (a.) See Daedalous.

Defamous (a.) Defamatory.

Defluous (a.) Flowing down; falling off.

Deignous (a.) Haughty; disdainful.

Depilous (a.) Hairless.

Desirous (n.) Feeling desire; eagerly wishing; solicitous; eager to obtain; covetous.

Dextrous (n.) Alt. of Dextrousness

Didymous (a.) Growing in pairs or twins.

Diecious (a.) See Dioecian, and Dioecious.

Digamous (a.) Pertaining to a second marriage, that is, one after the death of the first wife or the first husband.

Digenous (a.) Sexually reproductive.

Digonous (a.) Having two angles.

Digynous (a.) Of or pertaining to the Digynia; having two styles.

Dimerous (a.) Composed of, or having, two parts of each kind.

Dioicous (a.) See Dioecious.

Ditokous (a.) Having two kinds of young, as certain annelids.

Ditokous (a.) Producing only two eggs for a clutch, as certain birds do.

Dolorous (a.) Full of grief; sad; sorrowful; doleful; dismal; as, a dolorous object; dolorous discourses.

Dolorous (a.) Occasioning pain or grief; painful.

Doubtous (a.) Doubtful.

Edacious (a.) Given to eating; voracious; devouring.

Edulious (a.) Edible.

Efferous (a.) Like a wild beast; fierce.

Embryous (a.) Embryonic; undeveloped.

Enervous (a.) Lacking nerve or force; enervated.

Enginous (a.) Pertaining to an engine.

Enginous (a.) Contrived with care; ingenious.

Enormous (a.) Exceeding the usual rule, norm, or measure; out of due proportion; inordinate; abnormal.

Enormous (a.) Exceedingly wicked; outrageous; atrocious; monstrous; as, an enormous crime.

Epigeous (a.) Same as Epigaeous.

Exiguous (a.) Scanty; small; slender; diminutive.

Eximious (a.) Select; choice; hence, extraordinary, excellent.

Exitious (a.) Destructive; fatal.

Exuccous (a.) See Exsuccous.

Fabulous (a.) Feigned, as a story or fable; related in fable; devised; invented; not real; fictitious; as, a fabulous description; a fabulous hero.

Fabulous (a.) Passing belief; exceedingly great; as, a fabulous price.

Factious (a.) Given to faction; addicted to form parties and raise dissensions, in opposition to government or the common good; turbulent; seditious; prone to clamor against public measures or men; -- said of persons.

Factious (a.) Pertaining to faction; proceeding from faction; indicating, or characterized by, faction; -- said of acts or expressions; as, factious quarrels.

Fastuous (a.) Proud; haughty; disdainful.

Feateous (a.) Dexterous; neat.

Felonous (a.) Wicked; felonious.

Ferreous (a.) Partaking of, made of, or pertaining to, iron; like iron.

Feverous (a.) Affected with fever or ague; feverish.

Feverous (a.) Pertaining to, or having the nature of, fever; as, a feverous pulse.

Feverous (a.) Having the tendency to produce fever; as, a feverous disposition of the year.

Fictious (a.) Fictitious.

Flatuous (a.) Windy; generating wind.

Flexuous (a.) Having turns, windings, or flexures.

Flexuous (a.) Having alternate curvatures in opposite directions; bent in a zigzag manner.

Flexuous (a.) Wavering; not steady; flickering.

Fluorous (a.) Pertaining to fluor.

Frondous (a.) Frondose.

Futilous (a.) Futile; trifling.

Geminous (a.) Double; in pairs.

Gemmeous (a.) Pertaining to gems; of the nature of gems; resembling gems.

Generous (a.) Of honorable birth or origin; highborn.

Generous (a.) Exhibiting those qualities which are popularly reregarded as belonging to high birth; noble; honorable; magnanimous; spirited; courageous.

Generous (a.) Open-handed; free to give; not close or niggardly; munificent; as, a generous friend or father.

Generous (a.) Characterized by generosity; abundant; overflowing; as, a generous table.

