Adjectives Starting with B

Babish (a.) Like a babe; a childish; babyish.

Baboonish (a.) Like a baboon.

Baby (a.) Pertaining to, or resembling, an infant; young or little; as, baby swans.

Babyhouse (a.) A place for children's dolls and dolls' furniture.

Babyish (a.) Like a baby; childish; puerile; simple.

Babylonian (a.) Of or pertaining to the real or to the mystical Babylon, or to the ancient kingdom of Babylonia; Chaldean.

Babylonic (a.) Alt. of Babylonical

Babylonical (a.) Pertaining to Babylon, or made there; as, Babylonic garments, carpets, or hangings.

Babylonical (a.) Tumultuous; disorderly.

Baccalaureate (a.) Pertaining to a bachelor of arts.

Baccate (a.) Pulpy throughout, like a berry; -- said of fruits.

Baccated (a.) Having many berries.

Baccated (a.) Set or adorned with pearls.

Bacchanal (a.) Relating to Bacchus or his festival.

Bacchanal (a.) Engaged in drunken revels; drunken and riotous or noisy.

Bacchanalian (a.) Of or pertaining to the festival of Bacchus; relating to or given to reveling and drunkenness.

Bacchant (a.) Bacchanalian; fond of drunken revelry; wine-loving; reveling; carousing.

Bacchantic (a.) Bacchanalian.

Bacchic (a.) Alt. of Bacchical

Bacchical (a.) Of or relating to Bacchus; hence, jovial, or riotous,with intoxication.

Bacciferous (a.) Producing berries.

Bacciform (a.) Having the form of a berry.

Baccivorous (a.) Eating, or subsisting on, berries; as, baccivorous birds.

Bacillar (a.) Shaped like a rod or staff.

Bacillary (a.) Of or pertaining to little rods; rod-shaped.

Bacilliform (a.) Rod-shaped.

Back (a.) Being at the back or in the rear; distant; remote; as, the back door; back settlements.

Back (a.) Being in arrear; overdue; as, back rent.

Back (a.) Moving or operating backward; as, back action.

Backboned (a.) Vertebrate.

Backdoor (a.) Acting from behind and in concealment; as, backdoor intrigues.

Backed (a.) Having a back; fitted with a back; as, a backed electrotype or stereotype plate. Used in composition; as, broad-backed; hump-backed.

Backhand (a.) Sloping from left to right; -- said of handwriting.

Backhand (a.) Backhanded; indirect; oblique.

Backhanded (a.) With the hand turned backward; as, a backhanded blow.

Backhanded (a.) Indirect; awkward; insincere; sarcastic; as, a backhanded compliment.

Backhanded (a.) Turned back, or inclining to the left; as, a backhanded letters.

Backless (a.) Without a back.

Backsliding (a.) Slipping back; falling back into sin or error; sinning.

Backstairs (a.) Alt. of Backstair

Backstair (a.) Private; indirect; secret; intriguing; -- as if finding access by the back stairs.

Backward (a.) Directed to the back or rear; as, backward glances.

Backward (a.) Unwilling; averse; reluctant; hesitating; loath.

Backward (a.) Not well advanced in learning; not quick of apprehension; dull; inapt; as, a backward child.

Backward (a.) Late or behindhand; as, a backward season.

Backward (a.) Not advanced in civilization; undeveloped; as, the country or region is in a backward state.

Backward (a.) Already past or gone; bygone.

Baconian (a.) Of or pertaining to Lord Bacon, or to his system of philosophy.

Bacterial (a.) Of or pertaining to bacteria.

Bactericidal (a.) Destructive of bacteria.

Bacteriological (a.) Of or pertaining to bacteriology; as, bacteriological studies.

Bacterioscopic (a.) Relating to bacterioscopy; as, a bacterioscopic examination.

Bacteroid (a.) Alt. of Bacteroidal

Bacteroidal (a.) Resembling bacteria; as, bacteroid particles.

Bactrian (a.) Of or pertaining to Bactria in Asia.


Baddish (a.) Somewhat bad; inferior.

Badgeless (a.) Having no badge.

Badger-legged (a.) Having legs of unequal length, as the badger was thought to have.

Baffling (a.) Frustrating; discomfiting; disconcerting; as, baffling currents, winds, tasks.

Baggy (a.) Resembling a bag; loose or puffed out, or pendent, like a bag; flabby; as, baggy trousers; baggy cheeks.

Bailable (a.) Having the right or privilege of being admitted to bail, upon bond with sureties; -- used of persons.

Bailable (a.) Admitting of bail; as, a bailable offense.

Bailable (a.) That can be delivered in trust; as, bailable goods.

Baker-legged (a.) Having legs that bend inward at the knees.

Balanceable (a.) Such as can be balanced.

Balaniferous (a.) Bearing or producing acorns.

Balanoid (a.) Resembling an acorn; -- applied to a group of barnacles having shells shaped like acorns. See Acornshell, and Barnacle.

Balconied (a.) Having balconies.

Bald (a.) Destitute of the natural or common covering on the head or top, as of hair, feathers, foliage, trees, etc.; as, a bald head; a bald oak.

Bald (a.) Destitute of ornament; unadorned; bare; literal.

Bald (a.) Undisguised.

Bald (a.) Destitute of dignity or value; paltry; mean.

Bald (a.) Destitute of a beard or awn; as, bald wheat.

Bald (a.) Destitute of the natural covering.

Bald (a.) Marked with a white spot on the head; bald-faced.

Bald-faced (a.) Having a white face or a white mark on the face, as a stag.

Baldheaded (a.) Having a bald head.

Baldpate (a.) Alt. of Baldpated

Baldpated (a.) Destitute of hair on the head; baldheaded.

Balearic (a.) Of or pertaining to the isles of Majorca, Minorca, Ivica, etc., in the Mediterranean Sea, off the coast of Valencia.

Baleful (a.) Full of deadly or pernicious influence; destructive.

Baleful (a.) Full of grief or sorrow; woeful; sad.

Balistoid (a.) Like a fish of the genus Balistes; of the family Balistidae. See Filefish.

Balkish (a.) Uneven; ridgy.

Balky (a.) Apt to balk; as, a balky horse.

Ballast (a.) Any heavy substance, as stone, iron, etc., put into the hold to sink a vessel in the water to such a depth as to prevent capsizing.

Ballast (a.) Any heavy matter put into the car of a balloon to give it steadiness.

Ballast (a.) Gravel, broken stone, etc., laid in the bed of a railroad to make it firm and solid.

Ballast (a.) The larger solids, as broken stone or gravel, used in making concrete.

Ballast (a.) Fig.: That which gives, or helps to maintain, uprightness, steadiness, and security.

Ballistic (a.) Of or pertaining to the ballista, or to the art of hurling stones or missile weapons by means of an engine.

Ballistic (a.) Pertaining to projection, or to a projectile.

Ballooned (a.) Swelled out like a balloon.

Ballproof (a.) Incapable of being penetrated by balls from firearms.

Balmy (a.) Having the qualities of balm; odoriferous; aromatic; assuaging; soothing; refreshing; mild.

Balmy (a.) Producing balm.

Balneal (a.) Of or pertaining to a bath.

Balneatory (a.) Belonging to a bath.

Balsamic (a.) Alt. of Balsamical

Balsamical (a.) Having the qualities of balsam; containing, or resembling, balsam; soft; mitigative; soothing; restorative.

Balsamiferous (a.) Producing balsam.

Balsamous (a.) Having the quality of balsam; containing balsam.

Baltic (a.) Of or pertaining to the sea which separates Norway and Sweden from Jutland, Denmark, and Germany; situated on the Baltic Sea.

Balustered (a.) Having balusters.

Banal (a.) Commonplace; trivial; hackneyed; trite.

Bandy (a.) Bent; crooked; curved laterally, esp. with the convex side outward; as, a bandy leg.

Bandy-legged (a.) Having crooked legs.

Baneful (a.) Having poisonous qualities; deadly; destructive; injurious; noxious; pernicious.

Banging (a.) Huge; great in size.

Bankable (a.) Receivable at a bank.

Bankrupt (a.) Being a bankrupt or in a condition of bankruptcy; unable to pay, or legally discharged from paying, one's debts; as, a bankrupt merchant.

Bankrupt (a.) Depleted of money; not having the means of meeting pecuniary liabilities; as, a bankrupt treasury.

Bankrupt (a.) Relating to bankrupts and bankruptcy.

Bankrupt (a.) Destitute of, or wholly wanting (something once possessed, or something one should possess).

Bank-sided (a.) Having sides inclining inwards, as a ship; -- opposed to wall-sided.

Bannered (a.) Furnished with, or bearing, banners.

Baptismal (a.) Pertaining to baptism; as, baptismal vows.

Baptistic (a.) Of or for baptism; baptismal.

Baptistical (a.) Baptistic.

Baptizable (a.) Capable of being baptized; fit to be baptized.

Barbadian (a.) Of or pertaining to Barbados.

Barbaresque (a.) Barbaric in form or style; as, barbaresque architecture.

Barbarian (a.) Of, or pertaining to, or resembling, barbarians; rude; uncivilized; barbarous; as, barbarian governments or nations.

Barbaic (a.) Of, or from, barbarian nations; foreign; -- often with reference to barbarous nations of east.

Barbaic (a.) Of or pertaining to, or resembling, an uncivilized person or people; barbarous; barbarian; destitute of refinement.

Barbarous (a.) Being in the state of a barbarian; uncivilized; rude; peopled with barbarians; as, a barbarous people; a barbarous country.

Barbarous (a.) Foreign; adapted to a barbaric taste.

Barbarous (a.) Cruel; ferocious; inhuman; merciless.

Barbarous (a.) Contrary to the pure idioms of a language.

Barbate (a.) Bearded; beset with long and weak hairs.

Barbated (a.) Having barbed points.

Barbed (a.) Accoutered with defensive armor; -- said of a horse. See Barded ( which is the proper form.)

Barbed (a.) Furnished with a barb or barbs; as, a barbed arrow; barbed wire.

Barbellate (a.) Having short, stiff hairs, often barbed at the point.

Barbellulate (a.) Barbellate with diminutive hairs or barbs.

Barbigerous (a.) Having a beard; bearded; hairy.

Barbre (a.) Barbarian.

Bardic (a.) Of or pertaining to bards, or their poetry.

Bardish (a.) Pertaining to, or written by, a bard or bards.

Bare (a.) Without clothes or covering; stripped of the usual covering; naked; as, his body is bare; the trees are bare.

Bare (a.) With head uncovered; bareheaded.

Bare (a.) Without anything to cover up or conceal one's thoughts or actions; open to view; exposed.

Bare (a.) Plain; simple; unadorned; without polish; bald; meager.

Bare (a.) Destitute; indigent; empty; unfurnished or scantily furnished; -- used with of (rarely with in) before the thing wanting or taken away; as, a room bare of furniture.

Bare (a.) Threadbare; much worn.

Bare (a.) Mere; alone; unaccompanied by anything else; as, a bare majority.

Bare (a.) To strip off the covering of; to make bare; as, to bare the breast.

Barebacked (a.) Having the back uncovered; as, a barebacked horse.

Barefaced (a.) With the face uncovered; not masked.

Barefaced (a.) Without concealment; undisguised. Hence: Shameless; audacious.

Barefooted (a.) Having the feet bare.

Barelegged (a.) Having the legs bare.

Barenecked (a.) Having the neck bare.

Barful (a.) Full of obstructions.

Baric (a.) Of or pertaining to barium; as, baric oxide.

Baric (a.) Of or pertaining to weight, esp. to the weight or pressure of the atmosphere as measured by the barometer.

Barkbound (a.) Prevented from growing, by having the bark too firm or close.

Barken (a.) Made of bark.

Barkless (a.) Destitute of bark.

Barky (a.) Covered with, or containing, bark.

Barmecidal (a.) Unreal; illusory.

Balmy (a.) Full of barm or froth; in a ferment.

Barocco (a.) See Baroque.

Barometric (a.) Alt. of Barometrical

Barometrical (a.) Pertaining to the barometer; made or indicated by a barometer; as, barometric changes; barometrical observations.

Baronial (a.) Pertaining to a baron or a barony.

Baroque (a.) In bad taste; grotesque; odd.

Baroscopic (a.) Alt. of Baroscopical

Baroscopical (a.) Pertaining to, or determined by, the baroscope.

Barreled (a.) Alt. of Barrelled

Barrelled (a.) Having a barrel; -- used in composition; as, a double-barreled gun.

Barren (a.) Incapable of producing offspring; producing no young; sterile; -- said of women and female animals.

Barren (a.) Not producing vegetation, or useful vegetation; /rile.

Barren (a.) Unproductive; fruitless; unprofitable; empty.

