Apartment Hunting Beg

Apartment Hunting Beg text - mp3

Apartment Hunting Beg


No vacancy.
Do you have any vacancies?
Tell me if something opens up.
Yes, something just opened up.
It's a one bedroom, one bathroom apartment.
It's a two bed, two bath apartment.
It's a two bed, two bath.
How much is the rent?
How much is the deposit?
seven hundred
eight hundred
seven thousand
eight thousand
seven thousand eight hundred
Are utilities included?
What utilities are included?
Gas is included.
Water is included.
Electricity is included.
What kind of lease is it?
Is it a one-year lease?
No, it's a month-to-month lease.
Is there an open house?
There's an open house this Sunday.
We're having an open house this weekend.

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