9 letter words ending in ship

Abbotship (n.) The state or office of an abbot.

Agentship (n.) Agency.

Augurship (n.) The office, or period of office, of an augur.

Cadetship (n.) The position, rank, or commission of a cadet; as, to get a cadetship.

Canonship (a.) Of or pertaining to Canopus in Egypt; as, the Canopic vases, used in embalming.

Childship (n.) The state or relation of being a child.

Clerkship (n.) State, quality, or business of a clerk.

Courtship (n.) The act of paying court, with the intent to solicit a favor.

Courtship (n.) The act of wooing in love; solicitation of woman to marriage.

Courtship (n.) Court

Courtship (n.) Court policy; the character of a courtier; artifice of a court; court-craft; finesse.

Demonship (n.) The state of a demon.

Devilship (n.) The character or person of a devil or the devil.

Drunkship (n.) The state of being drunk; drunkenness.

Edileship (n.) The office of aedile.

Eldership (n.) The state of being older; seniority.

Eldership (n.) Office of an elder; collectively, a body of elders.

Emeership (n.) The rank or office of an Emir.

Envoyship (n.) The office or position of an envoy.

Giantship (n.) The state, personality, or character, of a giant; -- a compellation for a giant.

Goodyship (n.) The state or quality of a goody or goodwife

Guardship (n.) Care; protection.

Judgeship (n.) The office of a judge.

Knaveship (n.) A small due, in meal, established by usage, which is paid to the under miller.

Lairdship (n.) The state of being a laird; an estate; landed property.

Lode-ship (n.) An old name for a pilot boat.

Majorship (n.) The office of major.

Mayorship (n.) The office of a mayor.

Ownership (n.) The state of being an owner; the right to own; exclusive right of possession; legal or just claim or title; proprietorship.

Priorship (n.) The state or office of prior; priorate.

Proxyship (n.) The office or agency of a proxy.

Queenship (n.) The state, rank, or dignity of a queen.

Rajahship (n.) The office or dignity of a rajah.

Rivalship (n.) Rivalry.

Rogueship (n.) The quality or state of being a rogue.

Saintship (n.) The character or qualities of a saint.

Shendship (n.) Harm; ruin; also, reproach; disgrace.

Sizarship (n.) The position or standing of a sizar.

Steamship (n.) A ship or seagoing vessel propelled by the power of steam; a steamer.

Storeship (n.) A vessel used to carry naval stores for a fleet, garrison, or the like.

Swainship (n.) The condition of a swain.

Thaneship (n.) The state or dignity of a thane; thanehood; also, the seignioralty of a thane.

Transship (v. t.) To transfer from one ship or conveyance to another.

Troopship (n.) A vessel built or fitted for the conveyance of troops; a transport.

Tutorship (n.) The office, duty, or care of a tutor; guardianship; tutelage.

Uncleship (n.) The office or position of an uncle.

Unworship (v. t.) To deprive of worship or due honor; to dishonor.

Unworship (n.) Lack of worship or respect; dishonor.

Ushership (n.) The office of an usher; usherdom.

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