A Job Application Beg

A Job Application Beg text - mp3

A Job Application Beg


Describe your educational background.
I have a high school diploma.
I have a degree from the University of Southern Carolina.
What did you study?
I studied psychology.
I majored in computer science.
I minored in economics.
What work experience do you have?
I've worked in hospitality.
I've done customer service.
I've always worked in retail.
I've done some sales.
Do you have any computer skills?
I have strong computer skills.
I'm PC-literate.
I'm Mac-literate.
I have management experience.
I have good people skills.
I have strong communication skills.
Do you have any references?
Yes, here's the contact information.
My references don't speak English.
I have great references.
I'm looking for a full-time job.
I would like to work part-time.
I'm looking for a temp job.
I have a flexible schedule.
I can only work nights and weekends.

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