Generous (a.) Full of spirit or strength; stimulating; exalting; as, generous wine.

Glabrous (a.) Smooth; having a surface without hairs or any unevenness.

Glacious (a.) Pertaining to, consisting of or resembling, ice; icy.

Glareous (a.) Glairy.

Glaucous (a.) Of a sea-green color; of a dull green passing into grayish blue.

Glaucous (a.) Covered with a fine bloom or fine white powder easily rubbed off, as that on a blue plum, or on a cabbage leaf.

Glorious (n.) Exhibiting attributes, qualities, or acts that are worthy of or receive glory; noble; praiseworthy; excellent; splendid; illustrious; inspiring admiration; as, glorious deeds.

Glorious (n.) Eager for glory or distinction; haughty; boastful; ostentatious; vainglorious.

Glorious (n.) Ecstatic; hilarious; elated with drink.

Goitrous (a.) Pertaining to the goiter; affected with the goiter; of the nature of goiter or bronchocele.

Gonimous (a.) Pertaining to, or containing, gonidia or gonimia, as that part of a lichen which contains the green or chlorophyll-bearing cells.

Gorgeous (n.) Imposing through splendid or various colors; showy; fine; magnificent.

Gracious (a.) Abounding in grace or mercy; manifesting love,. or bestowing mercy; characterized by grace; beneficent; merciful; disposed to show kindness or favor; condescending; as, his most gracious majesty.

Gracious (a.) Abounding in beauty, love

Gracious (a.) Produced by divine grace; influenced or controlled by the divine influence; as, gracious affections.

Grievous (a.) Causing grief or sorrow; painful; afflictive; hard to bear; offensive; harmful.

Grievous (a.) Characterized by great atrocity; heinous; aggravated; flagitious; as, a grievous sin.

Grievous (a.) Full of, or expressing, grief; showing great sorrow or affliction; as, a grievous cry.

Griseous (a.) Of a light color, or white, mottled with black or brown; grizzled or grizzly.

Gypseous (a.) Resembling or containing gypsum; partaking of the qualities of gypsum.

Humorous (a.) Moist; humid; watery.

Humorous (a.) Subject to be governed by humor or caprice; irregular; capricious; whimsical.

Humorous (a.) Full of humor; jocular; exciting laughter; playful; as, a humorous story or author; a humorous aspect.

Ichorous (a.) Of or like ichor; thin; watery; serous; sanious.

Idoneous (a.) Appropriate; suitable; proper; fit; adequate.

Imporous (a.) Destitute of pores; very close or compact in texture; solid.

Incanous (a.) Hoary with white pubescence.

Incubous (a.) Having the leaves so placed that the upper part of each one covers the base of the leaf next above it, as in hepatic mosses of the genus Frullania. See Succubous.

Inermous (a.) Same as Inermis.

Infamous (a.) Of very bad report; having a reputation of the worst kind; held in abhorrence; guilty of something that exposes to infamy; base; notoriously vile; detestable; as, an infamous traitor; an infamous perjurer.

Infamous (a.) Causing or producing infamy; deserving detestation; scandalous to the last degree; as, an infamous act; infamous vices; infamous corruption.

Infamous (a.) Branded with infamy by conviction of a crime; as, at common law, an infamous person can not be a witness.

Infamous (a.) Having a bad name as being the place where an odious crime was committed, or as being associated with something detestable; hence, unlucky; perilous; dangerous.

Iniquous (a.) Iniquitous.

Insulous (a.) Abounding in islands.

Irideous (a.) Pertaining to, or resembling, a large natural order of endogenous plants (Iridaceae), which includes the genera Iris, Ixia, Crocus, Gladiolus, and many others.

Iridious (a.) Of or pertaining to iridium; -- applied specifically to compounds in which iridium has a low valence.

Laborous (a.) Laborious.

Lacteous (a.) Milky; resembling milk.

Lacteous (a.) Lacteal; conveying chyle; as, lacteous vessels.

