9 letter words ending in less

Apronless (a.) Without an apron.

Avoidless (a.) Unavoidable; inevitable.

Badgeless (a.) Having no badge.

Beardless (a.) Without a beard. Hence: Not having arrived at puberty or manhood; youthful.

Beardless (a.) Destitute of an awn; as, beardless wheat.

Birthless (a.) Of mean extraction.

Blameless (a.) Free from blame; without fault; innocent; guiltless; -- sometimes followed by of.

Blissless (a.) Destitute of bliss.

Bloodless (a.) Destitute of blood, or apparently so; as, bloodless cheeks; lifeless; dead.

Bloodless (a.) Not attended with shedding of blood, or slaughter; as, a bloodless victory.

Bloodless (a.) Without spirit or activity.

Bloomless (a.) Without bloom or flowers.

Blushless (a.) Free from blushes; incapable of blushing; shameless; impudent.

Boastless (a.) Without boasting or ostentation.

Boundless (a.) Without bounds or confines; illimitable; vast; unlimited.

Bournless (a.) Without a bourn or limit.

Bowelless (a.) Without pity.

Bractless (a.) Destitute of bracts.

Brainless (a.) Without understanding; silly; thoughtless; witless.

Breadless (a.) Without bread; destitute of food.

Bribeless (a.) Incapable of being bribed; free from bribes.

Briefless (a.) Having no brief; without clients; as, a briefless barrister.

Causeless (a.) 1. Self-originating; uncreated.

Causeless (a.) Without just or sufficient reason; groundless.

Causeless (adv.) Without cause or reason.

Ceaseless (a.) Without pause or end; incessant.

Ceaseless (adv.) Without intermission or end.

Chaffless (a.) Without chaff.

Chainless (a.) Having no chain; not restrained or fettered.

Chapeless (a.) Without a chape.

Charmless (a.) Destitute of charms.

Chartless (a.) Without a chart; having no guide.

Chartless (a.) Not mapped; uncharted; vague.

Checkless (a.) That can not be checked or restrained.

Cheerless (a.) Without joy, gladness, or comfort.

Chiefless (a.) Without a chief or leader.

Claimless (a.) Having no claim.

Clankless (a.) Without a clank.

Clerkless (a.) Unlearned.

Cloudless (a.) Without a cloud; clear; bright.

Colorless (a.) Without color; not distinguished by any hue; transparent; as, colorless water.

Colorless (a.) Free from any manifestation of partial or peculiar sentiment or feeling; not disclosing likes, dislikes, prejudice, etc.; as, colorless music; a colorless style; definitions should be colorless.

Couchless (a.) Having no couch or bed.

Countless (a.) Incapable of being counted; not ascertainable; innumerable.

Craftless (a.) Without craft or cunning.

Creedless (a.) Without a creed.

Crestless (a.) Without a crest or escutcheon; of low birth.

Crimeless (a.) Free from crime; innocent.

Crownless (a.) Without a crown.

Dauntless (a.) Incapable of being daunted; undaunted; bold; fearless; intrepid.

Deathless (a.) Not subject to death, destruction, or extinction; immortal; undying; imperishable; as, deathless beings; deathless fame.

Denseless (n.) The quality of being dense; density.

Depthless (a.) Having no depth; shallow.

Depthless (a.) Of measureless depth; unfathomable.

Doubtless (a.) Free from fear or suspicion.

Doubtless (adv.) Undoubtedly; without doubt.

Dowerless (a.) Destitute of dower; having no marriage portion.

Dreadless (a.) Free from dread; fearless; intrepid; dauntless; as, dreadless heart.

Dreadless (a.) Exempt from danger which causes dread; secure.

Dreadless (adv.) Without doubt.

Dreamless (a.) Free from, or without, dreams.

Driftless (a.) Having no drift or direction; without aim; purposeless.

Drinkless (a.) Destitute of drink.

Drossless (a.) Free from dross.

Eventless (a.) Without events; tame; monotomous; marked by nothing unusual; uneventful.

Exampless (a.) Exampleless. [Wrongly formed.]

Faithless (a.) Not believing; not giving credit.

Faithless (a.) Not believing on God or religion; specifically, not believing in the Christian religion.

Faithless (a.) Not observant of promises or covenants.

Faithless (a.) Not true to allegiance, duty, or vows; perfidious; trecherous; disloyal; not of true fidelity; inconstant, as a husband or a wife.

Faithless (a.) Serving to disappoint or deceive; delusive; unsatisfying.

Fanciless (a.) Having no fancy; without ideas or imagination.

Faultless (a.) Without fault; not defective or imperfect; free from blemish; free from incorrectness, vice, or offense; perfect; as, a faultless poem.

Favorless (a.) Unfavored; not regarded with favor; having no countenance or support.

Favorless (a.) Unpropitious; unfavorable.

Fenceless (a.) Without a fence; uninclosed; open; unguarded; defenseless.

Fiberless (a.) Alt. of Fibreless

Fibreless (a.) Having no fibers; destitute of fibers or fiber.

