8 letter words ending in ship

Babyship (n.) The quality of being a baby; the personality of an infant.

Bardship (n.) The state of being a bard.

Beauship (n.) The state of being a beau; the personality of a beau.

Clanship (n.) A state of being united together as in a clan; an association under a chieftain.

Deanship (n.) The office of a dean.

Doveship (n.) The possession of dovelike qualities, harmlessness and innocence.

Dukeship (n.) The quality or condition of being a duke; also, the personality of a duke.

Emirship (n.) Alt. of Emeership

Flagship (n.) The vessel which carries the commanding officer of a fleet or squadron and flies his distinctive flag or pennant.

Foreship (n.) The fore part of a ship.

Gladship (n.) A state of gladness.

Goodship (n.) Favor; grace.

Hardship (n.) That which is hard to hear, as toil, privation, injury, injustice, etc.

Headship (n.) Authority or dignity; chief place.

Heirship (n.) The state, character, or privileges of an heir; right of inheriting.

Heroship (n.) The character or personality of a hero.

Kingship (n.) The state, office, or dignity of a king; royalty.

Ladyship (n.) The rank or position of a lady; -- given as a title (preceded by her or your).

Lionship (n.) The state of being a lion.

Log-ship (n.) A part of the log. See Log-chip, and 2d Log, n., 2.

Lordship (n.) The state or condition of being a lord; hence (with his or your), a title applied to a lord (except an archbishop or duke, who is called Grace) or a judge (in Great Britain), etc.

Lordship (n.) Seigniory; domain; the territory over which a lord holds jurisdiction; a manor.

Lordship (n.) Dominion; power; authority.

Pimpship (n.) The office, occupation, or persom of a pimp.

Poetship (n.) The state or personality of a poet.

Seership (n.) The office or quality of a seer.

Soleship (n.) The state of being sole, or alone; soleness.

Stayship (n.) A remora, -- fabled to stop ships by attaching itself to them.

Stopship (n.) A remora. It was fabled to stop ships by attaching itself to them.

Township (n.) The district or territory of a town.

Township (n.) In surveys of the public land of the United States, a division of territory six miles square, containing 36 sections.

Township (n.) In Canada, one of the subdivisions of a county.

Tranship (v. t.) Same as Transship.

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