Adjectives Starting with C

Cabalistic (a.) Alt. of Cabalistical

Cabalistical (a.) Of or pertaining to the cabala; containing or conveying an occult meaning; mystic.


Cabinet (a.) Suitable for a cabinet; small.

Cabirian (a.) Same as Cabiric.

Cabiric (a.) Of or pertaining to the Cabiri, or to their mystical worship.

Cabled (a.) Fastened with, or attached to, a cable or rope.

Cabled (a.) Adorned with cabling.

Cablelaid (a.) Composed of three three-stranded ropes, or hawsers, twisted together to form a cable.

Cablelaid (a.) Twisted after the manner of a cable; as, a cable-laid gold chain.

Caboched (a.) Showing the full face, but nothing of the neck; -- said of the head of a beast in armorial bearing.

Cachectic (a.) Alt. of Cachectical

Cachectical (a.) Having, or pertaining to, cachexia; as, cachectic remedies; cachectical blood.

Cachinnatory (a.) Consisting of, or accompanied by, immoderate laughter.

Cacochymic (a.) Alt. of Cacochymical

Cacochymical (a.) Having the fluids of the body vitiated, especially the blood.

Cacodoxical (a.) Heretical.

Cacodylic (a.) Of, pertaining to, or derived from, cacodyl.

Cacogastric (a.) Troubled with bad digestion.

Cacographic (a.) Pertaining to, or characterized by, cacography; badly written or spelled.

Cacophonic (a.) Alt. of Cacophonious

Cacophonical (a.) Alt. of Cacophonious

Cacophonous (a.) Alt. of Cacophonious

Cacophonious (a.) Harsh-sounding.

Cactaceous (a.) Belonging to, or like, the family of plants of which the prickly pear is a common example.

Cacuminal (a.) Pertaining to the top of the palate; cerebral; -- applied to certain consonants; as, cacuminal (or cerebral) letters.

Cadastral (a.) Of or pertaining to landed property.

Cadaveric (a.) Of, pertaining to, or resembling, a corpse, or the changes produced by death; cadaverous; as, cadaveric rigidity.

Cadaverous (a.) Having the appearance or color of a dead human body; pale; ghastly; as, a cadaverous look.

Cadaverous (a.) Of or pertaining to, or having the qualities of, a dead body.

Caddish (a.) Like a cad; lowbred and presuming.

Cade (a.) Bred by hand; domesticated; petted.

Cadent (a.) Falling.

Cadgy (a.) Cheerful or mirthful, as after good eating or drinking; also, wanton.

Cadmean (a.) Of or pertaining to Cadmus, a fabulous prince of Thebes, who was said to have introduced into Greece the sixteen simple letters of the alphabet -- /, /, /, /, /, /, /, /, /, /, /, /, /, /, /, /. These are called Cadmean letters.

Cadmian (a.) See Cadmean.

Cadmic (a.) Pertaining to, derived from, or containing, cadmium; as, cadmic sulphide.

Caducary (a.) Relating to escheat, forfeiture, or confiscation.

Caducean (a.) Of or belonging to Mercury's caduceus, or wand.

Caducibranchiate (a.) With temporary gills: -- applied to those Amphibia in which the gills do not remain in adult life.

Caduke (a.) Perishable; frail; transitory.

Caecal (a.) Of or pertaining to the caecum, or blind gut.

Caecal (a.) Having the form of a caecum, or bag with one opening; baglike; as, the caecal extremity of a duct.

Caenozoic (a.) See Cenozoic.

Caesarean (a.) Alt. of Caesarian

Caesarian (a.) Of or pertaining to Caesar or the Caesars; imperial.

Caesious (a.) Of the color of lavender; pale blue with a slight mixture of gray.

Caespitose (a.) Same as Cespitose.

Caesural (a.) Of or pertaining to a caesura.

Caffeic (a.) Pertaining to, or obtained from, coffee.

Caffetannic (a.) Pertaining to, or derived from, the tannin of coffee.

Caged (a.) Confined in, or as in, a cage; like a cage or prison.

Cahincic (a.) Pertaining to, or derived from, cahinca, the native name of a species of Brazilian Chiococca, perhaps C. racemosa; as, cahincic acid.

Cainozoic (a.) See Cenozic.

Caitiff (a.) Captive; wretched; unfortunate.

Caitiff (a.) Base; wicked and mean; cowardly; despicable.

Calamiferous (a.) Producing reeds; reedy.

Calamitous (a.) Suffering calamity; wretched; miserable.

Calamitous (a.) Producing, or attended with distress and misery; making wretched; wretched; unhappy.

Calando (a.) Gradually diminishing in rapidity and loudness.

Calcaneal (a.) Pertaining to the calcaneum; as, calcaneal arteries.

Calcarate (a.) Alt. of Calcarated

Calcarated (a.) Having a spur, as the flower of the toadflax and larkspur; spurred.

Calcarated (a.) Armed with a spur.

Calcareo-argillaceous (a.) consisting of, or containing, calcareous and argillaceous earths.

Calcareo-bituminous (a.) Consisting of, or containing, lime and bitumen.

Calcareo-siliceous (a.) Consisting of, or containing calcareous and siliceous earths.

Calcareous (a.) Partaking of the nature of calcite or calcium carbonate; consisting of, or containing, calcium carbonate or carbonate of lime.

Calcariferous (a.) Lime-yielding; calciferous

Calcarine (a.) Pertaining to, or situated near, the calcar of the brain.

Calceated (a.) Fitted with, or wearing, shoes.

Calced (a.) Wearing shoes; calceated; -- in distintion from discalced or barefooted; as the calced Carmelites.

Calcedonic (a.) Alt. of Calcedonian

Calcedonian (a.) See Chalcedonic.

Calceiform (a.) Shaped like a slipper, as one petal of the lady's-slipper; calceolate.

Calceolate (a.) Slipper-ahaped. See Calceiform.

Calcic (a.) Pertaining to, derived from, or containing, calcium or lime.

Calciferous (a.) Bearing, producing, or containing calcite, or carbonate of lime.

Calcific (a.) Calciferous. Specifically: (Zool.) of or pertaining to the portion of the oviduct which forms the eggshell in birds and reptiles.

Calcified (a.) Consisting of, or containing, calcareous matter or lime salts; calcareous.

Calciform (a.) In the form of chalk or lime.

Calcigenous (a.) Tending to form, or to become, a calx or earthlike substance on being oxidized or burnt; as magnesium, calcium. etc.

Calcigerous (a.) Holding lime or other earthy salts; as, the calcigerous cells of the teeth.

Calcinable (a.) That may be calcined; as, a calcinable fossil.

Calcitrant (a.) Kicking. Hence: Stubborn; refractory.

Calcivorous (a.) Eroding, or eating into, limestone.

Calcographic (a.) Alt. of Calcographical

Calcographical (a.) Relating to, or in the style of, calcography.

Calculable (a.) That may be calculated or ascertained by calculation.

Calculary (a.) Of or pertaining to calculi.

Calculating (a.) Of or pertaining to mathematical calculations; performing or able to perform mathematical calculations.

Calculating (a.) Given to contrivance or forethought; forecasting; scheming; as, a cool calculating disposition.

Calculative (a.) Of or pertaining to calculation; involving calculation.

Calculatory (a.) Belonging to calculation.

Calculous (a.) Of the nature of a calculus; like stone; gritty; as, a calculous concretion.

Calculous (a.) Caused, or characterized, by the presence of a calculus or calculi; a, a calculous disorder; affected with gravel or stone; as, a calculous person.

Caledonian (a.) Of or pertaining to Caledonia or Scotland; Scottish; Scotch.

Calefacient (a.) Making warm; heating.

Calefactive (a.) See Calefactory.

Calefactory (a.) Making hot; producing or communicating heat.

Calendarial (a.) Of or pertaining to the calendar or a calendar.

Calendary (a.) Calendarial.

Calendric (a.) Alt. of Calendrical

Calendrical (a.) Of or pertaining to a calendar.

Calico (a.) Made of, or having the appearance of, calico; -- often applied to an animal, as a horse or cat, on whose body are large patches of a color strikingly different from its main color.

Calicular (a.) Alt. of Caliculate

Caliculate (a.) Relating to, or resembling, a cup; also improperly used for calycular, calyculate.

Calid (a.) Hot; burning; ardent.

Californian (a.) Of or pertaining to California.

Caliginous (a.) Affected with darkness or dimness; dark; obscure.

Caligraphic (a.) See Calligraphic.

Calippic (a.) Of or pertaining to Calippus, an Athenian astronomer.

Calisthenis (a.) Of or pertaining to calisthenics.

Caller (a.) Cool; refreshing; fresh; as, a caller day; the caller air.

Caller (a.) Fresh; in good condition; as, caller berrings.

Callid (a.) Characterized by cunning or shrewdness; crafty.

Calligraphic (a.) Alt. of Calligraphical

Calligraphical (a.) Of or pertaining to calligraphy.

Callithumpian (a.) Of, pertaining to, or resembling, a callithump.

Callosan (a.) Of the callosum.

Callose (a.) Furnished with protuberant or hardened spots.

Callous (a.) Hardened; indurated.

Callous (a.) Hardened in mind; insensible; unfeeling; unsusceptible.

Callow (a.) Destitute of feathers; naked; unfledged.

Callow (a.) Immature; boyish; "green"; as, a callow youth.

Caloric (a.) Of or pertaining to caloric.

Calorifacient (a.) See Calorificient.

Calorifiant (a.) See Calorificient.

Calorific (a.) Possessing the quality of producing heat; heating.

Calorificient (a.) Having, or relating to the power of producing heat; -- applied to foods which, being rich in carbon, as the fats, are supposed to give rise to heat in the animal body by oxidation.

Calorimetric (a.) Of or pertaining to the process of using the calorimeter.

Calumniatory (a.) Containing calumny; slanderous.

Calumnious (a.) Containing or implying calumny; false, malicious, and injurious to reputation; slanderous; as, calumnious reports.

Calvinistic (a.) Alt. of Calvinistical

Calvinistical (a.) Of or pertaining to Calvin, or Calvinism; following Calvin; accepting or Teaching Calvinism.

Calvish (a.) Like a calf; stupid.

Calycifloral (a.) Alt. of callyciflorous

Callyciflorous (a.) Having the petals and stamens adnate to the calyx; -- applied to a subclass of dicotyledonous plants in the system of the French botanist Candolle.

Calyciform (a.) Having the form or appearance of a calyx.

Calycinal (a.) Alt. of Calycine

Calycine (a.) Pertaining to a calyx; having the nature of a calyx.

Calycled (a.) Calyculate.

Calycular (a.) Pertaining to, or resembling, the bracts of a calycle.

Calyculate (a.) Alt. of Calyculated

Calyculated (a.) Having a set of bracts resembling a calyx.

Calyptriform (a.) Having the form a calyptra, or extinguisher.

Cam (a.) Crooked.

Camberkeeled (a.) Having the keel arched upwards, but not actually hogged; -- said of a ship.

Cambial (a.) Belonging to exchanges in commerce; of exchange.

Cambrian (a.) Of or pertaining to Cambria or Wales.

Cambrian (a.) Of or pertaining to the lowest subdivision of the rocks of the Silurian or Molluscan age; -- sometimes described as inferior to the Silurian. It is named from its development in Cambria or Wales. See the Diagram under Geology.

Camel-backed (a.) Having a back like a camel; humpbacked.

Camelshair (a.) Of camel's hair.

Cameralistic (a.) Of or pertaining to finance and public revenue.

Camisated (a.) Dressed with a shirt over the other garments.

Camleted (a.) Wavy or undulating like camlet; veined.

Camous (a.) Alt. of Camoys

Camoys (a.) Flat; depressed; crooked; -- said only of the nose.

Camoused (a.) Depressed; flattened.

Campaned (a.) Furnished with, or bearing, campanes, or bells.

Campaniform (a.) Bell-shaped.

Campaniliform (a.) Bell-shaped; campanulate; campaniform.

Campanulaceous (a.) Of pertaining to, or resembling, the family of plants (Camponulaceae) of which Campanula is the type, and which includes the Canterbury bell, the harebell, and the Venus's looking-glass.

Campanulate (a.) Bell-shaped.

Campestral (a.) Alt. of Campestrian

Campestrian (a.) Relating to an open fields; drowing in a field; growing in a field, or open ground.

Camphoraceous (a.) Of the nature of camphor; containing camphor.

Camphoric (a.) Of, pertaining to, or derived from, camphor.

Camphretic (a.) Pertaining to, or derived from camphor.

Campylospermous (a.) Having seeds grooved lengthwise on the inner face, as in sweet cicely.

Campylotropous (a.) Having the ovules and seeds so curved, or bent down upon themselves, that the ends of the embryo are brought close together.

Canaanitish (a.) Of or pertaining to Canaan or the Canaanites.

Canadian (a.) Of or pertaining to Canada.

Canaliculate (a.) Alt. of Canaliculated

Canaliculated (a.) Having a channel or groove, as in the leafstalks of most palms.

Canarese (a.) Pertaining to Canara, a district of British India.

Canary (a.) Of or pertaining to the Canary Islands; as, canary wine; canary birds.

Canary (a.) Of a pale yellowish color; as, Canary stone.

Cancellarean (a.) Cancellarean.

Cancellated (a.) Crossbarred; marked with cross

Cancellated (a.) Open or spongy, as some porous bones.

Cancellous (a.) Having a spongy or porous structure; made up of cancelli; cancellated; as, the cancellous texture of parts of many bones.

Cancriform (a.) Having the form of, or resembling, a crab; crab-shaped.

Cancriform (a.) Like a cancer; cancerous.

Cancrine (a.) Having the qualities of a crab; crablike.

Cancroid (a.) Resembling a crab; pertaining to the Cancroidea, one of the families of crabs, including the genus Cancer.

Cancroid (a.) Like a cancer; as, a cancroid tumor.

Candent (a.) Heated to whiteness; glowing with heat.

Candicant (a.) Growing white.

Candid (a.) White.

Candid (a.) Free from undue bias; disposed to think and judge according to truth and justice, or without partiality or prejudice; fair; just; impartial; as, a candid opinion.

Candid (a.) Open; frank; ingenuous; outspoken.

Candied (a.) Preserved in or with sugar; incrusted with a candylike substance; as, candied fruits.

Candied (a.) Converted wholly or partially into sugar or candy; as candied sirup.

Candied (a.) Conted or more or less with sugar; as, candidied raisins

Candied (a.) Figuratively; Honeyed; sweet; flattering.

Candied (a.) Covered or incrusted with that which resembles sugar or candy.

Candiot (a.) Of or pertaining to Candia; Cretary.

Caned (a.) Filled with white flakes; mothery; -- said vinegar when containing mother.

Canescent (a.) Growing white, or assuming a color approaching to white.

Canicular (a.) Pertaining to, or measured, by the rising of the Dog Star.

Caninal (a.) See Canine, a.

Canine (a.) Of or pertaining to the family Canidae, or dogs and wolves; having the nature or qualities of a dog; like that or those of a dog.

Canine (a.) Of or pertaining to the pointed tooth on each side the incisors.

Canker-bit (a.) Eaten out by canker, or as by canker.

Cankered (a.) Affected with canker; as, a cankered mouth.

Cankered (a.) Affected mentally or morally as with canker; sore, envenomed; malignant; fretful; ill-natured.

Cankerous (a.) Affecting like a canker.

Cankery (a.) Like a canker; full of canker.

Cankery (a.) Surly; sore; malignant.

Cannabine (a.) Pertaining to hemp; hempen.

Cannibal (a.) Relating to cannibals or cannibalism.

Cannoned (a.) Furnished with cannon.

Cannular (a.) Having the form of a tube; tubular.

Cannulated (a.) Hollow; affording a passage through its interior length for wire, thread, etc.; as, a cannulated (suture) needle.

Canny (a.) Alt. of Cannei

Cannei (a.) Artful; cunning; shrewd; wary.

Cannei (a.) Skillful; knowing; capable.

Cannei (a.) Cautious; prudent; safe..

Cannei (a.) Having pleasing or useful qualities; gentle.

Cannei (a.) Reputed to have magical powers.

Canonic (a.) Alt. of Cannonical

Cannonical (a.) Of or pertaining to a canon; established by, or according to a , canon or canons.

Canonistic (a.) Of or pertaining to a canonist.

Canonship (a.) Of or pertaining to Canopus in Egypt; as, the Canopic vases, used in embalming.

Canorous (a.) Melodious; musical.

Cant (a.) Of the nature of cant; affected; vulgar.

Cantabile (a.) In a melodious, flowing style; in a singing style, as opposed to bravura, recitativo, or parlando.

Cantabrian (a.) Of or pertaining to Cantabria on the Bay of Biscay in Spain.

Cantankerous (a.) Perverse; contentious; ugly; malicious.

Cantatory (a.) Containing cant or affectation; whining; singing.

Canted (a.) Having angles; as, a six canted bolt head; a canted window.

Canted (a.) Inc

Cantharidal (a.) Of or pertaining to cantharides or made of cantharides; as, cantharidal plaster.

Canting (a.) Speaking in a whining tone of voice; using technical or religious terms affectedly; affectedly pious; as, a canting rogue; a canting tone.

Cantonal (a.) Of or pertaining to a canton or cantons; of the nature of a canton.

Cantoned (a.) Having a charge in each of the four corners; -- said of a cross on a shield, and also of the shield itself.

Cantoned (a.) Having the angles marked by, or decorated with, projecting moldings or small columns; as, a cantoned pier or pilaster.

Cantoral (a.) Of or belonging to a cantor.

Cantoris (a.) Of or pertaining to a cantor; as, the cantoris side of a choir; a cantoris stall.

Canty (a.) Cheerful; sprightly; lively; merry.

Canula (a.) Alt. of Canulated

Canular (a.) Alt. of Canulated

Canulated (a.) See Cannula, Cannular, and Cannulated.

Canvas (a.) Made of, pertaining to, or resembling, canvas or coarse cloth; as, a canvas tent.

Cany (a.) Of or pertaining to cane or canes; abounding with canes.

Capable (a.) Possessing ability, qualification, or susceptibility; having capacity; of sufficient size or strength; as, a room capable of holding a large number; a castle capable of resisting a long assault.

Capable (a.) Possessing adequate power; qualified; able; fully competent; as, a capable instructor; a capable judge; a mind capable of nice investigations.

Capable (a.) Possessing legal power or capacity; as, a man capable of making a contract, or a will.

Capable (a.) Capacious; large; comprehensive.

Capacious (a.) Having capacity; able to contain much; large; roomy; spacious; extended; broad; as, a capacious vessel, room, bay, or harbor.

Capacious (a.) Able or qualified to make large views of things, as in obtaining knowledge or forming designs; comprehensive; liberal.

Capillaceous (a.) Having long filaments; resembling a hair; slender. See Capillary.

Capillary (a.) Resembling a hair; fine; minute; very slender; having minute tubes or interspaces; having very small bore; as, the capillary vessels of animals and plants.

Capillary (a.) Pertaining to capillary tubes or vessels; as, capillary action.

Capilliform (a.) In the shape or form of, a hair, or of hairs.

Capillose (a.) Having much hair; hairy.

Capistrate (a.) Hooded; cowled.

Capital (a.) That portion of the produce of industry, which may be directly employed either to support human beings or to assist in production.

Capital (a.) Anything which can be used to increase one's power or influence.

Capital (a.) An imaginary

Capital (a.) A chapter, or section, of a book.

Capital (a.) See Capital letter, under Capital, a.

Capitate (a.) Headlike in form; also, having the distal end enlarged and rounded, as the stigmas of certain flowers.

Capitate (a.) Having the flowers gathered into a head.

Capitatim (a.) Of so much per head; as, a capitatim tax; a capitatim grant.

Capitellate (a.) Having a very small knoblike termination, or collected into minute capitula.

Capitolian (a.) Alt. of Capito


Capitular (a.) Of or pertaining to a chapter; capitulary.

Capitular (a.) Growing in, or pertaining to, a capitulum.

Capitular (a.) Pertaining to a capitulum; as, the capitular process of a vertebra, the process which articulates with the capitulum of a rib.

Capitulary (a.) Relating to the chapter of a cathedral; capitular.

Capreolate (a.) Having a tendril or tendrils.


Capric (a.) Of or pertaining to capric acid or its derivatives.

Capricioso (a.) In a free, fantastic style.

Capricious (a.) Governed or characterized by caprice; apt to change suddenly; freakish; whimsical; changeable.

Caprid (a.) Of or pertaining to the tribe of ruminants of which the goat, or genus Capra, is the type.

Caprifoliaceous (a.) Of, pertaining to, or resembling, the Honeysuckle family of plants (Caprifoliacae.

Capriform (a.) Having the form of a goat.

Caprigenous (a.) Of the goat kind.

Caprine (a.) Of or pertaining to a goat; as, caprine gambols.

Capriped (a.) Having feet like those of a goat.

Caproic (a.) See under Capric.

Caprylic (a.) See under Capric.

Capsular (a.) Alt. of Capsulary

Capsulary (a.) Of or pertaining to a capsule; having the nature of a capsule; hollow and fibrous.

Capsulate (a.) Alt. of Capsulated

Capsulated (a.) Inclosed in a capsule, or as in a chest or box.

Captain (a.) Chief; superior.

Captious (a.) Apt to catch at faults; disposed to find fault or to cavil; eager to object; difficult to please.

Captious (a.) Fitted to harass, perplex, or insnare; insidious; troublesome.

Captivating (a.) Having power to captivate or charm; fascinating; as, captivating smiles.

Captive (a.) Made prisoner, especially in war; held in bondage or in confinement.

Captive (a.) Subdued by love; charmed; captivated.

Captive (a.) Of or pertaining to bondage or confinement; serving to confine; as, captive chains; captive hours.

Capuched (a.) Cover with, or as with, a hood.

Carabid (a.) Of, pertaining to, or resembling, the genus Carbus or family Carabidae.

Caraboid (a.) Like, or pertaining to the genus Carabus.

Carangoid (a.) Belonging to the Carangidae, a family of fishes allied to the mackerels, and including the caranx, American bluefish, and the pilot fish.

Carbamic (a.) Pertaining to an acid so called.

Carbazotic (a.) Containing, or derived from, carbon and nitrogen.

Carbolic (a.) Pertaining to, or designating, an acid derived from coal tar and other sources; as, carbolic acid (called also phenic acid, and phenol). See Phenol.

Carbonaceous (a.) Pertaining to, containing, or composed of, carbon.

Carbonated (a.) Combined or impregnated with carbonic acid.

Carbonic (a.) Of, pertaining to, or obtained from, carbon; as, carbonic oxide.

Carboniferous (a.) Producing or containing carbon or coal.

Carbuncled (a.) Set with carbuncles.

Carbuncled (a.) Affected with a carbuncle or carbuncles; marked with red sores; pimpled and blotched.

Carbuncular (a.) Belonging to a carbuncle; resembling a carbuncle; red; inflamed.

Carbureted (a.) Combined with carbon in the manner of a carburet or carbide.

Carbureted (a.) Saturated or impregnated with some volatile carbon compound; as, water gas is carbureted to increase its illuminating power.

Carceral (a.) Belonging to a prison.

Carcinological (a.) Of or pertaining to carcinology.

Carcinomatous (a.) Of or pertaining to carcinoma.

Cardiac (a.) Pertaining to, resembling, or hear the heart; as, the cardiac arteries; the cardiac, or left, end of the stomach.

Cardiac (a.) Exciting action in the heart, through the medium of the stomach; cordial; stimulant.

Cardiacal (a.) Cardiac.

Cardinal (a.) Of fundamental importance; preeminent; superior; chief; principal.

Cardinal (a.) One of the ecclesiastical princes who constitute the pope's council, or the sacred college.

Cardinal (a.) A woman's short cloak with a hood.

Cardinal (a.) Mulled red wine.

Carding (a.) The act or process of preparing staple for spinning, etc., by carding it. See the Note under Card, v. t.

Cardiographic (a.) Of or pertaining to, or produced by, a cardiograph.

Cardioinhibitory (a.) Checking or arresting the heart's action.

Careful (a.) Full of care; anxious; solicitous.

Careful (a.) Filling with care or solicitude; exposing to concern, anxiety, or trouble; painful.

Careful (a.) Taking care; giving good heed; watchful; cautious; provident; not indifferent, heedless, or reckless; -- often followed by of, for, or the infinitive; as, careful of money; careful to do right.

Careless (a.) Free from care or anxiety. hence, cheerful; light-hearted.

