9 letter words ending in en

Bedridden (v. i.) Confined to the bed by sickness or infirmity.

Bequethen () old p. p. of Bequeath.

Bespitten () of Bespit

Boatwomen (pl. ) of Boatwoman

Bondwomen (pl. ) of Bondwoman

Botryogen (n.) A hydrous sulphate of iron of a deep red color. It often occurs in botryoidal form.

Bridesmen (pl. ) of Bridesman

Buttermen (pl. ) of Butterman

Camphogen (n.) See Cymene.

Caragheen (n.) See Carrageen.

Carrageen (n.) Alt. of Carrigeen

Carrigeen (n.) A small, purplish, branching, cartilaginous seaweed (Chondrus crispus), which, when bleached, is the Irish moss of commerce.

Charwomen (pl. ) of Charwoman

Chromogen () Vegetable coloring matter other than green; chromule.

Chromogen () Any colored compound, supposed to contain one or more chromophores.

Chrysogen (n.) A yellow crystal

Churchmen (pl. ) of Churchman

Clergymen (pl. ) of Clergyman

Coronamen (n.) The upper margin of a hoof; a coronet.

Cracksmen (pl. ) of Cracksman

Craftsmen (pl. ) of Craftsman

Daker hen () The corncrake or land rail.

Damaskeen (v.) Alt. of Damasken

Dandy-hen (n. fem.) A bantam fowl.

Daughtren (pl. ) of Daughter

Decoy-men (pl. ) of Decoy-man

Dictyogen (n.) A plant with net-veined leaves, and monocotyledonous embryos, belonging to the class Dictyogenae, proposed by Lindley for the orders Dioscoreaceae, Smilaceae, Trilliaceae, etc.

Disburden (v. t.) To rid of a burden; to free from a load borne or from something oppressive; to unload; to disencumber; to relieve.

Disburden (v. i.) To relieve one's self of a burden; to ease the mind.

Doughtren (n. pl.) Daughters.

Enchasten (v. t.) To chasten.

Endenizen (v. t.) To admit to the privileges of a denizen; to naturalize.

Energumen (n.) One possessed by an evil spirit; a demoniac.

Enginemen (pl. ) of Engineman

Enhearten (v. t.) To give heart to; to fill with courage; to embolden.

Enlighten (v. t.) To supply with light; to illuminate; as, the sun enlightens the earth.

Enlighten (v. t.) To make clear to the intellect or conscience; to shed the light of truth and knowledge upon; to furnish with increase of knowledge; to instruct; as, to enlighten the mind or understanding.

Enquicken (v. t.) To quicken; to make alive.

Ercedeken (n.) An archdeacon.

Evergreen (a.) Remaining unwithered through the winter, or retaining unwithered leaves until the leaves of the next year are expanded, as pines cedars, hemlocks, and the like.

Evergreen (n.) An evergreen plant.

Evergreen (n.) Twigs and branches of evergreen plants used for decoration.

Everywhen (adv.) At any or all times; every instant.

Excisemen (pl. ) of Exciseman

Fillipeen (n.) See Philopena.

Fishermen (pl. ) of Fisherman

Fishwomen (pl. ) of Fishwoman

Forbidden (p. p.) of Forbid

Forbidden (a.) Prohibited; interdicted.

Foretoken (n.) Prognostic; previous omen.

Foretoken (v. t.) To foreshow; to presignify; to prognosticate.

Forewiten (pl.) of Forewite

Forewomen (pl. ) of Forewoman

Forgotten (p. p.) of Forget

Forgotten () p. p. of Forget.

Foryetten () p. p. of Foryete.

Frenchmen (pl. ) of Frenchman

Gentlemen (pl. ) of Gentleman

Groomsmen (pl. ) of Groomsman

Guardsmen (pl. ) of Guardsman

Halloween (n.) The evening preceding Allhallows or All Saints' Day.

Hammermen (pl. ) of Hammerman

Hemselven (pron.) Themselves; -- used reflexively.

Himselven (pron. pl.) Themselves. See Hemself.

Illighten (v. t.) To enlighten.

Indenizen (v. t.) To invest with the privileges of a denizen; to naturalize.

Indigogen (n.) See Indigo white, under Indigo.

Indigogen (n.) Same as Indican, 2.

Inlighten (v. t.) See Enlighten.

Kinswomen (pl. ) of Kinswoman

Liverymen (pl. ) of Liveryman

Lumbermen (pl. ) of Lumberman

Middlemen (pl. ) of Middleman

Midheaven (n.) The midst or middle of heaven or the sky.

