9 letter words ending in dom

Bishopdom (n.) Jurisdiction of a bishop; episcopate.

Churchdom (n.) The institution, government, or authority of a church.

Cuckoldom (n.) The state of a cuckold; cuckolds, collectively.

Enfreedom (v. t.) To set free.

Flunkydom (n.) The place or region of flunkies.

Martyrdom (n.) The condition of a martyr; the death of a martyr; the suffering of death on account of adherence to the Christian faith, or to any cause.

Martyrdom (n.) Affliction; torment; torture.

Masterdom (n.) Dominion; rule; command.

Mormondom (n.) The country inhabited by the Mormons; the Mormon people.

Polypidom (n.) A coral, or corallum; also, one of the coral-like structure made by bryozoans and hydroids.

Princedom (n.) The jurisdiction, sovereignty, rank, or estate of a prince.

Puzzledom (n.) The domain of puzzles; puzzles, collectively.

Rascaldom (n.) State of being a rascal; rascality; domain of rascals; rascals, collectively.

Sachemdom (n.) The government or jurisdiction of a sachem.

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