Careless (a.) Having no care; not taking ordinary or proper care; negligent; unconcerned; heedless; inattentive; unmindful; regardless.

Careless (a.) Without thought or purpose; without due care; without attention to rule or system; unstudied; inconsiderate; spontaneous; rash; as, a careless throw; a careless expression.

Careless (a.) Not receiving care; uncared for.

Caretuned (a.) Weary; mournful.

Careworn (a.) Worn or burdened with care; as, careworn look or face.

Caribbean (a.) Alt. of Caribbee

Caribbee (a.) Of or pertaining to the Caribs, to their islands (the eastern and southern West Indies), or to the sea (called the Caribbean sea) lying between those islands and Central America.

Caricous (a.) Of the shape of a fig; as, a caricous tumor.

Carinate (a.) Alt. of Carinated

Carinated (a.) Shaped like the keel or prow of a ship; having a carina or keel; as, a carinate calyx or leaf; a carinate sternum (of a bird).

Carious (a.) Affected with caries; decaying; as, a carious tooth.

Carking (a.) Distressing; worrying; perplexing; corroding; as, carking cares.

Carlovingian (a.) Pertaining to, founded by, of descended from, Charlemagne; as, the Carlovingian race of kings.

Carmelite (a.) Alt. of Carmelin

Carmelin (a.) Of or pertaining to the order of Carmelites.

Carminated (a.) Of, relating to, or mixed with, carmine; as, carminated lake.

Carminative (a.) Expelling wind from the body; warming; antispasmodic.

Carminic (a.) Of or pertaining to, or derived from, carmine.

Carnal (a.) Of or pertaining to the body or its appetites; animal; fleshly; sensual; given to sensual indulgence; lustful; human or worldly as opposed to spiritual.

Carnal (a.) Flesh-devouring; cruel; ravenous; bloody.

Carnal-minded (a.) Worldly-minded.

Carnassial (a.) Adapted to eating flesh.

Carnate (a.) Invested with, or embodied in, flesh.

Carnationed (a.) Having a flesh color.

Carneous (a.) Consisting of, or like, flesh; carnous; fleshy.

Carnivorous (a.) Eating or feeding on flesh. The term is applied: (a) to animals which naturally seek flesh for food, as the tiger, dog, etc.; (b) to plants which are supposed to absorb animal food; (c) to substances which destroy animal tissue, as caustics.

Carnose (a.) Alt. of Carnous

Carnous (a.) Of or pertaining to flesh; fleshy.

Carnous (a.) Of a fleshy consistence; -- applied to succulent leaves, stems, etc.

Caroched (a.) Placed in a caroche.

Carolitic (a.) Adorned with sculptured leaves and branches.

Carotic (a.) Of or pertaining to stupor; as, a carotic state.

Carotic (a.) Carotid; as, the carotic arteries.

Carotid (a.) Alt. of Carotidal

Carotidal (a.) Pertaining to, or near, the carotids or one of them; as, the carotid gland.

Carousing (a.) That carouses; relating to a carouse.

Carpal (a.) Of or pertaining to the carpus, or wrist.

Carpathian (a.) Of or pertaining to a range of mountains in Austro-Hungary, called the Carpathians, which partially inclose Hungary on the north, east, and south.

Carpellary (a.) Belonging to, forming, or containing carpels.

Carpetless (a.) Without a carpet.

Carping (a.) Fault-finding; censorious caviling. See Captious.

Carpogenic (a.) Productive of fruit, or causing fruit to be developed.

Carpological (a.) Of or pertaining to carpology.

Carpophagous (a.) Living on fruits; fruit-consuming.

Carriable (a.) Capable of being carried.

Carriageable (a.) Passable by carriages; that can be conveyed in carriages.

Carrion (a.) Of or pertaining to dead and putrefying carcasses; feeding on carrion.

Carroty (a.) Like a carrot in color or in taste; -- an epithet given to reddish yellow hair, etc.

Cartesian (a.) Of or pertaining to the French philosopher Rene Descartes, or his philosophy.

Carthaginian (a.) Of a pertaining to ancient Carthage, a city of northern Africa.

Carthusian (a.) Pertaining to the Carthusian.

Cartilagineous (a.) See Cartilaginous.

Cartilaginous (a.) Of or pertaining to cartilage; gristly; firm and tough like cartilage.

Cartilaginous (a.) Having the skeleton in the state of cartilage, the bones containing little or no calcareous matter; said of certain fishes, as the sturgeon and the sharks.

Cartographic (a.) Alt. of Cartographical

Cartographical (a.) Of or pertaining to cartography.

Caruncular (a.) Alt. of Carunculous

Carunculous (a.) Of, pertaining to, or like, a caruncle; furnished with caruncles.

Carunculate (a.) Alt. of Carunculated

Carunculated (a.) Having a caruncle or caruncles; caruncular.

Carvelbuilt (a.) Having the planks meet flush at the seams, instead of lapping as in a clinker-built vessel.

Carven (a.) Wrought by carving; ornamented by carvings; carved.

Caryatic (a.) Alt. of Caryatid

Caryatid (a.) Of or pertaining to a caryatid.

Caryophyllaceous (a.) Having corollas of five petals with long claws inclosed in a tubular, calyx, as the pink

Caryophyllaceous (a.) Belonging to the family of which the pink and the carnation are the types.

Caryophyllous (a.) Caryophyllaceous.

Casal (a.) Of or pertaining to case; as, a casal ending.

Casehardened (a.) Having the surface hardened, as iron tools.

Casehardened (a.) Hardened against, or insusceptible to, good influences; rendered callous by persistence in wrongdoing or resistance of good influences; -- said of persons.

Caseic (a.) Of or pertaining to cheese; as, caseic acid.

Casemated (a.) Furnished with, protected by, or built like, a casemate.

Casemented (a.) Having a casement or casements.

Caseous (a.) Of, pertaining to, or resembling, cheese; having the qualities of cheese; cheesy.

Cassideous (a.) Helmet-shaped; -- applied to a corolla having a broad, helmet-shaped upper petal, as in aconite.

Cassocked (a.) Clothed with a cassock.

Castalian (a.) Of or pertaining to Castalia, a mythical fountain of inspiration on Mt. Parnassus sacred to the Muses.

Castaway (a.) Of no value; rejected; useless.

Castellated (a.) Inclosed within a building; as, a fountain or cistern castellated.

Castellated (a.) Furnished with turrets and battlements, like a castle; built in the style of a castle.

Castigatory (a.) Punitive in order to amendment; corrective.

Castillan (a.) Of or pertaining to Castile, in Spain.

Cast-iron (a.) Made of cast iron. Hence, Fig.: like cast iron; hardy; unyielding.

Castled (a.) Having a castle or castles; supporting a castle; as, a castled height or crag.

Castled (a.) Fortified; turreted; as, castled walls.

Cast-off (a.) Cast or laid aside; as, cast-off clothes.

Castrensial (a.) Belonging to a camp.

Castrensian (a.) Castrensial.

Casual (a.) Happening or coming to pass without design, and without being foreseen or expected; accidental; fortuitous; coming by chance.

Casual (a.) Coming without regularity; occasional; incidental; as, casual expenses.

Casuistic (a.) Alt. of Casuistieal

Casuistieal (a.) Of or pertaining to casuists or casuistry.

Casuistry (a.) The science or doctrine of dealing with cases of conscience, of resolving questions of right or wrong in conduct, or determining the lawfulness or unlawfulness of what a man may do by rules and principles drawn from the Scriptures, from the laws of society or the church, or from equity and natural reason; the application of general moral rules to particular cases.

Casuistry (a.) Sophistical, equivocal, or false reasoning or teaching in regard to duties, obligations, and morals.

Catabiotic (a.) See under Force.

Catacaustic (a.) Relating to, or having the properties of, a caustic curve formed by reflection. See Caustic, a.

Catachrestic (a.) Alt. of Catachrestical

Catachrestical (a.) Belonging to, or in the manner of, a catachresis; wrested from its natural sense or form; forced; far-fetched.

Cataclysmal (a.) Alt. of Cataclysmic

Cataclysmic (a.) Of or pertaining to a cataclysm.

Catadioptric (a.) Alt. of Catadioptrical

Catadioptrical (a.) Pertaining to, produced by, or involving, both the reflection and refraction of light; as, a catadioptric light.

Catadromous (a.) Having the lowest inferior segment of a pinna nearer the rachis than the lowest superior one; -- said of a mode of branching in ferns, and opposed to anadromous.

Catadromous (a.) Living in fresh water, and going to the sea to spawn; -- opposed to anadromous, and said of the eel.

Catagmatic (a.) Having the quality of consolidating broken bones.

Catalan (a.) Of or pertaining to Catalonia.

Catalectic (a.) Wanting a syllable at the end, or terminating in an imperfect foot; as, a catalectic verse.

Catalectic (a.) Incomplete; partial; not affecting the whole of a substance.

Cataleptic (a.) Pertaining to, or resembling, catalepsy; affected with catalepsy; as, a cataleptic fit.

Catalytic (a.) Relating to, or causing, catalysis.

Catamenial (a.) Pertaining to the catamenia, or menstrual discharges.

Catanadromous (a.) Ascending and descending fresh streams from and to the sea, as the salmon; anadromous.

Catapeltic (a.) Of or pertaining to a catapult.

Catapetalous (a.) Having the petals held together by stamens, which grow to their bases, as in the mallow.

Cataphonic (a.) Of or relating to cataphonics; catacoustic.

Cataphracted (a.) Covered with a cataphract, or armor of plates, scales, etc.; or with that which corresponds to this, as horny or bony plates, hard, callous skin, etc.

Cataphractic (a.) Of, pertaining to, or resembling, a cataphract.

Cataphysical (a.) Unnatural; contrary to nature.

Cataractous (a.) Of the nature of a cataract in the eye; affected with cataract.

Catarrhal (a.) Pertaining to, produced by, or attending, catarrh; of the nature of catarrh.

Catarrhous (a.) Catarrhal.

Catastaltic (a.) Checking evacuations through astringent or styptic qualities.

Catastrophic (a.) Of a pertaining to a catastrophe.

Catchable (a.) Capable of being caught.

Catching (a.) Infectious; contagious.

Catching (a.) Captivating; alluring.

Catchpenny (a.) Made or contrived for getting small sums of money from the ignorant or unwary; as, a catchpenny book; a catchpenny show.

Catechetic (a.) Alt. of Catechetical

Catechetical (a.) Relating to or consisting in, asking questions and receiving answers, according to the ancient manner of teaching.

Catechismal (a.) Of or pertaining to a catechism, having the form of questions and answers; catechetical.

Catechistic (a.) Alt. of Catechistical

Catechistical (a.) Of or pertaining to a catechist or to a catechism.

Catechuic (a.) Of or pertaining to catechu or its derivatives. See catechin.

Catechumenical (a.) Of or pertaining to catechumens; as, catechumenical instructions.

Categorematic (a.) Capable of being employed by itself as a term; -- said of a word.

Categorical (a.) Of or pertaining to a category.

Categorical (a.) Not hypothetical or relative; admitting no conditions or exceptions; declarative; absolute; positive; express; as, a categorical proposition, or answer.

Catelectrotonic (a.) Relating to, or characterized by, catelectrotonus.

Catenary (a.) Alt. of Catenarian

Catenarian (a.) Relating to a chain; like a chain; as, a catenary curve.

Catenulate (a.) Consisting of little links or chains.

Catenulate (a.) Chainlike; -- said both or color marks and of indentations when arranged like the links of a chain, as on shells, etc.

Cater-cornered (a.) Diagonal.

Cat-eyed (a.) Having eyes like a cat; hence, able to see in the dark.

Cathartic (a.) Alt. of Catharical

Catharical (a.) Cleansing the bowels; promoting evacuations by stool; purgative.

Catharical (a.) Of or pertaining to the purgative principle of senna, as cathartic acid.

Cathedral (a.) Pertaining to the head church of a diocese; as, a cathedral church; cathedral service.

Cathedral (a.) Emanating from the chair of office, as of a pope or bishop; official; authoritative.

Cathedral (a.) Resembling the aisles of a cathedral; as, cathedral walks.

Cathedralic (a.) Cathedral.

Cathedrated (a.) Relating to the chair or office of a teacher.

Cathodic (a.) A term applied to the centrifugal, or efferent, course of the nervous influence.

Catholic (a.) Universal or general; as, the catholic faith.

Catholic (a.) Not narrow-minded, partial, or bigoted; liberal; as, catholic tastes.

Catholic (a.) Of or pertaining to, or affecting the Roman Catholics; as, the Catholic emancipation act.

Catholical (a.) Catholic.

Catilinarian (a.) Pertaining to Cati

Catlike (a.) Like a cat; stealthily; noiselessly.

Catonian (a.) Of, pertaining to, or resembling, the stern old Roman, Cato the Censor; severe; inflexible.

Catoptric (a.) Alt. of Catoptrical

Catoptrical (a.) Of or pertaining to catoptrics; produced by reflection.

Cat-rigged (a.) Rigged like a catboat.

Cattish (a.) Catlike; fe

Caucasian (a.) Of or pertaining to the Caucasus, a mountainous region between the Black and Caspian seas.

Caucasian (a.) Of or pertaining to the white races of mankind, of whom the people about Mount Caucasus were formerly taken as the type.

Caudal (a.) Of the nature of, or pertaining to, a tail; having a tail-like appendage.

Caudate (a.) Alt. of Caudated

Caudated (a.) Having a tail; having a termination like a tail.

Caulescent (a.) Having a leafy stem.

Cauliform (a.) Having the form of a caulis.


Caulocarpous (a.) Having stems which bear flowers and fruit year after year, as most trees and shrubs.

Causable (a.) Capable of being caused.

Causal (a.) Relating to a cause or causes; inplying or containing a cause or causes; expressing a cause; causative.

Causative (a.) Effective, as a cause or agent; causing.

Causative (a.) Expressing a cause or reason; causal; as, the ablative is a causative case.

Causeless (a.) 1. Self-originating; uncreated.

Causeless (a.) Without just or sufficient reason; groundless.

Causewayed (a.) Alt. of Causeyed

Causeyed (a.) Having a raised way (causeway or causey); paved.

Causidical (a.) Pertaining to an advocate, or to the maintenance and defense of suits.

Caustic (a.) Alt. of Caustical

Caustical (a.) Capable of destroying the texture of anything or eating away its substance by chemical action; burning; corrosive; searing.

Caustical (a.) Severe; satirical; sharp; as, a caustic remark.

Caustic (a.) Any substance or means which, applied to animal or other organic tissue, burns, corrodes, or destroys it by chemical action; an escharotic.

Caustic (a.) A caustic curve or caustic surface.

Cautelous (a.) Caution; prudent; wary.

Cautelous (a.) Crafty; deceitful; false.

Cautionary (a.) Conveying a caution, or warning to avoid danger; as, cautionary signals.

Cautionary (a.) Given as a pledge or as security.

Cautionary (a.) Wary; cautious.

Cautious (a.) Attentive to examine probable effects and consequences of acts with a view to avoid danger or misfortune; prudent; circumspect; wary; watchful; as, a cautious general.

Cavalier (a.) Gay; easy; offhand; frank.

Cavalier (a.) High-spirited.

Cavalier (a.) Supercilious; haughty; disdainful; curt; brusque.

Cavalier (a.) Of or pertaining to the party of King Charles I.

Cavalierish (a.) Somewhat like a cavalier.

Caverned (a.) Containing caverns.

Caverned (a.) Living in a cavern.

Cavernous (a.) Full of caverns; resembling a cavern or large cavity; hollow.

Cavernous (a.) Filled with small cavities or cells.

Cavernous (a.) Having a sound caused by a cavity.

Cavernulous (a.) Full of little cavities; as, cavernulous metal.

Cavicorn (a.) Having hollow horns.

Caviling (a.) Disposed to cavil; finding fault without good reason. See Captious.

Cavilous (a.) Alt. of Cavillous

Cavillous (a.) Characterized by caviling, or disposed to cavil; quibbing.

Cavitary (a.) Containing a body cavity; as, the cavitary or nematoid worms.

Cawky (a.) Of or pertaining to cawk; like cawk.

Ceaseless (a.) Without pause or end; incessant.

Cedar (a.) Of or pertaining to cedar.

Cedared (a.) Covered, or furnished with, cedars.

Cedarn (a.) Of or pertaining to the cedar or its wood.

Cedrine (a.) Of or pertaining to cedar or the cedar tree.

Cedry (a.) Of the nature of cedar.

Ceduous (a.) Fit to be felled.

Celebrated (a.) Having celebrity; distinguished; renowned.

Celebrious (a.) Famous.

Celestial (a.) Belonging to the aerial regions, or visible heavens.

Celestial (a.) Of or pertaining to the spiritual heaven; heavenly; divine.

Celiac (a.) See Coellac.

Celibate (a.) Unmarried; single; as, a celibate state.

Celled (a.) Containing a cell or cells.

Celliferous (a.) Bearing or producing cells.

Cellular (a.) Consisting of, or containing, cells; of or pertaining to a cell or cells.

Cellulated (a.) Cellular.

Celluliferous (a.) Bearing or producing little cells.

Cellulose (a.) Consisting of, or containing, cells.

Celtiberian (a.) Of or pertaining to the ancient Celtiberia (a district in Spain lying between the Ebro and the Tagus) or its inhabitants the Celtiberi (Celts of the river Iberus).

Celtic (a.) Of or pertaining to the Celts; as, Celtic people, tribes, literature, tongue.

Cemental (a.) Of or pertaining to cement, as of a tooth; as, cemental tubes.

Cementatory (a.) Having the quality of cementing or uniting firmly.

Cemeterial (a.) Of or pertaining to a cemetery.

Cenatory (a.) Of or pertaining to dinner or supper.

Cenobitic (a.) Alt. of Cenobitical

Cenobitical (a.) Of or pertaining to a cenobite.

Cenozoic (a.) Belonging to the most recent division of geological time, including the tertiary, or Age of mammals, and the Quaternary, or Age of man. [Written also caenozoic, cainozoic, kainozoic.] See Geology.

Censorial (a.) Belonging to a censor, or to the correction of public morals.

Censorial (a.) Full of censure; censorious.

Censorian (a.) Censorial.

Censorious (a.) Addicted to censure; apt to blame or condemn; severe in making remarks on others, or on their writings or manners.

Censorious (a.) Implying or expressing censure; as, censorious remarks.

Censual (a.) Relating to, or containing, a census.

Censurable (a.) Deserving of censure; blamable; culpable; reprehensible; as, a censurable person, or censurable conduct.

Centenarian (a.) Of or relating to a hundred years.

Centenary (a.) Relating to, or consisting of, a hundred.

Centenary (a.) Occurring once in every hundred years; centennial.

Centennial (a.) Relating to, or associated with, the commemoration of an event that happened a hundred years before; as, a centennial ode.

Centennial (a.) Happening once in a hundred years; as, centennial jubilee; a centennial celebration.

Centennial (a.) Lasting or aged a hundred years.

Centesimal (a.) Hundredth.

Centicipitous (a.) Hundred-headed.

Centifidous (a.) Divided into a hundred parts.

Centifolious (a.) Having a hundred leaves.

Centigrade (a.) Consisting of a hundred degrees; graduated into a hundred divisions or equal parts.

Centigrade (a.) Of or pertaining to the centigrade thermometer; as, 10! centigrade (or 10! C.).

Central (a.) Relating to the center; situated in or near the center or middle; containing the center; of or pertaining to the parts near the center; equidistant or equally accessible from certain points.

Centric (a.) Alt. of Centrical

Centrical (a.) Placed in the center or middle; central.

Centrifugal (a.) Tending, or causing, to recede from the center.

Centrifugal (a.) Expanding first at the summit, and later at the base, as a flower cluster.

Centrifugal (a.) Having the radicle turned toward the sides of the fruit, as some embryos.

Centripetal (a.) Tending, or causing, to approach the center.

Centripetal (a.) Expanding first at the base of the inflorescence, and proceeding in order towards the summit.

Centripetal (a.) Having the radicle turned toward the axis of the fruit, as some embryos.

Centripetal (a.) Progressing by changes from the exterior of a thing toward its center; as, the centripetal calcification of a bone.

Centriscoid (a.) Allied to, or resembling, the genus Centriscus, of which the bellows fish is an example.

Centrobaric (a.) Relating to the center of gravity, or to the process of finding it.

Centrolecithal (a.) Having the food yolk placed at the center of the ovum, segmentation being either regular or unequal.


Centrostaltic (a.) A term applied to the action of nerve force in the spinal center.

Centumviral (a.) Of or pertaining to the centumviri, or to a centumvir.

Centuple (a.) Hundredfold.

Centuplicate (a.) To make a hundredfold; to repeat a hundred times.

Centurial (a.) Of or pertaining to a century; as, a centurial sermon.

Centuriate (a.) Pertaining to, or divided into, centuries or hundreds.

Cepevorous (a.) Feeding upon onions.

Cephalalgic (a.) Relating to, or affected with, headache.

Cephalate (a.) Having a head.

Cephalic (a.) Of or pertaining to the head. See the Note under Anterior.

Cephalocercal (a.) Relating to the long axis of the body.

Cephaloid (a.) Shaped like the head.

Cephalopodic (a.) Alt. of Cephalopodous

Cephalopodous (a.) Belonging to, or resembling, the cephalopods.

Cephalous (a.) Having a head; -- applied chiefly to the Cephalata, a division of mollusks.

Ceraceous (a.) Having the texture and color of new wax; like wax; waxy.

Ceramic (a.) Of or pertaining to pottery; relating to the art of making earthenware; as, ceramic products; ceramic ornaments for ceilings.

Cerasinous (a.) Pertaining to, or containing, cerasin.

Cerasinous (a.) Of a cherry color.

Ceratine (a.) Sophistical.

Ceratobranchial (a.) Pertaining to the bone, or cartilage, below the epibranchial in a branchial arch.

Ceratohyal (a.) Pertaining to the bone, or cartilage, below the epihyal in the hyoid arch.

Cerberean (a.) Of or pertaining to, or resembling, Cerberus.

Cercal (a.) Of or pertaining to the tail.

Cercarian (a.) Of, like, or pertaining to, the Cercariae.

Cereal (a.) Of or pertaining to the grasses which are cultivated for their edible seeds (as wheat, maize, rice, etc.), or to their seeds or grain.

Cerebellar (a.) Alt. of Cerebellous

Cerebellous (a.) Pertaining to the cerebellum.

Cerebral (a.) Of or pertaining to the cerebrum.

Cerebric (a.) Of, pertaining to, or derived from, the brain.

Cerebriform (a.) Like the brain in form or substance.

Cerebrifugal (a.) Applied to those nerve fibers which go from the brain to the spinal cord, and so transfer cerebral impulses (centrifugal impressions) outwards.

Cerebripetal (a.) Applied to those nerve fibers which go from the spinal cord to the brain and so transfer sensations (centripetal impressions) from the exterior inwards.

Cerebroid (a.) Resembling, or analogous to, the cerebrum or brain.

Cerebro-spinal (a.) Of or pertaining to the central nervous system consisting of the brain and spinal cord.

Ceremonial (a.) Relating to ceremony, or external rite; ritual; according to the forms of established rites.

Ceremonial (a.) Observant of forms; ceremonious. [In this sense ceremonious is now preferred.]

Ceremonious (a.) Consisting of outward forms and rites; ceremonial. [In this sense ceremonial is now preferred.]

Ceremonious (a.) According to prescribed or customary rules and forms; devoted to forms and ceremonies; formally respectful; punctilious.

Cereous (a.) Waxen; like wax.

Cerial (a.) Same as Cerrial.

Ceriferous (a.) Producing wax.

Cerise (a.) Cherry-colored; a light bright red; -- applied to textile fabrics, especially silk.

Cernuous (a.) Inclining or nodding downward; pendulous; drooping; -- said of a bud, flower, fruit, or the capsule of a moss.

Cerographic (a.) Alt. of Cerographical

Cerographical (a.) Of or pertaining to cerography.

Ceroplastic (a.) Relating to the art of modeling in wax.

Ceroplastic (a.) Modeled in wax; as, a ceroplastic figure.

Cerotic (a.) Pertaining to, or derived from, beeswax or Chinese wax; as, cerotic acid or alcohol.

Cerrial (a.) Of or pertaining to the cerris.

Certain (a.) Assured in mind; having no doubts; free from suspicions concerning.

Certain (a.) Determined; resolved; -- used with an infinitive.