Lacunous (a.) Furrowed or pitted; having shallow cavities or lacunae; as, a lacunose leaf.

Lagopous (a.) Having a dense covering of long hair, like the foot of a hare.

Lascious (a.) Loose; lascivious.

Leperous (a.) Leprous; infectious; corrupting; poisonous.

Libelous (a.) Containing or involving a libel; defamatory; containing that which exposes some person to public hatred, contempt, or ridicule; as, a libelous pamphlet.

Licorous (a.) See Lickerish.

Ligneous (a.) Made of wood; consisting of wood; of the nature of, or resembling, wood; woody.

Likerous (n.) Alt. of Likerousness

Loculous (a.) Divided by internal partitions into cells, as the pith of the pokeweed.

Luminous (a.) Shining; emitting or reflecting light; brilliant; bright; as, the is a luminous body; a luminous color.

Luminous (a.) Illuminated; full of light; bright; as, many candles made the room luminous.

Luminous (a.) Enlightened; intelligent; also, clear; intelligible; as, a luminous mind.

Luscious (a.) Sweet; delicious; very grateful to the taste; toothsome; excessively sweet or rich.

Luscious (a.) Cloying; fulsome.

Luscious (a.) Gratifying a depraved sense; obscene.

Lustrous (a.) Bright; shining; luminous.

Morosous (a.) Morose.

Muticous (a.) Without a point or pointed process; blunt.

Mutilous (a.) Mutilated; defective; imperfect.

Mutinous (a.) Disposed to mutiny; in a state of mutiny; characterized by mutiny; seditious; insubordinate.

Nacreous (a.) Consisting of, or resembling, nacre; pearly.

Nauseous (a.) Causing, or fitted to cause, nausea; sickening; loathsome; disgusting; exciting abhorrence; as, a nauseous drug or medicine.

Nebulous (a.) Cloudy; hazy; misty.

Nebulous (a.) Of, pertaining to, or having the appearance of, a nebula; nebular; cloudlike.

Nemorous (a.) Woody.

Nidorous (a.) Resembling the smell or taste of roast meat, or of corrupt animal matter.

Nodosous (a.) Alt. of Nodous

Nodulous (a.) Having small nodes or knots; diminutively nodose.

Nubilous (a.) Cloudy.

Numerous (a.) Consisting of a great number of units or individual objects; being many; as, a numerous army.

Numerous (a.) Consisting of poetic numbers; rhythmical; measured and counted; melodious; musical.

Obuncous (a.) Hooked or crooked in an extreme degree.

Ocherous (a.) Alt. of Ochreous

Ochreous (a.) Of or pertaining to ocher; containing or resembling ocher; as, ocherous matter; ocherous soil.

Ochreous (a.) See Ocherous.

Oragious (a.) Stormy.

Ordurous (a.) Of or pertaining to ordure; filthy.

Orgulous (a.) See Orgillous.

Ovarious (a.) Consisting of eggs; as, ovarious food.

Pabulous (a.) Affording pabulum, or food; alimental.

Papulous (a.) Covered with, or characterized by, papulae; papulose.

Patulous (a.) Open; expanded; slightly spreading; having the parts loose or dispersed; as, a patulous calyx; a patulous cluster of flowers.

Perilous (a.) Full of, attended with, or involving, peril; dangerous; hazardous; as, a perilous undertaking.

Perilous (a.) Daring; reckless; dangerous.

Pervious (a.) Admitting passage; capable of being penetrated by another body or substance; permeable; as, a pervious soil.

Pervious (a.) Capable of being penetrated, or seen through, by physical or mental vision.

Pervious (a.) Capable of penetrating or pervading.

Pervious (a.) Open; -- used synonymously with perforate, as applied to the nostrils or birds.

Petalous (a.) Having petals; petaled; -- opposed to apetalous.

Phyllous (a.) Homologous with a leaf; as, the sepals, petals, stamens, and pistils are phyllous organs.

Pilulous (a.) Like a pill; small; insignificant.