Barren (a.) Mentally dull; stupid.

Barruly (a.) Traversed by barrulets or small bars; -- said of the field.

Barry (a.) Divided into bars; -- said of the field.

Barycentric (a.) Of or pertaining to the center of gravity. See Barycentric calculus, under Calculus.

Barytic (a.) Of or pertaining to baryta.

Barytone (a.) Alt. of Baritone

Baritone (a.) Grave and deep, as a kind of male voice.

Baritone (a.) Not marked with an accent on the last syllable, the grave accent being understood.

Basal (a.) Relating to, or forming, the base.

Basal-nerved (a.) Having the nerves radiating from the base; -- said of leaves.

Basaltic (a.) Pertaining to basalt; formed of, or containing, basalt; as basaltic lava.

Basaltiform (a.) In the form of basalt; columnar.

Basaltoid (a.) Formed like basalt; basaltiform.

Base (a.) Of little, or less than the usual, height; of low growth; as, base shrubs.

Base (a.) Low in place or position.

Base (a.) Of humble birth; or low degree; lowly; mean.

Base (a.) Illegitimate by birth; bastard.

Base (a.) Of little comparative value, as metal inferior to gold and silver, the precious metals.

Base (a.) Alloyed with inferior metal; debased; as, base coin; base bullion.

Base (a.) Morally low. Hence: Low-minded; unworthy; without dignity of sentiment; ignoble; mean; illiberal; menial; as, a base fellow; base motives; base occupations.

Base (a.) Not classical or correct.

Base (a.) Deep or grave in sound; as, the base tone of a violin.

Base (a.) Not held by honorable service; as, a base estate, one held by services not honorable; held by villenage. Such a tenure is called base, or low, and the tenant, a base tenant.

Base (a.) To abase; to let, or cast, down; to lower.

Base (a.) To reduce the value of; to debase.

Baseborn (a.) Born out of wedlock.

Baseborn (a.) Born of low parentage.

Baseborn (a.) Vile; mean.

Based (a.) Having a base, or having as a base; supported; as, broad-based.

Baseless (a.) Without a base; having no foundation or support.

Basement (a.) The outer wall of the ground story of a building, or of a part of that story, when treated as a distinct substructure. ( See Base, n., 3 (a).) Hence: The rooms of a ground floor, collectively.

Bashful (a.) Abashed; daunted; dismayed.

Bashful (a.) Very modest, or modest excess; constitutionally disposed to shrink from public notice; indicating extreme or excessive modesty; shy; as, a bashful person, action, expression.

Bashless (a.) Shameless; unblushing.

Basic (a.) Relating to a base; performing the office of a base in a salt.

Basic (a.) Having the base in excess, or the amount of the base atomically greater than that of the acid, or exceeding in proportion that of the related neutral salt.

Basic (a.) Apparently alka

Basic (a.) Said of crystal

Basihyal (a.) Noting two small bones, forming the body of the inverted hyoid arch.

Basilic (a.) Alt. of Basilical

Basilical (a.) Royal; kingly; also, basilican.

Basilical (a.) Pertaining to certain parts, anciently supposed to have a specially important function in the animal economy, as the middle vein of the right arm.

Basilican (a.) Of, relating to, or resembling, a basilica; basilical.

Basined (a.) Inclosed in a basin.

Basioccipital (a.) Of or pertaining to the bone in the base of the cranium, frequently forming a part of the occipital in the adult, but usually distinct in the young.

Basisolute (a.) Prolonged at the base, as certain leaves.

Basisphenoid (a.) Alt. of Basisphenoidal

Basisphenoidal (a.) Of or pertaining to that part of the base of the cranium between the basioccipital and the presphenoid, which usually ossifies separately in the embryo or in the young, and becomes a part of the sphenoid in the adult.

Basque (a.) Pertaining to Biscay, its people, or their language.

Basquish (a.) Pertaining to the country, people, or language of Biscay; Basque

Bass (a.) A bass, or deep, sound or tone.

Bass (a.) The lowest part in a musical composition.

Bass (a.) One who sings, or the instrument which plays, bass.

Bass (a.) Deep or grave in tone.

Basset (a.) Inc

Basset horn (a.) An instrument blown with a reed, and resembling a clarinet, but of much greater compass, embracing nearly four octaves.

Basso (a.) The bass or lowest part; as, to sing basso.

Basso (a.) One who sings the lowest part.

Basso (a.) The double bass, or contrabasso.

Bastard (a.) Begotten and born out of lawful matrimony; illegitimate. See Bastard, n., note.

Bastardly (a.) Bastardlike; baseborn; spurious; corrupt.

Bastioned (a.) Furnished with a bastion; having bastions.

Basylous (a.) Pertaining to, or having the nature of, a basyle; electro-positive; basic; -- opposed to chlorous.

Batable (a.) Disputable.

Batailled (a.) Embattled.

Batavian (a.) Of or pertaining to (a) the Batavi, an ancient Germanic tribe; or to (b) /atavia or Holland; as, a Batavian legion.

Bated (a.) Reduced; lowered; restrained; as, to speak with bated breath.

Bateful (a.) Exciting contention; contentious.

Bateless (a.) Not to be abated.

Bathetic (a.) Having the character of bathos.

Bathymetric (a.) Alt. of Bathymetrical

Bathymetrical (a.) Pertaining to bathymetry; relating to the measurement of depths, especially of depths in the sea.

Batrachian (a.) Pertaining to the Batrachia.

Batrachoid (a.) Froglike. Specifically: Of or pertaining to the Batrachidae, a family of marine fishes, including the toadfish. Some have poisonous dorsal spines.

Batrachophagous (a.) Feeding on frogs.

Bat's-wing (a.) Alt. of Batwing

Batwing (a.) Shaped like a bat's wing; as, a bat's-wing burner.

Battable (a.) Capable of cultivation; fertile; productive; fattening.

Battel (a.) Fertile; fruitful; productive.

Battle (a.) Fertile. See Battel, a.

Battlemented (a.) Having battlements.

Batty (a.) Belonging to, or resembling, a bat.

Baubling (a.) See Bawbling.

Bavarian (a.) Of or pertaining to Bavaria.

Bawbling (a.) Insignificant; contemptible.

Bawdy (a.) Dirty; foul; -- said of clothes.

Bawdy (a.) Obscene; filthy; unchaste.

Bay (a.) Reddish brown; of the color of a chestnut; -- applied to the color of horses.

Bayard (a.) Properly, a bay horse, but often any horse. Commonly in the phrase blind bayard, an old blind horse.

Bayard (a.) A stupid, clownish fellow.

Bayardly (a.) Blind; stupid.

Bayed (a.) Having a bay or bays.

Beachy (a.) Having a beach or beaches; formed by a beach or beaches; shingly.

Beaconless (a.) Having no beacon.

Beady (a.) Resembling beads; small, round, and glistening.

Beady (a.) Covered or ornamented with, or as with, beads.

Beady (a.) Characterized by beads; as, beady liquor.

Beaked (a.) Having a beak or a beaklike point; beak-shaped.

Beaked (a.) Furnished with a process or a mouth like a beak; rostrate.

Beamed (a.) Furnished with beams, as the head of a stag.

Beamful (a.) Beamy; radiant.

Beaming (a.) Emitting beams; radiant.

Beamless (a.) Not having a beam.

Beamless (a.) Not emitting light.

Beamy (a.) Emitting beams of light; radiant; shining.

Beamy (a.) Resembling a beam in size and weight; massy.

Beamy (a.) Having horns, or antlers.

Bearable (a.) Capable of being borne or endured; tolerable.

Bearded (a.) Having a beard.

Beardless (a.) Without a beard. Hence: Not having arrived at puberty or manhood; youthful.

Beardless (a.) Destitute of an awn; as, beardless wheat.

Bearish (a.) Partaking of the qualities of a bear; resembling a bear in temper or manners.

Beastlike (a.) Like a beast.

Beastly (a.) Pertaining to, or having the form, nature, or habits of, a beast.

Beastly (a.) Characterizing the nature of a beast; contrary to the nature and dignity of man; brutal; filthy.

Beastly (a.) Abominable; as, beastly weather.

Beat (a.) Weary; tired; fatigued; exhausted.

Beaten (a.) Made smooth by beating or treading; worn by use.

Beaten (a.) Vanquished; conquered; baffled.

Beaten (a.) Exhausted; tired out.

Beaten (a.) Become common or trite; as, a beaten phrase.

Beaten (a.) Tried; practiced.

Beatific (a.) Alt. of Beatifical

Beatifical (a.) Having the power to impart or complete blissful enjoyment; blissful.

Beauteous (a.) Full of beauty; beautiful; very handsome.

Beautiful (a.) Having the qualities which constitute beauty; pleasing to the sight or the mind.

Beautiless (a.) Destitute of beauty.

Beavered (a.) Covered with, or wearing, a beaver or hat.

Becomed (a.) Proper; decorous.

Becoming (a.) Appropriate or fit; congruous; suitable; graceful; befitting.

Bedded (a.) Provided with a bed; as, double-bedded room; placed or arranged in a bed or beds.

Bedewy (a.) Moist with dew; dewy.

Bedlam (a.) Belonging to, or fit for, a madhouse.

Bedouin (a.) Pertaining to the Bedouins; nomad.

Beechen (a.) Consisting, or made, of the wood or bark of the beech; belonging to the beech.

Beechy (a.) Of or relating to beeches.

Beef (a.) Of, pertaining to, or resembling, beef.

Beefy (a.) Having much beef; of the nature of beef; resembling beef; fleshy.

Beery (a.) Of or resembling beer; affected by beer; maudlin.

Beetle-headed (a.) Dull; stupid.

Befitting (a.) Suitable; proper; becoming; fitting.

Beforehand (a.) In comfortable circumstances as regards property; forehanded.

Befoul (a.) To make foul; to soil.

Befoul (a.) To entangle or run against so as to impede motion.

Beggable (a.) Capable of being begged.

Beggarly (a.) In the condition of, or like, a beggar; suitable for a beggar; extremely indigent; poverty-stricken; mean; poor; contemptible.

Beggarly (a.) Produced or occasioned by beggary.

Beggary (a.) Beggarly.

Beguiling (a.) Alluring by guile; deluding; misleading; diverting.

Behind (a.) On the side opposite the front or nearest part; on the back side of; at the back of; on the other side of; as, behind a door; behind a hill.

Behind (a.) Left after the departure of, whether this be by removing to a distance or by death.

Behind (a.) Left a distance by, in progress of improvement Hence: Inferior to in dignity, rank, knowledge, or excellence, or in any achievement.

Beholding (a.) Obliged; beholden.

Behoovable (a.) Supplying need; profitable; advantageous.

Behooveful (a.) Advantageous; useful; profitable.

Belated (a.) Delayed beyond the usual time; too late; overtaken by night; benighted.

Belgian (a.) Of or pertaining to Belgium.

Belgic (a.) Of or pertaining to the Belgae, a German tribe who anciently possessed the country between the Rhine, the Seine, and the ocean.

Belgic (a.) Of or pertaining to the Netherlands or to Belgium.

Belgravian (a.) Belonging to Belgravia (a fashionable quarter of London, around Pimlico), or to fashionable life; aristocratic.

Beliefful (a.) Having belief or faith.

Believable (a.) Capable of being believed; credible.

Believing (a.) That believes; having belief.

Belive (a.) Forthwith; speedily; quickly.

Belled (a.) Hung with a bell or bells.

Belletristic (a.) Alt. of Belletristical

Belletristical (a.) Occupied with, or pertaining to, belles-lettres.

Bell-faced (a.) Having the striking surface convex; -- said of hammers.

Bellic (a.) Alt. of Bellical

Bellical (a.) Of or pertaining to war; warlike; martial.

Bellicose (a.) Inc

Bellicous (a.) Bellicose.

Bellied (a.) Having (such) a belly; puffed out; -- used in composition; as, pot-bellied; shad-bellied.

Bell-mouthed (a.) Expanding at the mouth; as, a bell-mouthed gun.

Bell-shaped (a.) Having the shape of a wide-mouthed bell; campanulate.

Belluine (a.) Pertaining to, or like, a beast; brutal.

Bellybound (a.) Costive; constipated.

Belly-pinched (a.) Pinched with hunger; starved.

Belooche Beloochee (a.) Of or pertaining to Beloochistan, or to its inhabitants.

Belted (a.) Encircled by, or secured with, a belt; as, a belted plaid; girt with a belt, as an honorary distinction; as, a belted knight; a belted earl.

Belted (a.) Marked with a band or circle; as, a belted stalk.

Belted (a.) Worn in, or suspended from, the belt.

Bendable (a.) Capable of being bent.

Bendy (a.) Divided into an even number of bends; -- said of a shield or its charge.

Beneaped (a.) See Neaped.