Certain (a.) Not to be doubted or denied; established as a fact.

Certain (a.) Actually existing; sure to happen; inevitable.

Certain (a.) Unfailing; infallible.

Certain (a.) Fixed or stated; regular; determinate.

Certain (a.) Not specifically named; indeterminate; indefinite; one or some; -- sometimes used independenty as a noun, and meaning certain persons.

Cerule (a.) Blue; cerulean.

Cerulean (a.) Sky-colored; blue; azure.

Ceruleous (a.) Cerulean.

Cerulific (a.) Producing a blue or sky color.

Ceruminous (a.) Pertaining to, or secreting, cerumen; as, the ceruminous glands.

Cerused (a.) Washed with a preparation of white lead; as, cerused face.

Cervical (a.) Of or pertaining to the neck; as, the cervical vertebrae.

Cervine (a.) Of or pertaining to the deer, or to the family Cervidae.

Cesarean (a.) Alt. of Cesarian

Cesarian (a.) Same as Caesarean, Caesarian.

Cespititious (a.) Same as Cespitious.

Cespitose (a.) Having the form a piece of turf, i. e., many stems from one rootstock or from many entangled rootstocks or roots.

Cespitous (a.) Pertaining to, consisting, of resembling, turf; turfy.

Cessant (a.) Inactive; dormant

Cessible (a.) Giving way; yielding.

Cessionary (a.) Having surrendered the effects; as, a cessionary bankrupt.

Cestode (a.) Of or pertaining to the Cestoidea.

Cestoid (a.) Of or pertaining to the Cestoidea.

Cestraciont (a.) Pertaining to, or characteristic of, the genus Cestracion.

Cesural (a.) See Caesural.

Cetaceous (a.) Of or pertaining to the Cetacea.

Cetic (a.) Of or pertaining to a whale.

Cetological (a.) Of or pertaining to cetology.

Cetologist (a.) One versed in cetology.

Cetraric (a.) Pertaining to, or derived from, the lichen, Iceland moss (Cetaria Islandica).

Cetylic (a.) Of, pertaining to, or derived from, spermaceti.

Ceylonese (a.) Of or pertaining to Ceylon.

Chaetiferous (a.) Bearing setae.

Chaetodont (a.) Of or pertaining to the Chaetodonts or the family Chaetodontidae.

Chaetognath (a.) Of or pertaining to the Chaetognatha.

Chaetopod (a.) Pertaining to the Chaetopoda.

Chaffless (a.) Without chaff.

Chaffy (a.) Abounding in, or resembling, chaff.

Chaffy (a.) Light or worthless as chaff.

Chaffy (a.) Resembling chaff; composed of light dry scales.

Chaffy (a.) Bearing or covered with dry scales, as the under surface of certain ferns, or the disk of some composite flowers.

Chagrin (a.) Chagrined.

Chainless (a.) Having no chain; not restrained or fettered.

Chalazal (a.) Of or pertaining to the chalaza.

Chalaziferous (a.) Having or bearing chalazas.

Chalcedonic (a.) Of or pertaining to chalcedony.

Chaldaic (a.) Of or pertaining to Chaldea.

Chaldean (a.) Of or pertaining to Chaldea.

Chaldee (a.) Of or pertaining to Chaldea.

Chaliced (a.) Having a calyx or cup; cup-shaped.

Chalky (a.) Consisting of, or resembling, chalk; containing chalk; as, a chalky cliff; a chalky taste.

Challengeable (a.) That may be challenged.

Chalybean (a.) Of or pertaining to the Chalybes, an ancient people of Pontus in Asia Minor, celebrated for working in iron and steel.

Chalybean (a.) Of superior quality and temper; -- applied to steel.

Chalybeate (a.) Impregnated with salts of iron; having a taste like iron; as, chalybeate springs.

Chalybeous (a.) Steel blue; of the color of tempered steel.

Chambered (a.) Having a chamber or chambers; as, a chambered shell; a chambered gun.

Champaign (a.) Flat; open; level.

Chance (a.) Happening by chance; casual.

Chanceable (a.) Fortuitous; casual.

Chanceful (a.) Hazardous.

Chancrous (a.) Of the nature of a chancre; having chancre.

Chandlerly (a.) Like a chandler; in a petty way.

Changeable (a.) Capable of change; subject to alteration; mutable; variable; fickle; inconstant; as, a changeable humor.

Changeable (a.) Appearing different, as in color, in different lights, or under different circumstances; as, changeable silk.

Changeful (a.) Full of change; mutable; inconstant; fickle; uncertain.

Changeless (a.) That can not be changed; constant; as, a changeless purpose.

Changeling (a.) Taken or left in place of another; changed.

Changeling (a.) Given to change; inconstant.

Chantant (a.) Composed in a melodious and singing style.

Chaotic (a.) Resembling chaos; confused.

Chapeless (a.) Without a chape.

Chapfallen (a.) Having the lower chap or jaw drooping, -- an indication of humiliation and dejection; crestfallen; discouraged. See Chopfallen.

Chapless (a.) Having no lower jaw; hence, fleshless.

Characteristic (a.) Pertaining to, or serving to constitute, the character; showing the character, or distinctive qualities or traits, of a person or thing; peculiar; distinctive.

Characteristical (a.) Characteristic.

Characterless (a.) Destitute of any distinguishing quality; without character or force.

Chargeable (a.) That may be charged, laid, imposed, or imputes; as, a duty chargeable on iron; a fault chargeable on a man.

Chargeable (a.) Subject to be charge or accused; liable or responsible; as, revenues chargeable with a claim; a man chargeable with murder.

Chargeable (a.) Serving to create expense; costly; burdensome.

Chargeant (a.) Burdensome; troublesome.

Chargeful (a.) Costly; expensive.

Chargeless (a.) Free from, or with little, charge.

Chargeous (a.) Burdensome.

Charismatic (a.) Of or pertaining to a charism.

Charitable (a.) Full of love and good will; benevolent; kind.

Charitable (a.) Liberal in judging of others; disposed to look on the best side, and to avoid harsh judgment.

Charitable (a.) Liberal in benefactions to the poor; giving freely; generous; beneficent.

Charitable (a.) Of or pertaining to charity; springing from, or intended for, charity; relating to almsgiving; eleemosynary; as, a charitable institution.

Charitable (a.) Dictated by kindness; favorable; lenient.

Charlatanic (a.) Alt. of Charlatanical

Charlatanical (a.) Of or like a charlatan; making undue pretension; empirical; pretentious; quackish.

Charmful (a.) Abounding with charms.

Charming (a.) Pleasing the mind or senses in a high degree; delighting; fascinating; attractive.

Charmless (a.) Destitute of charms.

Charnel (a.) Containing the bodies of the dead.

Charry (a.) Pertaining to charcoal, or partaking of its qualities.

Chartaceous (a.) Resembling paper or parchment; of paper-like texture; papery.

Chartered (a.) Granted or established by charter; having, or existing under, a charter; having a privilege by charter.

Chartered (a.) Hired or let by charter, as a ship.

Chartless (a.) Without a chart; having no guide.

Chartless (a.) Not mapped; uncharted; vague.

Chary (a.) Careful; wary; cautious; not rash, reckless, or spendthrift; saving; frugal.

Chasable (a.) Capable of being chased; fit for hunting.

Chasmed (a.) Having gaps or a chasm.

Chasmy (a.) Of or pertaining to a chasm; abounding in chasms.

Chaste (a.) Pure from unlawful sexual intercourse; virtuous; continent.

Chaste (a.) Pure in thought and act; innocent; free from lewdness and obscenity, or indecency in act or speech; modest; as, a chaste mind; chaste eyes.

Chaste (a.) Pure in design and expression; correct; free from barbarisms or vulgarisms; refined; simple; as, a chaste style in composition or art.

Chaste (a.) Unmarried.

Chastened (a.) Corrected; discip

Chastisable (a.) Capable or deserving of chastisement; punishable.

Chatoyant (a.) Having a changeable, varying luster, or color, like that of a changeable silk, or oa a cat's eye in the dark.

Chatty (a.) Given to light, familiar talk; talkative.

Cheapen (a.) To beat down the price of; to lessen the value of; to depreciate.

Cheatable (a.) Capable of being cheated.

Check (a.) Checkered; designed in checks.

Checkered (a.) Marked with alternate squares or checks of different color or material.

Checkered (a.) Diversified or variegated in a marked manner, as in appearance, character, circumstances, etc.

Checkless (a.) That can not be checked or restrained.

Checky (a.) Divided into small alternating squares of two tinctures; -- said of the field or of an armorial bearing.

Cheddar (a.) Of or pertaining to, or made at, Cheddar, in England; as, Cheddar cheese.

Cheeked (a.) Having a cheek; -- used in composition.

Cheerful (a.) Having or showing good spirits or joy; cheering; cheery; contented; happy; joyful; lively; animated; willing.

Cheerless (a.) Without joy, gladness, or comfort.

Cheerly (a.) Gay; cheerful.

Cheerry (a.) Cheerful; lively; gay; bright; pleasant; as, a cheery person.

Cheeseparing (a.) Scrimping; mean; as, cheeseparing economy.

Cheesy (a.) Having the nature, qualities, taste, form, consistency, or appearance of cheese.

Cheiropterous (a.) Belonging to the Cheiroptera, or Bat family.

Chelate (a.) Same as Cheliferous.

Chelidonic (a.) Of, pertaining to, or derived from, the celandine.

Cheliferous (a.) Having cheliform claws, like a crab.

Cheliform (a.) Having a movable joint or finger closing against a preceding joint or a projecting part of it, so that the whole may be used for grasping, as the claw of a crab; pincherlike.

Chelonian (a.) Of or pertaining to animals of the tortoise kind.

Chemic (a.) Chemical.

Chemical (a.) Pertaining to chemistry; characterized or produced by the forces and operations of chemistry; employed in the processes of chemistry; as, chemical changes; chemical combinations.

Chemiglyphic (a.) Engraved by a voltaic battery.

Chemosmotic (a.) Pertaining to, or produced by, chemosmosis.

Cherry (a.) Like a red cherry in color; ruddy; blooming; as, a cherry lip; cherry cheeks.

Cherty (a.) Like chert; containing chert; flinty.

Cherubic (a.) Alt. of Cherubical

Cherubical (a.) Of or pertaining to cherubs; angelic.

Cherubin (a.) Cherubic; angelic.

Chested (a.) Having (such) a chest; -- in composition; as, broad-chested; narrow-chested.

Chestnut (a.) Of the color of a chestnut; of a reddish brown color; as, chestnut curls.

Cheveril (a.) Made of cheveril; pliant.

Chian (a.) Of or pertaining to Chios, an island in the Aegean Sea.

Chicken-breasted (a.) Having a narrow, projecting chest, caused by forward curvature of the vertebral column.

Chicken-hearted (a.) Timid; fearful; cowardly.

Chief (a.) Highest in office or rank; principal; head.

Chief (a.) Principal or most eminent in any quality or action; most distinguished; having most influence; taking the lead; most important; as, the chief topic of conversation; the chief interest of man.

Chief (a.) Very intimate, near, or close.

Chiefest (a.) First or foremost; chief; principal.

Chiefless (a.) Without a chief or leader.

Childed (a.) Furnished with a child.

Childish (a.) Of, pertaining to, befitting, or resembling, a child.

Childish (a.) Puerile; trifling; weak.

Childlike (a.) Resembling a child, or that which belongs to children; becoming a child; meek; submissive; dutiful.

Childly (a.) Having the character of a child; belonging, or appropriate, to a child.

Chilian (a.) Of or pertaining to Chili.

Chiliastic (a.) Millenarian.

Chill (a.) Moderately cold; tending to cause shivering; chilly; raw.

Chill (a.) Affected by cold.

Chill (a.) Characterized by coolness of manner, feeling, etc.; lacking enthusiasm or warmth; formal; distant; as, a chill reception.

Chill (a.) Discouraging; depressing; dispiriting.

Chilled (a.) Hardened on the surface or edge by chilling; as, chilled iron; a chilled wheel.

Chilled (a.) Having that cloudiness or dimness of surface that is called "blooming."

Chilling (a.) Making chilly or cold; depressing; discouraging; cold; distant; as, a chilling breeze; a chilling manner.

Chilly (a.) Moderately cold; cold and raw or damp so as to cause shivering; causing or feeling a disagreeable sensation of cold, or a shivering.

Chilostomatous (a.) Of or pertaining to the Chilostoma.

Chimaeroid (a.) Related to, or like, the chimaera.

Chimeric (a.) Chimerical.

Chimerical (a.) Merely imaginary; fanciful; fantastic; wildly or vainly conceived; having, or capable of having, no existence except in thought; as, chimerical projects.

Chinche (a.) Parsimonious; niggardly.

Chined (a.) Pertaining to, or having, a chine, or backbone; -- used in composition.

Chined (a.) Broken in the back.

Chinese (a.) Of or pertaining to China; peculiar to China.

Chinky (a.) Full of chinks or fissures; gaping; opening in narrow clefts.

Chinned (a.) Having a chin; -- used chiefly in compounds; as, short-chinned.

Chipper (a.) Lively; cheerful; talkative.

Chippy (a.) Abounding in, or resembling, chips; dry and tasteless.

Chiragrical (a.) Having the gout in the hand, or subject to that disease.

Chirographic (a.) Alt. of Chirographical

Chirographical (a.) Of or pertaining to chirography.

Chirological (a.) Relating to chirology.

Chiromantic (a.) Alt. of Chiromantical

Chiromantical (a.) Of or pertaining to chiromancy.

Chiromonic (a.) Relating to chironomy.

Chirping (a.) Cheering; enlivening.

Chirrupy (a.) Cheerful; joyous; chatty.

Chirurgic (a.) Alt. of Chirurgical

Chirurgical (a.) Surgical

Chisley (a.) Having a large admixture of small pebbles or gravel; -- said of a soil.

Chitinous (a.) Having the nature of chitin; consisting of, or containing, chitin.

Chitty (a.) Full of chits or sprouts.

Chitty (a.) Childish; like a babe.

Chivalric (a.) Relating to chivalry; knightly; chivalrous.

Chivalrous (a.) Pertaining to chivalry or knight-errantry; warlike; heroic; gallant; high-spirited; high-minded; magnanimous.

Chlamydate (a.) Having a mantle; -- applied to certain gastropods.

Chlorhydric (a.) Same as Hydrochloric.

Chloric (a.) Pertaining to, or obtained from, chlorine; -- said of those compounds of chlorine in which this element has a valence of five, or the next to its highest; as, chloric acid, HClO3.

Chloridic (a.) Of or pertaining to a chloride; containing a chloride.

Chloriodic (a.) Compounded of chlorine and iodine; containing chlorine and iodine.

Chloritic (a.) Pertaining to, or containing, chlorite; as, chloritic sand.

Chloropeptic (a.) Of or pertaining to an acid more generally called pepsin-hydrochloric acid.

Chloroplatinic (a.) See Platinichloric.

Chlorotic (a.) Pertaining to, or affected by, chlorosis.

Chlorous (a.) Of, pertaining to, or derived from, chlorine; -- said of those compounds of chlorine in which this element has a valence of three, the next lower than in chloric compounds; as, chlorous acid, HClO2.

Chlorous (a.) Pertaining to, or resembling, the electro-negative character of chlorine; hence, electro-negative; -- opposed to basylous or zincous.

Choanoid (a.) Funnel-shaped; -- applied particularly to a hollow muscle attached to the ball of the eye in many reptiles and mammals.

Chockablock (a.) Hoisted as high as the tackle will admit; brought close together, as the two blocks of a tackle in hoisting.

Chock-full (a.) Quite full; choke-full.

Choiceful (a.) Making choices; fickle.

Choke-full (a.) Full to the brim; quite full; chock-full.

Choking (a.) That chokes; producing the feeling of strangulation.

Choking (a.) Indistinct in utterance, as the voice of a person affected with strong emotion.

Choky Chokey (a.) Tending to choke or suffocate, or having power to suffocate.

Choky Chokey (a.) Inc

Cholagogue (a.) Promoting the discharge of bile from the system.

Choleic (a.) Pertaining to, or obtained from, bile; as, choleic acid.

Choleraic (a.) Relating to, or resulting from, or resembling, cholera.

Choleric (a.) Abounding with, or producing choler, or bile.

Choleric (a.) Easily irritated; irascible; inc

Choleric (a.) Angry; indicating anger; excited by anger.

Choleriform (a.) Resembling cholera.

Choleroid (a.) Choleriform.

Cholesteric (a.) Pertaining to cholesterin, or obtained from it; as, cholesteric acid.

Cholic (a.) Alt. of Cholinic

Cholinic (a.) Pertaining to, or obtained from, the bile.

Chondrigenous (a.) Affording chondrin.

Chondritic (a.) Granular; pertaining to, or having the granular structure characteristic of, the class of meteorites called chondrites.

Chondroid (a.) Resembling cartilage.

Chondropterygian (a.) Having a cartilaginous skeleton.

Chopfallen (a.) Having the lower chop or jaw depressed; hence, crestfallen; dejected; dispirited; downcast. See Chapfallen.

Chopping (a.) Stout or plump; large.

Chopping (a.) Shifting or changing suddenly, as the wind; also, having tumbling waves dashing against each other; as, a chopping sea.

Choppy (a.) Full of cracks.

Choppy (a.) Rough, with short, tumultuous waves; as, a choppy sea.

Choragic (a.) Of or pertaining to a choragus.

Choral (a.) Of or pertaining to a choir or chorus; singing, sung, or adapted to be sung, in chorus or harmony.

Chordal (a.) Of or pertaining to a chord.

Choregraphic (a.) Alt. of Choregraphical

Choregraphical (a.) Pertaining to choregraphy.

Choreic (a.) Of the nature of, or pertaining to, chorea; convulsive.

Chorepiscopal (a.) Pertaining to a chorepiscopus or his change or authority.

Choriambic (a.) Pertaining to a choriamb.

Choric (a.) Of or pertaining to a chorus.

Choristic (a.) Choric; choral.

Chorographical (a.) Pertaining to chorography.

Choroid (a.) resembling the chorion; as, the choroid plexuses of the ventricles of the brain, and the choroid coat of the eyeball.

Choroidal (a.) Pertaining to the choroid coat.

Chowchow (a.) Consisting of several kinds mingled together; mixed; as, chowchow sweetmeats (preserved fruits put together).

Chrestomathic (a.) Teaching what is useful.

Chrismal (a.) Of or pertaining to or used in chrism.

Christian (a.) Pertaining to Christ or his religion; as, Christian people.

Christian (a.) Pertaining to the church; ecclesiastical; as, a Christian court.

Christian (a.) Characteristic of Christian people; civilized; kind; kindly; gentle; beneficent.

Christianlike (a.) Becoming to a Christian.

Christianly (a.) Christianlike.

Christless (a.) Without faith in Christ; unchristian.

Christlike (a.) Resembling Christ in character, actions, etc.

Christly (a.) Christlike.

Christocentric (a.) Making Christ the center, about whom all things are grouped, as in religion or history; tending toward Christ, as the central object of thought or emotion.

Chromatic (a.) Relating to color, or to colors.

Chromatic (a.) Proceeding by the smaller intervals (half steps or semitones) of the scale, instead of the regular intervals of the diatonic scale.

Chromatical (a.) Chromatic.

Chromatogenous (a.) Producing color.

Chromic (a.) Pertaining to, or obtained from, chromium; -- said of the compounds of chromium in which it has its higher valence.

Chromogenic (a.) Containing, or capable of forming, chromogen; as, chromogenic bacteria.

Chromolithographic (a.) Pertaining to, or made by, chromolithography.

Chromospheric (a.) Of or pertaining to the chromosphere.

Chromous (a.) Of, pertaining to, or derived from, chromium, when this element has a valence lower than that in chromic compounds.

Chronic (a.) Relating to time; according to time.

Chronic (a.) Continuing for a long time; lingering; habitual.

Chronical (a.) Chronic.

Chronogrammatic (a.) Alt. of Chronogrammatical

Chronogrammatical (a.) Belonging to a chronogram, or containing one.

Chronographic (a.) Of or pertaining to a chronograph.

Chronologic (a.) Alt. of Chronological

Chronological (a.) Relating to chronology; containing an account of events in the order of time; according to the order of time; as, chronological tables.

Chronometric (a.) Alt. of Chronometrical

Chronometrical (a.) Pertaining to a chronometer; measured by a chronometer.

Chrysalid (a.) Pertaining to a chrysalis; resembling a chrysalis.

Chryselephantine (a.) Composed of, or adorned with, gold and ivory.

Chrysophanic (a.) Pertaining to, or derived from, or resembling, chrysophane.

Chthonic (a.) Pertaining to the earth; earthy; as, chthonic religions.

Chubbed (a.) Chubby.

Chubby (a.) Like a chub; plump, short, and thick.

Chub-faced (a.) Having a plump, short face.

Chuckleheaded (a.) Having a large head; thickheaded; dull; stupid.

Chuff (a.) Stupid; churlish.

Chuffy (a.) Fat or puffed out in the cheeks.

Chuffy (a.) Rough; clownish; surly.

Chunky (a.) Short and thick.

Churchgoing (a.) Habitually attending church.

Churchgoing (a.) Summoning to church.

Churchless (a.) Without a church.

Churchlike (a.) Befitting a church or a churchman; becoming to a clergyman.

Churchly (a.) Pertaining to, or suitable for, the church; ecclesiastical.

Churchmanly (a.) Pertaining to, or becoming, a churchman.

Churchy (a.) Relating to a church; unduly fond of church forms.

Churl (a.) Churlish; rough; selfish.

Churlish (a.) Like a churl; rude; cross-grained; ungracious; surly; illiberal; niggardly.

Churlish (a.) Wanting pliancy; unmanageable; unyielding; not easily wrought; as, a churlish soil; the churlish and intractable nature of some minerals.

Churly (a.) Rude; churlish; violent.

Chylaceous (a.) Possessed of the properties of chyle; consisting of chyle.

Chylaqueous (a.) Consisting of chyle much diluted with water; -- said of a liquid which forms the circulating fluid of some inferior animals.

Chylifactive (a.) Producing, or converting into, chyle; having the power to form chyle.

Chyliferous (a.) Transmitting or conveying chyle; as, chyliferous vessels.

Chylific (a.) Chylifactive.

Chylificatory (a.) Chylifactive.

Chylopoetic (a.) Concerned in the formation of chyle; as, the chylopoetic organs.

Chylous (a.) Consisting of, or similar to, chyle.

Chymiferous (a.) Bearing or containing chyme.

Chymous (a.) Of or pertaining to chyme.

Cibarious (a.) Pertaining to food; edible.

Cicatricial (a.) Relating to, or having the character of, a cicatrix.

Cicatrisive (a.) Tending to promote the formation of a cicatrix; good for healing of a wound.

Cicatrose (a.) Full of scars.

Ciceronian (a.) Resembling Cicero in style or action; eloquent.

Cichoraceous (a.) Belonging to, or resembling, a suborder of composite plants of which the chicory (Cichorium) is the type.

Ci-devant (a.) Former; previous; of times gone by; as, a ci-devant governor.

Ciliary (a.) Pertaining to the cilia, or eyelashes. Also applied to special parts of the eye itself; as, the ciliary processes of the choroid coat; the ciliary muscle, etc.

Ciliary (a.) Pertaining to or connected with the cilia in animal or vegetable organisms; as, ciliary motion.

Ciliate (a.) Alt. of Ciliated

Ciliated (a.) Provided with, or surrounded by, cilia; as, a ciliate leaf; endowed with vibratory motion; as, the ciliated epithelium of the windpipe.

Cilician (a.) Of or pertaining to Cilicia in Asia Minor.

Cilicious (a.) Made, or consisting, of hair.

Ciliform (a.) Alt. of Ciliiform

Ciliiform (a.) Having the form of cilia; very fine or slender.

Ciliograde (a.) Moving by means of cilia, or cilialike organs; as, the ciliograde Medusae.

Cimbrian (a.) Of or pertaining to the Cimbri.

Cimbric (a.) Pertaining to the Cimbri, an ancient tribe inhabiting Northern Germany.

Cimmerian (a.) Pertaining to the Cimmerii, a fabulous people, said to have lived, in very ancient times, in profound and perpetual darkness.

Cimmerian (a.) Without any light; intensely dark.

Cinchonaceous (a.) Allied or pertaining to cinchona, or to the plants that produce it.

Cinchonic (a.) Belonging to, or obtained from, cinchona.