Plumbous (a.) Of, pertaining to, or containing, lead; -- used specifically to designate those compounds in which it has a lower valence as contrasted with plumbic compounds.

Pluvious (a.) Abounding in rain; rainy; pluvial.

Polypous (a.) Of the nature of a polypus; having many feet or roots, like the polypus; affected with polypus.

Populous (a.) Abounding in people; full of inhabitants; containing many inhabitants in proportion to the extent of the country.

Populous (a.) Popular; famous.

Populous (a.) Common; vulgar.

Populous (a.) Numerous; in large number.

Precious (a.) Of great price; costly; as, a precious stone.

Precious (a.) Of great value or worth; very valuable; highly esteemed; dear; beloved; as, precious recollections.

Precious (a.) Particular; fastidious; overnice.

Premious (a.) Rich in gifts.

Previous (a.) Going before in time; being or happening before something else; antecedent; prior; as, previous arrangements; a previous illness.

Pruinous (a.) Frosty; pruinose.

Pulicous (a.) Abounding with fleas.

Pyritous (a.) Pyritic.

Racemous (a.) See Racemose.

Ramulous (a.) Ramulose.

Rapinous (a.) Given to rapine.

Ravenous (a.) Devouring with rapacious eagerness; furiously voracious; hungry even to rage; as, a ravenous wolf or vulture.

Ravenous (a.) Eager for prey or gratification; as, a ravenous appetite or desire.

Rebucous (a.) Rebuking.

Resinous (a.) Of or pertaining to resin; of the nature of resin; resembling or obtained from resin.

Revelous (a.) Fond of festivity; given to merrymaking or reveling.

Rigorous (a.) Manifesting, exercising, or favoring rigor; allowing no abatement or mitigation; scrupulously accurate; exact; strict; severe; relentless; as, a rigorous officer of justice; a rigorous execution of law; a rigorous definition or demonstration.

Rigorous (a.) Severe; intense; inclement; as, a rigorous winter.

Rigorous (a.) Violent.

Rumorous (a.) Of or pertaining to a rumor; of the nature of rumors.

Rumorous (a.) Famous; notorious.

Rumorous (a.) Murmuring.

Sabulous (a.) Sandy; gritty.

Salinous (a.) Sa

Salivous (a.) Pertaining to saliva; of the nature of saliva.

Saporous (a.) Having flavor or taste; yielding a taste.

Savorous (n.) Having a savor; savory.

Scabious (a.) Consisting of scabs; rough; itchy; leprous; as, scabious eruptions.

Scabious (a.) Any plant of the genus Scabiosa, several of the species of which are common in Europe. They resemble the Compositae, and have similar heads of flowers, but the anthers are not connected.

Scabrous (a.) Rough to the touch, like a file; having small raised dots, scales, or points; scabby; scurfy; scaly.

Scabrous (a.) Fig.: Harsh; unmusical.

Scarious (a.) Thin, dry, membranous, and not green.

Sciolous (a.) Knowing superficially or imperfectly.

Sclerous (a.) Hard; indurated; sclerotic.

Scorious (a.) Scoriaceous.

Sedulous (a.) Diligent in application or pursuit; constant, steady, and persevering in business, or in endeavors to effect an object; steadily industrious; assiduous; as, the sedulous bee.

Sensuous (a.) Of or pertaining to the senses, or sensible objects; addressing the senses; suggesting pictures or images of sense.

Sensuous (a.) Highly susceptible to influence through the senses.

Sepalous (a.) Having, or relating to, sepals; -- used mostly in composition. See under Sepal.

Sibilous (a.) Having a hissing sound; hissing; sibilant.

Sinewous (a.) Sinewy.

Slangous (a.) Slangy.

Sombrous (a.) Gloomy; somber.

Sonorous (a.) Giving sound when struck; resonant; as, sonorous metals.

Sonorous (a.) Loud-sounding; giving a clear or loud sound; as, a sonorous voice.