Midheaven (n.) The meridian, or middle

Minutemen (pl. ) of Minuteman

Mischosen (p. p.) of Mischoose

Misfallen (p. p.) of Misfall

Misgotten (a.) Unjustly gotten.

Mishappen (v. i.) To happen ill or unluckily.

Misshapen (a.) Having a bad or ugly form.

Mucinogen (n.) Same as Mucigen.

Organogen (n.) A name given to any one of the four elements, carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen, which are especially characteristic ingredients of organic compounds; also, by extension, to other elements sometimes found in the same connection; as sulphur, phosphorus, etc.

Outbidden () of Outbid

Outbrazen (v. t.) To bear down with a brazen face; to surpass in impudence.

Outspoken (a.) Speaking, or spoken, freely, openly, or boldly; as, an outspoken man; an outspoken rebuke.

Ovalbumen (n.) The albumin from white of eggs; egg albumin; -- in distinction from serum albumin. See Albumin.

Overladen (p. p.) of Overlade

Overripen (v. t.) To make too ripe.

Overtaken (p. p.) of Overtake

Patrolmen (pl. ) of Patrolman

Pauhaugen (n.) The menhaden; -- called also poghaden.

Phellogen (n.) The tissue of young cells which produces cork cells.

Pistareen (n.) An old Spanish silver coin of the value of about twenty cents.

Plasmogen (n.) The important living portion of protoplasm, considered a chemical substance of the highest elaboration. Germ plasm and idioplasm are forms of plasmogen.

Policemen (pl. ) of Policeman

Praenomen (n.) The first name of a person, by which individuals of the same family were distinguished, answering to our Christian name, as Caius, Lucius, Marcus, etc.

Preachmen (pl. ) of Preachman

Quarrymen (pl. ) of Quarry-man

Requicken (v. t.) To quicken anew; to reanimate; to give new life to.

Roundsmen (pl. ) of Roundsman

Schoolmen (pl. ) of Schoolman

Sclerogen (n.) The thickening matter of woody cells; lignin.

Scotchmen (pl. ) of Scotchman

Scythemen (pl. ) of Scytheman

Sea green () The green color of sea water.

Sea-green (a.) Of a beautiful bluish green color, like sea water on soundings.

Sea raven () An American cottoid fish (Hemitripterus Americanus) allied to the sculpins, found on the northeren Atlantic coasts.

Sea raven () The cormorant.

Selectmen (pl. ) of Selectman

Seventeen (a.) One more than sixteen; ten and seven added; as, seventeen years.

Seventeen (n.) The number greater by one than sixteen; the sum of ten and seven; seventeen units or objects.

Seventeen (n.) A symbol denoting seventeen units, as 17, or xvii.

Shopwomen (pl. ) of Shopwoman

Sicklemen (pl. ) of Sickleman

Sightsmen (pl. ) of Sightsman

Spoilsmen (pl. ) of Spoilsman

Spokesmen (pl. ) of Spokesman

Sportsmen (pl. ) of Sportsman

Squamipen (n.) Any one of a group of fishes having the dorsal and anal fins partially covered with scales.

Statesmen (pl. ) of Statesman

Steersmen (pl. ) of Steersman

Sundrymen (pl. ) of Sundryman

Switchmen (pl. ) of Switchman

Swordsmen (pl. ) of Swordsman

Tavernmen (pl. ) of Tavernman

Thermogen (n.) Caloric; heat; regarded as a material but imponderable substance.

Thretteen (a.) Thirteen.

-strucken () of Thunderstrike

Timbermen (pl. ) of Timberman

Tradesmen (pl. ) of Tradesman

Unburthen (v. t.) To unburden; to unload.

Underween (v. t.) To undervalue.

Untighten (v. t.) To make less tight or tense; to loosen.

Unwritten (a.) Not written; not reduced to writing; oral; as, unwritten agreements.

Unwritten (a.) Containing no writing; blank; as, unwritten paper.

Velveteen (n.) A kind of cloth, usually cotton, made in imitation of velvet; cotton velvet.

Vergalien (n.) Alt. of Vergaloo

Vestrymen (pl. ) of Vestryman

Washermen (pl. ) of Washerman

Water hen () Any gallinule.

Water hen () The common American coot.

Well-seen (a.) Having seen much; hence, accomplished; experienced.

Withouten (prep.) Without.

Workwomen (pl. ) of Workwoman

Xanthogen (n.) The hypothetical radical supposed to be characteristic of xanthic acid.

Xanthogen (n.) Persulphocyanogen.

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