Cindery (a.) Resembling, or composed of, cinders; full of cinders.

Cinematic (a.) Alt. of Cinematical

Cinematical (a.) See Kinematic.

Cineraceous (a.) Like ashes; ash-colored; cinereous.

Cinerary (a.) Pertaining to ashes; containing ashes.

Cinereous (a.) Like ashes; ash-colored; grayish.

Cinerescent (a.) Somewhat cinereous; of a color somewhat resembling that of wood ashes.

Cineritious (a.) Like ashes; having the color of ashes, -- as the cortical substance of the brain.

Cinerulent (a.) Full of ashes.

Cingalese (a.) Of or pertaining to the Cingalese.

Cinnabarine (a.) Pertaining to, or resembling, cinnabar; consisting of cinnabar, or containing it; as, cinnabarine sand.

Cinnamic (a.) Pertaining to, or obtained from, cinnamon.

Cinnamomic (a.) See Cinnamic.

Cinque-spotted (a.) Five-spotted.

Cipher (a.) Of the nature of a cipher; of no weight or influence.

Circassian (a.) Of or pertaining to Circassia, in Asia.

Circean (a.) Having the characteristics of Circe, daughter of Sol and Perseis, a mythological enchantress, who first charmed her victims and then changed them to the forms of beasts; pleasing, but noxious; as, a Circean draught.

Circensial (a.) Alt. of Circensian

Circensian (a.) Of or pertaining to, or held in, the Circus, In Rome.

Circinal (a.) Circinate.

Circinate (a.) Rolled together downward, the tip occupying the center; -- a term used in reference to foliation or leafing, as in ferns.

Circled (a.) Having the form of a circle; round.

Circuitous (a.) Going round in a circuit; roundabout; indirect; as, a circuitous road; a circuitous manner of accomplishing an end.

Circulable (a.) That may be circulated.

Circular (a.) In the form of, or bounded by, a circle; round.

Circular (a.) repeating itself; ending in itself; reverting to the point of beginning; hence, illogical; inconclusive; as, circular reasoning.

Circular (a.) Adhering to a fixed circle of legends; cyclic; hence, mean; inferior. See Cyclic poets, under Cyclic.

Circular (a.) Addressed to a circle, or to a number of persons having a common interest; circulated, or intended for circulation; as, a circular letter.

Circular (a.) Perfect; complete.

Circular (a.) A circular letter, or paper, usually printed, copies of which are addressed or given to various persons; as, a business circular.

Circular (a.) A sleeveless cloak, cut in circular form.

Circulary (a.) Circular; illogical.

Circulative (a.) Promoting circulation; circulating.

Circulatorious (a.) Travelling from house to house or from town to town; itinerant.

Circulatory (a.) Circular; as, a circulatory letter.

Circulatory (a.) Circulating, or going round.

Circulatory (a.) Subserving the purposes of circulation; as, circulatory organs; of or pertaining to the organs of circulation; as, circulatory diseases.


Circumambient (a.) Surrounding; inclosing or being on all sides; encompassing.

Circumesophagal (a.) Surrounding the esophagus; -- in Zool. said of the nerve commissures and ganglia of arthropods and mollusks.

Circumesophageal (a.) Circumesophagal.

Circumferential (a.) Pertaining to the circumference; encompassing; encircling; circuitous.

Circumflant (a.) Blowing around.

Circumflex (a.) Moving or turning round; circuitous.

Circumflex (a.) Curved circularly; -- applied to several arteries of the hip and thigh, to arteries, veins, and a nerve of the shoulder, and to other parts.

Circumfluent (a.) Alt. of Circumfluous

Circumfluous (a.) Flowing round; surrounding in the manner of a fluid.

Circumforanean (a.) Alt. of Circumforaneous

Circumforaneous (a.) Going about or abroad; walking or wandering from house to house.

Circumfulgent (a.) Shining around or about.

Circumfusile (a.) Capable of being poured or spread round.

Circumgyratory (a.) Moving in a circle; turning round.

Circumjacent (a.) Lying round; bordering on every side.

Circumlittoral (a.) Adjointing the shore.

Circumlocutional (a.) Relating to, or consisting of, circumlocutions; periphrastic; circuitous.

Circumlocutory (a.) Characterised by circumlocution; periphrastic.

Circummeridian (a.) About, or near, the meridian.

Circumnavigable (a.) Capable of being sailed round.

Circumpolar (a.) About the pole; -- applied to stars that revolve around the pole without setting; as, circumpolar stars.

Circumrotary (a.) Alt. of Circumrotatory

Circumrotatory (a.) turning, rolling, or whirling round.

Circumscissile (a.) Dehiscing or opening by a transverse fissure extending around (a capsule or pod). See Illust. of Pyxidium.

Circumscribable (a.) Capable of being circumscribed.

Circumscriptible (a.) Capable of being circumscribed or limited by bounds.

Circumscriptive (a.) Circumscribing or tending to circumscribe; marcing the limits or form of.

Circumspect (a.) Attentive to all the circumstances of a case or the probable consequences of an action; cautious; prudent; wary.

Circumspective (a.) Looking around every way; cautious; careful of consequences; watchful of danger.

Circumstant (a.) Standing or placed around; surrounding.

Circumstantiable (a.) Capable of being circumstantiated.

Circumstantial (a.) Consisting in, or pertaining to, circumstances or particular incidents.

Circumstantial (a.) Incidental; relating to, but not essential.

Circumstantial (a.) Abounding with circumstances; detailing or exhibiting all the circumstances; minute; particular.

Circumterraneous (a.) Being or dwelling around the earth.

Circumvallate (a.) Surrounded with a wall; inclosed with a rampart.

Circumvallate (a.) Surrounded by a ridge or elevation; as, the circumvallate papillae, near the base of the tongue.

Circumventive (a.) Tending to circumvent; deceiving by artifices; deluding.

Circumvolant (a.) Flying around.

Cirrate (a.) Having cirri along the margin of a part or organ.

Cirrhiferous (a.) See Cirriferous.

Cirrhose (a.) Same as Cirrose.

Cirrhotic (a.) Pertaining to, caused by, or affected with, cirrhosis; as, cirrhotic degeneration; a cirrhotic liver.

Cirrhous (a.) See Cirrose.

Cirriferous (a.) Bearing cirri, as many plants and animals.

Cirriform (a.) Formed like a cirrus or tendril; -- said of appendages of both animals and plants.

Cirrigerous (a.) Having curled locks of hair; supporting cirri, or hairlike appendages.

Cirrigrade (a.) Moving or moved by cirri, or hairlike appendages.

Cirrose (a.) Bearing a tendril or tendrils; as, a cirrose leaf.

Cirrose (a.) Resembling a tendril or cirrus.

Cirrous (a.) Cirrose.

Cirrous (a.) Tufted; -- said of certain feathers of birds.

Cirsoid (a.) Varicose.

Cisalpine (a.) On the hither side of the Alps with reference to Rome, that is, on the south side of the Alps; -- opposed to transalpine.

Cisatlantic (a.) On this side of the Atlantic Ocean; -- used of the eastern or the western side, according to the standpoint of the writer.

Cisleithan (a.) On the Austrian side of the river Leitha; Austrian.

Cismontane (a.) On this side of the mountains. See under Ultramontane.

Cispadane (a.) On the hither side of the river Po with reference to Rome; that is, on the south side.

Cisted (a.) Inclosed in a cyst. See Cysted.

Cistercian (a.) Of or pertaining to the Cistercians.

Cistic (a.) See Cystic.

Citable (a.) Capable of being cited.

Citatory (a.) Having the power or form of a citation; as, letters citatory.

Citharistic (a.) Pertaining, or adapted, to the cithara.

Citied (a.) Belonging to, or resembling, a city.

Citied (a.) Containing, or covered with, cities.

Citified (a.) Aping, or having, the manners of a city.

Citigrade (a.) Pertaining to the Citigradae.

Citizen (a.) Having the condition or qualities of a citizen, or of citizens; as, a citizen soldiery.

Citizen (a.) Of or pertaining to the inhabitants of a city; characteristic of citizens; effeminate; luxurious.

Citraconic (a.) Pertaining to, derived from, or having certain characteristics of, citric and aconitic acids.

Citric (a.) Of, pertaining to, or derived from, the citron or lemon; as, citric acid.

Citrine (a.) Like a citron or lemon; of a lemon color; greenish yellow.

City (a.) Of or pertaining to a city.

Civic (a.) Relating to, or derived from, a city or citizen; relating to man as a member of society, or to civil affairs.

Civil (a.) Pertaining to a city or state, or to a citizen in his relations to his fellow citizens or to the state; within the city or state.

Civil (a.) Subject to government; reduced to order; civilized; not barbarous; -- said of the community.

Civil (a.) Performing the duties of a citizen; obedient to government; -- said of an individual.

Civil (a.) Having the manners of one dwelling in a city, as opposed to those of savages or rustics; polite; courteous; complaisant; affable.

Civil (a.) Pertaining to civic life and affairs, in distinction from military, ecclesiastical, or official state.

Civil (a.) Relating to rights and remedies sought by action or suit distinct from criminal proceedings.

Civilizable (a.) Capable of being civilized.

Civilized (a.) Reclaimed from savage life and manners; instructed in arts, learning, and civil manners; refined; cultivated.

Claggy (a.) Adhesive; -- said of a roof in a mine to which coal clings.

Claimable (a.) Capable of being claimed.

Claimless (a.) Having no claim.

Clairvoyant (a.) Pertaining to clairvoyance; discerning objects while in a mesmeric state which are not present to the senses.

Clamant (a.) Crying earnestly, beseeching clamorously.

Clamatorial (a.) Like or pertaining to the Clamatores.

Clamorous (a.) Speaking and repeating loud words; full of clamor; calling or demanding loudly or urgently; vociferous; noisy; bawling; loud; turbulent.

Clancular (a.) Conducted with secrecy; clandestine; concealed.

Clandestine (a.) Conducted with secrecy; withdrawn from public notice, usually for an evil purpose; kept secret; hidden; private; underhand; as, a clandestine marriage.

Clangorous (a.) Making a clangor; having a ringing, metallic sound.

Clangous (a.) Making a clang, or a ringing metallic sound.

Clankless (a.) Without a clank.

Clannish (a.) Of or pertaining to a clan; closely united, like a clan; disposed to associate only with one's clan or clique; actuated by the traditions, prejudices, habits, etc., of a clan.

Claptrap (a.) Contrived for the purpose of making a show, or gaining applause; deceptive; unreal.

Clarisonus (a.) Having a clear sound.

Clarty (a.) Sticky and foul; muddy; filthy; dirty.

Claspered (a.) Furnished with tendrils.

Classible (a.) Capable of being classed.

Classifiable (a.) Capable of being classified.

Classific (a.) Characterizing a class or classes; relating to classification.

Classificatory (a.) Pertaining to classification; admitting of classification.

Clastic (a.) Pertaining to what may be taken apart; as, clastic anatomy (of models).

Clastic (a.) Fragmental; made up of brok/ fragments; as, sandstone is a clastic rock.

Clathrate (a.) Shaped like a lattice; cancellate.

Clathrate (a.) Having the surface marked with raised

Claudent (a.) Shutting; confining; drawing together; as, a claudent muscle.

Claudicant (a.) Limping.

Claustral (a.) Cloistral.

Clavate (a.) Alt. of Clavated

Clavated (a.) Club-shaped; having the form of a club; growing gradually thicker toward the top. [See Illust. of Antennae.]

Clavellate (a.) See Clavate.

Clavellated (a.) Said of potash, probably in reference to its having been obtained from billets of wood by burning.

Clavicorn (a.) Having club-shaped antennae. See Antennae

Clavicular (a.) Of or pertaining to the clavicle.

Claviform (a.) Club-shaped; clavate.

Clavigerous (a.) Bearing a club or a key.

Clawback (a.) Flattering; sycophantic.

Clawed (a.) Furnished with claws.

Clawless (a.) Destitute of claws.

Clay-brained (a.) Stupid.

Clayey (a.) Consisting of clay; abounding with clay; partaking of clay; like clay.

Clayish (a.) Partaking of the nature of clay, or containing particles of it.

Clean (a.) To render clean; to free from whatever is foul, offensive, or extraneous; to purify; to cleanse.

Clean-cut (a.) See Clear-cut.

Clean-limbed (a.) With well-proportioned, unblemished limbs; as, a clean-limbed young fellow.

Cleansable (a.) Capable of being cleansed.

Clean-timbered (a.) Well-proportioned; symmetrical.

Clear-cut (a.) Having a sharp, distinct out

Clear-cut (a.) Concisely and distinctly expressed.

Clear-headed (a.) Having a clear understanding; quick of perception; intelligent.

Clear-seeing (a.) Having a clear physical or mental vision; having a clear understanding.

Clear-shining (a.) Shining brightly.

Clear-sighted (a.) Seeing with clearness; discerning; as, clear-sighted reason

Cleavable (a.) Capable of cleaving or being divided.

Cleche (a.) Charged with another bearing of the same figure, and of the color of the field, so large that only a narrow border of the first bearing remains visible; -- said of any heraldic bearing. Compare Voided.

Clechy (a.) See Cleche.

Cledgy (a.) Stiff, stubborn, clayey, or tenacious; as, a cledgy soil.

Cleft (a.) Divided; split; partly divided or split.

Cleft (a.) Incised nearly to the midrib; as, a cleft leaf.

Cleft-footed (a.) Having a cloven foot.

Cleistogamic (a.) Alt. of Cleistogamous

Cleistogamous (a.) Having, beside the usual flowers, other minute, closed flowers, without petals or with minute petals; -- said of certain species of plants which possess flowers of two or more kinds, the closed ones being so constituted as to insure self-fertilization.

Clement (a.) Mild in temper and disposition; merciful; compassionate.

Clementine (a.) Of or pertaining to Clement, esp. to St. Clement of Rome and the spurious homilies attributed to him, or to Pope Clement V. and his compilations of canon law.

Clergial (a.) Learned; erudite; clerical.

Clergical (a.) Of or pertaining to the clergy; clerical; clerkily; learned.

Clergyable (a.) Entitled to, or admitting, the benefit of clergy; as, a clergyable felony.

Cleric (a.) Same as Clerical.

Clerical (a.) Of or pertaining to the clergy; suitable for the clergy.

Clerical (a.) Of or relating to a clerk or copyist, or to writing.

Clerkless (a.) Unlearned.

Clerklike (a.) Scholarlike.

Clerkly (a.) Of or pertaining to a clerk.

Clever (a.) Possessing quickness of intellect, skill, dexterity, talent, or adroitness; expert.

Clever (a.) Showing skill or adroitness in the doer or former; as, a clever speech; a clever trick.

Clever (a.) Having fitness, propriety, or suitableness.

Clever (a.) Well-shaped; handsome.

Clever (a.) Good-natured; obliging.

Cleverish (a.) Somewhat clever.

Clicky (a.) Resembling a click; abounding in clicks.

Cliental (a.) Of or pertaining to a client.

Cliented (a.) Supplied with clients.

Cliffy (a.) Having cliffs; broken; craggy.

Clifted (a.) Broken; fissured.

Climacteric (a.) Relating to a climacteric; critical.

Climatal (a.) Climatic.

Climatarchic (a.) Presiding over, or regulating, climates.

Climatic (a.) Of or pertaining to a climate; depending on, or limited by, a climate.

Climatical (a.) Climatic.

Climatological (a.) Of or pertaining to climatology.

Climbable (a.) Capable of being climbed.

Clincher-built (a.) See Clinker-built.

Clingstone (a.) Having the flesh attached closely to the stone, as in some kinds of peaches.

Clingy (a.) Apt to cling; adhesive.

Clinkant (a.) See Clinquant.

Clinker-built (a.) Having the side planks (af a boat) so arranged that the lower edge of each overlaps the upper edge of the plank next below it like clapboards on a house. See Lapstreak.

Clinodiagonal (a.) Pertaining to, or the direction of, the clinodiagonal.

Clinographic (a.) Pertaining to that mode of projection in drawing in which the rays of light are supposed to fall obliquely on the plane of projection.

Clinoid (a.) Like a bed; -- applied to several processes on the inner side of the sphenoid bone.

Clinometric (a.) Pertaining to, or ascertained by, the clinometer.

Clinometric (a.) Pertaining to the oblique crystal

Clinorhombic (a.) Possessing the qualities of a prism, obliquely inc

Clinquant (a.) Glittering; dressed in, or overlaid with, tinsel finery.

Cliquish (a.) Of or pertaining to a clique; disposed to from cliques; exclusive in spirit.

Cloacal (a.) Of or pertaining to a cloaca.

Clocklike (a.) Like a clock or like clockwork; mechanical.

Cloddish (a.) Resembling clods; gross; low; stupid; boorish.

Cloddy (a.) Consisting of clods; full of clods.

Clodhopping (a.) Boorish; rude.

Clodpated (a.) Stupid; dull; doltish.

Cloggy (a.) Clogging, or having power to clog.

Cloisonne (a.) Inlaid between partitions: -- said of enamel when the

Cloisteral (a.) Cloistral.

Cloistered (a.) Dwelling in cloisters; solitary.

Cloistered (a.) Furnished with cloisters.

Cloistral (a.) Of, pertaining to, or confined in, a cloister; recluse.

Clonic (a.) Having an irregular, convulsive motion.

Close-banded (a.) Closely united.

Close-barred (a.) Firmly barred or closed.

Close-bodied (a.) Fitting the body exactly; setting close, as a garment.

Closefisted (a.) Covetous; niggardly.

Closehanded (a.) Covetous; penurious; stingy; closefisted.

Closehauled (a.) Under way and moving as nearly as possible toward the direction from which the wind blows; -- said of a sailing vessel.

Closemouthed (a.) Cautious in speaking; secret; wary; uncommunicative.

Closereefed (a.) Having all the reefs taken in; -- said of a sail.

Close-tongued (a.) Closemouthed; silent.

Clotted (a.) Composed of clots or clods; having the quality or form of a clot; sticky; slimy; foul.

Cloud-built (a.) Built of, or in, the clouds; airy; unsubstantial; imaginary.

Cloud-capped (a.) Having clouds resting on the top or head; reaching to the clouds; as, cloud-capped mountains.

Cloudless (a.) Without a cloud; clear; bright.

Cloven-footed (a.) Alt. of Cloven-hoofed

Cloven-hoofed (a.) Having the foot or hoof divided into two parts, as the ox.

Clovered (a.) Covered with growing clover.

Clownish (a.) Of or resembling a clown, or characteristic of a clown; ungainly; awkward.

Cloyless (a.) That does not cloy.

Clubbable (a.) Suitable for membership in a club; sociable.

Clubbed (a.) Shaped like a club; grasped like, or used as, a club.

Clubbish (a.) Rude; clownish.

Clubbish (a.) Disposed to club together; as, a clubbish set.

Clubfisted (a.) Having a large fist.

Clubfooted (a.) Having a clubfoot.

Club-shaped (a.) Enlarged gradually at the end, as the antennae of certain insects.

Cluniacensian (a.) Cluniac.

Clupeoid (a.) Of or pertaining to the Herring family.

Clypeastroid (a.) Like or related to the genus Clupeaster; -- applied to a group of flattened sea urchins, with a rosette of pores on the upper side.

Clypeate (a.) Shaped like a round buckler or shield; scutate.

Clypeate (a.) Furnished with a shield, or a protective plate or shell.

Clypeiform (a.) Shield-shaped; clypeate.

Clysmian (a.) Connected with, or related to, the deluge, or to a cataclysm; as, clysmian changes.

Clysmic (a.) Washing; cleansing.

Cnemial (a.) Pertaining to the shin bone.

Coacervate (a.) Raised into a pile; collected into a crowd; heaped.

Coactive (a.) Serving to compel or constrain; compulsory; restrictive.

Coactive (a.) Acting in concurrence; united in action.

Coadapted (a.) Adapted one to another; as, coadapted pulp and tooth.

Coadjutant (a.) Mutually assisting or operating; helping.

Coadjuting (a.) Mutually assisting.

Coadjutive (a.) Rendering mutual aid; coadjutant.

Coadjuvant (a.) Cooperating.

Coadunate (a.) United at the base, as contiguous lobes of a leaf.

Coagulable (a.) Capable of being coagulated.

Coagulate (a.) Coagulated.

Coagulated (a.) Changed into, or contained in, a coagulum or a curdlike mass; curdled.

Coagulative (a.) Having the power to cause coagulation; as, a coagulative agent.

Coagulatory (a.) Serving to coagulate; produced by coagulation; as, coagulatory effects.

Coagulum (a.) The thick, curdy precipitate formed by the coagulation of albuminous matter; any mass of coagulated matter, as a clot of blood.

Coal-black (a.) As black as coal; jet black; very black.

Coalescent (a.) Growing together; cohering, as in the organic cohesion of similar parts; uniting.

Coarct (a.) Alt. of Coarctate

Coarctate (a.) To press together; to crowd; to straiten; to confine closely.

Coarctate (a.) To restrain; to confine.

Coarctate (a.) Pressed together; closely connected; -- applied to insects having the abdomen separated from the thorax only by a constriction.

Coarse-grained (a.) Having a coarse grain or texture, as wood; hence, wanting in refinement.

Coastal (a.) Of or pertaining to a coast.

Coasting (a.) Sailing along or near a coast, or running between ports along a coast.

Coatless (a.) Not wearing a coat; also, not possessing a coat.

Cobaltic (a.) Pertaining to, derived from, or containing, cobalt; -- said especially of those compounds in which cobalt has higher valence; as, cobaltic oxide.

Cobaltiferous (a.) Containing cobalt.

Cobaltous (a.) Pertaining to, derived from, or containing, cobalt; -- said esp. of cobalt compounds in which the metal has its lower valence.

Cobbing (a.) Haughty; purse-proud. See Cob, n., 2.

Cobelligerent (a.) Carrying on war in conjunction with another power.

Cobwebbed (a.) Abounding in cobwebs.

Cobwebby (a.) Abounding in cobwebs, or any fine web; resembling a cobweb.

Cobwork (a.) Built of logs, etc., laid horizontally, with the ends dovetailed together at the corners, as in a log house; in marine work, often surrounding a central space filled with stones; as, a cobwork dock or breakwater.

Cocciferous (a.) Bearing or producing berries; bacciferous; as, cocciferous trees or plants.

Coccygeal (a.) Of or pertaining to the coccyx; as, the coccygeal vertebrae.

Coccygeous (a.) Coccygeal.

Cochlear (a.) Of or pertaining to the cochlea.

Cocleariform (a.) Spoon-shaped.

Cochleary (a.) Same as Cochleate.

Cochleate (a.) Alt. of Cochleated

Cochleated (a.) Having the form of a snail shell; spiral; turbinated.

Cockaded (a.) Wearing a cockade.

Cock-a-hoop (a.) Boastful; defiant; exulting. Also used adverbially.

Cock-brained (a.) Giddy; rash.

Cockfighting (a.) Addicted to cockfighting.

Cockhorse (a.) Lifted up, as one is on a tall horse.

Cockhorse (a.) Lofty in feeling; exultant; proud; upstart.

Cockled (a.) Inclosed in a shell.

Cockled (a.) Wrinkled; puckered.

Cockney (a.) Of or relating to, or like, cockneys.

Cockneyish (a.) Characteristic of, or resembling, cockneys.

Cocksure (a.) Perfectly safe.

Cocksure (a.) Quite certain.

Cocky (a.) Pert.

Coctible (a.) Capable of being cooked.

Coctile (a.) Made by baking, or exposing to heat, as a brick.

Codding (a.) Lustful.

Codical (a.) Relating to a codex, or a code.

Codicillary (a.) Of the nature of a codicil.

Coefficient (a.) Cooperating; acting together to produce an effect.

Coelacanth (a.) Having hollow spines, as some ganoid fishes.

Coelenterate (a.) Belonging to the Coelentera.

Coeliac (a.) Alt. of Celiac

Celiac (a.) Relating to the abdomen, or to the cavity of the abdomen.

Coelodont (a.) Having hollow teeth; -- said of a group lizards.

Coelospermous (a.) Hollow-seeded; having the ventral face of the seedlike carpels incurved at the ends, as in coriander seed.

Coequal (a.) Being on an equality in rank or power.

Coercible (a.) Capable of being coerced.

Coercitive (a.) Coercive.

Coercive (a.) Serving or intended to coerce; having power to constrain.

Coessential (a.) Partaking of the same essence.

Coetaneous (a.) Of the same age; beginning to exist at the same time; contemporaneous.