Benedict (a.) Having mild and salubrious qualities.

Benedictine (a.) Pertaining to the monks of St. Benedict, or St. Benet.

Benedictive (a.) Tending to bless.

Benedictory (a.) Expressing wishes for good; as, a benedictory prayer.

Benedictus (a.) The song of Zacharias at the birth of John the Baptist (Luke i. 68); -- so named from the first word of the Latin version.

Benedight (a.) Blessed.

Benefic (a.) Favorable; beneficent.

Beneficed (a.) Possessed of a benefice or church preferment.

Beneficeless (a.) Having no benefice.

Beneficent (a.) Doing or producing good; performing acts of kindness and charity; characterized by beneficence.

Beneficential (a.) Relating to beneficence.

Beneficial (a.) Conferring benefits; useful; profitable; helpful; advantageous; serviceable; contributing to a valuable end; -- followed by to.

Beneficial (a.) Receiving, or entitled to have or receive, advantage, use, or benefit; as, the beneficial owner of an estate.

Beneficial (a.) King.

Beneficiary (a.) Holding some office or valuable possession, in subordination to another; holding under a feudal or other superior; having a dependent and secondary possession.

Beneficiary (a.) Bestowed as a gratuity; as, beneficiary gifts.

Beneficient (a.) Beneficent.

Benevolent (a.) Having a disposition to do good; possessing or manifesting love to mankind, and a desire to promote their prosperity and happiness; disposed to give to good objects; kind; charitable.

Benevolous (a.) Kind; benevolent.

Bengalese (a.) Of or pertaining to Bengal.

Benign (a.) Of a kind or gentle disposition; gracious; generous; favorable; benignant.

Benign (a.) Exhibiting or manifesting kindness, gentleness, favor, etc.; mild; kindly; salutary; wholesome.

Benign (a.) Of a mild type or character; as, a benign disease.

Benignant (a.) Kind; gracious; favorable.

Bennet (a.) The common yellow-flowered avens of Europe (Geum urbanum); herb bennet. The name is sometimes given to other plants, as the hemlock, valerian, etc.

Benthal (a.) Relating to the deepest zone or region of the ocean.

Benthamic (a.) Of or pertaining to Bentham or Benthamism.

Benty (a.) A bounding in bents, or the stalks of coarse, stiff, withered grass; as, benty fields.

Benty (a.) Resembling bent.

Benumb (a.) To make torpid; to deprive of sensation or sensibility; to stupefy; as, a hand or foot benumbed by cold.

Benumbed (a.) Made torpid; numbed; stupefied; deadened; as, a benumbed body and mind.

Benzoic (a.) Pertaining to, or obtained from, benzoin.

Benzoinated (a.) Containing or impregnated with benzoin; as, benzoinated lard.

Beplumed (a.) Decked with feathers.

Bepuffed (a.) Puffed; praised.

Bequeathable (a.) Capable of being bequeathed.

Berkeleian (a.) Of or relating to Bishop Berkeley or his system of idealism; as, Berkeleian philosophy.

Bernardine (a.) Of or pertaining to St. Bernard of Clairvaux, or to the Cistercian monks.

Bernese (a.) Pertaining to the city or canton of Bern, in Switzerland, or to its inhabitants.

Berried (a.) Furnished with berries; consisting of a berry; baccate; as, a berried shrub.

Berycoid (a.) Of or pertaining to the Berycidae, a family of marine fishes.


Beseeching (a.) Entreating urgently; imploring; as, a beseeching look.

Beseeming (a.) Becoming; suitable.

Beseemly (a.) Fit; suitable; becoming.

Beseen (a.) Seen; appearing.

Beseen (a.) Decked or adorned; clad.

Beseen (a.) Accomplished; versed.

Besetting (a.) Habitually attacking, harassing, or pressing upon or about; as, a besetting sin.

Besieging (a.) That besieges; laying siege to.

Besotted (a.) Made sottish, senseless, or infatuated; characterized by drunken stupidity, or by infatuation; stupefied.

Best (a.) Having good qualities in the highest degree; most good, kind, desirable, suitable, etc.; most excellent; as, the best man; the best road; the best cloth; the best abilities.

Best (a.) Most advanced; most correct or complete; as, the best scholar; the best view of a subject.

Best (a.) Most; largest; as, the best part of a week.

Bestial (a.) Belonging to a beast, or to the class of beasts.

Bestial (a.) Having the qualities of a beast; brutal; below the dignity of reason or humanity; irrational; carnal; beastly; sensual.

Bestraught (a.) Out of one's senses; distracted; mad.

Betaught (a.) Delivered; committed in trust.

Beteem (a.) To give ; to bestow; to grant; to accord; to consent.

Beteem (a.) To allow; to permit; to suffer.

Betorn (a.) Torn in pieces; tattered.

Better (a.) Having good qualities in a greater degree than another; as, a better man; a better physician; a better house; a better air.

Better (a.) Preferable in regard to rank, value, use, fitness, acceptableness, safety, or in any other respect.

Better (a.) Greater in amount; larger; more.

Better (a.) Improved in health; less affected with disease; as, the patient is better.

Better (a.) More advanced; more perfect; as, upon better acquaintance; a better knowledge of the subject.

Better (a.) To improve or ameliorate; to increase the good qualities of.

Better (a.) To improve the condition of, morally, physically, financially, socially, or otherwise.

Better (a.) To surpass in excellence; to exceed; to excel.

Better (a.) To give advantage to; to support; to advance the interest of.

Bettermost (a.) Best.

Bevel (a.) Having the slant of a bevel; slanting.

Bevel (a.) Hence: Morally distorted; not upright.

Beveled (a.) Alt. of Bevelled

Bevelled (a.) Formed to a bevel angle; sloping; as, the beveled edge of a table.

Bevelled (a.) Replaced by two planes inclining equally upon the adjacent planes, as an edge; having its edges replaced by sloping planes, as a cube or other solid.

Beviled (a.) Alt. of Bevilled

Bevilled (a.) Notched with an angle like that inclosed by a carpenter's bevel; -- said of a partition

Bewailable (a.) Such as may, or ought to, be bewailed; lamentable.

Bewailing (a.) Wailing over; lamenting.

Bewildered (a.) Greatly perplexed; as, a bewildered mind.

Bewildering (a.) Causing bewilderment or great perplexity; as, bewildering difficulties.

Bewitching (a.) Having power to bewitch or fascinate; enchanting; captivating; charming.

Bewrought (a.) Embroidered.

Bezoardic (a.) Pertaining to, or compounded with, bezoar.

Bezoartic (a.) Alt. of Bezoartical

Bezoartical (a.) Having the qualities of an antidote, or of bezoar; healing.

Biacid (a.) Having two hydrogen atoms which can be replaced by negative atoms or radicals to form salts; -- said of bases. See Diacid.

Biacuminate (a.) Having points in two directions.

Biangular (a.) Having two angles or corners.

Biangulate (a.) Alt. of Biangulated

Biangulated (a.) Biangular.

Biangulous (a.) Biangular.

Biantheriferous (a.) Having two anthers.

Biarticulate (a.) Having, or consisting of, tow joints.

Bias (a.) Inc

Bias (a.) Cut slanting or diagonally, as cloth.

Biauriculate (a.) Having two auricles, as the heart of mammals, birds, and reptiles.

Biauriculate (a.) Having two earlike projections at its base, as a leaf.

Biaxal (a.) Alt. of Biaxial

Biaxial (a.) Having two axes; as, biaxial polarization.

Bibacious (a.) Addicted to drinking.

Bibasic (a.) Having to hydrogen atoms which can be replaced by positive or basic atoms or radicals to form salts; -- said of acids. See Dibasic.

Bibitory (a.) Of or pertaining to drinking or tippling.

Biblical (a.) Pertaining to, or derived from, the Bible; as, biblical learning; biblical authority.

Bibliographic (a.) Alt. of Bibliographical

Bibliographical (a.) Pertaining to bibliography, or the history of books.

Bibliological (a.) Relating to bibliology.

Bibliomaniac (a.) Relating to a bibliomaniac.

Bibliomaniacal (a.) Pertaining to a passion for books; relating to a bibliomaniac.

Bibliopegic (a.) Relating to the binding of books.

Bibliopegistic (a.) Pertaining to the art of binding books.

Bibliopolic (a.) Alt. of Bibliopolar

Bibliopolar (a.) Of or pertaining to the sale of books.

Bibliopolistic (a.) Of or pertaining to bibliopolism.

Bibliothecal (a.) Belonging to a library.

Bibracteate (a.) Furnished with, or having, two bracts.

Bicalcarate (a.) Having two spurs, as the wing or leg of a bird.

Bicallose (a.) Alt. of Bicallous

Bicallous (a.) Having two callosities or hard spots.

Bicameral (a.) Consisting of, or including, two chambers, or legislative branches.

Bicapsular (a.) Having two capsules; as, a bicapsular pericarp.

Bicarbureted (a.) Alt. of -retted

-retted (a.) Containing two atoms or equivalents of carbon in the molecule.

Bicarinate (a.) Having two keel-like projections, as the upper palea of grasses.

Bicaudal (a.) Having, or terminating in, two tails.

Bicaudate (a.) Two-tailed; bicaudal.

Bicched (a.) Pecked; pitted; notched.

Bicentenary (a.) Of or pertaining to two hundred, esp. to two hundred years; as, a bicentenary celebration.

Bicentennial (a.) Consisting of two hundred years.

Bicentennial (a.) Occurring every two hundred years.

Bicephalous (a.) Having two heads.

Bicipital (a.) Having two heads or origins, as a muscle.

Bicipital (a.) Pertaining to a biceps muscle; as, bicipital furrows, the depressions on either side of the biceps of the arm.

Bicipital (a.) Dividing into two parts at one extremity; having two heads or two supports; as, a bicipital tree.

Bicipitous (a.) Having two heads; bicipital.

Bicolor (a.) Alt. of Bicolored

Bicolored (a.) Of two colors.

Biconcave (a.) Concave on both sides; as, biconcave vertebrae.

Biconjugate (a.) Twice paired, as when a petiole forks twice.

Biconvex (a.) Convex on both sides; as, a biconvex lens.

Bicorn (a.) Alt. of Bicornous

Bicorned (a.) Alt. of Bicornous

Bicornous (a.) Having two horns; two-horned; crescentlike.

Bicorporal (a.) Having two bodies.

Bicorporate (a.) Double-bodied, as a lion having one head and two bodies.

Bicostate (a.) Having two principal ribs running longitudinally, as a leaf.

Bicrenate (a.) Twice crenated, as in the case of leaves whose crenatures are themselves crenate.

Bicrescentic (a.) Having the form of a double crescent.

Bicrural (a.) Having two legs.

Bicuspid (a.) Alt. of Bicuspidate

Bicuspidate (a.) Having two points or prominences; ending in two points; -- said of teeth, leaves, fruit, etc.

Bicyclic (a.) Relating to bicycles.

Bicycular (a.) Relating to bicycling.

Biddable (a.) Obedient; docile.

Bidental (a.) Having two teeth.

Bidentate (a.) Having two teeth or two toothlike processes; two-toothed.

Bidigitate (a.) Having two fingers or fingerlike projections.

Biennial (a.) Happening, or taking place, once in two years; as, a biennial election.

Biennial (a.) Continuing for two years, and then perishing, as plants which form roots and leaves the first year, and produce fruit the second.

Bifacial (a.) Having the opposite surfaces alike.

Bifarious (a.) Twofold; arranged in two rows.

Bifarious (a.) Pointing two ways, as leaves that grow only on opposite sides of a branch; in two vertical rows.

Biferous (a.) Bearing fruit twice a year.

Bifid (a.) Cleft to the middle or slightly beyond the middle; opening with a cleft; divided by a

Bifidate (a.) See Bifid.

Bifilar (a.) Two-threaded; involving the use of two threads; as, bifilar suspension; a bifilar balance.

Biflabellate (a.) Flabellate on both sides.

Biflagellate (a.) Having two long, narrow, whiplike appendages.

Biflorate (a.) Alt. of Biflorous

Biflorous (a.) Bearing two flowers; two-flowered.

Bifold (a.) Twofold; double; of two kinds, degrees, etc.

Bifoliate (a.) Having two leaves; two-leaved.

Bifoliolate (a.) Having two leaflets, as some compound leaves.

Biforate (a.) Having two perforations.

Biforked (a.) Bifurcate.

Biform (a.) Having two forms, bodies, or shapes.

Biformed (a.) Having two forms.

Biforous (a.) See Biforate.

Bifronted (a.) Having two fronts.

Bifurcate (a.) Alt. of Bifurcated

Bifurcated (a.) Two-pronged; forked.

Bifurcous (a.) See Bifurcate, a.