Flameless (a.) Destitute of flame.

Fleckless (a.) Without spot or blame.

Fleshless (a.) Destitute of flesh; lean.

Floorless (a.) Having no floor.

Forceless (a.) Having little or no force; feeble.

Fraudless (a.) Free from fraud.

Frockless (a.) Destitute of a frock.

Frontless (a.) Without face or front; shameless; not diffident; impudent.

Frostless (a.) Free from frost; as, a frostless winter.

Frothless (a.) Free from froth.

Fruitless (a.) Lacking, or not bearing, fruit; barren; destitute of offspring; as, a fruitless tree or shrub; a fruitless marriage.

Fruitless (a.) Productive of no advantage or good effect; vain; idle; useless; unprofitable; as, a fruitless attempt; a fruitless controversy.

Ghostless (a.) Without life or spirit.

Glebeless (a.) Having no glebe.

Graceless (a.) Wanting in grace or excellence; departed from, or deprived of, divine grace; hence, depraved; corrupt.

Graceless (a.) Unfortunate. Cf. Grace, n., 4.

Grapeless (a.) Wanting grapes or the flavor of grapes.

Graspless (a.) Without a grasp; relaxed.

Grassless (a.) Destitute of grass.

Graveless (a.) Without a grave; unburied.

Griefless (a.) Without grief.

Guardless (a.) Without a guard or defense; unguarded.

Guideless (a.) Without a guide.

Guileless (a.) Free from guile; artless.

Guiltless (a.) Free from guilt; innocent.

Guiltless (a.) Without experience or trial; unacquainted (with).

Heartless (a.) Without a heart.

Heartless (a.) Destitute of courage; spiritless; despodent.

Heartless (a.) Destitute of feeling or affection; unsympathetic; cruel.

Hedgeless (a.) Having no hedge.

Hingeless (a.) Without a hinge or joint.

Honeyless (a.) Destitute of honey.

Honorless (a.) Destitute of honor; not honored.

Houseless (a.) Destitute of the shelter of a house; shelterless; homeless; as, a houseless wanderer.

Humorless (a.) Destitute of humor.

Imageless (a.) Having no image.

Issueless (a.) Having no issue or progeny; childless.

Jointless (a.) Without a joint; rigid; stiff.

Juiceless (a.) Lacking juice; dry.

Laborless (a.) Not involving labor; not laborious; easy.

Leaveless (a.) Leafless.

Lightless (a.) Destitute of light; dark.

Limitless (a.) Having no limits; unbounded; boundless.

Matchless (a.) Having no equal; unequaled.

Matchless (a.) Unlike each other; unequal; unsuited.

Merciless (a.) Destitute of mercy; cruel; unsparing; -- said of animate beings, and also, figuratively, of things; as, a merciless tyrant; merciless waves.

Mightless (a.) Without; weak.

Mirthless (a.) Without mirth.

Moistless (a.) Without moisture; dry.

Moneyless (a.) Destitute of money; penniless; impecunious.

Mouthless (a.) Destitute of a mouth.

Nerveless (a.) Destitute of nerves.

Nerveless (a.) Destitute of strength or of courage; wanting vigor; weak; powerless.

Nightless (a.) Having no night.

Noiseless (a.) Making, or causing, no noise or bustle; without noise; silent; as, the noiseless foot of time.

Orderless (a.) Being without order or regularity; disorderly; out of rule.

Ownerless (a.) Without an owner.

Paintless (a.) Not capable of being painted or described.

Peaceless (a.) Without peace; disturbed.

Penniless (a.) Destitute of money; impecunious; poor.

Phaseless (a.) Without a phase, or visible form.

Pieceless (a.) Not made of pieces; whole; entire.

Placeless (a.) Having no place or office.

Plantless (a.) Without plants; barren of vegetation.

Pluckless (a.) Without pluck; timid; faint-hearted.

Plumeless (a.) Without plumes.

Pointless (a.) Having no point; blunt; wanting keenness; obtuse; as, a pointless sword; a pointless remark.

Powerless (a.) Destitute of power, force, or energy; weak; impotent; not able to produce any effect.

Priceless (a.) Too valuable to admit of being appraised; of inestimable worth; invaluable.

Priceless (a.) Of no value; worthless.

Prideless (a.) Without pride.

Printless (a.) Making no imprint.

Printless (a.) Making no imprint.

Proofless (a.) Wanting sufficient evidence to induce belief; not proved.

Pulseless (a.) Having no pulsation; lifeless.

Rascaless (n.) A female rascal.

Reachless (a.) Being beyond reach; lofty.

Realmless (a.) Destitute of a realm.

Retchless (a.) Careless; reckless.

Rhymeless (a.) Destitute of rhyme.

Riderless (a.) Having no rider; as, a riderless horse.

Rightless (a.) Destitute of right.

Savorless (a.) Having no savor; destitute of smell or of taste; insipid.

Scaleless (a.) Destitute of scales.

Scapeless (a.) Destitute of a scape.