Coeternal (a.) Equally eternal.

Coevous (a.) Coeval

Coexistent (a.) Existing at the same time with another.

Coexisting (a.) Coexistent.

Coextensive (a.) Equally extensive; having equal extent; as, consciousness and knowledge are coextensive.

Coffinless (a.) Having no coffin.

Cogenial (a.) Congenial.

Cogitable (a.) Capable of being brought before the mind as a thought or idea; conceivable; thinkable.

Cogitabund (a.) Full of thought; thoughtful.

Cogitative (a.) Possessing, or pertaining to, the power of thinking or meditating.

Cogitative (a.) Given to thought or contemplation.

Cognate (a.) Allied by blood; kindred by birth; specifically (Law), related on the mother's side.

Cognate (a.) Of the same or a similar nature; of the same family; proceeding from the same stock or root; allied; kindred; as, a cognate language.

Cognitive (a.) Knowing, or apprehending by the understanding; as, cognitive power.

Cognizable (a.) Capable of being known or apprehended; as, cognizable causes.

Cognizable (a.) Fitted to be a subject of judicial investigation; capable of being judicially heard and determined.

Cognizant (a.) Having cognizance or knowledge. (of).

Cognominal (a.) Of or pertaining to a cognomen; of the nature of a surname.

Cognoscible (a.) Capable of being known.

Cognoscible (a.) Liable to judicial investigation.

Cognoscitive (a.) Having the power of knowing.

Cohere (a.) To stick together; to cleave; to be united; to hold fast, as parts of the same mass.

Cohere (a.) To be united or connected together in subordination to one purpose; to follow naturally and logically, as the parts of a discourse, or as arguments in a train of reasoning; to be logically consistent.

Cohere (a.) To suit; to agree; to fit.

Coherent (a.) Sticking together; cleaving; as the parts of bodies; solid or fluid.

Coherent (a.) Composed of mutually dependent parts; making a logical whole; consistent; as, a coherent plan, argument, or discourse.

Coherent (a.) Logically consistent; -- applied to persons; as, a coherent thinker.

Coherent (a.) Suitable or suited; adapted; accordant.

Cohesible (a.) Capable of cohesion.

Cohesive (a.) Holding the particles of a homogeneous body together; as, cohesive attraction; producing cohesion; as, a cohesive force.

Cohesive (a.) Cohering, or sticking together, as in a mass; capable of cohering; tending to cohere; as, cohesive clay.

Coifed (a.) Wearing a coif.

Coincident (a.) Having coincidence; occupying the same place; contemporaneous; concurrent; -- followed by with.

Coincidental (a.) Coincident.

Coinitial (a.) Having a common beginning.

Coinstantaneous (a.) Happening at the same instant.

Cointense (a.) Equal in intensity or degree; as, the relations between 6 and 12, and 8 and 16, are cointense.

Cold-blooded (a.) Having cold blood; -- said of fish or animals whose blood is but little warmer than the water or air about them.

Cold-blooded (a.) Deficient in sensibility or feeling; hard-hearted.

Cold-blooded (a.) Not thoroughbred; -- said of animals, as horses, which are derived from the common stock of a country.

Cold-hearted (a.) Wanting passion or feeling; indifferent.

Coldish (a.) Somewhat cold; cool; chilly.

Cold-short (a.) Brittle when cold; as, cold-short iron.

Cold-shut (a.) Closed while too cold to become thoroughly welded; -- said of a forging or casting.

Coleopteral (a.) Alt. of Coleopterous

Coleopterous (a.) Having wings covered with a case or sheath; belonging to the Coleoptera.

Coleridgian (a.) Pertaining to Samuel Taylor Coleridge, or to his poetry or metaphysics.

Colic (a.) Of or pertaining to colic; affecting the bowels.

Colic (a.) Of or pertaining to the colon; as, the colic arteries.

Colical (a.) Of, pertaining to, or of the nature of, colic.

Colicky (a.) Pertaining to, or troubled with, colic; as, a colicky disorder.

Collagenous (a.) Containing or resembling collagen.

Collared (a.) Wearing a collar.

Collared (a.) Wearing a collar; -- said of a man or beast used as a bearing when a collar is represented as worn around the neck or loins.

Collared (a.) Rolled up and bound close with a string; as, collared beef. See To collar beef, under Collar, v. t.

Collatable (a.) Capable of being collated.

Collateral (a.) Coming from, being on, or directed toward, the side; as, collateral pressure.

Collateral (a.) Acting in an indirect way.

Collateral (a.) Related to, but not strictly a part of, the main thing or matter under consideration; hence, subordinate; not chief or principal; as, collateral interest; collateral issues.

Collateral (a.) Tending toward the same conclusion or result as something else; additional; as, collateral evidence.

Collateral (a.) Descending from the same stock or ancestor, but not in the same

Collatitious (a.) Brought together; contributed; done by contributions.

Collative (a.) Passing or held by collation; -- said of livings of which the bishop and the patron are the same person.

Collected (a.) Gathered together.

Collected (a.) Self-possessed; calm; composed.

Collectible (a.) Capable of being collected.

Collectional (a.) Of or pertaining to collecting.

Collective (a.) Formed by gathering or collecting; gathered into a mass, sum, or body; congregated or aggregated; as, the collective body of a nation.

Collective (a.) Deducing consequences; reasoning; inferring.

Collective (a.) Expressing a collection or aggregate of individuals, by a singular form; as, a collective name or noun, like assembly, army, jury, etc.

Collective (a.) Tending to collect; forming a collection.

Collective (a.) Having plurality of origin or authority; as, in diplomacy, a note signed by the representatives of several governments is called a collective note.

Collectivist (a.) Relating to, or characteristic of, collectivism.

Collegiate (a.) Of or pertaining to a college; as, collegiate studies; a collegiate society.

Colleterial (a.) Of or pertaining to the colleterium of insects.

Colletic (a.) Agglutinant.

Colligate (a.) Bound together.

Collingual (a.) Having, or pertaining to, the same language.

Colliquable (a.) Liable to melt, grow soft, or become fluid.

Colliquative (a.) Causing rapid waste or exhaustion; melting; as, colliquative sweats.

Collisive (a.) Colliding; clashing.

Collitigant (a.) Disputing or wrangling.

Collocate (a.) Set; placed.

Colloid (a.) Resembling glue or jelly; characterized by a jellylike appearance; gelatinous; as, colloid tumors.

Colloidal (a.) Pertaining to, or of the nature of, colloids.

Colloped (a.) Having ridges or bunches of flesh, like collops.

Colloquial (a.) Pertaining to, or used in, conversation, esp. common and familiar conversation; conversational; hence, unstudied; informal; as, colloquial intercourse; colloquial phrases; a colloquial style.

Collusive (a.) Characterized by collusion; done or planned in collusion.

Collusive (a.) Acting in collusion.

Collusory (a.) Collusive.

Colonial (a.) Of or pertaining to a colony; as, colonial rights, traffic, wars.

Colonical (a.) Of or pertaining to husbandmen.

Colorable (a.) Specious; plausible; having an appearance of right or justice.

Colorate (a.) Colored.

Color-blind (a.) Affected with color blindness. See Color blindness, under Color, n.

Colored (a.) Having color; tinged; dyed; painted; stained.

Colored (a.) Specious; plausible; adorned so as to appear well; as, a highly colored description.

Colored (a.) Of some other color than black or white.

Colored (a.) Of some other color than white; specifically applied to negroes or persons having negro blood; as, a colored man; the colored people.

Colored (a.) Of some other color than green.

Colorific (a.) Capable of communicating color or tint to other bodies.

Colorless (a.) Without color; not distinguished by any hue; transparent; as, colorless water.

Colorless (a.) Free from any manifestation of partial or peculiar sentiment or feeling; not disclosing likes, dislikes, prejudice, etc.; as, colorless music; a colorless style; definitions should be colorless.

Colossal (a.) Of enormous size; gigantic; huge; as, a colossal statue.

Colossal (a.) Of a size larger than heroic. See Heroic.

Colossean (a.) Colossal.

Coltish (a.) Like a colt; wanton; frisky.

Colubrine (a.) like or related to snakes of the genus Coluber.

Colubrine (a.) Like a snake; cunning; crafty.

Columbian (a.) Of or pertaining to the United States, or to America.

Columbic (a.) Pertaining to, or containing, columbium or niobium; niobic.

Columbic (a.) Pertaining to, or derived from, the columbo root.

Columbiferous (a.) Producing or containing columbium.

Columbine (a.) Of or pertaining to a dove; dovelike; dove-colored.

Columelliform (a.) Shaped like a little column, or columella.

Columnar (a.) Formed in columns; having the form of a column or columns; like the shaft of a column.

Columnated (a.) Having columns; as, columnated temples.

Columned (a.) Having columns.

Comate (a.) Encompassed with a coma, or bushy appearance, like hair; hairy.

Comatose (a.) Relating to, or resembling, coma; drowsy; lethargic; as, comatose sleep; comatose fever.

Comatous (a.) Comatose.

Combatable (a.) Such as can be, or is liable to be, combated; as, combatable foes, evils, or arguments.

Combatant (a.) Contending; disposed to contend.

Combative (a.) Disposed to engage in combat; pugnacious.

Combattant (a.) In the position of fighting; -- said of two lions set face to face, each rampant.

Combinable (a.) Capable of combining; consistent with.

Combinate (a.) United; joined; betrothed.

Combined (a.) United closely; confederated; chemically united.

Combless (a.) Without a comb or crest; as, a combless cock.

Comb-shaped (a.) Pectinate.

Combust (a.) Burnt; consumed.

Combust (a.) So near the sun as to be obscured or eclipsed by his light, as the moon or planets when not more than eight degrees and a half from the sun.

Combustible (a.) Capable of taking fire and burning; apt to catch fire; inflammable.

Combustible (a.) Easily kindled or excited; quick; fiery; irascible.

Combustious (a.) Inflammable.

Comestible (a.) Suitable to be eaten; eatable; esculent.

Cometary (a.) Pertaining to, or resembling, a comet.

Cometic (a.) Relating to a comet.

Comfortable (a.) Strong; vigorous; valiant.

Comfortable (a.) Serviceable; helpful.

Comfortable (a.) Affording or imparting comfort or consolation; able to comfort; cheering; as, a comfortable hope.

Comfortable (a.) In a condition of comfort; having comforts; not suffering or anxious; hence, contented; cheerful; as, to lead a comfortable life.

Comfortable (a.) Free, or comparatively free, from pain or distress; -- used of a sick person.

Comfortless (a.) Without comfort or comforts; in want or distress; cheerless.

Comic (a.) Relating to comedy, as distinct from tragedy.

Comic (a.) Causing mirth; ludicrous.

Comical (a.) Relating to comedy.

Comical (a.) Exciting mirth; droll; laughable; as, a comical story.

Coming (a.) Approaching; of the future, especially the near future; the next; as, the coming week or year; the coming exhibition.

Coming (a.) Ready to come; complaisant; fond.

Comitial (a.) Relating to the comitia, or popular assemblies of the Romans for electing officers and passing laws.

Commandable (a.) Capable of being commanded.

Commandatory (a.) Mandatory; as, commandatory authority.

Commanding (a.) Exercising authority; actually in command; as, a commanding officer.

Commanding (a.) Fitted to impress or control; as, a commanding look or presence.

Commanding (a.) Exalted; overlooking; having superior strategic advantages; as, a commanding position.

Commaterial (a.) Consisting of the same material.

Commatic (a.) Having short clauses or sentences; brief; concise.

Commeasurable (a.) Having the same measure; commensurate; proportional.

Commemorable (a.) Worthy to be commemorated.

Commemorative (a.) Tending or intended to commemorate.

Commemoratory (a.) Serving to commemorate; commemorative.

Commendable (a.) Worthy of being commended or praised; laudable; praiseworthy.

Commendatory (a.) Serving to commend; containing praise or commendation; commending; praising.

Commendatory (a.) Holding a benefice in commendam; as, a commendatory bishop.

Commensal (a.) Having the character of a commensal.

Commensurable (a.) Having a common measure; capable of being exactly measured by the same number, quantity, or measure.

Commensurate (a.) Having a common measure; commensurable; reducible to a common measure; as, commensurate quantities.

Commensurate (a.) Equal in measure or extent; proportionate.

Commentatorial (a.) Pertaining to the making of commentaries.

Commentitious (a.) Fictitious or imaginary; unreal; as, a commentitious system of religion.

Commercial (a.) Of or pertaining to commerce; carrying on or occupied with commerce or trade; mercantile; as, commercial advantages; commercial relations.

Comminatory (a.) Threatening or denouncing punishment; as, comminatory terms.

Commiserable (a.) Pitiable.

Commiserative (a.) Feeling or expressing commiseration.

Commissarial (a.) Of or pertaining to a commissary.

Commissional (a.) Alt. of Commissionary

Commissionary (a.) Of, pertaining to, or conferring, a commission; conferred by a commission or warrant.

Commissive (a.) Relating to commission; of the nature of, or involving, commission.

Commissural (a.) Of or pertaining to a commissure.

Committable (a.) Capable of being committed.

Committible (a.) Capable of being committed; liable to be committed.

Commodious (a.) Adapted to its use or purpose, or to wants and necessities; serviceable; spacious and convenient; roomy and comfortable; as, a commodious house.

Commonable (a.) Held in common.

Commonable (a.) Allowed to pasture on public commons.

Commonish (a.) Somewhat common; commonplace; vulgar.

Commonitive (a.) Monitory.

Commonitory (a.) Calling to mind; giving admonition.

Commonplace (a.) Common; ordinary; trite; as, a commonplace person, or observation.

Commorient (a.) Dying together or at the same time.

Communal (a.) Pertaining to a commune.

Communalistic (a.) Pertaining to communalism.

Communicable (a.) Capable of being communicated, or imparted; as, a communicable disease; communicable knowledge.

Communicable (a.) Communicative; free-speaking.

Communicant (a.) Communicating.

Communicative (a.) Inc

Communicatory (a.) Imparting knowledge or information.

Communistic (a.) Of or pertaining to communism or communists; as, communistic theories.

Communistic (a.) Living or having their nests in common, as certain birds.

Commutable (a.) Capable of being commuted or interchanged.

Commutative (a.) Relative to exchange; interchangeable; reciprocal.

Commutual (a.) Mutual; reciprocal; united.

Comose (a.) Bearing a tuft of soft hairs or down, as the seeds of milkweed.

Compacted (a.) Compact; pressed close; concentrated; firmly united.

Compactible (a.) That may be compacted.

Companable (a.) Companionable; sociable.

Companiable (a.) Companionable; sociable.

Companionable (a.) Fitted to be a companion; fit for good fellowship; agreeable; sociable.

Companionless (a.) Without a companion.

Comparable (a.) Capable of being compared; worthy of comparison.

Comparative (a.) Of or pertaining to comparison.

Comparative (a.) Proceeding from, or by the method of, comparison; as, the comparative sciences; the comparative anatomy.

Comparative (a.) Estimated by comparison; relative; not positive or absolute, as compared with another thing or state.

Comparative (a.) Expressing a degree greater or less than the positive degree of the quality denoted by an adjective or adverb. The comparative degree is formed from the positive by the use of -er, more, or less; as, brighter, more bright, or less bright.

Compassable (a.) Capable of being compassed or accomplished.

Compassed (a.) Rounded; arched.

Compassing (a.) Curved; bent; as, compassing timbers.

Compassionable (a.) Deserving compassion or pity; pitiable.

Compassionate (a.) Having a temper or disposition to pity; sympathetic; merciful.

Compassionate (a.) Complaining; inviting pity; pitiable.

Compassless (a.) Having no compass.

Compatible (a.) Capable of existing in harmony; congruous; suitable; not repugnant; -- usually followed by with.

Compatient (a.) Suffering or enduring together.

Compatriot (a.) Of the same country; having a common sentiment of patriotism.

Compellable (a.) Capable of being compelled or constrained.

Compellatory (a.) Serving to compel; compulsory.

Compendiarious (a.) Short; compendious.

Compendious (a.) Containing the substance or general principles of a subject or work in a narrow compass; abridged; summarized.

Compensative (a.) Affording compensation.

Compensatory (a.) Serving for compensation; making amends.

Competent (a.) Answering to all requirements; adequate; sufficient; suitable; capable; legally qualified; fit.

Competent (a.) Rightfully or properly belonging; incident; -- followed by to.

Competible (a.) Compatible; suitable; consistent.

Competitive (a.) Of or pertaining to competition; producing competition; competitory; as, a competitive examination.

Competitory (a.) Acting in competition; competing; rival.

Complacent (a.) Self-satisfied; contented; kindly; as, a complacent temper; a complacent smile.

Complacential (a.) Marked by, or causing, complacence.

Complainable (a.) That may be complained of.

Complaintful (a.) Full of complaint.

Complaisant (a.) Desirous to please; courteous; obliging; compliant; as, a complaisant gentleman.

Complanar (a.) See Coplanar.

Complected (a.) Complexioned.

Complemental (a.) Supplying, or tending to supply, a deficiency; fully completing.

Complemental (a.) Complimentary; courteous.

Complementary (a.) Serving to fill out or to complete; as, complementary numbers.

Complete (a.) Filled up; with no part or element lacking; free from deficiency; entire; perfect; consummate.

Complete (a.) Finished; ended; concluded; completed; as, the edifice is complete.

Complete (a.) Having all the parts or organs which belong to it or to the typical form; having calyx, corolla, stamens, and pistil.

Completive (a.) Making complete.

Completory (a.) Serving to fulfill.

Complexed (a.) Complex, complicated.

Complexional (a.) Of or pertaining to constitutional complexion.

Complexionary (a.) Pertaining to the complexion, or to the care of it.

Complexioned (a.) Having (such) a complexion; -- used in composition; as, a dark-complexioned or a ruddy-complexioned person.

Compliable (a.) Capable of bending or yielding; apt to yield; compliant.

Compliant (a.) Yielding; bending; pliant; submissive.

Complicant (a.) Overlapping, as the elytra of certain beetles.

Complicate (a.) Composed of two or more parts united; complex; complicated; involved.

Complicate (a.) Folded together, or upon itself, with the fold running lengthwise.

Complimental (a.) Complimentary.

Complimentary (a.) Expressive of regard or praise; of the nature of, or containing, a compliment; as, a complimentary remark; a complimentary ticket.

Complimentative (a.) Complimentary.

Complutensian (a.) Of or pertaining to Complutum (now Alcala de Henares) a city near Madrid; as, the Complutensian Bible.

Compone (a.) See Compony.

Compony (a.) Alt. of Compone

Compone (a.) Divided into squares of alternate tinctures in a single row; -- said of any bearing; or, in the case of a bearing having curved

Comportable (a.) Suitable; consistent.

Composed (a.) Free from agitation; calm; sedate; quiet; tranquil; self-possessed.

Composing (a.) Tending to compose or soothe.

Composing (a.) Pertaining to, or used in, composition.

Compositive (a.) Having the quality of entering into composition; compounded.

Compositous (a.) Belonging to the Compositae; composite.

Compossible (a.) Able to exist with another thing; consistent.

Compoundable (a.) That may be compounded.

Comprehensible (a.) Capable of being comprehended, included, or comprised.

Comprehensible (a.) Capable of being understood; intelligible; conceivable by the mind.

Comprehensive (a.) Including much; comprising many things; having a wide scope or a full view.

Comprehensive (a.) Having the power to comprehend or understand many things.

Comprehensive (a.) Possessing peculiarities that are characteristic of several diverse groups.

Compressed (a.) Pressed together; compacted; reduced in volume by pressure.

Compressed (a.) Flattened lengthwise.

Compressible (a.) Capable of being pressed together or forced into a narrower compass, as an elastic or spongy substance.

Compressive (a.) Compressing, or having power or tendency to compress; as, a compressive force.

Compromissorial (a.) Relating to compromise.

Comprovincial (a.) Belonging to, or associated in, the same province.

Compt (a.) Neat; spruce.

Compulsative (a.) Compulsatory.

Compulsatory (a.) Operating with force; compelling; forcing; constraining; resulting from, or enforced by, compulsion.

Compulsive (a.) Having power to compel; exercising or applying compulsion.

Compulsory (a.) Having the power of compulsion; constraining.

Compulsory (a.) Obligatory; enjoined by authority; necessary; due to compulsion.

Compunct (a.) Affected with compunction; conscience-stricken.

Compunctionless (a.) Without compunction.

Compunctious (a.) Of the nature of compunction; caused by conscience; attended with, or causing, compunction.

Compunctive (a.) Sensitive in respect of wrongdoing; conscientious.

Compurgatorial (a.) Relating to a compurgator or to compurgation.

Computable (a.) Capable of being computed, numbered, or reckoned.

Conative (a.) Of or pertaining to conation.

Concave (a.) Hollow and curved or rounded; vaulted; -- said of the interior of a curved surface or

Concave (a.) Hollow; void of contents.

Concaved (a.) Bowed in the form of an arch; -- called also arched.

Concavo-concave (a.) Concave or hollow on both sides; double concave.

Concavo-convex (a.) Concave on one side and convex on the other, as an eggshell or a crescent.

Concavo-convex (a.) Specifically, having such a combination of concave and convex sides as makes the focal axis the shortest

Concavous (a.) Concave.

Concealable (a.) Capable of being concealed.

Concealed (a.) Hidden; kept from sight; secreted.

Conceited (a.) Endowed with fancy or imagination.

Conceited (a.) Entertaining a flattering opinion of one's self; vain.

Conceited (a.) Curiously contrived or designed; fanciful.

Conceitless (a.) Without wit; stupid.

Conceivable (a.) Capable of being conceived, imagined, or understood.

Concentrative (a.) Serving or tending to concentrate; characterized by concentration.

Concentric (a.) Alt. of Concentrical

Concentrical (a.) Having a common center, as circles of different size, one within another.

Concentual (a.) Possessing harmony; accordant.

Conceptible (a.) Capable of being conceived; conceivable.

Conceptional (a.) Pertaining to conception.

Conceptious (a.) Apt to conceive; fruitful.

Conceptive (a.) Capable of conceiving.

Conceptual (a.) Pertaining to conception.

Concerning (a.) Important.

Concertative (a.) Contentious; quarrelsome.

Concerted (a.) Mutually contrived or planned; agreed on; as, concerted schemes, signals.

Concessive (a.) Implying concession; as, a concessive conjunction.

Concessory (a.) Conceding; permissive.

Conchal (a.) Pertaining to the concha, or external ear; as, the conchal cartilage.

Conchiferous (a.) Producing or having shells.

Conchiform (a.) Shaped like one half of a bivalve shell; shell-shaped.

Conchitic (a.) Composed of shells; containing many shells.

Conchoidal (a.) Having elevations or depressions in form like one half of a bivalve shell; -- applied principally to a surface produced by fracture.

Conchological (a.) Pertaining to, or connected with, conchology.

Conchylaceous (a.) Alt. of Conchyliaceous

Conchyliaceous (a.) Of or pertaining to shells; resembling a shell; as, conchyliaceous impressions.

Conchylious (a.) Conchylaceous.

Conciator (a.) The person who weighs and proportions the materials to be made into glass, and who works and tempers them.

Conciliable (a.) Capable of being conciliated or reconciled.

Conciliar (a.) Alt. of Conciliary

Conciliary (a.) Of or pertaining to, or issued by, a council.

Conciliative (a.) Conciliatory.

Conciliatory (a.) Tending to conciliate; pacific; mollifying; propitiating.

Concinnous (a.) Characterized by concinnity; neat; elegant.

Concionatory (a.) Of or pertaining to preaching or public addresses.

Concise (a.) Expressing much in a few words; condensed; brief and compacted; -- used of style in writing or speaking.

Concludent (a.) Bringing to a close; decisive; conclusive.

Conclusible (a.) Demonstrable; determinable.

Conclusive (a.) Belonging to a close or termination; decisive; convincing; putting an end to debate or question; leading to, or involving, a conclusion or decision.

Conclusory (a.) Conclusive.

Concoctive (a.) Having the power of digesting or ripening; digestive.

Concolor (a.) Of the same color; of uniform color.

Concolorous (a.) Of the same color throughout.

Concomitant (a.) Accompanying; conjoined; attending.

Concordable (a.) Capable of according; agreeing; harmonious.

Concordant (a.) Agreeing; correspondent; harmonious; consonant.

Concorporate (a.) United in one body; incorporated.

Concrescible (a.) Capable of being changed from a liquid to a solid state.

Concrescive (a.) Growing together, or into union; uniting.