Bigamous (a.) Guilty of bigamy; involving bigamy; as, a bigamous marriage.

Big-bellied (a.) Having a great belly; as, a big-bellied man or flagon; advanced in pregnancy.

Bigeminate (a.) Having a forked petiole, and a pair of leaflets at the end of each division; biconjugate; twice paired; -- said of a decompound leaf.

Bigential (a.) Including two tribes or races of men.

Bigger (a.) compar. of Big.

Biggest (a.) superl. of Big.

Biglandular (a.) Having two glands, as a plant.

Bigly (a.) In a tumid, swelling, blustering manner; haughtily; violently.

Bignoniaceous (a.) Of pertaining to, or resembling, the family of plants of which the trumpet flower is an example.

Bigot (a.) Bigoted.

Bigoted (a.) Obstinately and blindly attached to some creed, opinion practice, or ritual; unreasonably devoted to a system or party, and illiberal toward the opinions of others.

Bigwig (a.) A person of consequence; as, the bigwigs of society.

Big-wigged (a.) characterized by pomposity of manner.

Bijugate (a.) Having two pairs, as of leaflets.

Bijugous (a.) Bijugate.

Bilabiate (a.) Having two lips, as the corols of certain flowers.

Bilaciniate (a.) Doubly fringed.

Bilamellate (a.) Alt. of Bilamellated

Bilamellated (a.) Formed of two plates, as the stigma of the Mimulus; also, having two elevated ridges, as in the lip of certain flowers.

Bilaminar (a.) Alt. of Bilaminate

Bilaminate (a.) Formed of, or having, two laminae, or thin plates.

Bilateral (a.) Having two sides; arranged upon two sides; affecting two sides or two parties.

Bilateral (a.) Of or pertaining to the two sides of a central area or organ, or of a central axis; as, bilateral symmetry in animals, where there is a similarity of parts on the right and left sides of the body.

Bilgy (a.) Having the smell of bilge water.

Biliary (a.) Relating or belonging to bile; conveying bile; as, biliary acids; biliary ducts.

Biliferous (a.) Generating bile.


Bilingual (a.) Containing, or consisting of, two languages; expressed in two languages; as, a bilingual inscription; a bilingual dictionary.

Bilinguar (a.) See Bilingual.

Bilinguous (a.) Having two tongues, or speaking two languages.

Bilious (a.) Of or pertaining to the bile.

Bilious (a.) Disordered in respect to the bile; troubled with an excess of bile; as, a bilious patient; dependent on, or characterized by, an excess of bile; as, bilious symptoms.

Bilious (a.) Choleric; passionate; ill tempered.

Biliteral (a.) Consisting of two letters; as, a biliteral root of a Sanskrit verb.

Billed (a.) Furnished with, or having, a bill, as a bird; -- used in composition; as, broad-billed.

Billiard (a.) Of or pertaining to the game of billiards.

Billowy (a.) Of or pertaining to billows; swelling or swollen into large waves; full of billows or surges; resembling billows.

Bilobate (a.) Divided into two lobes or segments.

Bilobed (a.) Bilobate.

Bilocular (a.) Divided into two cells or compartments; as, a bilocular pericarp.

Bimaculate (a.) Having, or marked with, two spots.

Bimanous (a.) Having two hands; two-handed.

Bimarginate (a.) Having a double margin, as certain shells.

Bimedial (a.) Applied to a

Bimembral (a.) Having two members; as, a bimembral sentence.

Bimensal (a.) See Bimonthly, a.

Bimestrial (a.) Continuing two months.

Bimetallic (a.) Of or relating to, or using, a double metallic standard (as gold and silver) for a system of coins or currency.

Bimonthly (a.) Occurring, done, or coming, once in two months; as, bimonthly visits; bimonthly publications.

Bimuscular (a.) Having two adductor muscles, as a bivalve mollusk.

Binal (a.) Twofold; double.

Binary (a.) Compounded or consisting of two things or parts; characterized by two (things).

Binate (a.) Double; growing in pairs or couples.

Binaural (a.) Of or pertaining to, or used by, both ears.

Binding (a.) That binds; obligatory.

Binervate (a.) Two-nerved; -- applied to leaves which have two longitudinal ribs or nerves.

Binervate (a.) Having only two nerves, as the wings of some insects.

Binocular (a.) Having two eyes.

Binocular (a.) Pertaining to both eyes; employing both eyes at once; as, binocular vision.

Binocular (a.) Adapted to the use of both eyes; as, a binocular microscope or telescope.

Binoculate (a.) Having two eyes.

Binomial (a.) Consisting of two terms; pertaining to binomials; as, a binomial root.

Binomial (a.) Having two names; -- used of the system by which every animal and plant receives two names, the one indicating the genus, the other the species, to which it belongs.

Binominal (a.) Of or pertaining to two names; binomial.

Binominous (a.) Binominal.

Binotonous (a.) Consisting of two notes; as, a binotonous cry.

Binous (a.) Same as Binate.

Binuclear (a.) Alt. of Binucleate

Binucleate (a.) Having two nuclei; as, binucleate cells.

Binucleolate (a.) Having two nucleoli.

Biocellate (a.) Having two ocelli (eyelike spots); -- said of a wing, etc.

Biogenetic (a.) Pertaining to biogenesis.

Biographic (a.) Alt. of Biographical

Biographical (a.) Of or pertaining to biography; containing biography.

Biologic (a.) Alt. of Biological

Biological (a.) Of or relating to biology.

Biolytic (a.) Relating to the destruction of life.

Biomagnetic (a.) Relating to biomagnetism.

Bioplasmic (a.) Pertaining to, or consisting of, bioplasm.

Bioplastic (a.) Bioplasmic.

Biotic (a.) Relating to life; as, the biotic principle.

Bipalmate (a.) Palmately branched, with the branches again palmated.

Biparietal (a.) Of or pertaining to the diameter of the cranium, from one parietal fossa to the other.

Biparous (a.) Bringing forth two at a birth.

Bipartible (a.) Capable of being divided into two parts.

Bipartile (a.) Divisible into two parts.

Bipartite (a.) Being in two parts; having two correspondent parts, as a legal contract or writing, one for each party; shared by two; as, a bipartite treaty.

Bipartite (a.) Divided into two parts almost to the base, as a leaf; consisting of two parts or subdivisions.

Bipectinate (a.) Alt. of Bipectinated

Bipectinated (a.) Having two margins toothed like a comb.

Biped (a.) Having two feet; two-footed.

Bipeltate (a.) Having a shell or covering like a double shield.

Bipennate (a.) Alt. of Bipennated

Bipennated (a.) Having two wings.

Bipetalous (a.) Having two petals.

Bipinnate (a.) Alt. of Bipinnated

Bipinnated (a.) Twice pinnate.

Bipinnatifid (a.) Doubly pinnatifid.

Biplicate (a.) Twice folded together.

Bipolar (a.) Doubly polar; having two poles; as, a bipolar cell or corpuscle.

Bipont (a.) Alt. of Bipontine

Bipontine (a.) Relating to books printed at Deuxponts, or Bipontium (Zweibrucken), in Bavaria.

Bipunctate (a.) Having two punctures, or spots.

Bipunctual (a.) Having two points.

Bipupillate (a.) Having an eyelike spot on the wing, with two dots within it of a different color, as in some butterflies.

Bipyramidal (a.) Consisting of two pyramids placed base to base; having a pyramid at each of the extremities of a prism, as in quartz crystals.

Biquadratic (a.) Of or pertaining to the biquadrate, or fourth power.

Biradiate (a.) Alt. of Biradiated

Biradiated (a.) Having two rays; as, a biradiate fin.

Biramous (a.) Having, or consisting of, two branches.

Birch (a.) Of or pertaining to the birch; birchen.

Birchen (a.) Of or relating to birch.

Bird-eyed (a.) Quick-sighted; catching a glance as one goes.

Birdlike (a.) Resembling a bird.

Bird's-eye (a.) Seen from above, as if by a flying bird; embraced at a glance; hence, general; not minute, or entering into details; as, a bird's-eye view.

Bird's-eye (a.) Marked with spots resembling bird's eyes; as, bird's-eye diaper; bird's-eye maple.

Bird-witted (a.) Flighty; passing rapidly from one subject to another; not having the faculty of attention.

Birectangular (a.) Containing or having two right angles; as, a birectangular spherical triangle.

Birken (a.) Birchen; as, birken groves.

Birostrate (a.) Alt. of Birostrated

Birostrated (a.) Having a double beak, or two processes resembling beaks.

Birthday (a.) Of or pertaining to the day of birth, or its anniversary; as, birthday gifts or festivities.

Birthless (a.) Of mean extraction.

Bisaccate (a.) Having two little bags, sacs, or pouches.

Biscayan (a.) Of or pertaining to Biscay in Spain.

Biscutate (a.) Resembling two bucklers placed side by side.

Biseptate (a.) With two partitions or septa.

Biserial (a.) Alt. of Biseriate

Biseriate (a.) In two rows or series.

Biserrate (a.) Doubly serrate, or having the serratures serrate, as in some leaves.

Biserrate (a.) Serrate on both sides, as some antennae.

Bisetose (a.) Alt. of Bisetous

Bisetous (a.) Having two bristles.

Bisexous (a.) Bisexual.

Bisexual (a.) Of both sexes; hermaphrodite; as a flower with stamens and pistil, or an animal having ovaries and testes.

Bisexuous (a.) Bisexual.

Bishoplike (a.) Resembling a bishop; belonging to a bishop.

Bishoply (a.) Bishoplike; episcopal.

Bismuthal (a.) Containing bismuth.

Bismuthic (a.) Of or pertaining to bismuth; containing bismuth, when this element has its higher valence; as, bismuthic oxide.

Bismuthiferous (a.) Containing bismuth.

Bismuthous (a.) Of, or containing, bismuth, when this element has its lower valence.

Bispinose (a.) Having two spines.

Bissextile (a.) Pertaining to leap year.

Bisson (a.) Purblind; blinding.

Bistipuled (a.) Having two stipules.

Bisulcate (a.) Having two grooves or furrows.

Bisulcate (a.) Cloven; said of a foot or hoof.

Bisulcous (a.) Bisulcate.

Bitangent (a.) Possessing the property of touching at two points.

Biternate (a.) Doubly ternate, as when a petiole has three ternate leaflets.

Biting (a.) That bites; sharp; cutting; sarcastic; caustic.

Bitless (a.) Not having a bit or bridle.

Bitten (a.) Terminating abruptly, as if bitten off; premorse.

Bitterful (a.) Full of bitterness.

Bitterish (a.) Somewhat bitter.

Bittern (a.) The brine which remains in salt works after the salt is concreted, having a bitter taste from the chloride of magnesium which it contains.

Bittern (a.) A very bitter compound of quassia, cocculus Indicus, etc., used by fraudulent brewers in adulterating beer.

Bittersweet (a.) Sweet and then bitter or bitter and then sweet; esp. sweet with a bitter after taste; hence (Fig.), pleasant but painful.

Bitumed (a.) Smeared with bitumen.

Bituminiferous (a.) Producing bitumen.

Bituminous (a.) Having the qualities of bitumen; compounded with bitumen; containing bitumen.

Bivalve (a.) Having two shells or valves which open and shut, as the oyster and certain seed vessels.

Bivalved (a.) Having two valves, as the oyster and some seed pods; bivalve.

Bivalvous (a.) Bivalvular.

Bivalvular (a.) Having two valves.

Bivaulted (a.) Having two vaults or arches.

Biventral (a.) Having two bellies or protuberances; as, a biventral, or digastric, muscle, or the biventral lobe of the cerebellum.

Bivial (a.) Of or relating to the bivium.

Bivious (a.) Having, or leading, two ways.

Biweekly (a.) Occurring or appearing once every two weeks; fortnightly.

Bizarre (a.) Odd in manner or appearance; fantastic; whimsical; extravagant; grotesque.

Black (a.) Destitute of light, or incapable of reflecting it; of the color of soot or coal; of the darkest or a very dark color, the opposite of white; characterized by such a color; as, black cloth; black hair or eyes.

Black (a.) In a less literal sense: Enveloped or shrouded in darkness; very dark or gloomy; as, a black night; the heavens black with clouds.

Black (a.) Fig.: Dismal, gloomy, or forbidding, like darkness; destitute of moral light or goodness; atrociously wicked; cruel; mournful; calamitous; horrible.

Black (a.) Expressing menace, or discontent; threatening; sullen; foreboding; as, to regard one with black looks.

Black (a.) To make black; to blacken; to soil; to sully.

Black (a.) To make black and shining, as boots or a stove, by applying blacking and then polishing with a brush.

Black-a-vised (a.) Dark-visaged; swart.

