Buying a Gift Int

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Buying a Gift Int


I'm looking for something special for my girlfriend.
Could you help me find something she'll like?
Do you think you could help me pick something out?
Sure, do you know what size she is?
She's about your size, maybe a little more petite.
Is she a girly girl?
She works in an office so she always dresses really professionally.
What about the clothes she wears around the house?
She doesn't dress conservatively but I wouldn't call her super trendy.
Does she throw in a funky piece every once in a while?
What colors do you like on her?
I think pink looks nice with her skin tone.
Here's one with some pink in it.
These've been selling like hotcakes.
I'm sure she'd like that, it looks like her.
What kind of budget are we looking at for this?
I wanna get her something reasonably priced, but nice.
Money's no object, I just wanna get something she'll like.
We've only been together a couple months so I don't wanna go overboard.
Would you like to open an account and save 10% on your purchase today?
No thanks, I'm trying to keep my credit under control.
Are you sure, it only takes two minutes to fill out the form!
That's alright, I already have too many credit cards.

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