Sonorous (a.) Yielding sound; characterized by sound; vocal; sonant; as, the vowels are sonorous.

Sonorous (a.) Impressive in sound; high-sounding.

Sonorous (a.) Sonant; vibrant; hence, of sounds produced in a cavity, deep-toned; as, sonorous rhonchi.

Soporous (a.) Causing sleep; sleepy.

Spacious (n.) Extending far and wide; vast in extent.

Spacious (n.) Inclosing an extended space; having large or ample room; not contracted or narrow; capacious; roomy; as, spacious bounds; a spacious church; a spacious hall.

Spathous (a.) Spathose.

Specious (a.) Presenting a pleasing appearance; pleasing in form or look; showy.

Specious (a.) Apparently right; superficially fair, just, or correct, but not so in reality; appearing well at first view; plausible; as, specious reasoning; a specious argument.

Spumeous (a.) Spumous.

Spurious (a.) Not proceeding from the true source, or from the source pretended; not genuine; false; adulterate.

Spurious (a.) Not legitimate; bastard; as, spurious issue.

Squamous () Covered with, or consisting of, scales; resembling a scale; scaly; as, the squamose cones of the pine; squamous epithelial cells; the squamous portion of the temporal bone, which is so called from a fancied resemblance to a scale.

Squamous () Of or pertaining to the squamosal bone; squamosal.

Stannous (a.) Pertaining to, or containing, tin; specifically, designating those compounds in which the element has a lower valence as contrasted with stannic compounds.

Stibious (a.) Antimonious.

Stirious (a.) Resembling icicles.

Strigous (a.) Strigose.

Strumous (a.) Scrofulous; having struma.

Studious (a.) Given to study; devoted to the acquisition of knowledge from books; as, a studious scholar.

Studious (a.) Given to thought, or to the examination of subjects by contemplation; contemplative.

Studious (a.) Earnest in endeavors; aiming sedulously; attentive; observant; diligent; -- usually followed by an infinitive or by of; as, be studious to please; studious to find new friends and allies.

Studious (a.) Planned with study; deliberate; studied.

Studious (a.) Favorable to study; suitable for thought and contemplation; as, the studious shade.

Stupeous (a.) Resembling tow; having long, loose scales, or matted filaments, like tow; stupose.

Suberous (a.) Having a corky texture.

Sudorous (a.) Consisting of sweat.

Temerous (a.) Temerarious.

Tenuious (a.) Rare or subtile; tenuous; -- opposed to dense.

Teretous (a.) Terete.

Terreous (a.) Consisting of earth; earthy; as, terreous substances; terreous particles.

Thallous (a.) Of or pertaining to thallium; derived from, or containing, thallium; specifically, designating those compounds in which the element has a lower valence as contrasted with the thallic compounds.

Timidous (a.) Timid.

Timorous (a.) Fearful of danger; timid; deficient in courage.

Timorous (a.) Indicating, or caused by, fear; as, timorous doubts.

Titanous (a.) Designating certain compounds of titanium in which that element has a lower valence as contrasted with titanic compounds.

Tometous (a.) Tomentose.

Tortious (a.) Injurious; wrongful.

Tortious (a.) Imploying tort, or privat injury for which the law gives damages; involing tort.

Tortuous (a.) Bent in different directions; wreathed; twisted; winding; as, a tortuous train; a tortuous train; a tortuous leaf or corolla.

Tortuous (a.) Fig.: Deviating from rectitude; indirect; erroneous; deceitful.

Tortuous (a.) Injurious: tortious.

Tortuous (a.) Oblique; -- applied to the six signs of the zodiac (from Capricorn to Gemini) which ascend most rapidly and obliquely.

Torulous (a.) Same as Torose.

Trappous (n.) Of or performance to trap; resembling trap, or partaking of its form or qualities; trappy.

Tuberous (a.) Covered with knobby or wartlike prominences; knobbed.

Tuberous (a.) Consisting of, or bearing, tubers; resembling a tuber.

