A Disastrous Flight Adv

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A Disastrous Flight Adv


I was late to my flight because security thought I looked suspicious!
I wonder how they decide who looks suspicious and who doesn't.
I wonder if they search people who they think look Muslim.
If they really choose people based on how they look, I wonder why they would have searched my grandmother.
I wonder if I looked different whether they would have searched me.
The security line was insane!
If I'd known security was going to be so bad, I would have come earlier.
But even if I'd arrived four hours early, I still would never have made my flight.
Maybe if they hadn't searched everyone, I wouldn't have been so late.
Maybe security would have been smoother if that guy in front of me had paid attention to the rules.
I ended up missing my flight!
I should have given myself plenty of time to get through security.
I should have checked in online before I got there so I wouldn't have had to wait in line.
I should have told my cab driver to take the freeway so we wouldn't have hit traffic.
My flight was overbooked, so they offered me a voucher.
I thought about taking it, but I figured I'd never use it anyway.
I would have considered it, but all the best times to travel are always blacked out.
The voucher would be a deal, except that they put so many restrictions on those things.
I didn't think the flight would be so full in the off-season, but I ended up getting bumped.
My flight was delayed, so I missed my connection!
I wish they had at least been honest with us, instead of telling us it would only be "another thirty minutes."
I wish they had called the gate to tell them I was going to be late, so I would have made it in time.
I wish I had made my connecting flight, so I wouldn't have had to stay in that seedy hotel for the night.
They lost my bags!
Next time I'll remember to put ID tags on them.
Next time I'll make sure to carry my bags on the airplane.
Next time I won't check bags that have valuables in them.
Next time I'll remember to pack lighter.

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