Black-browed (a.) Having black eyebrows. Hence: Gloomy; dismal; threatening; forbidding.

Black-eyed (a.) Having black eyes.

Black-faced (a.) Having a black, dark, or gloomy face or aspect.

Blackfoot (a.) Of or pertaining to the Blackfeet; as, a Blackfoot Indian.

Blackguard (a.) Scurrilous; abusive; low; worthless; vicious; as, blackguard language.

Black-hearted (a.) Having a wicked, malignant disposition; morally bad.

Blackish (a.) Somewhat black.

Black-letter (a.) Written or printed in black letter; as, a black-letter manuscript or book.

Black-letter (a.) Given to the study of books in black letter; that is, of old books; out of date.

Black-letter (a.) Of or pertaining to the days in the calendar not marked with red letters as saints' days. Hence: Unlucky; inauspicious.

Black-mouthed (a.) Using foul or scurrilous language; slanderous.

Bladdery (a.) Having bladders; also, resembling a bladder.

Bladed (a.) Having a blade or blades; as, a two-bladed knife.

Bladed (a.) Divested of blades; as, bladed corn.

Bladed (a.) Composed of long and narrow plates, shaped like the blade of a knife.

Blady (a.) Consisting of blades.

Blae (a.) Dark blue or bluish gray; lead-colored.

Blamable (a.) Deserving of censure; faulty; culpable; reprehensible; censurable; blameworthy.

Blameful (a.) Faulty; meriting blame.

Blameful (a.) Attributing blame or fault; implying or conveying censure; faultfinding; censorious.

Blameless (a.) Free from blame; without fault; innocent; guiltless; -- sometimes followed by of.

Blameworthy (a.) Deserving blame; culpable; reprehensible.

Blanch (a.) To take the color out of, and make white; to bleach; as, to blanch

Blanch (a.) To bleach by excluding the light, as the stalks or leaves of plants, by earthing them up or tying them together.

Blanch (a.) To make white by removing the skin of, as by scalding; as, to blanch almonds.

Blanch (a.) To whiten, as the surface of meat, by plunging into boiling water and afterwards into cold, so as to harden the surface and retain the juices.

Blanch (a.) To give a white luster to (silver, before stamping, in the process of coining.).

Blanch (a.) To cover (sheet iron) with a coating of tin.

Blanch (a.) Fig.: To whiten; to give a favorable appearance to; to whitewash; to palliate.

Bland (a.) Mild; soft; gentle; smooth and soothing in manner; suave; as, a bland temper; bland persuasion; a bland sycophant.

Bland (a.) Having soft and soothing qualities; not drastic or irritating; not stimulating; as, a bland oil; a bland diet.

Blandiloquous (a.) Alt. of Blandiloquious

Blandiloquious (a.) Fair-spoken; flattering.

Blank (a.) Of a white or pale color; without color.

Blank (a.) Free from writing, printing, or marks; having an empty space to be filled in with some special writing; -- said of checks, official documents, etc.; as, blank paper; a blank check; a blank ballot.

Blank (a.) Utterly confounded or discomfited.

Blank (a.) Empty; void; without result; fruitless; as, a blank space; a blank day.

Blank (a.) Lacking characteristics which give variety; as, a blank desert; a blank wall; destitute of interests, affections, hopes, etc.; as, to live a blank existence; destitute of sensations; as, blank unconsciousness.

Blank (a.) Lacking animation and intelligence, or their associated characteristics, as expression of face, look, etc.; expressionless; vacant.

Blank (a.) Absolute; downright; unmixed; as, blank terror.

Blanket (a.) A heavy, loosely woven fabric, usually of wool, and having a nap, used in bed clothing; also, a similar fabric used as a robe; or any fabric used as a cover for a horse.

Blanket (a.) A piece of rubber, felt, or woolen cloth, used in the tympan to make it soft and elastic.

Blanket (a.) A streak or layer of blubber in whales.

Blase (a.) Having the sensibilities deadened by excess or frequency of enjoyment; sated or surfeited with pleasure; used up.

Blasphemous (a.) Speaking or writing blasphemy; uttering or exhibiting anything impiously irreverent; profane; as, a blasphemous person; containing blasphemy; as, a blasphemous book; a blasphemous caricature.

Blasted (a.) Blighted; withered.

Blasted (a.) Confounded; accursed; detestable.

Blasted (a.) Rent open by an explosive.

Blastemal (a.) Relating to the blastema; rudimentary.

Blastematic (a.) Connected with, or proceeding from, the blastema; blastemal.

Blastocarpous (a.) Germinating inside the pericarp, as the mangrove.

Blastodermatic (a.) Alt. of Blastodermic

Blastodermic (a.) Of or pertaining to the blastoderm.

Blastophoral (a.) Alt. of Blastophoric

Blastophoric (a.) Relating to the blastophore.

Blasty (a.) Affected by blasts; gusty.

Blasty (a.) Causing blast or injury.

Blatant (a.) Bellowing, as a calf; bawling; brawling; clamoring; disagreeably clamorous; sounding loudly and harshly.

Blay (a.) A fish. See Bleak, n.

Blazing (a.) Burning with a blaze; as, a blazing fire; blazing torches.

Bleach (a.) To make white, or whiter; to remove the color, or stains, from; to blanch; to whiten.

Bleached (a.) Whitened; make white.

Bleak (a.) Without color; pale; pallid.

Bleak (a.) Desolate and exposed; swept by cold winds.

Bleak (a.) Cold and cutting; cheerless; as, a bleak blast.

Bleak (a.) A small European river fish (Leuciscus alburnus), of the family Cyprinidae; the blay.

Bleaky (a.) Bleak.

Bleared (a.) Dimmed, as by a watery humor; affected with rheum.

Blear-eyed (a.) Having sore eyes; having the eyes dim with rheum; dim-sighted.

Blear-eyed (a.) Lacking in perception or penetration; short-sighted; as, a blear-eyed bigot.

Bleary (a.) Somewhat blear.

Bleating (a.) Crying as a sheep does.

Blebby (a.) Containing blebs, or characterized by blebs; as, blebby glass.

Bleeding (a.) Emitting, or appearing to emit, blood or sap, etc.; also, expressing anguish or compassion.

Blemishless (a.) Without blemish; spotless.

Blend (a.) To make blind, literally or figuratively; to dazzle; to deceive.

Blendous (a.) Pertaining to, consisting of, or containing, blende.

Blennioid (a.) Alt. of Blenniid

Blenniid (a.) Of, pertaining to, or resembling, the blennies.

Blennogenous (a.) Generating mucus.

Blessed (a.) Hallowed; consecrated; worthy of blessing or adoration; heavenly; holy.

Blessed (a.) Enjoying happiness or bliss; favored with blessings; happy; highly favored.

Blessed (a.) Imparting happiness or bliss; fraught with happiness; blissful; joyful.

Blessed (a.) Enjoying, or pertaining to, spiritual happiness, or heavenly felicity; as, the blessed in heaven.

Blessed (a.) Beatified.

Blessed (a.) Used euphemistically, ironically, or intensively.

Blest (a.) Blessed.

Blighting (a.) Causing blight.

Blind (a.) Destitute of the sense of seeing, either by natural defect or by deprivation; without sight.

Blind (a.) Not having the faculty of discernment; destitute of intellectual light; unable or unwilling to understand or judge; as, authors are blind to their own defects.

Blind (a.) Undiscerning; undiscriminating; inconsiderate.

Blind (a.) Having such a state or condition as a thing would have to a person who is blind; not well marked or easily discernible; hidden; unseen; concealed; as, a blind path; a blind ditch.

Blind (a.) Involved; intricate; not easily followed or traced.

Blind (a.) Having no openings for light or passage; as, a blind wall; open only at one end; as, a blind alley; a blind gut.

Blind (a.) Unintelligible, or not easily intelligible; as, a blind passage in a book; illegible; as, blind writing.

Blind (a.) Abortive; failing to produce flowers or fruit; as, blind buds; blind flowers.

Blindfold (a.) Having the eyes covered; blinded; having the mental eye darkened. Hence: Heedless; reckless; as, blindfold zeal; blindfold fury.

Blinding (a.) Making blind or as if blind; depriving of sight or of understanding; obscuring; as, blinding tears; blinding snow.

Blink-eyed (a.) Habitually winking.

Blissful (a.) Full of, characterized by, or causing, joy and felicity; happy in the highest degree.

Blissless (a.) Destitute of bliss.

Blissom (a.) Lascivious; also, in heat; -- said of ewes.

Blistery (a.) Full of blisters.

Blithe (a.) Gay; merry; sprightly; joyous; glad; cheerful; as, a blithe spirit.

Blitheful (a.) Gay; full of gayety; joyous.

Blithesome (a.) Cheery; gay; merry.

Bloat (a.) Bloated.

Blobber-lipped (a.) Having thick lips.

Blockheaded (a.) Stupid; dull.

Blockish (a.) Like a block; deficient in understanding; stupid; dull.

Blocklike (a.) Like a block; stupid.

Bloncket (a.) Alt. of Blonket

Blonket (a.) Gray; bluish gray.

Blood-boltered (a.) Having the hair matted with clotted blood.

Blooded (a.) Having pure blood, or a large admixture or pure blood; of approved breed; of the best stock.

Bloodguilty (a.) Guilty of murder or bloodshed.

Bloodless (a.) Destitute of blood, or apparently so; as, bloodless cheeks; lifeless; dead.

Bloodless (a.) Not attended with shedding of blood, or slaughter; as, a bloodless victory.

Bloodless (a.) Without spirit or activity.

Bloodshot (a.) Red and inflamed; suffused with blood, or having the vessels turgid with blood, as when the conjunctiva is inflamed or irritated.

Blood-shotten (a.) Bloodshot.

Bloodthirsty (a.) Eager to shed blood; cruel; sanguinary; murderous.

Bloody (a.) Containing or resembling blood; of the nature of blood; as, bloody excretions; bloody sweat.

Bloody (a.) Smeared or stained with blood; as, bloody hands; a bloody handkerchief.

Bloody (a.) Given, or tending, to the shedding of blood; having a cruel, savage disposition; murderous; cruel.

Bloody (a.) Attended with, or involving, bloodshed; sanguinary; esp., marked by great slaughter or cruelty; as, a bloody battle.

Bloody (a.) Infamous; contemptible; -- variously used for mere emphasis or as a low epithet.

Bloody-minded (a.) Having a cruel, ferocious disposition; bloodthirsty.

Blooming (a.) Opening in blossoms; flowering.

Blooming (a.) Thriving in health, beauty, and vigor; indicating the freshness and beauties of youth or health.

Bloomless (a.) Without bloom or flowers.

Bloomy (a.) Full of bloom; flowery; flourishing with the vigor of youth; as, a bloomy spray.

Bloomy (a.) Covered with bloom, as fruit.

Blosmy (a.) Blossomy.

Blossomless (a.) Without blossoms.

Blossomy (a.) Full of blossoms; flowery.

Blotch (a.) A blot or spot, as of color or of ink; especially a large or irregular spot. Also Fig.; as, a moral blotch.

Blotch (a.) A large pustule, or a coarse eruption.

Blotched (a.) Marked or covered with blotches.

Blotchy (a.) Having blotches.

Blotless (a.) Without blot.

Blottesque (a.) Characterized by blots or heavy touches; coarsely depicted; wanting in de

Blowy (a.) Windy; as, blowy weather; a blowy upland.

Blowzed (a.) Having high color from exposure to the weather; ruddy-faced; blowzy; disordered.

Blowzy (a.) Coarse and ruddy-faced; fat and ruddy; high colored; frowzy.

Blubbery (a.) Swollen; protuberant.

Blubbery (a.) Like blubber; gelatinous and quivering; as, a blubbery mass.

Blue-eyed (a.) Having blue eyes.

Bluets (a.) A name given to several different species of plants having blue flowers, as the Houstonia coerulea, the Centaurea cyanus or bluebottle, and the Vaccinium angustifolium.

Blue-veined (a.) Having blue veins or blue streaks.

Bluey (a.) Bluish.

Bluff (a.) Having a broad, flattened front; as, the bluff bows of a ship.

Bluff (a.) Rising steeply with a flat or rounded front.

Bluff (a.) Surly; churlish; gruff; rough.

Bluff (a.) Abrupt; roughly frank; unceremonious; blunt; brusque; as, a bluff answer; a bluff manner of talking; a bluff sea captain.

Bluff-bowed (a.) Built with the stem nearly straight up and down.

Bluff-headed (a.) Built with the stem nearly straight up and down.

Bluffy (a.) Having bluffs, or bold, steep banks.

Bluffy (a.) Inc

Bluish (a.) Somewhat blue; as, bluish veins.

Blundering (a.) Characterized by blunders.

Blunt (a.) Having a thick edge or point, as an instrument; dull; not sharp.