Tubulous (a.) Resembling, or in the form of, a tube; longitudinally hollow; specifically (Bot.), having a hollow cylindrical corolla, often expanded or toothed at the border; as, a tubulose flower.

Tubulous (a.) Containing, or consisting of, small tubes; specifically (Bot.), composed wholly of tubulous florets; as, a tubulous compound flower.

Tumorous (a.) Swelling; protuberant.

Tumorous (a.) Inflated; bombastic.

Tumulous (a.) Full of small hills or mounds; hilly; tumulose.

Ulcerous (a.) Having the nature or character of an ulcer; discharging purulent or other matter.

Ulcerous (a.) Affected with an ulcer or ulcers; ulcerated.

Unctious (a.) Unctuous.

Unctuous (a.) Of the nature or quality of an unguent or ointment; fatty; oily; greasy.

Unctuous (a.) Having a smooth, greasy feel, as certain minerals.

Unctuous (a.) Bland; suave; also, tender; fervid; as, an unctuous speech; sometimes, insincerely suave or fervid.

Undulous (a.) Undulating; undulatory.

Ungulous (a.) Same as Ungulate.

Usurious (a.) Practicing usury; taking illegal or exorbitant interest for the use of money; as, a usurious person.

Usurious (a.) Partaking of usury; containing or involving usury; as, a usurious contract.

Uxorious (a.) Excessively fond of, or submissive to, a wife; being a dependent husband.

Valorous (a.) Possessing or exhibiting valor; brave; courageous; valiant; intrepid.

Vanadous (a.) Of or pertaining to vanadium; obtained from vanadium; -- said of an acid containing one equivalent of vanadium and two of oxygen.

Vaporous (a.) Having the form or nature of vapor.

Vaporous (a.) Full of vapors or exhalations.

Vaporous (a.) Producing vapors; hence, windy; flatulent.

Vaporous (a.) Unreal; unsubstantial; vain; whimsical.

Varicous (a.) Varicose.

Vegetous (a.) Vigorous; lively; active; vegete.

Venemous (a.) Venomous.

Venerous (a.) Venereous.

Venomous (a.) Full of venom; noxious to animal life; poisonous; as, the bite of a serpent may be venomous.

Venomous (a.) Having a poison gland or glands for the secretion of venom, as certain serpents and insects.

Venomous (a.) Noxious; mischievous; malignant; spiteful; as, a venomous progeny; a venomous writer.

Vertuous (a.) Virtuous; powerful.

Vigorous (a.) Possessing vigor; full of physical or mental strength or active force; strong; lusty; robust; as, a vigorous youth; a vigorous plant.

Vigorous (a.) Exhibiting strength, either of body or mind; powerful; strong; forcible; energetic; as, vigorous exertions; a vigorous prosecution of a war.

Viperous (a.) Having the qualities of a viper; malignant; venomous; as, a viperous tongue.

Virtuous (a.) Possessing or exhibiting virtue.

Virtuous (a.) Exhibiting manly courage and strength; valorous; valiant; brave.

Virtuous (a.) Having power or efficacy; powerfully operative; efficacious; potent.

Virtuous (a.) Having moral excellence; characterized by morality; upright; righteous; pure; as, a virtuous action.

Virtuous (a.) Chaste; pure; -- applied especially to women.

Vitreous (a.) Consisting of, or resembling, glass; glassy; as, vitreous rocks.

Vitreous (a.) Of or pertaining to glass; derived from glass; as, vitreous electricity.

Wondrous (n.) In a wonderful or surprising manner or degree; wonderfully.

Wondrous (a.) Wonderful; astonishing; admirable; marvelous; such as excite surprise and astonishment; strange.

Wrongous (a.) Constituting, or of the nature of, a wrong; unjust; wrongful.

Wrongous (a.) Not right; illegal; as, wrongous imprisonment.

Xanthous (a.) Yellow; specifically (Ethnol.), of or pertaining to those races of man which have yellowish, red, auburn, or brown hair.

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