Concrete (a.) United in growth; hence, formed by coalition of separate particles into one mass; united in a solid form.

Concrete (a.) Standing for an object as it exists in nature, invested with all its qualities, as distinguished from standing for an attribute of an object; -- opposed to abstract.

Concrete (a.) Applied to a specific object; special; particular; -- opposed to general. See Abstract, 3.

Concretional (a.) Concretionary.

Concretionary (a.) Pertaining to, or formed by, concretion or aggregation; producing or containing concretions.

Concretive (a.) Promoting concretion.

Concrew (a.) To grow together.

Concubinal (a.) Of or pertaining to concubinage.

Concubinary (a.) Relating to concubinage; living in concubinage.

Concupiscent (a.) Having sexual lust; libidinous; lustful; lecherous; salacious.

Concupiscential (a.) Relating to concupiscence.

Concupiscentious (a.) Concupiscent.

Concupiscible (a.) Exciting to, or liable to be affected by, concupiscence; provoking lustful desires.

Concupiscible (a.) Exciting desire, good or evil.

Concurrent (a.) Acting in conjunction; agreeing in the same act or opinion; contributing to the same event or effect; cooperating.

Concurrent (a.) Conjoined; associate; concomitant; existing or happening at the same time.

Concurrent (a.) Joint and equal in authority; taking cognizance of similar questions; operating on the same objects; as, the concurrent jurisdiction of courts.

Concurrent (a.) Meeting in one point.

Concurring (a.) Agreeing.

Concussive (a.) Having the power or quality of shaking or agitating.

Condemnatory (a.) Condemning; containing or imposing condemnation or censure; as, a condemnatory sentence or decree.

Condemned (a.) Pronounced to be wrong, guilty, worthless, or forfeited; adjudged or sentenced to punishment, destruction, or confiscation.

Condemned (a.) Used for condemned persons.

Condensable (a.) Capable of being condensed; as, vapor is condensable.

Condensative (a.) Having the property of condensing.

Condense (a.) Condensed; compact; dense.

Condensible (a.) Capable of being condensed; as, a gas condensible to a liquid by cold.

Condign (a.) Worthy; suitable; deserving; fit.

Condign (a.) Deserved; adequate; suitable to the fault or crime.

Condite (a.) Preserved; pickled.

Conditional (a.) Containing, implying, or depending on, a condition or conditions; not absolute; made or granted on certain terms; as, a conditional promise.

Conditional (a.) Expressing a condition or supposition; as, a conditional word, mode, or tense.

Conditioned (a.) Surrounded; circumstanced; in a certain state or condition, as of property or health; as, a well conditioned man.

Conditioned (a.) Having, or known under or by, conditions or relations; not independent; not absolute.

Condolatory (a.) Expressing condolence.

Conducent (a.) Conducive; tending.

Conducible (a.) Conducive; tending; contributing.

Conducive (a.) Loading or tending; helpful; contributive; tending to promote.

Conductible (a.) Capable of being conducted.

Conductive (a.) Having the quality or power of conducting; as, the conductive tissue of a pistil.

Conductory (a.) Having the property of conducting.

Conduplicate (a.) Folded lengthwise along the midrib, the upper face being within; -- said of leaves or petals in vernation or aestivation.

Condylar (a.) Of or pertaining to a condyle.

Condyloid (a.) Shaped like or pertaining to a condyle.

Cone-in-cone (a.) Consisting of a series of parallel cones, each made up of many concentric cones closely packed together; -- said of a kind of structure sometimes observed in sedimentary rocks.

Confabulatory (a.) Of the nature of familiar talk; in the form of a dialogue.

Confectionary (a.) Prepared as a confection.

Confectory (a.) Pertaining to the art of making sweetmeats.

Confederate (a.) United in a league; allied by treaty; engaged in a confederacy; banded together; allied.

Confederate (a.) Of or pertaining to the government of the eleven Southern States of the United States which (1860-1865) attempted to establish an independent nation styled the Confederate States of America; as, the Confederate congress; Confederate money.

Confederative (a.) Of or pertaining to a confederation.

Conferential (a.) Relating to conference.

Conferrable (a.) Capable of being conferred.

Conferruminate (a.) Alt. of Conferruminated

Conferruminated (a.) Closely united by the coalescence, or sticking together, of contiguous faces, as in the case of the cotyledons of the live-oak acorn.

Confervaceous (a.) Belonging to the confervae.

Confervoid (a.) Like, or related to, the confervae.

Confervous (a.) Pertaining to confervae; consisting of, or resembling, the confervae.

Confessional (a.) Pertaining to a confession of faith.

Confessionary (a.) Pertaining to auricular confession; as, a confessionary litany.

Confidential (a.) Enjoying, or treated with, confidence; trusted in; trustworthy; as, a confidential servant or clerk.

Confidential (a.) Communicated in confidence; secret.

Confiding (a.) That confides; trustful; unsuspicious.

Confinable (a.) Capable of being confined, restricted, or limited.

Confineless (a.) Without limitation or end; boundless.

Confirmable (a.) That may be confirmed.

Confirmative (a.) Tending to confirm or establish.

Confiscable (a.) Capable of being confiscated; liable to forfeiture.

Confiscate (a.) Seized and appropriated by the government to the public use; forfeited.

Confiscatory (a.) Effecting confiscation; characterized by confiscations.

Conflagrant (a.) Burning together in a common flame.

Conflicting (a.) Being in conflict or collision, or in opposition; contending; contradictory; incompatible; contrary; opposing.

Conflictive (a.) Tending to conflict; conflicting.

Confluent (a.) Flowing together; meeting in their course; running one into another.

Confluent (a.) Blended into one; growing together, so as to obliterate all distinction.

Confluent (a.) Running together or uniting, as pimples or pustules.

Confluent (a.) Characterized by having the pustules, etc., run together or unite, so as to cover the surface; as, confluent smallpox.

Confluxible (a.) Inc

Confocal (a.) Having the same foci; as, confocal quadrics.

Conform (a.) Of the same form; similar in import; conformable.

Conformable (a.) Corresponding in form, character, opinions, etc.; similar; like; consistent; proper or suitable; -- usually followed by to.

Conformable (a.) Disposed to compliance or obedience; ready to follow direstions; submissive; compliant.

Conformable (a.) Parallel, or nearly so; -- said of strata in contact.

Conformate (a.) Having the same form.

Confounded (a.) Confused; perplexed.

Confounded (a.) Excessive; extreme; abominable.

Confract (a.) Broken in pieces; severed.

Confragose (a.) Broken; uneven.

Confronte (a.) Same as Affronte.

Confucian (a.) Of, or relating to, Confucius, the great Chinese philosopher and teacher.

Confus (a.) Confused, disturbed.

Confusable (a.) Capable of being confused.

Confuse (a.) Mixed; confounded.

Confusive (a.) Confusing; having a tendency to confusion.

Confutable (a.) That may be confuted.

Confutative (a.) Adapted or designed to confute.

Congeable (a.) Permissible; done lawfully; as, entry congeable.

Congealable (a.) Capable of being congealed.

Congeneric (a.) Alt. of Congenerical

Congenerical (a.) Belonging to the same genus; allied in origin, nature, or action.

Congenerous (a.) Allied in origin or cause; congeneric; as, congenerous diseases.

Congenial (a.) Partaking of the same nature; allied by natural characteristics; kindred; sympathetic.

Congenial (a.) Naturally adapted; suited to the disposition.

Congenious (a.) Congeneric.

Congenital (a.) Existing at, or dating from, birth; pertaining to one from birth; born with one; connate; constitutional; natural; as, a congenital deformity. See Connate.

Congenite (a.) Congenital; connate; inborn. See Congenital.

Congested (a.) Crowded together.

Congested (a.) Containing an unnatural accumulation of blood; hyperaemic; -- said of any part of the body.

Congestive (a.) Pertaining to, indicating, or attended with, congestion in some part of the body; as, a congestive fever.

Conglobate (a.) Collected into, or forming, a rounded mass or ball; as, the conglobate [lymphatic] glands; conglobate flowers.

Conglomerate (a.) Gathered into a ball or a mass; collected together; concentrated; as, conglomerate rays of light.

Conglomerate (a.) Closely crowded together; densly clustered; as, conglomerate flowers.

Conglomerate (a.) Composed of stones, pebbles, or fragments of rocks, cemented together.

Conglutinant (a.) Cementing together; uniting closely; causing to adhere; promoting healing, as of a wound or a broken bone, by adhesion of the parts.

Conglutinate (a.) Glued together; united, as by some adhesive substance.

Conglutinative (a.) Conglutinant.

Congratulant (a.) Rejoicing together; congratulatory.

Congratulatory (a.) Expressive of sympathetic joy; as, a congratulatory letter.

Congregate (a.) Collected; compact; close.

Congregational (a.) Of or pertaining to a congregation; conducted, or participated in, by a congregation; as, congregational singing.

Congregational (a.) Belonging to the system of Congregationalism, or to Congregationalist; holding to the faith and polity of Congregationalism; as, a Congregational church.

Congressional (a.) Of or pertaining to a congress, especially, to the Congress of the United States; as, congressional debates.

Congressive (a.) Encountering, or coming together.

Congruent (a.) Possessing congruity; suitable; agreeing; corresponding.

Congruous (a.) Suitable or concordant; accordant; fit; harmonious; correspondent; consistent.

Conic (a.) Alt. of Conical

Conical (a.) Having the form of, or resembling, a geometrical cone; round and tapering to a point, or gradually lessening in circumference; as, a conic or conical figure; a conical vessel.

Conical (a.) Of or pertaining to a cone; as, conic sections.

Conico- (a.) A combining form, meaning somewhat resembling a cone; as, conico-cylindrical, resembling a cone and a cylinder; conico-hemispherical; conico-subulate.

Conicoid (a.) Same as Conoidal.

Coniferous (a.) Bearing cones, as the pine and cypress.

Coniferous (a.) Pertaining to the order Coniferae, of which the pine tree is the type.

Coniform (a.) Cone-shaped; conical.

Conirostral (a.) Belonging to the Conirostres.

Conjecturable (a.) Capable of being conjectured or guessed.

Conjectural (a.) Dependent on conjecture; fancied; imagined; guessed at; undetermined; doubtful.

Conjoined (a.) Joined together or touching.

Conjoint (a.) United; connected; associated.

Conjubilant (a.) Shouting together for joy; rejoicing together.

Conjugal (a.) Belonging to marriage; suitable or appropriate to the marriage state or to married persons; matrimonial; connubial.

Conjugate (a.) United in pairs; yoked together; coupled.

Conjugate (a.) In single pairs; coupled.

Conjugate (a.) Containing two or more radicals supposed to act the part of a single one.

Conjugate (a.) Agreeing in derivation and radical signification; -- said of words.

Conjugate (a.) Presenting themselves simultaneously and having reciprocal properties; -- frequently used in pure and applied mathematics with reference to two quantities, points,

Conjugational (a.) relating to conjugation.

Conjugial (a.) Conjugal.

Conjunct (a.) United; conjoined; concurrent.

Conjunct (a.) Same as Conjoined.

Conjunctional (a.) Relating to a conjunction.

Conjunctival (a.) Joining; connecting.

Conjunctival (a.) Of or pertaining to the conjunctiva.

Conjunctive (a.) Serving to unite; connecting together.

Conjunctive (a.) Closely united.

Connascent (a.) Born together; produced at the same time.

Connate (a.) Born with another; being of the same birth.

Connate (a.) Congenital; existing from birth.

Connate (a.) Congenitally united; growing from one base, or united at their bases; united into one body; as, connate leaves or athers. See Illust. of Connate-perfoliate.

Connate-perfoliate (a.) Connate or coalescent at the base so as to produce a broad foliaceous body through the center of which the stem passes; -- applied to leaves, as the leaves of the boneset.

Connective (a.) Connecting, or adapted to connect; involving connection.

Connexive (a.) See Connective.

Connivent (a.) Forbearing to see; designedly inattentive; as, connivent justice.

Connivent (a.) Brought close together; arched inward so that the points meet; converging; in close contact; as, the connivent petals of a flower, wings of an insect, or folds of membrane in the human system, etc.

Connotative (a.) Implying something additional; illative.

Connotative (a.) Implying an attribute. See Connote.

Connubial (a.) Of or pertaining to marriage, or the marriage state; conjugal; nuptial.

Connusant (a.) See Cognizant.

Connutritious (a.) Nutritious by force of habit; -- said of certain kinds of food.

Conny (a.) Brave; fine; canny.

Conoid (a.) Resembling a cone; conoidal.

Conoidal (a.) Nearly, but not exactly, conical.

Conoidic (a.) Alt. of Conoidical

Conoidical (a.) Pertaining to a conoid; having the form of a conoid.

Conquerable (a.) Capable of being conquered or subdued.

Consanguineal (a.) Of the same blood; related by birth.

Consanguined (a.) Of kin blood; related.

Consanguineous (a.) Of the same blood; related by birth; descended from the same parent or ancestor.

Conscienced (a.) Having a conscience.

Conscienceless (a.) Without conscience; indifferent to conscience; unscrupulous.

Conscient (a.) Conscious.

Conscientious (a.) Influenced by conscience; governed by a strict regard to the dictates of conscience, or by the known or supposed rules of right and wrong; -- said of a person.

Conscientious (a.) Characterized by a regard to conscience; conformed to the dictates of conscience; -- said of actions.

Conscionable (a.) Governed by, or according to, conscience; reasonable; just.

Conscious (a.) Possessing the faculty of knowing one's own thoughts or mental operations.

Conscious (a.) Possessing knowledge, whether by internal, conscious experience or by external observation; cognizant; aware; sensible.

Conscious (a.) Made the object of consciousness; known to one's self; as, conscious guilt.

Conscript (a.) Enrolled; written; registered.

Conscription (a.) Belonging to, or of the nature of, a conspiration.

Consecrate (a.) Consecrated; devoted; dedicated; sacred.

Consecratory (a.) Of or pertaining to the act of consecration; dedicatory.

Consectaneous (a.) Following as a matter of course.

Consectary (a.) Following by consequence; consequent; deducible.

Consecutive (a.) Following in a train; succeeding one another in a regular order; successive; uninterrupted in course or succession; with no interval or break; as, fifty consecutive years.

Consecutive (a.) Following as a consequence or result; actually or logically dependent; consequential; succeeding.

Consecutive (a.) Having similarity of sequence; -- said of certain parallel progressions of two parts in a piece of harmony; as, consecutive fifths, or consecutive octaves, which are forbidden.

Consentaneous (a.) Consistent; agreeable; suitable; accordant to; harmonious; concurrent.

Consentant (a.) Consenting.

Consenter (a.) One who consents.

Consentient (a.) Agreeing in mind; accordant.

Consequent (a.) Following as a result, inference, or natural effect.

Consequent (a.) Following by necessary inference or rational deduction; as, a proposition consequent to other propositions.

Consequential (a.) Following as a consequence, result, or logical inference; consequent.

Consequential (a.) Assuming or exhibiting an air of consequence; pretending to importance; pompous; self-important; as, a consequential man. See Consequence, n., 4.

Conservable (a.) Capable of being preserved from decay or injury.

Conservant (a.) Having the power or quality of conservation.

Conservational (a.) Tending to conserve; preservative.

Conservative (a.) Having power to preserve in a safe of entire state, or from loss, waste, or injury; preservative.

Conservative (a.) Tending or disposed to maintain existing institutions; opposed to change or innovation.

Conservative (a.) Of or pertaining to a political party which favors the conservation of existing institutions and forms of government, as the Conservative party in England; -- contradistinguished from Liberal and Radical.

Conservativeness (a.) The quality of being conservative.

Conservatory (a.) Having the quality of preserving from loss, decay, or injury.

Considerable (a.) Worthy of consideration, borne in mind, or attended to.

Considerable (a.) Of some distinction; noteworthy; influential; respectable; -- said of persons.

Considerable (a.) Of importance or value.

Considerate (a.) Given to consideration or to sober reflection; regardful of consequences or circumstances; circumspect; careful; esp. careful of the rights, claims, and feelings of other.

Considerate (a.) Having respect to; regardful.

Considerative (a.) Considerate; careful; thoughtful.

Consignificant (a.) Having joint or equal signification; synonymous.

Consignificative (a.) Consignificant; jointly significate.

Consistent (a.) Possessing firmness or fixedness; firm; hard; solid.

Consistent (a.) Having agreement with itself or with something else; having harmony among its parts; possesing unity; accordant; harmonious; congruous; compatible; uniform; not contradictory.

Consistent (a.) Living or acting in conformity with one's belief or professions.

Consistorial (a.) Of or pertaining to a consistory.

Consistorian (a.) Pertaining to a Presbyterian consistory; -- a contemptuous term of 17th century controversy.

Consistory (a.) Of the nature of, or pertaining to, a consistory.

Consociational (a.) Of or pertaining to a consociation.

Consolable (a.) Capable of receiving consolation.

Consolatory (a.) Of a consoling or comforting nature.

Consolidant (a.) Serving to unite or consolidate; having the quality of consolidating or making firm.

Consolidate (a.) Formed into a solid mass; made firm; consolidated.

Consolidative (a.) Tending or having power to consolidate; healing.

Consoling (a.) Adapted to console or comfort; cheering; as, this is consoling news.

Consonant (a.) Having agreement; congruous; consistent; according; -- usually followed by with or to.

Consonant (a.) Having like sounds.

Consonant (a.) harmonizing together; accordant; as, consonant tones, consonant chords.

Consonant (a.) Of or pertaining to consonants; made up of, or containing many, consonants.

Consonantal (a.) Of the nature of a consonant; pertaining to consonants.

Consonous (a.) Agreeing in sound; symphonious.

Consopite (a.) Lulled to sleep.

Consortable (a.) Suitable for association or companionship.

Conspecific (a.) Of the same species.

Conspicuous (a.) Open to the view; obvious to the eye; easy to be seen; plainly visible; manifest; attracting the eye.

Conspicuous (a.) Obvious to the mental eye; easily recognized; clearly defined; notable; prominent; eminent; distinguished; as, a conspicuous excellence, or fault.

Conspirant (a.) Engaging in a plot to commit a crime; conspiring.

Constabulary (a.) Of or pertaining to constables; consisting of constables.

Constituent (a.) Serving to form, compose, or make up; elemental; component.

Constituent (a.) Having the power of electing or appointing.

Constitutional (a.) Belonging to, or inherent in, the constitution, or in the structure of body or mind; as, a constitutional infirmity; constitutional ardor or dullness.

Constitutional (a.) In accordance with, or authorized by, the constitution of a state or a society; as, constitutional reforms.

Constitutional (a.) Regulated by, dependent on, or secured by, a constitution; as, constitutional government; constitutional rights.

Constitutional (a.) Relating to a constitution, or establishment form of government; as, a constitutional risis.

Constitutional (a.) For the benefit or one's constitution or health; as, a constitutional walk.

Constitutive (a.) Tending or assisting to constitute or compose; elemental; essential.

Constitutive (a.) Having power to enact, establish, or create; instituting; determining.

Constrainable (a.) Capable of being constrained; liable to constraint, or to restraint.

Constrained (a.) Marked by constraint; not free; not voluntary; embarrassed; as, a constrained manner; a constrained tone.

Constraintive (a.) Constraining; compulsory.

Constricted (a.) Drawn together; bound; contracted; cramped.

Constricted (a.) Contracted or compressed so as to be smaller in certain places or parts than in others.

Constrictive (a.) Serving or tending to bind or constrict.

Constringent (a.) Having the quality of contracting, binding, or compressing.

Construct (a.) Formed by, or relating to, construction, interpretation, or inference.

Constructional (a.) Pertaining to, or deduced from, construction or interpretation.

Constructive (a.) Having ability to construct or form; employed in construction; as, to exhibit constructive power.

Constructive (a.) Derived from, or depending on, construction or interpretation; not directly expressed, but inferred.

Consubstantial (a.) Of the same kind or nature; having the same substance or essence; coessential.

Consubstantiate (a.) Partaking of the same substance; united; consubstantial.

Consuetudinal (a.) According to custom; customary; usual.

Consuetudinary (a.) Customary.

Consular (a.) Of or pertaining to a consul; performing the duties of a consul; as, consular power; consular dignity; consular officers.

Consulary (a.) Consular.

Consultary (a.) Formed by consultation; resulting from conference.

Consultative (a.) Pertaining to consultation; having the privilege or right of conference.

Consultatory (a.) Formed by, or resulting from, consultation; advisory.

Consulting (a.) That consults.

Consultive (a.) Determined by, or pertaining to, consultation; deliberate; consultative.

Consumable (a.) Capable of being consumed; that may be destroyed, dissipated, wasted, or spent.

Consummate (a.) Carried to the utmost extent or degree; of the highest quality; complete; perfect.

Consummative (a.) Serving to consummate; completing.

Consumptive (a.) Of or pertaining to consumption; having the quality of consuming, or dissipating; destructive; wasting.

Consumptive (a.) Affected with, or inc

Contabescent (a.) Wasting away gradually.

Contagioned (a.) Affected by contagion.

Contagious (a.) Communicable by contact, by a virus, or by a bodily exhalation; catching; as, a contagious disease.

Contagious (a.) Conveying or generating disease; pestilential; poisonous; as, contagious air.

Contagious (a.) Spreading or communicable from one to another; exciting similar emotions or conduct in others.

Containable (a.) Capable of being contained or comprised.

Contaminable (a.) Capable of being contaminated.

Contaminate (a.) Contaminated; defiled; polluted; tainted.

Contamitive (a.) Tending or liable to contaminate.

Contemplant (a.) Given to contemplation; meditative.

Contemplative (a.) Pertaining to contemplation; addicted to, or employed in, contemplation; meditative.

Contemplative (a.) Having the power of contemplation; as, contemplative faculties.

Contemporaneous (a.) Living, existing, or occurring at the same time; contemporary.

Contemporary (a.) Living, occuring, or existing, at the same time; done in, or belonging to, the same times; contemporaneous.

Contemporary (a.) Of the same age; coeval.

Contemptible (a.) Worthy of contempt; deserving of scorn or disdain; mean; vile; despicable.

Contemptible (a.) Despised; scorned; neglected; abject.

Contemptible (a.) Insolent; scornful; contemptuous.

Contemptuous (a.) Manifesting or expressing contempt or disdain; scornful; haughty; insolent; disdainful.

Content (a.) Contained within limits; hence, having the desires limited by that which one has; not disposed to repine or grumble; satisfied; contented; at rest.

Content (a.) To satisfy the desires of; to make easy in any situation; to appease or quiet; to gratify; to please.

Content (a.) To satisfy the expectations of; to pay; to requite.

Contented (a.) Content; easy in mind; satisfied; quiet; willing.

Contentful (a.) Full of content.

Contentious (a.) Fond of contention; given to angry debate; provoking dispute or contention; quarrelsome.

Contentious (a.) Relating to contention or strife; involving or characterized by contention.

Contentious (a.) Contested; litigated; litigious; having power to decide controversy.

Contentless (a.) Discontented; dissatisfied.

Conterminable (a.) Having the same bounds; terminating at the same time or place; conterminous.

Conterminal (a.) Conterminous.

Conterminant (a.) Having the same limits; ending at the same time; conterminous.

Conterminate (a.) Having the same bounds; conterminous.

Conterminous (a.) Having the same bounds, or limits; bordering upon; contiguous.

Conterranean (a.) Alt. of Conterraneous

Conterraneous (a.) Of or belonging to the same country.

Contestable (a.) Capable of being contested; debatable.

Context (a.) Knit or woven together; close; firm.

Contextural (a.) Pertaining to contexture or arrangement of parts; producing contexture; interwoven.

Contextured (a.) Formed into texture; woven together; arranged; composed.

Conticent (a.) Silent.

Contiguate (a.) Contiguous; touching.

Contiguous (a.) In actual contact; touching; also, adjacent; near; neighboring; adjoining.

Continent (a.) Serving to restrain or limit; restraining; opposing.

Continent (a.) Exercising restraint as to the indulgence of desires or passions; temperate; moderate.

Continent (a.) Abstaining from sexual intercourse; exercising restraint upon the sexual appetite; esp., abstaining from illicit sexual intercourse; chaste.

Continent (a.) Not interrupted; connected; continuous; as, a continent fever.

Continent (a.) That which contains anything; a receptacle.

Continent (a.) One of the grand divisions of land on the globe; the main land; specifically (Phys. Geog.), a large body of land differing from an island, not merely in its size, but in its structure, which is that of a large basin bordered by mountain chains; as, the continent of North America.