Blunt (a.) Dull in understanding; slow of discernment; stupid; -- opposed to acute.

Blunt (a.) Abrupt in address; plain; unceremonious; wanting the forms of civility; rough in manners or speech.

Blunt (a.) Hard to impress or penetrate.

Bluntish (a.) Somewhat blunt.

Blurry (a.) Full of blurs; blurred.

Blushful (a.) Full of blushes.

Blushing (a.) Showing blushes; rosy red; having a warm and delicate color like some roses and other flowers; blooming; ruddy; roseate.

Blushless (a.) Free from blushes; incapable of blushing; shameless; impudent.

Blushy (a.) Like a blush; having the color of a blush; rosy.

Blustering (a.) Exhibiting noisy violence, as the wind; stormy; tumultuous.

Blustering (a.) Uttering noisy threats; noisy and swaggering; boisterous.

Blusterous (a.) Inc

Blustrous (a.) Blusterous.

Boardable (a.) That can be boarded, as a ship.

Boarish (a.) Swinish; brutal; cruel.

Boastful (a.) Given to, or full of, boasting; inc

Boastive (a.) Presumptuous.

Boastless (a.) Without boasting or ostentation.

Boatable (a.) Such as can be transported in a boat.

Boatable (a.) Navigable for boats, or small river craft.

Boat-shaped (a.) See Cymbiform.

Bobbish (a.) Hearty; in good spirits.

Bobtail (a.) Bobtailed.

Bobtailed (a.) Having the tail cut short, or naturally short; curtailed; as, a bobtailed horse or dog; a bobtailed coat.

Bodeful (a.) Portentous; ominous.

Bodiced (a.) Wearing a bodice.

Bodied (a.) Having a body; -- usually in composition; as, able-bodied.

Bodiless (a.) Having no body.

Bodiless (a.) Without material form; incorporeal.

Bodily (a.) Having a body or material form; physical; corporeal; consisting of matter.

Bodily (a.) Of or pertaining to the body, in distinction from the mind.

Bodily (a.) Real; actual; put in execution.

Boding (a.) Foreshowing; presaging; ominous.

Bodleian (a.) Of or pertaining to Sir Thomas Bodley, or to the celebrated library at Oxford, founded by him in the sixteenth century.

Boeotian (a.) Of or pertaining to Boeotia; hence, stupid; dull; obtuse.

Bogglish (a.) Doubtful; skittish.

Boggy (a.) Consisting of, or containing, a bog or bogs; of the nature of a bog; swampy; as, boggy land.

Bogtrotting (a.) Living among bogs.

Bogus (a.) Spurious; fictitious; sham; -- a cant term originally applied to counterfeit coin, and hence denoting anything counterfeit.

Bohemian (a.) Of or pertaining to Bohemia, or to the language of its ancient inhabitants or their descendants. See Bohemian, n., 2.

Boiled (a.) Dressed or cooked by boiling; subjected to the action of a boiling liquid; as, boiled meat; a boiled dinner; boiled clothes.

Boiling (a.) Heated to the point of bubbling; heaving with bubbles; in tumultuous agitation, as boiling liquid; surging; seething; swelling with heat, ardor, or passion.

Boisterous (a.) Rough or rude; unbending; unyielding; strong; powerful.

Boisterous (a.) Exhibiting tumultuous violence and fury; acting with noisy turbulence; violent; rough; stormy.

Boisterous (a.) Noisy; rough; turbulent; as, boisterous mirth; boisterous behavior.

Boisterous (a.) Vehement; excessive.

Boistous (a.) Rough or rude; coarse; strong; violent; boisterous; noisy.

Bolar (a.) Of or pertaining to bole or clay; partaking of the nature and qualities of bole; clayey.

Bold-faced (a.) Somewhat impudent; lacking modesty; as, a bold-faced woman.

Bold-faced (a.) Having a conspicuous or heavy face.

Boletic (a.) Pertaining to, or obtained from, the Boletus.

Bolivian (a.) Of or pertaining to Bolivia.

Bollen (a.) See Boln, a.

Boln (a.) Alt. of Bollen

Bollen (a.) Swollen; puffed out.

Bolognese (a.) Of or pertaining to Bologna.

Bolstered (a.) Supported; upheld.

Bolstered (a.) Swelled out.

Bombast (a.) High-sounding; inflated; big without meaning; magniloquent; bombastic.

Bombastic (a.) Alt. of Bombastical

Bombastical (a.) Characterized by bombast; high-sounding; inflated.

Bombic (a.) Pertaining to, or obtained from, the silkworm; as, bombic acid.

Bombproof (a.) Secure against the explosive force of bombs.

Bombycid (a.) Like or pertaining to the genus Bombyx, or the family Bombycidae.

Bombycinous (a.) Silken; made of silk.

Bombycinous (a.) Being of the color of the silkworm; transparent with a yellow tint.

Bombylious (a.) Buzzing, like a bumblebee; as, the bombylious noise of the horse fly.

Bon (a.) Good; valid as security for something.

Bonair (a.) Gentle; courteous; complaisant; yielding.

Bonapartean (a.) Of or pertaining to Napoleon Bonaparte or his family.

Bond (a.) In a state of servitude or slavery; captive.

Bondage (a.) The state of being bound; condition of being under restraint; restraint of personal liberty by compulsion; involuntary servitude; slavery; captivity.

Bondage (a.) Obligation; tie of duty.

Bondage (a.) Villenage; tenure of land on condition of doing the meanest services for the owner.

Bonded (a.) Placed under, or covered by, a bond, as for the payment of duties, or for conformity to certain regulations.

Boned (a.) Having (such) bones; -- used in composition; as, big-boned; strong-boned.

Boned (a.) Deprived of bones; as, boned turkey or codfish.

Boned (a.) Manured with bone; as, boned land.

Boneless (a.) Without bones.

Boniform (a.) Sensitive or responsive to moral excellence.

Bonitary (a.) Beneficial, as opposed to statutory or civil; as, bonitary dominion of land.

Bonneted (a.) Wearing a bonnet.

Bonneted (a.) Protected by a bonnet. See Bonnet, 4 (a).

Bonnetless (a.) Without a bonnet.

Bonnie (a.) See Bonny, a.

Bonny (a.) Handsome; beautiful; pretty; attractively lively and graceful.

Bonny (a.) Gay; merry; frolicsome; cheerful; blithe.

Bony (a.) Consisting of bone, or of bones; full of bones; pertaining to bones.

Bony (a.) Having large or prominent bones.

Booby (a.) Having the characteristics of a booby; stupid.

Boobyish (a.) Stupid; dull.

Booked (a.) Registered.

Booked (a.) On the way; destined.

Bookful (a.) Filled with book learning.

Bookish (a.) Given to reading; fond of study; better acquainted with books than with men; learned from books.

Bookish (a.) Characterized by a method of expression generally found in books; formal; labored; pedantic; as, a bookish way of talking; bookish sentences.

Book-learned (a.) Versed in books; having knowledge derived from books.

Bookless (a.) Without books; unlearned.

Booky (a.) Bookish.

Booming (a.) Rushing with violence; swelling with a hollow sound; making a hollow sound or note; roaring; resounding.

Booming (a.) Advancing or increasing amid noisy excitement; as, booming prices; booming popularity.

Boorish (a.) Like a boor; clownish; uncultured; unmannerly.

Booted (a.) Wearing boots, especially boots with long tops, as for riding; as, a booted squire.

Booted (a.) Having an undivided, horny, bootlike covering; -- said of the tarsus of some birds.

Bootless (a.) Unavailing; unprofitable; useless; without advantage or success.

Boozy (a.) A little intoxicated; fuddled; stupid with liquor; bousy.

Borable (a.) Capable of being bored.

Boracic (a.) Pertaining to, or produced from, borax; containing boron; boric; as, boracic acid.

Boracous (a.) Relating to, or obtained from, borax; containing borax.

Boraginaceous (a.) Of, pertaining to, or resembling, a family of plants (Boraginaceae) which includes the borage, heliotrope, beggar's lice, and many pestiferous plants.

Boragineous (a.) Relating to the Borage tribe; boraginaceous.

Bordeaux (a.) Pertaining to Bordeaux in the south of France.

Bordelais (a.) Of or pertaining to Bordeaux, in France, or to the district around Bordeaux.

Boreal (a.) Northern; pertaining to the north, or to the north wind; as, a boreal bird; a boreal blast.

Boric (a.) Of, pertaining to, or containing, boron.

Borrage (a.) Alt. of Borraginaceous

Borraginaceous (a.) See Borage, n., etc.

Borsholder (a.) The head or chief of a tithing, or borough (see 2d Borough); the headborough; a parish constable.

Bosky (a.) Woody or bushy; covered with boscage or thickets.

Bosky (a.) Caused by boscage.

Bosom (a.) Of or pertaining to the bosom.

Bosom (a.) Intimate; confidential; familiar; trusted; cherished; beloved; as, a bosom friend.

Bosomed (a.) Having, or resembling, bosom; kept in the bosom; hidden.

Bosomy (a.) Characterized by recesses or sheltered hollows.

Bosporian (a.) Of or pertaining to the Thracian or the Cimmerian Bosporus.

Bossed (a.) Embossed; also, bossy.

Bossy (a.) Ornamented with bosses; studded.

Boswellian (a.) Relating to, or characteristic of, Boswell, the biographer of Dr. Johnson.

Botanic (a.) Alt. of Botanical

Botanical (a.) Of or pertaining to botany; relating to the study of plants; as, a botanical system, arrangement, textbook, expedition.

Botcherly (a.) Bungling; awkward.

Botchy (a.) Marked with botches; full of botches; poorly done.

Boteless (a.) Unavailing; in vain. See Bootless.

Bothersome (a.) Vexatious; causing bother; causing trouble or perplexity; troublesome.

Bothnian (a.) Alt. of Bothnic

Bothnic (a.) Of or pertaining to Bothnia, a country of northern Europe, or to a gulf of the same name which forms the northern part of the Baltic sea.

Botryoid (a.) Alt. of Botryoidal

Botryoidal (a.) Having the form of a bunch of grapes; like a cluster of grapes, as a mineral presenting an aggregation of small spherical or spheroidal prominences.

Botryose (a.) Having the form of a cluster of grapes.

Botryose (a.) Of the racemose or acropetal type of inflorescence.

Bottled (a.) Put into bottles; inclosed in bottles; pent up in, or as in, a bottle.

Bottled (a.) Having the shape of a bottle; protuberant.

Bottle-nosed (a.) Having the nose bottle-shaped, or large at the end.

Bottom (a.) Of or pertaining to the bottom; fundamental; lowest; under; as, bottom rock; the bottom board of a wagon box; bottom prices.

Bottomed (a.) Having at the bottom, or as a bottom; resting upon a bottom; grounded; -- mostly, in composition; as, sharp-bottomed; well-bottomed.

Bottomless (a.) Without a bottom; hence, fathomless; baseless; as, a bottomless abyss.

Bottony (a.) Alt. of Bottone

Bottone (a.) Having a bud or button, or a kind of trefoil, at the end; furnished with knobs or buttons.

Botuliform (a.) Having the shape of a sausage.

Boughten (a.) Purchased; not obtained or produced at home.

Boughty (a.) Bending.

Bouldery (a.) Characterized by bowlders.

Boun (a.) Ready; prepared; destined; tending.

Bouncing (a.) Stout; plump and healthy; lusty; buxom.

Bouncing (a.) Excessive; big.

Bounding (a.) Moving with a bound or bounds.

Boundless (a.) Without bounds or confines; illimitable; vast; unlimited.

Bounteous (a.) Liberal in charity; disposed to give freely; generously liberal; munificent; beneficent; free in bestowing gifts; as, bounteous production.

Bountiful (a.) Free in giving; liberal in bestowing gifts and favors.

Bountiful (a.) Plentiful; abundant; as, a bountiful supply of food.

Bourgeois (a.) Characteristic of the middle class, as in France.

Bournless (a.) Without a bourn or limit.

Boustrophedonic (a.) Relating to the boustrophedon made of writing.

Boustorphic (a.) Boustrophedonic.

Bousy (a.) Drunken; sotted; boozy.

Bovid (a.) Relating to that tribe of ruminant mammals of which the genus Bos is the type.

Boviform (a.) Resembling an ox in form; ox-shaped.

Bovine (a.) Of or pertaining to the genus Bos; relating to, or resembling, the ox or cow; oxlike; as, the bovine genus; a bovine antelope.

Bovine (a.) Having qualities characteristic of oxen or cows; sluggish and patient; dull; as, a bovine temperament.

Bowable (a.) Capable of being bowed or bent; flexible; easily influenced; yielding.

Bowbent (a.) Bent, like a bow.