Scathless (a.) Unharmed.

Scentless (a.) Having no scent.

Senseless (a.) Destitute of, deficient in, or contrary to, sense; without sensibility or feeling; unconscious; stupid; foolish; unwise; unreasonable.

Shadeless (a.) Being without shade; not shaded.

Shameless (a.) Destitute of shame; wanting modesty; brazen-faced; insensible to disgrace.

Shameless (a.) Indicating want of modesty, or sensibility to disgrace; indecent; as, a shameless picture or poem.

Shapeless (a.) Destitute of shape or regular form; wanting symmetry of dimensions; misshapen; -- opposed to shapely.

Shiftless (a.) Destitute of expedients, or not using successful expedients; characterized by failure, especially by failure to provide for one's own support, through negligence or incapacity; hence, lazy; improvident; thriftless; as, a shiftless fellow; shiftless management.

Shirtless (a.) Not having or wearing a shirt.

Shoreless (a.) Having no shore or coast; of indefinite or unlimited extent; as, a shoreless ocean.

Shredless (a.) Having no shreds; without a shred.

Shrubless (a.) having no shrubs.

Sightless (a.) Wanting sight; without sight; blind.

Sightless (a.) That can not be seen; invisible.

Sightless (a.) Offensive or unpleasing to the eye; unsightly; as, sightless stains.

Sinewless (a.) Having no sinews; hence, having no strength or vigor.

Slakeless (a.) Not capable of being slaked.

Sleepless (a.) Having no sleep; wakeful.

Sleepless (a.) Having no rest; perpetually agitated.

Smileless (a.) Not having a smile.

Smockless (a.) Wanting a smock.

Smokeless (a.) Making or having no smoke.

Soundless (a.) Not capable of being sounded or fathomed; unfathomable.

Soundless (a.) Having no sound; noiseless; silent.

Spaceless (a.) Without space.

Spareless (a.) Unsparing.

Speedless (a.) Being without speed.

Spineless (a.) Having no spine.

Sportless (a.) Without sport or mirth; joyless.

Spoutless (a.) Having no spout.

Stainless (a.) Free from stain; immaculate.

Stalkless (a.) Having no stalk.

Stateless (a.) Without state or pomp.

Steedless (a.) Having no steed; without a horse.

Steerless (a.) Having no rudder.

Stingless (a.) Having no sting.

Stintless (a.) Without stint or restraint.

Stormless (a.) Without storms.

Sugarless (a.) Without sugar; free from sugar.

Surgeless (a.) Free from surges; smooth; calm.

Swordless (a.) Destitute of a sword.

Taintless (a.) Free from taint or infection; pure.

Tasteless (a.) Having no taste; insipid; flat; as, tasteless fruit.

Tasteless (a.) Destitute of the sense of taste; or of good taste; as, a tasteless age.

Tasteless (a.) Not in accordance with good taste; as, a tasteless arrangement of drapery.

Teachless (a.) Not teachable.

Thankless (a.) Not acknowledging favors; not expressing thankfulness; unthankful; ungrateful.

Thankless (a.) Not obtaining or deserving thanks; unacceptable; as, a thankless task.

Thornless (a.) Destitute of, or free from, thorns.

Thumbless (a.) Without a thumb.

Titleless (a.) Not having a title or name; without legitimate title.

Tokenless (a.) Without a token.

Toothless (a.) Having no teeth.

Trackless (a.) Having no track; marked by no footsteps; untrodden; as, a trackless desert.

Tradeless (a.) Having no trade or traffic.

Trothless (a.) Faitless; false; treacherous.

Truceless (a.) Without a truce; unforbearing.

Trustless (a.) That may not be trusted; not worthy of trust; unfaithful.

Truthless (a.) Devoid of truth; dishonest; dishonest; spurious; faithless.

Udderless (a.) Destitute or deprived of an udder.

Udderless (a.) Hence, without mother's milk; motherless; as, udderless lambs.

Usherless (a.) Destitute of an usher.

Utterless (a.) Incapable of being uttered.

Valueless (a.) Being of no value; having no worth.

Vassaless (n.) A female vassal.

Voiceless (a.) Having no voice, utterance, or vote; silent; mute; dumb.

Voiceless (a.) Not sounded with voice; as, a voiceless consonant; surd.

Waterless (a.) Destitute of water; dry.

Weariless (a.) Incapable of being wearied.

Wenchless (a.) Being without a wench.

Wieldless (a.) Not to be wielded; unmanageable; unwieldy.

Womanless (a.) Without a woman or women.

Worthless (a.) Destitute of worth; having no value, virtue, excellence, dignity, or the like; undeserving; valueless; useless; vile; mean; as, a worthless garment; a worthless ship; a worthless man or woman; a worthless magistrate.

Woundless (a.) Free from wound or hurt; exempt from being wounded; invulnerable.

Wrathless (a.) Free from anger or wrath.

Wreakless (a.) Unrevengeful; weak.

Wrongless (a.) Not wrong; void or free from wrong.

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