Continental (a.) Of or pertaining to a continent.

Continental (a.) Of or pertaining to the main land of Europe, in distinction from the adjacent islands, especially England; as, a continental tour; a continental coalition.

Continental (a.) Of or pertaining to the confederated colonies collectively, in the time of the Revolutionary War; as, Continental money.

Contingent (a.) Possible, or liable, but not certain, to occur; incidental; casual.

Contingent (a.) Dependent on that which is undetermined or unknown; as, the success of his undertaking is contingent upon events which he can not control.

Contingent (a.) Dependent for effect on something that may or may not occur; as, a contingent estate.

Continuable (a.) Capable of being continued

Continual (a.) Proceeding without interruption or cesstaion; continuous; unceasing; lasting; abiding.

Continual (a.) Occuring in steady and rapid succession; very frequent; often repeated.

Continuant (a.) Continuing; prolonged; sustained; as, a continuant sound.

Continuate (a.) Immediately united together; intimately connected.

Continuate (a.) Uninterrupted; unbroken; continual; continued.

Continuous (a.) Without break, cessation, or interruption; without intervening space or time; uninterrupted; unbroken; continual; unceasing; constant; continued; protracted; extended; as, a continuous

Continuous (a.) Not deviating or varying from uninformity; not interrupted; not joined or articulated.

Contorted (a.) Twisted, or twisted together.

Contorted (a.) Twisted back upon itself, as some parts of plants.

Contorted (a.) Arranged so as to overlap each other; as, petals in contorted or convolute aestivation.

Contortive (a.) Expressing contortion.

Contortuplicate (a.) Plaited lengthwise and twisted in addition, as the bud of the morning-glory.

Contourne' (a.) Turned in a direction which is not the usual one; -- said of an animal turned to the sinister which is usually turned to the dexter, or the like.

Contourniated (a.) Having furrowed edges, as if turned in a lathe.

Contraband (a.) Prohibited or excluded by law or treaty; forbidden; as, contraband goods, or trade.

Contract (a.) Contracted; as, a contract verb.

Contract (a.) Contracted; affianced; betrothed.

Contracted (a.) Drawn together; shrunken; wrinkled; narrow; as, a contracted brow; a contracted noun.

Contracted (a.) Narrow; illiberal; selfish; as, a contracted mind; contracted views.

Contracted (a.) Bargained for; betrothed; as, a contracted peace.

Contractible (a.) Capable of contraction.

Contractile (a.) tending to contract; having the power or property of contracting, or of shrinking into shorter or smaller dimensions; as, the contractile tissues.

Contractive (a.) Tending to contract; having the property or power or power of contracting.

Contradictable (a.) Capable of being contradicting.

Contradictional (a.) Contradictory; inconsistent; opposing.

Contradictions (a.) Filled with contradictions; inconsistent.

Contradictions (a.) Inc

Contradictive (a.) Contradictory; inconsistent.

Contradictory (a.) Affirming the contrary; implying a denial of what has been asserted; also, mutually contradicting; inconsistent.

Contradictory (a.) Opposing or opposed; repugnant.

Contradistinct (a.) Distinguished by opposite qualities.

Contradistinctive (a.) having the quality of contradistinction; distinguishing by contrast.

Contrahent (a.) Entering into covenant; contracting; as, contrahent parties.

Contralto (a.) Of or pertaining to a contralto, or to the part in music called contralto; as, a contralto voice.

Contranatural (a.) Opposed to or against nature; unnatural.

Contrapuntal (a.) Pertaining to, or according to the rules of, counterpoint.

Contrariant (a.) Contrary; opposed; antagonistic; inconsistent; contradictory.

Contrarious (a.) Showing contrariety; repugnant; perverse.

Contrary (a.) Opposite; in an opposite direction; in opposition; adverse; as, contrary winds.

Contrary (a.) Opposed; contradictory; repugnant; inconsistent.

Contrary (a.) Given to opposition; perverse; forward; wayward; as, a contrary disposition; a contrary child.

Contrary (a.) Affirming the opposite; so opposed as to destroy each other; as, contrary propositions.

Contrarry (a.) To contradict or oppose; to thwart.

Contrastimulant (a.) Counteracting the effects of stimulants; relating to a course of medical treatment based on a theory of contrastimulants.

Contrate (a.) Having cogs or teeth projecting parallel to the axis, instead of radiating from it.

Contributable (a.) Capable of being contributed.

Contributary (a.) Contributory.

Contributary (a.) Tributary; contributing.

Contributional (a.) Pertaining to, or furnishing, a contribution.

Contributive (a.) Contributing, or tending to contribute.

Contributory (a.) Contributing to the same stock or purpose; promoting the same end; bringing assistance to some joint design, or increase to some common stock; contributive.

Contrite (a.) Thoroughly bruised or broken.

Contrite (a.) Broken down with grief and penitence; deeply sorrowful for sin because it is displeasing to God; humbly and thoroughly penitent.

Contrivble (a.) Capable of being contrived, planned, invented, or devised.

Controllable (a.) Capable of being controlled, checked, or restrained; amenable to command.

Controversal (a.) Turning or looking opposite ways.

Controversal (a.) Controversial.

Controversary (a.) Controversial.

Controversial (a.) Relating to, or consisting of, controversy; disputatious; polemical; as, controversial divinity.

Controvertible (a.) Capable of being controverted; disputable; admitting of question.

Contubernal (a.) Alt. of Contubernial

Contubernial (a.) Living or messing together; familiar; in companionship.

Contumacious (a.) Exhibiting contumacy; contemning authority; obstinate; perverse; stubborn; disobedient.

Contumacious (a.) Willfully disobedient to the summous or prders of a court.

Contumelious (a.) Exhibiting contumely; rudely contemptuous; insolent; disdainful.

Contumelious (a.) Shameful; disgraceful.

Conusable (a.) Cognizable; liable to be tried or judged.

Conusant (a.) See Cognizant.

Convalesced (a.) Convalescent.

Convalescent (a.) Recovering from sickness or debility; partially restored to health or strength.

Convalescent (a.) Of or pertaining to convalescence.

Convective (a.) Caused or accomplished by convection; as, a convective discharge of electricity.

Convellent (a.) Tending to tear or pull up.

Convenable (a.) Capable of being convened or assembled.

Convenable (a.) Consistent; accordant; suitable; proper; as, convenable remedies.

Conventical (a.) Of or from, or pertaining to, a convent.

Conventicling (a.) Belonging or going to, or resembling, a conventicle.

Conventional (a.) Formed by agreement or compact; stipulated.

Conventional (a.) Growing out of, or depending on, custom or tacit agreement; sanctioned by general concurrence or usage; formal.

Conventional (a.) Based upon tradition, whether religious and historical or of artistic rules.

Conventional (a.) Abstracted; removed from close representation of nature by the deliberate selection of what is to be represented and what is to be rejected; as, a conventional flower; a conventional shell. Cf. Conventionalize, v. t.

Conventionary (a.) Acting under contract; settled by express agreement; as, conventionary tenants.

Conventual (a.) Of or pertaining to a convent; monastic.

Convergent (a.) tending to one point of focus; tending to approach each other; converging.

Converging (a.) Tending to one point; approaching each other; convergent; as, converging

Conversable (a.) Qualified for conversation; disposed to converse; sociable; free in discourse.

Conversant (a.) Having frequent or customary intercourse; familiary associated; intimately acquainted.

Conversant (a.) Familiar or acquainted by use or study; well-informed; versed; -- generally used with with, sometimes with in.

Conversant (a.) Concerned; occupied.

Conversational (a.) Pertaining to conversation; in the manner of one conversing; as, a conversational style.

Conversationed (a.) Acquainted with manners and deportment; behaved.

Conversative (a.) Relating to intercourse with men; social; -- opposed to contemplative.

Converse (a.) Turned about; reversed in order or relation; reciprocal; as, a converse proposition.

Conversible (a.) Capable of being converted or reversed.

Conversive (a.) Capable of being converted or changed.

Conversive (a.) Ready to converse; social.

Convertible (a.) Capable of being converted; susceptible of change; transmutable; transformable.

Convertible (a.) Capable of being exchanged or interchanged; reciprocal; interchangeable.

Convex (a.) Rising or swelling into a spherical or rounded form; regularly protuberant or bulging; -- said of a spherical surface or curved

Convexed (a.) Made convex; protuberant in a spherical form.

Convexo-concave (a.) Convex on one side, and concave on the other. The curves of the convex and concave sides may be alike or may be different. See Meniscus.

Convexo-convex (a.) Convex on both sides; double convex. See under Convex, a.

Convexo-plane (a.) Convex on one side, and flat on the other; plano-convex.

Conveyable (a.) Capable of being conveyed or transferred.

Convicious (a.) Expressing reproach; abusive; railing; taunting.

Convict1ible (a.) Capable of being convicted.

Convictive (a.) Convincing.

Convincible (a.) Capable of being convinced or won over.

Convincible (a.) Capable of being confuted and disproved by argument; refutable.

Convival (a.) pertaining to a feast or to festivity; convivial.

Convivial (a.) Of or relating to a feast or entertainment, or to eating and drinking, with accompanying festivity; festive; social; gay; jovial.

Convocational (a.) Of or pertaining to a convocation.

Convolute (a.) Rolled or wound together, one part upon another; -- said of the leaves of plants in aestivation.

Convoluted (a.) Having convolutions.

Convoluted (a.) Folded in tortuous windings.

Convolvulaceous (a.) Of, pertaining to, or resembling, the family of plants of which the bindweed and the morning-glory are common examples.

Convulsional (a.) Pertaining to, or having, convulsions; convulsionary.

Convulsionary (a.) Pertaining to convulsion; convulsive.

Convulsive (a.) Producing, or attended with, convulsions or spasms; characterized by convulsions; convulsionary.

Cool-headed (a.) Having a temper not easily excited; free from passion.

Coolish (a.) Somewhat cool.

Coolly (a.) Coolish; cool.

Cooperant (a.) Operating together; as, cooperant forces.

Cooperative (a.) Operating jointly to the same end.

Coopery (a.) Relating to a cooper; coopered.

Coordinate (a.) Equal in rank or order; not subordinate.

Coordinative (a.) Expressing coordination.

Copatain (a.) Having a high crown, or a point or peak at top.

Coped (a.) Clad in a cope.

Copepod (a.) Of or pertaining to the Copepoda.

Copernican (a.) Pertaining to Copernicus, a Prussian by birth (b. 1473, d. 1543), who taught the world the solar system now received, called the Copernican system.

Copious (a.) Large in quantity or amount; plentiful; abundant; fruitful.

Coplaner (a.) Situated in one plane.

Copped (a.) Rising to a point or head; conical; pointed; crested.

Copper-bottomed (a.) Having a bottom made of copper, as a tin boiler or other vessel, or sheathed with copper, as a ship.

Copper-faced (a.) Faced or covered with copper; as, copper-faced type.

Copper-fastened (a.) Fastened with copper bolts, as the planks of ships, etc.; as, a copper-fastened ship.

Copperish (a.) Containing, or partaking of the nature of, copper; like copper; as, a copperish taste.

Coppery (a.) Mixed with copper; containing copper, or made of copper; like copper.

Coppled (a.) Rising to a point; conical; copped.

Coprolitic (a.) Containing, pertaining to, or of the nature of, coprolites.

Coprophagous (a.) Feeding upon dung, as certain insects.

Copsy (a.) Characterized by copses.

Coptic (a.) Of or pertaining to the Copts.

Copulate (a.) Joined; associated; coupled.

Copulate (a.) Joining subject and predicate; copulative.

Copulative (a.) Serving to couple, unite, or connect; as, a copulative conjunction like "and".

Coplatry (a.) Pertaining to copulation; tending or serving to unite; copulative.

Coplatry (a.) Used in sexual union; as, the copulatory organs of insects.

Coquettish (a.) Practicing or exhibiting coquetry; alluring; enticing.

Coracoid (a.) Shaped like a crow's beak.

Coracoid (a.) Pertaining to a bone of the shoulder girdle in most birds, reptiles, and amphibians, which is reduced to a process of the scapula in most mammals.

Coraled (a.) Having coral; covered with coral.

Corallaceous (a.) Like coral, or partaking of its qualities.

Coralliferous (a.) Containing or producing coral.

Coralliform (a.) resembling coral in form.

Coralligenous (a.) producing coral; coralligerous; coralliferous.

Coralligerous (a.) Producing coral; coralliferous.


Coralloid (a.) Having the form of coral; branching like coral.

Coralloidal (a.) resembling coral; coralloid.

Corbe (a.) Crooked.

Cordate (a.) Heart-shaped; as, a cordate leaf.

Corded (a.) Bound or fastened with cords.

Corded (a.) Piled in a form for measurement by the cord.

Corded (a.) Made of cords.

Corded (a.) Striped or ribbed with cords; as, cloth with a corded surface.

Corded (a.) Bound about, or wound, with cords.

Cordeling (a.) Twisting.

Cordial (a.) Proceeding from the heart.

Cordial (a.) Hearty; sincere; warm; affectionate.

Cordial (a.) Tending to revive, cheer, or invigorate; giving strength or spirits.

Cordoform (a.) Heart-shaped.

Coriaceous (a.) Consisting of or resembling, leather; leatherlike; tough.

Coriaceous (a.) Stiff, like leather or parchment.

Corinthiac (a.) Pertaining to Corinth.

Corinthian (a.) Of or relating to Corinth.

Corinthian (a.) Of or pertaining to the Corinthian order of architecture, invented by the Greeks, but more commonly used by the Romans.

Corinthian (a.) Debauched in character or practice; impure.

Corinthian (a.) Of or pertaining to an amateur sailor or yachtsman; as, a corinthian race (one in which the contesting yachts must be manned by amateurs.)

Corked (a.) having acquired an unpleasant taste from the cork; as, a bottle of wine is corked.

Corky (a.) Consisting of, or like, cork; dry shriveled up.

Corky (a.) Tasting of cork.

Cormoraut (a.) Ravenous; voracious.

Corneal (a.) Pertaining to the cornea.

Corneocalcareous (a.) Formed of a mixture of horny and calcareous materials, as some shells and corals.

Corneocalcareous (a.) Horny on one side and calcareous on the other.

Corneouss (a.) Of a texture resembling horn; horny; hard.

Cornic (a.) Pertaining to, derived from, or resembling, the dogwood (Cornus florida).

Corniced (a.) Having a cornice.

Cor/niculate (a.) Horned; having horns.

Cor/niculate (a.) Having processes resembling small horns.

Corniferous (a.) Of or pertaining to the lowest period of the Devonian age. (See the Diagram, under Geology.) The Corniferous period has been so called from the numerous seams of hornstone which characterize the later part of the period, as developed in the State of New York.

Cornific (a.) Producing horns; forming horn.

Cornified (a.) Converted into horn; horny.

Corniform (a.) Having the shape of a horn; horn-shaped.

Cornigerous (a.) Horned; having horns; as, cornigerous animals.

Cornish (a.) Of or pertaining to Cornwall, in England.

Cornute (a.) Alt. of Cornuted

Cornuted (a.) Bearing horns; horned; horn-shaped.

Cornuted (a.) Cuckolded.

Corny (a.) Strong, stiff, or hard, like a horn; resembling horn.

Corny (a.) Producing corn or grain; furnished with grains of corn.

Corny (a.) Containing corn; tasting well of malt.

Corny (a.) Tipsy.

Corollaceous (a.) Pertaining to, or resembling, a corolla; having the form or texture of a corolla.

Corollate (a.) Alt. of Corollated

Corollated (a.) Having a corolla or corollas; like a corolla.

Corollifloral (a.) Alt. of Corolliflorous

Corolliflorous (a.) Having the stamens borne on the petals, and the latter free from the calyx. Compare Calycifloral and Thalamifloral.


Coronal (a.) Of or pertaining to a corona (in any of the senses).

Coronal (a.) Of or pertaining to a king's crown, or coronation.

Coronal (a.) Of or pertaining to the top of the head or skull.

Coronal (a.) Of or pertaining to the shell of a sea urchin.

Coronary (a.) Of or pertaining to a crown; forming, or adapted to form, a crown or garland.

Coronary (a.) Resembling, or situated like, a crown or circlet; as, the coronary arteries and veins of the heart.

Coronate (a.) Alt. of Coronated

Coronated (a.) Having or wearing a crown.

Coronated (a.) Having the coronal feathers lengthened or otherwise distinguished; -- said of birds.

Coronated (a.) Girt about the spire with a row of tubercles or spines; -- said of spiral shells.

Coronated (a.) Having a crest or a crownlike appendage.

Coroneted (a.) Wearing, or entitled to wear, a coronet; of noble birth or rank.

Coroniform (a.) Having the form of a crown or coronet; resembling a crown.

Coronoid (a.) Resembling the beak of a crow; as, the coronoid process of the jaw, or of the ulna.

Corporal (a.) Belonging or relating to the body; bodily.

Corporal (a.) Having a body or substance; not spiritual; material. In this sense now usually written corporeal.

Corporal (a.) Alt. of Corporale

Corporale (a.) A fine

Corporate (a.) Formed into a body by legal enactment; united in an association, and endowed by law with the rights and liabilities of an individual; incorporated; as, a corporate town.

Corporate (a.) Belonging to a corporation or incorporated body.

Corporate (a.) United; general; collectively one.

Corporeal (a.) Having a body; consisting of, or pertaining to, a material body or substance; material; -- opposed to spiritual or immaterial.

Corpulent (a.) Very fat; obese.

Corpulent (a.) Solid; gross; opaque.

Corpuscular (a.) Pertaining to, or composed of, corpuscles, or small particles.

Corpuscularian (a.) Corpuscular.

Corpusculous (a.) Corpuscular.

Corradial (a.) Radiating to or from the same point.

Corrasive (a.) Corrosive.

Correct (a.) Set right, or made straight; hence, conformable to truth, rectitude, or propriety, or to a just standard; not faulty or imperfect; free from error; as, correct behavior; correct views.

Correctible (a.) Alt. of Correctable

Correctable (a.) Capable of being corrected.

Correctional (a.) Tending to, or intended for, correction; used for correction; as, a correctional institution.

Corrective (a.) Having the power to correct; tending to rectify; as, corrective penalties.

Corrective (a.) Qualifying; limiting.

Correctory (a.) Containing or making correction; corrective.

Correlatable (a.) Such as can be correlated; as, correlatable phenomena.

Correlative (a.) Having or indicating a reciprocal relation.

Correspondent (a.) Suitable; adapted; fit; corresponding; congruous; conformable; in accord or agreement; obedient; willing.

Corresponding (a.) Answering; conformable; agreeing; suiting; as, corresponding numbers.

Corresponding (a.) Carrying on intercourse by letters.

Corresponsive (a.) Corresponding; conformable; adapted.

Corrigible (a.) Capable of being set right, amended, or reformed; as, a corrigible fault.

Corrigible (a.) Submissive to correction; docile.

Corrigible (a.) Deserving chastisement; punishable.

Corrigible (a.) Having power to correct; corrective.

Corrival (a.) Having rivaling claims; emulous; in rivalry.

Corroborant (a.) Strengthening; supporting; corroborating.

Corroborate (a.) Corroborated.

Corroborative (a.) Tending to strengthen of confirm.

Corroboratory (a.) Tending to strengthen; corroborative; as, corroboratory facts.

Corrodent (a.) Corrosive.

Corrodible (a.) Capable of being corroded; corrosible.

Corrosible (a.) Corrodible.

Corrosive (a.) Eating away; having the power of gradually wearing, changing, or destroying the texture or substance of a body; as, the corrosive action of an acid.

Corrosive (a.) Having the quality of fretting or vexing.

Corrugant (a.) Having the power of contracting into wrinkles.

Corrugate (a.) Wrinkled; crumpled; furrowed; contracted into ridges and furrows.

Corrugent (a.) Drawing together; contracting; -- said of the corrugator.

Corrumpable (a.) Corruptible.

Corrupt (a.) Changed from a sound to a putrid state; spoiled; tainted; vitiated; unsound.

Corrupt (a.) Changed from a state of uprightness, correctness, truth, etc., to a worse state; vitiated; depraved; debased; perverted; as, corrupt language; corrupt judges.

Corrupt (a.) Abounding in errors; not genuine or correct; as, the text of the manuscript is corrupt.

Corruptful (a.) Tending to corrupt; full of corruption.

Corruptible (a.) Capable of being made corrupt; subject to decay.

Corruptible (a.) Capable of being corrupted, or morally vitiated; susceptible of depravation.

Corruptive (a.) Having the quality of taining or vitiating; tending to produce corruption.

Corruptless (a.) Not susceptible of corruption or decay; incorruptible.

Cortical (a.) Belonging to, or consisting of, bark or rind; resembling bark or rind; external; outer; superficial; as, the cortical substance of the kidney.

Corticate (a.) Alt. of Corticated

Corticated (a.) Having a special outer covering of a nature unlike the interior part.

Corticiferous (a.) Producing bark or something that resembling that resembles bark.

Corticiferous (a.) Having a barklike c/nenchyms.

Corticiform (a.) Resembling, or having the form of, bark or rind.

Corticose (a.) Abounding in bark; resembling bark; barky.

Corticous (a.) Relating to, or resembling, bark; corticose.

Coruscant (a.) Glittering in flashes; flashing.

Corvine (a.) Of or pertaining to the crow; crowlike.

Corybantic (a.) Of, pertaining to, or resembling, the Corybantes or their rites; frantic; frenzied; as, a corybantic dance.

Corymbed (a.) Corymbose.

Corymbiferous (a.) Bearing corymbs of flowers or fruit.

Corymbose (a.) Consisting of corymbs, or resembling them in form.

Coryphaenoid (a.) Belonging to, or like, the genus Coryphaena. See Dolphin.

Coryphodont (a.) Pertaining to, or resembling, the genus Coryphodon.

Cosentient (a.) Perceiving together.

Cosey (a.) See Cozy.

Cosignificative (a.) Having the same signification.

Cosignitary (a.) Signing some important public document with another or with others; as, a treaty violated by one of the cosignitary powers.

Cosmetic (a.) Alt. of Cosmetical

Cosmetical (a.) Imparting or improving beauty, particularly the beauty of the complexion; as, a cosmetical preparation.

Cosmic (a.) Alt. of Cosmical

Cosmical (a.) Pertaining to the universe, and having special reference to universal law or order, or to the one grand harmonious system of things; hence; harmonious; orderly.

Cosmical (a.) Pertaining to the solar system as a whole, and not to the earth alone.

Cosmical (a.) Characteristic of the cosmos or universe; inconceivably great; vast; as, cosmic speed.

Cosmical (a.) Rising or setting with the sun; -- the opposite of acronycal.

Cosmogonal (a.) Alt. of Cosmogonical

Cosmogonic (a.) Alt. of Cosmogonical

Cosmogonical (a.) Belonging to cosmogony.

Cosmographic (a.) Alt. of Cosmographical

Cosmographical (a.) Of or pertaining to cosmography.

Cosmological (a.) Of or pertaining to cosmology.

Cosmoplastic (a.) Pertaining to a plastic force as operative in the formation of the world independently of God; world-forming.

Cosmopolitan (a.) Alt. of Cosmopolite

Cosmopolite (a.) Having no fixed residence; at home in any place; free from local attachments or prejudices; not provincial; liberal.

Cosmopolite (a.) Common everywhere; widely spread; found in all parts of the world.

Cosmopolitical (a.) Having the character of a cosmopolite.

Cosmoramic (a.) Of or pertaining to a cosmorama.

Cosmothetic (a.) Assuming or positing the actual existence or reality of the physical or external world.

Cossic (a.) Alt. of Cossical

Cossical (a.) Of or relating to algebra; as, cossic numbers, or the cossic art.

Costal (a.) Pertaining to the ribs or the sides of the body; as, costal nerves.

Costal (a.) Relating to a costa, or rib.

Costal-nerved (a.) Having the nerves spring from the midrib.

Costate (a.) Alt. of Costated

Costated (a.) Having ribs, or the appearance of ribs; (Bot.) having one or more longitudinal ribs.

Costellate (a.) Finely ribbed or costated.

Costiferous (a.) Rib-bearing, as the dorsal vertebrae.

Costive (a.) Retaining fecal matter in the bowels; having too slow a motion of the bowels; constipated.

Costive (a.) Reserved; formal; close; cold.

Costive (a.) Dry and hard; impermeable; unyielding.

Costless (a.) Costing nothing.