Boweled (a.) Having bowels; hollow.

Bowelless (a.) Without pity.

Bowery (a.) Shading, like a bower; full of bowers.

Bowery (a.) Characteristic of the street called the Bowery, in New York city; swaggering; flashy.

Bowldery (a.) Characterized by bowlders.

Bowl-legged (a.) Having crooked legs, esp. with the knees bent outward.

Bowless (a.) Destitute of a bow.

Bowwow (a.) Onomatopoetic; as, the bowwow theory of language; a bowwow word.

Boxen (a.) Made of boxwood; pertaining to, or resembling, the box (Buxus).

Boyish (a.) Resembling a boy in a manners or opinions; belonging to a boy; childish; trifling; puerile.

Brabantine (a.) Pertaining to Brabant, an ancient province of the Netherlands.

Braccate (a.) Furnished with feathers which conceal the feet.

Brachial (a.) Pertaining or belonging to the arm; as, the brachial artery; the brachial nerve.

Brachial (a.) Of the nature of an arm; resembling an arm.

Brachiate (a.) Having branches in pairs, decussated, all nearly horizontal, and each pair at right angles with the next, as in the maple and lilac.

Brachycephalic (a.) Alt. of Brachycephalous

Brachycephalous (a.) Having the skull short in proportion to its breadth; shortheaded; -- in distinction from dolichocephalic.

Brachyceral (a.) Having short antennae, as certain insects.

Brachydiagonal (a.) Pertaining to the shorter diagonal, as of a rhombic prism.

Brachypterous (a.) Having short wings.

Brachytypous (a.) Of a short form.

Brachyural (a.) Alt. of Brachyurous

Brachyurous (a.) Of or pertaining to the Brachyura.

Bracing (a.) Imparting strength or tone; strengthening; invigorating; as, a bracing north wind.

Brackish (a.) Saltish, or salt in a moderate degree, as water in sa

Bracky (a.) Brackish.

Bracteal (a.) Having the nature or appearance of a bract.

Bracteate (a.) Having a bract or bracts.

Bracted (a.) Furnished with bracts.

Bracteolate (a.) Furnished with bracteoles or bractlets.

Bractless (a.) Destitute of bracts.

Braggart (a.) Boastful.

Bragless (a.) Without bragging.

Brahmanic (a.) Alt. of ical

-ical (a.) Alt. of ical

Brahminic (a.) Alt. of ical

ical (a.) Of or pertaining to the Brahmans or to their doctrines and worship.

Brainish (a.) Hot-headed; furious.

Brainless (a.) Without understanding; silly; thoughtless; witless.

Brainsick (a.) Disordered in the understanding; giddy; thoughtless.

Brainy (a.) Having an active or vigorous mind.

Braky (a.) Full of brakes; abounding with brambles, shrubs, or ferns; rough; thorny.

Brambled (a.) Overgrown with brambles.

Brambly (a.) Pertaining to, resembling, or full of, brambles.

Branch (a.) Diverging from, or tributary to, a main stock,

Branchial (a.) Of or pertaining to branchiae or gills.

Branchiate (a.) Furnished with branchiae; as, branchiate segments.

Branchiferous (a.) Having gills; branchiate; as, branchiferous gastropods.

Branching (a.) Furnished with branches; shooting our branches; extending in a branch or branches.

Branchiostegal (a.) Pertaining to the membrane covering the gills of fishes.

Branchiostegous (a.) Branchiostegal.

Branchless (a.) Destitute of branches or shoots; without any valuable product; barren; naked.

Branchy (a.) Full of branches; having wide-spreading branches; consisting of branches.

Brandied (a.) Mingled with brandy; made stronger by the addition of brandy; flavored or treated with brandy; as, brandied peaches.

Brand-new (a.) Quite new; bright as if fresh from the forge.

Bran-new (a.) See Brand-new.

Branny (a.) Having the appearance of bran; consisting of or containing bran.

Brant (a.) Steep.

Branular (a.) Relating to the brain; cerebral.

Brasen (a.) Same as Brazen.

Brash (a.) Hasty in temper; impetuous.

Brash (a.) Brittle, as wood or vegetables.

Brassicaceous (a.) Related to, or resembling, the cabbage, or plants of the Cabbage family.

Brass-visaged (a.) Impudent; bold.

Brassy (a.) Of or pertaining to brass; having the nature, appearance, or hardness, of brass.

Brassy (a.) Impudent; impudently bold.

Bravo (a.) A daring villain; a bandit; one who sets law at defiance; a professional assassin or murderer.

Brawling (a.) Quarreling; quarrelsome; noisy.

Brawling (a.) Making a loud confused noise. See Brawl, v. i., 3.

Brawned (a.) Brawny; strong; muscular.

Brawny (a.) Having large, strong muscles; muscular; fleshy; strong.

Braying (a.) Making a harsh noise; blaring.

Brazen (a.) Pertaining to, made of, or resembling, brass.

Brazen (a.) Sounding harsh and loud, like resounding brass.

Brazen (a.) Impudent; immodest; shameless; having a front like brass; as, a brazen countenance.

Brazen-browed (a.) Shamelessly impudent.

Brazenfaced (a.) Impudent; shameless.

Brazilian (a.) Of or pertaining to Brazil.

Breachy (a.) Apt to break fences or to break out of pasture; unruly; as, breachy cattle.

Bread (a.) To spread.

Breaded (a.) Braided

Breaden (a.) Made of bread.

Breadless (a.) Without bread; destitute of food.

Breadth (a.) Distance from side to side of any surface or thing; measure across, or at right angles to the length; width.

Breadthless (a.) Without breadth.

Breakable (a.) Capable of being broken.

Breakneck (a.) Producing danger of a broken neck; as, breakneck speed.

Breast-deep (a.) Deep as from the breast to the feet; as high as the breast.

Breasted (a.) Having a breast; -- used in composition with qualifying words, in either a literal or a metaphorical sense; as, a single-breasted coat.

Breast-high (a.) High as the breast.

Breathable (a.) Such as can be breathed.

Breathful (a.) Full of breath; full of odor; fragrant.

Breathless (a.) Spent with labor or violent action; out of breath.

Breathless (a.) Not breathing; holding the breath, on account of fear, expectation, or intense interest; attended with a holding of the breath; as, breathless attention.

Breathless (a.) Dead; as, a breathless body.

Brecciated (a.) Consisting of angular fragments cemented together; resembling breccia in appearance.

Breech-loading (a.) Receiving the charge at the breech instead of at the muzzle.

Breezeless (a.) Motionless; destitute of breezes.

Breezy (a.) Characterized by, or having, breezes; airy.

Breezy (a.) Fresh; brisk; full of life.

Bregmatic (a.) Pertaining to the bregma.

Breme (a.) Fierce; sharp; severe; cruel.

Breme (a.) Famous; renowned; well known.

Brent (a.) Alt. of Brant

Brant (a.) Steep; high.

Brant (a.) Smooth; unwrinkled.

Bretful (a.) Brimful.

Breton (a.) Of or relating to Brittany, or Bretagne, in France.

Brevet (a.) Taking or conferring rank by brevet; as, a brevet colonel; a brevet commission.

Breviped (a.) Having short legs.

Brevipennate (a.) Short-winged; -- applied to birds which can not fly, owing to their short wings, as the ostrich, cassowary, and emu.

Brevirostral (a.) Alt. of Brevirostrate

Brevirostrate (a.) Short-billed; having a short beak.

Briarean (a.) Pertaining to, or resembling, Briareus, a giant fabled to have a hundred hands; hence, hundred-handed or many-handed.

Bribable (a.) Capable of being bribed.

Bribeless (a.) Incapable of being bribed; free from bribes.

Brickle (a.) Brittle; easily broken.

Bricky (a.) Full of bricks; formed of bricks; resembling bricks or brick dust.

Bridgeless (a.) Having no bridge; not bridged.

Bridgey (a.) Full of bridges.

Brief (a.) Short in duration.

Brief (a.) Concise; terse; succinct.

Brief (a.) Rife; common; prevalent.

Brief (a.) A short concise writing or letter; a statement in few words.

Brief (a.) An epitome.

Brief (a.) An abridgment or concise statement of a client's case, made out for the instruction of counsel in a trial at law. This word is applied also to a statement of the heads or points of a law argument.

Brief (a.) A writ; a breve. See Breve, n., 2.

Briefless (a.) Having no brief; without clients; as, a briefless barrister.

Briered (a.) Set with briers.

Briery (a.) Full of briers; thorny.

Brigandish (a.) Like a brigand or freebooter; robberlike.

Bright (a.) Radiating or reflecting light; shedding or having much light; shining; luminous; not dark.

Bright (a.) Transmitting light; clear; transparent.

Bright (a.) Having qualities that render conspicuous or attractive, or that affect the mind as light does the eye; resplendent with charms; as, bright beauty.

Bright (a.) Having a clear, quick intellect; intelligent.

Bright (a.) Sparkling with wit; lively; vivacious; shedding cheerfulness and joy around; cheerful; cheery.

Bright (a.) Illustrious; glorious.

Bright (a.) Manifest to the mind, as light is to the eyes; clear; evident; plain.

Bright (a.) Of brilliant color; of lively hue or appearance.

Brighten (a.) To make bright or brighter; to make to shine; to increase the luster of; to give a brighter hue to.

Brighten (a.) To make illustrious, or more distinguished; to add luster or splendor to.

Brighten (a.) To improve or relieve by dispelling gloom or removing that which obscures and darkens; to shed light upon; to make cheerful; as, to brighten one's prospects.

Brighten (a.) To make acute or witty; to enliven.

Bright-harnessed (a.) Having glittering armor.

Brightsome (a.) Bright; clear; luminous; brilliant.

Brillante (a.) In a gay, showy, and sparkling style.

Brilliant (a.) A diamond or other gem of the finest cut, formed into faces and facets, so as to reflect and refract the light, by which it is rendered more brilliant. It has at the middle, or top, a principal face, called the table, which is surrounded by a number of sloping facets forming a bizet; below, it has a small face or collet, parallel to the table, connected with the girdle by a pavilion of elongated facets. It is thus distinguished from the rose diamond, which is entirely covered>

Brilliant (a.) The smallest size of type used in England printing.

Brilliant (a.) A kind of cotton goods, figured on the weaving.

Brim (a.) Fierce; sharp; cold. See Breme.

Brimful (a.) Full to the brim; completely full; ready to overflow.

Brimless (a.) Having no brim; as, brimless caps.

Brimmed (a.) Having a brim; -- usually in composition.

Brimmed (a.) Full to, or level with, the brim.

Brimming (a.) Full to the brim; overflowing.

Brimstone (a.) Made of, or pertaining to, brimstone; as, brimstone matches.

Brimstony (a.) Containing or resembling brimstone; sulphurous.

Brinded (a.) Of a gray or tawny color with streaks of darker hue; streaked; brindled.

Brindle (a.) Brindled.

Brindled (a.) Having dark streaks or spots on a gray or tawny ground; brinded.

Brinish (a.) Like brine; somewhat salt; saltish.

Briny (a.) Of or pertaining to brine, or to the sea; partaking of the nature of brine; salt; as, a briny taste; the briny flood.

Brisk (a.) Full of live

Brisk (a.) Full of spirit of life; effervesc/ng, as liquors; sparkling; as, brick cider.

Bristle-pointed (a.) Terminating in a very fine, sharp point, as some leaves.

Bristle-shaped (a.) Resembling a bristle in form; as, a bristle-shaped leaf.

Bristly (a.) Thick set with bristles, or with hairs resembling bristles; rough.

Britannic (a.) Of or pertaining to Great Britain; British; as, her Britannic Majesty.

British (a.) Of or pertaining to Great Britain or to its inhabitants; -- sometimes restricted to the original inhabitants.

Briton (a.) British.

Brittle (a.) Easily broken; apt to break; fragile; not tough or tenacious.

Broad-brimmed (a.) Having a broad brim.

Broadcast (a.) Cast or dispersed in all directions, as seed from the hand in sowing; widely diffused.

Broadcast (a.) Scattering in all directions (as a method of sowing); -- opposed to planting in hills, or rows.

Broaden (a.) To grow broad; to become broader or wider.

Broad-horned (a.) Having horns spreading widely.

Broadish (a.) Rather broad; moderately broad.

Broad-leaved (a.) Alt. of Broad-leafed

Broad-leafed (a.) Having broad, or relatively broad, leaves.

Broadspread (a.) Widespread.

Broadspreading (a.) Spreading widely.

Brobdingnagian (a.) Colossal; of extraordinary height; gigantic.

Brocaded (a.) Woven or worked, as brocade, with gold and silver, or with raised flowers, etc.

Brocaded (a.) Dressed in brocade.

Broche (a.) Woven with a figure; as, broche goods.

Brockish (a.) Beastly; brutal.

Broiling (a.) Excessively hot; as, a broiling sun.

Broken-backed (a.) Having a broken back; as, a broken-backed chair.

Broken-backed (a.) Hogged; so weakened in the frame as to droop at each end; -- said of a ship.

Broken-bellied (a.) Having a ruptured belly.

Broken-hearted (a.) Having the spirits depressed or crushed by grief or despair.

Broken-winded (a.) Having short breath or disordered respiration, as a horse.

Brokerly (a.) Mean; servile.

Broking (a.) Of or pertaining to a broker or brokers, or to brokerage.

Bromeliaceous (a.) Pertaining to, or resembling, a family of endogenous and mostly epiphytic or saxicolous plants of which the genera Tillandsia and Billbergia are examples. The pineapple, though terrestrial, is also of this family.

Bromic (a.) Of, pertaining to, or containing, bromine; -- said of those compounds of bromine in which this element has a valence of five, or the next to its highest; as, bromic acid.

Bronchial (a.) Belonging to the bronchi and their ramifications in the lungs.

Bronchic (a.) Bronchial.

Bronchitic (a.) Of or pertaining to bronchitis; as, bronchitic inflammation.

Bronze (a.) An alloy of copper and tin, to which small proportions of other metals, especially zinc, are sometimes added. It is hard and sonorous, and is used for statues, bells, cannon, etc., the proportions of the ingredients being varied to suit the particular purposes. The varieties containing the higher proportions of tin are brittle, as in bell metal and speculum metal.

Bronze (a.) A statue, bust, etc., cast in bronze.

Bronze (a.) A yellowish or reddish brown, the color of bronze; also, a pigment or powder for imitating bronze.

Bronze (a.) Boldness; impudence; "brass."

Bronzine (a.) Made of bronzine; resembling bronze; bronzelike.

Bronzy (a.) Like bronze.

Brood (a.) Sitting or inc

Brood (a.) Kept for breeding from; as, a brood mare; brood stock; having young; as, a brood sow.

Broody (a.) Inc

Broomy (a.) Of or pertaining to broom; overgrowing with broom; resembling broom or a broom.

Brotel (a.) Brittle.

Brotherly (a.) Of or pertaining to brothers; such as is natural for brothers; becoming to brothers; kind; affectionate; as, brotherly love.

Browbound (a.) Crowned; having the head encircled as with a diadem.

Browed (a.) Having (such) a brow; -- used in composition; as, dark-browed, stern-browed.

Browless (a.) Without shame.

Brownian (a.) Pertaining to Dr. Robert Brown, who first demonstrated (about 1827) the commonness of the motion described below.

Brownish (a.) Somewhat brown.

Browny (a.) Brown or, somewhat brown.

Bruckeled (a.) Wet and dirty; begrimed.

Bruin (a.) A bear; -- so called in popular tales and fables.

Brumal (a.) Of or pertaining to winter.

Brummagem (a.) Counterfeit; gaudy but worthless; sham.

Brumous (a.) Foggy; misty.

Brunette (a.) A girl or woman with a somewhat brown or dark complexion.

Brunette (a.) Having a dark tint.

Brunonian (a.) Pertaining to, or invented by, Brown; -- a term applied to a system of medicine promulgated in the 18th century by John Brown, of Scotland, the fundamental doctrine of which was, that life is a state of excitation produced by the normal action of external agents upon the body, and that disease consists in excess or deficiency of excitation.

Brushing (a.) Constructed or used to brush with; as a brushing machine.

Brushing (a.) Brisk; light; as, a brushing gallop.

Brushy (a.) Resembling a brush; shaggy; rough.

Brusk (a.) Same as Brusque.

Brusque (a.) Rough and prompt in manner; blunt; abrupt; bluff; as, a brusque man; a brusque style.

Brutal (a.) Of or pertaining to a brute; as, brutal nature.

Brutal (a.) Like a brute; savage; cruel; inhuman; brutish; unfeeling; merciless; gross; as, brutal manners.

Brute (a.) Not having sensation; senseless; inanimate; unconscious; without intelligence or volition; as, the brute earth; the brute powers of nature.

Brute (a.) Not possessing reason, irrational; unthinking; as, a brute beast; the brute creation.

Brute (a.) Of, pertaining to, or characteristic of, a brute beast. Hence: Brutal; cruel; fierce; ferocious; savage; pitiless; as, brute violence.

Brute (a.) Having the physical powers predominating over the mental; coarse; unpolished; unintelligent.

Brute (a.) Rough; uncivilized; unfeeling.

Brutish (a.) Pertaining to, or resembling, a brute or brutes; of a cruel, gross, and stupid nature; coarse; unfeeling; unintelligent.

Bryological (a.) Relating to bryology; as, bryological studies.

Bryozoan (a.) Of or pertaining to the Bryozoa.


Bubbly (a.) Abounding in bubbles; bubbling.

Bubonic (a.) Of or pertaining to a bubo or buboes; characterized by buboes.

Buccal (a.) Of or pertaining to the mouth or cheeks.

Buccaneerish (a.) Like a buccaneer; piratical.

Buccinal (a.) Shaped or sounding like a trumpet; trumpetlike.

Buccinoid (a.) Resembling the genus Buccinum, or pertaining to the Buccinidae, a family of marine univalve shells. See Whelk, and Prosobranchiata.

Buck-eyed (a.) Having bad or speckled eyes.

Buckish (a.) Dandified; foppish.

Buckler-headed (a.) Having a head like a buckler.

Buckling (a.) Wavy; curling, as hair.

Buckra (a.) White; white man's; strong; good; as, buckra yam, a white yam.

Buckram (a.) Made of buckram; as, a buckram suit.

Buckram (a.) Stiff; precise.

Bucolic (a.) Of or pertaining to the life and occupation of a shepherd; pastoral; rustic.

Bucolical (a.) Bucolic.

Buddhist (a.) Of or pertaining to Buddha, Buddhism, or the Buddhists.

Buddhistic (a.) Same as Buddhist, a.

Budge (a.)

Budge (a.) Austere or stiff, like scholastics.

Buff (a.) A wheel covered with buff leather, and used in polishing cutlery, spoons, etc.

Buff (a.) The bare skin; as, to strip to the buff.

Buff (a.) Made of buff leather.

Buff (a.) Of the color of buff.

Buff (a.) Firm; sturdy.

Buffa (a.) Comic, farcical.

Buffle-headed (a.) Having a large head, like a buffalo; dull; stupid; blundering.

Buffoon (a.) Characteristic of, or like, a buffoon.

Buffoonish (a.) Like a buffoon; consisting in low jests or gestures.

Buffoonly (a.) Low; vulgar.

Buffy (a.) Resembling, or characterized by, buff.

Bugbear (a.) Causing needless fright.

Bugginess (a.) The state of being infested with bugs.

Buggy (a.) Infested or abounding with bugs.

Bugle (a.) Jet black.

Bugled (a.) Ornamented with bugles.

Built (a.) Formed; shaped; constructed; made; -- often used in composition and preceded by the word denoting the form; as, frigate-built, clipper-built, etc.

Bulbar (a.) Of or pertaining to bulb; especially, in medicine, pertaining to the bulb of the spinal cord, or medulla oblongata; as, bulbar paralysis.

Bulbed (a.) Having a bulb; round-headed.

Bulbose (a.) Bulbous.

Bulgy (a.) Bulged; bulging; bending, or tending to bend, outward.

Bulky (a.) Of great bulk or dimensions; of great size; large; thick; massive; as, bulky volumes.

Bull (a.) Of or pertaining to a bull; resembling a bull; male; large; fierce.

Bullantic (a.) Pertaining to, or used in, papal bulls.

Bullate (a.) Appearing as if blistered; inflated; puckered.

Bulldog (a.) Characteristic of, or like, a bulldog; stubborn; as, bulldog courage; bulldog tenacity.

Bulled (a.) Swollen.

Bullet-proof (a.) Capable of resisting the force of a bullet.

Bullfaced (a.) Having a large face.

Bullheaded (a.) Having a head like that of a bull. Fig.: Headstrong; obstinate; dogged.

Bullish (a.) Partaking of the nature of a bull, or a blunder.

Bull-necked (a.) Having a short and thick neck like that of a bull.

Bully (a.) Jovial and blustering; dashing.

Bully (a.) Fine; excellent; as, a bully horse.

Bumptious (a.) Self-conceited; forward; pushing.

Bunch-backed (a.) Having a bunch on the back; crooked.

Bunchy (a.) Swelling out in bunches.

Bunchy (a.) Growing in bunches, or resembling a bunch; having tufts; as, the bird's bunchy tail.

Bunchy (a.) Yielding irregularly; sometimes rich, sometimes poor; as, a bunchy mine.

Bungling (a.) Unskillful; awkward; clumsy; as, a bungling workman.

Burdenous (a.) Burdensome.

Burdensome (a.) Grievous to be borne; causing uneasiness or fatigue; oppressive.

Bureaucratic (a.) Alt. of Bureaucratical

Bureaucratical (a.) Of, relating to, or resembling, a bureaucracy.

Burghal (a.) Belonging to a burgh.

Burglarious (a.) Pertaining to burglary; constituting the crime of burglary.

Burlesque (a.) Tending to excite laughter or contempt by extravagant images, or by a contrast between the subject and the manner of treating it, as when a trifling subject is treated with mock gravity; jocular; ironical.

Burletta (a.) A comic operetta; a music farce.

Burly (a.) Having a large, strong, or gross body; stout; lusty; -- now used chiefly of human beings, but formerly of animals, in the sense of stately or beautiful, and of inanimate things that were huge and bulky.

Burly (a.) Coarse and rough; boisterous.

Burman (a.) Of or pertaining to the Burmans or to Burmah.

Burmese (a.) Of or pertaining to Burmah, or its inhabitants.

Burnable (a.) Combustible.

Burning (a.) That burns; being on fire; excessively hot; fiery.

Burning (a.) Consuming; intense; inflaming; exciting; vehement; powerful; as, burning zeal.

Burnish (a.) To cause to shine; to make smooth and bright; to polish; specifically, to polish by rubbing with something hard and smooth; as, to burnish brass or paper.

Burry (a.) Abounding in burs, or containing burs; resembling burs; as, burry wool.

Bursal (a.) Of or pertaining to a bursa or to bursae.

Bursiculate (a.) Bursiform.

Bursiform (a.) Shaped like a purse.

Bushless (a.) Free from bushes; bare.

Bushy (a.) Thick and spreading, like a bush.

Bushy (a.) Full of bushes; overgrowing with shrubs.

Businesslike (a.) In the manner of one transacting business wisely and by right methods.

Busked (a.) Wearing a busk.

Buskined (a.) Wearing buskins.

Buskined (a.) Trodden by buskins; pertaining to tragedy.

Busky (a.) See Bosky, and 1st Bush, n.

Bustling (a.) Agitated; noisy; tumultuous; characterized by confused activity; as, a bustling crowd.

Busy (a.) Engaged in some business; hard at work (either habitually or only for the time being); occupied with serious affairs; not idle nor at leisure; as, a busy merchant.

Busy (a.) Constantly at work; diligent; active.

Busy (a.) Crowded with business or activities; -- said of places and times; as, a busy street.

Busy (a.) Officious; meddling; foolish active.

Busy (a.) Careful; anxious.

Butcherly (a.) Like a butcher; without compunction; savage; bloody; inhuman; fell.

Butter-fingered (a.) Apt to let things fall, or to let them slip away; slippery; careless.

Buttery (a.) Having the qualities, consistence, or appearance, of butter.

Buttony (a.) Ornamented with a large number of buttons.

Butyraceous (a.) Having the qualities of butter; resembling butter.

Butyric (a.) Pertaining to, or derived from, butter.

Butyrous (a.) Butyraceous.

Buxeous (a.) Belonging to the box tree.

Buxom (a.) Yielding; pliable or compliant; ready to obey; obedient; tractable; docile; meek; humble.

Buxom (a.) Having the characteristics of health, vigor, and come

Buzzard (a.) Senseless; stupid.

By (a.) Out of the common path; aside; -- used in composition, giving the meaning of something aside, secondary, or incidental, or collateral matter, a thing private or avoiding notice; as, by-

Bygone (a.) Past; gone by.

By-past (a.) Past; gone by.

Byronic (a.) Pertaining to, or in the style of, Lord Byron.

Byssaceous (a.) Byssuslike; consisting of fine fibers or threads, as some very delicate filamentous algae.

Byssiferous (a.) Bearing a byssus or tuft.

Byssine (a.) Made of silk; having a silky or flaxlike appearance.

Byssoid (a.) Byssaceous.

Byzantine (a.) Of or pertaining to Byzantium.

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