Costlewe (a.) Costly.

Costly (a.) Of great cost; expensive; dear.

Costly (a.) Gorgeous; sumptuous.

Cosy (a.) See Cozy.

Cotemporaneous (a.) Living or being at the same time; contemporaneous.

Cotemporary (a.) Living or being at the same time; contemporary.

Coterminous (a.) Bordering; conterminous; -- followed by with.

Cothurnate (a.) Alt. of Cothurnated

Cothurnated (a.) Wearing a cothurn.

Cothurnated (a.) Relating to tragedy; solemn; grave.

Coticular (a.) Pertaining to whetstones; like or suitable for whetstones.

Cotidal (a.) Marking an equality in the tides; having high tide at the same time.

Cotised (a.) See Cottised.

Cottaged (a.) Set or covered with cottages.

Cottagely (a.) Cottagelike; suitable for a cottage; rustic.

Cottised (a.) Set between two cottises, -- said of a bend; or between two barrulets, -- said of a bar or fess.

Cottoid (a.) Like a fish of the genus Cottus.

Cottonary (a.) Relating to, or composed of, cotton; cottony.

Cottonous (a.) Resembling cotton.

Cottony (a.) Covered with hairs or pubescence, like cotton; downy; nappy; woolly.

Cottony (a.) Of or pertaining to cotton; resembling cotton in appearance or character; soft, like cotton.

Cotyledonal (a.) Of, pertaining to, or resembling, a cotyledon.

Cotyledonary (a.) Having a cotyledon; tufted; as, the cotyledonary placenta of the cow.

Cotyledonous (a.) Of or pertaining to a cotyledon or cotyledons; having a seed lobe.

Cotyliform (a.) Shaped like a cotyle or a cup.

Cotyligerous (a.) Having cotyles.

Cotyloid (a.) Shaped like a cup; as, the cotyloid cavity, which receives the head of the thigh bone.

Cotyloid (a.) Pertaining to a cotyloid cavity; as, the cotyloid ligament, or notch.

Couched (a.) Same as Couch/.

Couchless (a.) Having no couch or bed.

Coumaric (a.) Relating to, derived from, or like, the Dipterix odorata, a tree of Guiana.

Co-unite (a.) United closely with another.

Counselable (a.) Willing to receive counsel or follow advice.

Counselable (a.) Suitable to be advised; advisable, wise.

Countable (a.) Capable of being numbered.

Counter (a.) Contrary; opposite; contrasted; opposed; adverse; antagonistic; as, a counter current; a counter revolution; a counter poison; a counter agent; counter fugue.

Counteractive (a.) Tending to counteract.

Counterchanged (a.) Exchanged.

Counterchanged (a.) Having the tinctures exchanged mutually; thus, if the field is divided palewise, or and azure, and cross is borne counterchanged, that part of the cross which comes on the azure side will be or, and that on the or side will be azure.

Counter-compony (a.) See Compony.

Counter-couchant (a.) Lying down, with their heads in opposite directions; -- said of animals borne in a coat of arms.

Counter-courant (a.) Running in opposite directions; -- said of animals borne in a coast of arms.

Countercurrent (a.) Running in an opposite direction.

Counterfesance (a.) The act of forging; forgery.

Counterfleury (a.) Counterflory.

Counterflory (a.) Adorned with flowers (usually fleurs-de-lis) so divided that the tops appear on one side and the bottoms on the others; -- said of any ordinary.

Countermandable (a.) Capable of being countermanded; revocable.

Counternatural (a.) Contrary to nature.

Counter-paly (a.) Paly, and then divided fesswise, so that each vertical piece is cut into two, having the colors used alternately or counterchanged. Thus the escutcheon in the illustration may also be blazoned paly of six per fess counterchanged argent and azure.

Counterpassant (a.) Passant in opposite directions; -- said of two animals.

Counter-salient (a.) Leaping from each other; -- said of two figures on a coast of arms.

Countersign (a.) The signature of a secretary or other officer to a writing signed by a principal or superior, to attest its authenticity.

Countersign (a.) A private signal, word, or phrase, which must be given in order to pass a sentry; a watchword.

Countertrippant (a.) Trippant in opposite directions. See Trippant.

Countertripping (a.) Same as Countertrippant.

Countless (a.) Incapable of being counted; not ascertainable; innumerable.

Country (a.) Pertaining to the regions remote from a city; rural; rustic; as, a country life; a country town; the country party, as opposed to city.

Country (a.) Destitute of refinement; rude; unpolished; rustic; not urbane; as, country manners.

Country (a.) Pertaining, or peculiar, to one's own country.

Coupable (a.) Culpable.

Couped (a.) Cut off smoothly, as distinguished from erased; -- used especially for the head or limb of an animal. See Erased.

Couple (a.) That which joins or links two things together; a bond or tie; a coupler.

Couple (a.) Two of the same kind connected or considered together; a pair; a brace.

Couple (a.) A male and female associated together; esp., a man and woman who are married or betrothed.

Couple (a.) See Couple-close.

Couple (a.) One of the pairs of plates of two metals which compose a voltaic battery; -- called a voltaic couple or galvanic couple.

Couple (a.) Two rotations, movements, etc., which are equal in amount but opposite in direction, and acting along parallel

Courageous (a.) Possessing, or characterized by, courage; brave; bold.

Courant (a.) Represented as running; -- said of a beast borne in a coat of arms.

Courb (a.) Curved; rounded.

Coursed (a.) Hunted; as, a coursed hare.

Coursed (a.) Arranged in courses; as, coursed masonry.

Courtbred (a.) Bred, or educated, at court; polished; courtly.

Courteous (a.) Of courtlike manners; pertaining to, or expressive of, courtesy; characterized by courtesy; civil; obliging; well bred; polite; affable; complaisant.

Courtlike (a.) After the manner of a court; elegant; polite; courtly.

Courtly (a.) Relating or belonging to a court.

Courtly (a.) Elegant; polite; courtlike; flattering.

Courtly (a.) Disposed to favor the great; favoring the policy or party of the court; obsequious.

Cousinly (a.) Like or becoming a cousin.

Covenable (a.) Fit; proper; suitable.

Covenanting (a.) Belonging to a covenant. Specifically, belonging to the Scotch Covenanters.

Covenous (a.) See Covinous, and Covin.

Covered (a.) Under cover; screened; sheltered; not exposed; hidden.

Covert (a.) A place that covers and protects; a shelter; a defense.

Covert (a.) One of the special feathers covering the bases of the quills of the wings and tail of a bird. See Illust. of Bird.

Covetable (a.) That may be coveted; desirable.

Covinous (a.) Deceitful; collusive; fraudulent; dishonest.

Coward (a.) Borne in the escutcheon with his tail doubled between his legs; -- said of a lion.

Coward (a.) Destitute of courage; timid; cowardly.

Coward (a.) Belonging to a coward; proceeding from, or expressive of, base fear or timidity.

Cowardish (a.) Cowardly.

Cowardly (a.) Wanting courage; basely or weakly timid or fearful; pusillanimous; spiritless.

Cowardly (a.) Proceeding from fear of danger or other consequences; befitting a coward; dastardly; base; as, cowardly malignity.

Cowhearted (a.) Cowardly.

Cowled (a.) Wearing a cowl; hooded; as, a cowled monk.

Cowlike (a.) Resembling a cow.

Cowslipped (a.) Adorned with cowslips.

Coxcombical (a.) Befitting or indicating a coxcomb; like a coxcomb; foppish; conceited.

Coxcombly (a.) like a coxcomb.

Coxcomical (a.) Coxcombical.

Coy (a.) Quiet; still.

Coy (a.) Shrinking from approach or familiarity; reserved; bashful; shy; modest; -- usually applied to women, sometimes with an implication of coquetry.

Coy (a.) Soft; gentle; hesitating.

Coyish (a.) Somewhat coy or reserved.

Cozy (a.) A wadded covering for a teakettle or other vessel to keep the contents hot.

Crab (a.) A crab apple; -- so named from its harsh taste.

Crab (a.) A cudgel made of the wood of the crab tree; a crabstick.

Crab (a.) A movable winch or windlass with powerful gearing, used with derricks, etc.

Crab (a.) A form of windlass, or geared capstan, for hauling ships into dock, etc.

Crab (a.) A machine used in ropewalks to stretch the yarn.

Crab (a.) A claw for anchoring a portable machine.

Crab (a.) Sour; rough; austere.

Crabbish (a.) Somewhat sour or cross.

Crabby (a.) Crabbed; difficult, or perplexing.

Crabfaced (a.) Having a sour, disagreeable countenance.

Crack (a.) Of superior excellence; having qualities to be boasted of.

Crack-brained (a.) Having an impaired intellect; whimsical; crazy.

Cracked (a.) Coarsely ground or broken; as, cracked wheat.

Cracked (a.) Crack-brained.

Crackled (a.) Covered with minute cracks in the glaze; -- said of some kinds of porcelain and fine earthenware.

Cracovian (a.) Of or pertaining to Cracow in Poland.

Craftless (a.) Without craft or cunning.

Crafty (a.) Relating to, or characterized by, craft or skill; dexterous.

Crafty (a.) Possessing dexterity; skilled; skillful.

Crafty (a.) Skillful at deceiving others; characterized by craft; cunning; wily.

Cragged (a.) Full of crags, or steep, broken //cks; abounding with prominences, points, and inequalities; rough; rugged.

Craggy (a.) Full of crags; rugged with projecting points of rocks; as, the craggy side of a mountain.

Crambo (a.) A game in which one person gives a word, to which another finds a rhyme.

Crambo (a.) A word rhyming with another word.

Cramoisie (a.) Alt. of Cramoisy

Cramoisy (a.) Crimson.

Cramponee (a.) Having a cramp or square piece at the end; -- said of a cross so furnished.

Cranial (a.) Of or pertaining to the cranium.

Craniofacial (a.) Of or pertaining to the cranium and face; as, the craniofacial angle.

Craniological (a.) Of or pertaining to craniology.

Craniometric (a.) Alt. of Craniometrical

Craniometrical (a.) Pertaining to craniometry.

Cranked (a.) Formed with, or having, a bend or crank; as, a cranked axle.

Cranky (a.) Full of spirit; crank.

Cranky (a.) Addicted to crotchets and whims; unreasonable in opinions; crotchety.

Cranky (a.) Unsteady; easy to upset; crank.

Crannied (a.) Having crannies, chinks, or fissures; as, a crannied wall.

Cranny (a.) Quick; giddy; thoughtless.

Crapulent (a.) Alt. of Crapulous

Crapulous (a.) Surcharged with liquor; sick from excessive indulgence in liquor; drunk; given to excesses.

Crapy (a.) Resembling crape.

Craspedote (a.) Of or pertaining to the Craspedota.

Crass (a.) Gross; thick; dense; coarse; not elaborated or refined.

Crassament (a.) Alt. of Crassamentum

Crassamentum (a.) A semisolid mass or clot, especially that formed in coagulation of the blood.

Crateriform (a.) Having the form of a shallow bowl; -- said of a corolla.

Craterous (a.) Pertaining to, or resembling, a crater.

Cravatted (a.) Wearing a cravat.

Craven (a.) Cowardly; fainthearted; spiritless.

Crawly (a.) Creepy.

Crazy (a.) Characterized by weakness or feebleness; decrepit; broken; falling to decay; shaky; unsafe.

Crazy (a.) Broken, weakened, or dissordered in intellect; shattered; demented; deranged.

Crazy (a.) Inordinately desirous; foolishly eager.

Creable (a.) Capable of being created.

Cream-colored (a.) Of the color of cream; light yellow.

Cream-faced (a.) White or pale, as the effect of fear, or as the natural complexion.

Cream-white (a.) As white as cream.

Creamy (a.) Full of, or containing, cream; resembling cream, in nature, appearance, or taste; creamlike; unctuous.

Creant (a.) Creative; formative.

Creasy (a.) Full of creases.

Creatable (a.) That may be created.

Create (a.) Created; composed; begotten.

Creatic (a.) Relating to, or produced by, flesh or animal food; as, creatic nausea.

Creational (a.) Of or pertaining to creation.

Creative (a.) Having the power to create; exerting the act of creation.

Creatural (a.) Belonging to a creature; having the qualities of a creature.

Cratureless (a.) Without created beings; alone.

Creaturely (a.) Creatural; characteristic of a creature.

Crebricostate (a.) Marked with closely set ribs or ridges.

Crebrisulcate (a.) Marked with closely set transverse furrows.

Crebrous (a.) Frequent; numerous.

Credent (a.) Believing; giving credence; credulous.

Credent (a.) Having credit or authority; credible.

Credential (a.) Giving a title or claim to credit or confidence; accrediting.

Credible (a.) Capable of being credited or believed; worthy of belief; entitled to confidence; trustworthy.

Creditable (a.) Worthy of belief.

Creditable (a.) Deserving or possessing reputation or esteem; reputable; estimable.

Creditable (a.) Bringing credit, reputation, or honor; honorable; as, such conduct is highly creditable to him.

Credulous (a.) Apt to believe on slight evidence; easily imposed upon; unsuspecting.

Credulous (a.) Believed too readily.

Creedless (a.) Without a creed.

Creeky (a.) Containing, or abounding in, creeks; characterized by creeks; like a creek; winding.

Creeping (a.) Crawling, or moving close to the ground.

Creeping (a.) Growing along, and clinging to, the ground, or to a wall, etc., by means of rootlets or tendrils.

Creepy (a.) Crawly; having or producing a sensation like that caused by insects creeping on the skin.

Cremasteric (a.) Of or pertaining to the cremaster; as, the cremasteric artery.

Crematory (a.) Pertaining to, or employed in, cremation.

Crenate (a.) Alt. of Crenated

Crenated (a.) Having the margin cut into rounded teeth notches, or scallops.

Crenelled (a.) Same as Crenate.

Crenulate (a.) Alt. of Crenulated

Crenulated (a.) Minutely crenate.

Creole (a.) Of or pertaining to a Creole or the Creoles.

Creolean (a.) Alt. of Creolian

Creolian (a.) Pertaining to, or characteristic of, the Creoles.

Crepitant (a.) Having a crackling sound; crackling; rattling.

Crepuscular (a.) Alt. of Crepusculous

Crepusculous (a.) Pertaining to twilight; glimmering; hence, imperfectly clear or luminous.

Crepusculous (a.) Flying in the twilight or evening, or before sunrise; -- said certain birds and insects.


Crescent (a.) Shaped like a crescent.

Crescent (a.) Increasing; growing.

Crescentic (a.) Crescent-shaped.

Crescive (a.) Increasing; growing.

Cressy (a.) Abounding in cresses.

Crested (a.) Having a crest.

Crested (a.) Having a crest of feathers or hair upon the head.

Crested (a.) Bearing any elevated appendage like a crest, as an elevated

Crestfallen (a.) With hanging head; hence, dispirited; dejected; cowed.

Crestfallen (a.) Having the crest, or upper part of the neck, hanging to one side; -- said of a horse.

Crestless (a.) Without a crest or escutcheon; of low birth.

Cresylic (a.) Pertaining to, or derived from, cresol, creosote, etc.

Cretaceous (a.) Having the qualities of chalk; abounding with chalk; chalky; as, cretaceous rocks and formations. See Chalk.

Cretan (a.) Pertaining to Crete, or Candia.

Cretinous (a.) Having the characteristics of a cretin.

Cretose (a.) Chalky; cretaceous.

Creviced (a.) Having a crevice or crevices; as, a creviced structure for storing ears of corn.

Cribble (a.) Coarse; as, cribble bread.

Cribrate (a.) Cribriform.

Cribriform (a.) Resembling, or having the form of, a sieve; pierced with holes; as, the cribriform plate of the ethmoid bone; a cribriform compress.

Cribrose (a.) Perforated like a sieve; cribriform.

Cricoid (a.) Resembling a ring; -- said esp. of the cartilage at the larynx, and the adjoining parts.

Cricothyroid (a.) Of or pertaining both to the cricoid and the thyroid cartilages.

Crimeful (a.) Criminal; wicked; contrary to law, right, or dury.

Crimeless (a.) Free from crime; innocent.

Criminal (a.) Guilty of crime or sin.

Criminal (a.) Involving a crime; of the nature of a crime; -- said of an act or of conduct; as, criminal carelessness.

Criminal (a.) Relating to crime; -- opposed to civil; as, the criminal code.

Criminative (a.) Charging with crime; accusing; criminatory.

Criminatory (a.) Relating to, or involving, crimination; accusing; as, a criminatory conscience.

Criminous (a.) Criminal; involving great crime or grave charges; very wicked; heinous.

Crimp (a.) Easily crumbled; friable; brittle.

Crimp (a.) Weak; inconsistent; contradictory.

Crimpy (a.) Having a crimped appearance; frizzly; as, the crimpy wool of the Saxony sheep.

Crimson (a.) Of a deep red color tinged with blue; deep red.

Crinal (a.) Of or pertaining to the hair.

Crinated (a.) Having hair; hairy.

Crinatory (a.) Crinitory.

Crined (a.) Having the hair of a different tincture from the rest of the body; as, a charge crined of a red tincture.

Crinicultural (a.) Relating to the growth of hair.

Crinigerous (a.) Bearing hair; hairy.

Crinital (a.) Same as Crinite, 1.

Crinite (a.) Having the appearance of a tuft of hair; having a hairlike tail or train.

Crinite (a.) Bearded or tufted with hairs.

Crinitory (a.) Of or relating to hair; as, a crinitory covering.

Crinkled (a.) Having short bends, turns, or wrinkles; wrinkled; wavy; zigzag.

Crinkly (a.) Having crinkles; wavy; wrinkly.

Crinoid (a.) Crinoidal.

Crinoidal (a.) Of pertaining to crinoids; consisting of, or containing, crinoids.

Crinose (a.) Hairy.

Cripple (a.) Lame; halting.

Crippled (a.) Lamed; lame; disabled; impeded.

Cripply (a.) Lame; disabled; in a crippled condition.

Crisp (a.) Curling in stiff curls or ringlets; as, crisp hair.

Crisp (a.) Curled with the ripple of the water.

Crisp (a.) Brittle; friable; in a condition to break with a short, sharp fracture; as, crisp snow.

Crisp (a.) Possessing a certain degree of firmness and freshness; in a fresh, unwilted condition.

Crisp (a.) Lively; sparking; effervescing.

Crisp (a.) Brisk; crackling; cheerful; lively.

Crisp (a.) To curl; to form into ringlets, as hair, or the nap of cloth; to interweave, as the branches of trees.

Crisp (a.) To cause to undulate irregularly, as crape or water; to wrinkle; to cause to ripple. Cf. Crimp.

Crisp (a.) To make crisp or brittle, as in cooking.

Crispate (a.) Alt. of Crispated

Crispated (a.) Having a crisped appearance; irregularly curled or twisted.

Crispy (a.) Formed into short, close ringlets; frizzed; crisp; as, crispy locks.

Crispy (a.) Crisp; brittle; as, a crispy pie crust.

Crissal (a.) Pertaining to the crissum; as, crissal feathers.

Crissal (a.) Having highly colored under tail coverts; as, the crissal thrasher.

Cristate (a.) Crested.

Critic (a.) Of or pertaining to critics or criticism; critical.

Criticisable (a.) Capable of being criticised.

Croatian (a.) Of or pertaining to Croatia.

Croceous (a.) Of, pertaining to, or like, saffron; deep reddish yellow.

Crocketed (a.) Ornamented with crockets.

Crocky (a.) Smutty.

Crocodilian (a.) Like, or pertaining to, the crocodile; characteristic of the crocodile.

Croconic (a.) Of, pertaining to, or resembling saffron; having the color of saffron; as, croconic acid.

Croconic (a.) Pertaining to, or derived from, croconic acid.

Croissante (a.) Terminated with crescent; -- said of a cross the ends of which are so terminated.

Cronian (a.) Saturnian; -- applied to the North Polar Sea.

Crookack (a.) Hunched.

Crooked (a.) Characterized by a crook or curve; not straight; turning; bent; twisted; deformed.

Crooked (a.) Not straightforward; deviating from rectitude; distorted from the right.

Crooked (a.) False; dishonest; fraudulent; as, crooked dealings.

Crop-eared (a.) Having the ears cropped.

Cropful (a.) Having a full crop or belly; satiated.

Cropsick (a.) Sick from excess in eating or drinking.

Crop-tailed (a.) Having the tail cropped.

Crosiered (a.) Bearing a crosier.

Cross (a.) Not parallel; lying or falling athwart; transverse; oblique; intersecting.

Cross (a.) Not accordant with what is wished or expected; interrupting; adverse; contrary; thwarting; perverse.

Cross (a.) Characterized by, or in a state of, peevishness, fretfulness, or ill humor; as, a cross man or woman.

Cross (a.) Made in an opposite direction, or an inverse relation; mutually inverse; interchanged; as, cross interrogatories; cross marriages, as when a brother and sister marry persons standing in the same relation to each other.

Cross-armed (a.) With arms crossed.

Cross-banded (a.) A term used when a narrow ribbon of veneer is inserted into the surface of any piece of furniture, wainscoting, etc., so that the grain of it is contrary to the general surface.

Crossbarred (a.) Secured by, or furnished with, crossbars.

Crossbarred (a.) Made or patterned in

Crossbred (a.) Produced by mixing distinct breeds; mongrel.

Cross-eyed (a.) Affected with strabismus; squint-eyed; squinting.

Crossgrained (a.) Having the grain or fibers run diagonally, or more or less transversely an irregularly, so as to interfere with splitting or planing.

Crossgrained (a.) Perverse; untractable; contrary.

CRosslegged (a.) Having the legs crossed.

Crosslet (a.) Crossed again; -- said of a cross the arms of which are crossed. SeeCross-crosslet.

Crossopterygian (a.) Of or pertaining to the Crossopterygii.


Crotched (a.) Having a crotch; forked.

Crotched (a.) Cross; peevish.

Crotcheted (a.) Marked or measured by crotchets; having musical notation.

Crotchety (a.) Given to crotchets; subject to whims; as, a crotchety man.

Crotonic (a.) Of or pertaining to, or derived from, a plant of the genus Croton, or from croton oil.

Crouched (a.) Marked with the sign of the cross.

Croupal (a.) Croupy.

Croupous (a.) Relating to or resembling croup; especially, attended with the formation of a deposit or membrane like that found in membranous croup; as, croupous laryngitis.

Croupy (a.) Of or pertaining to croup; resembling or indicating croup; as, a croupy cough.

Crouse (a.) Brisk; lively; bold; self-complacent.

Crownless (a.) Without a crown.

Crow-trodden (a.) Marked with crow's-feet, or wrinkles, about the eyes.

Croziered (a.) Crosiered.

Crucial (a.) Having the form of a cross; appertaining to a cross; cruciform; intersecting; as, crucial ligaments; a crucial incision.

Crucial (a.) Severe; trying or searching, as if bringing to the cross; decisive; as, a crucial test.

Cruciate (a.) Tormented.

Cruciate (a.) Having the leaves or petals arranged in the form of a cross; cruciform.

Cruciferous (a.) Bearing a cross.

Cruciferous (a.) Of, pertaining to, or resembling, a family of plants which have four petals arranged like the arms of a cross, as the mustard, radish, turnip, etc.

Cruciform (a.) Cross-shaped; (Bot.) having four parts arranged in the form of a cross.

Crucigerous (a.) Bearing the cross; marked with the figure of a cross.

Crudy (a.) Coagulated.

Crudy (a.) Characterized by crudeness; raw.

Cruel (a.) Disposed to give pain to others; willing or pleased to hurt, torment, or afflict; destitute of sympathetic kindness and pity; savage; inhuman; hard-hearted; merciless.

Cruel (a.) Causing, or fitted to cause, pain, grief, or misery.

Cruel (a.) Attended with cruetly; painful; harsh.

Cruentate (a.) Smeared with blood.

Cruentous (a.) Bloody; cruentate.

Crull (a.) Curly; curled.

Crumbly (a.) EAsily crumbled; friable; brittle.

Crummable (a.) Capable of being crumbed or broken into small pieces.

Crummy (a.) Full of crumb or crumbs.

Crummy (a.) Soft, as the crumb of bread is; not crusty.

Crump (a.) Crooked; bent.

Crump (a.) Hard or crusty; dry baked; as, a crump loaf.

Crumpy (a.) Brittle; crisp.

Crunodal (a.) Possessing, or characterized by, a crunode; -- used of curves.

Crup (a.) Short; brittle; as, crup cake.

Crural (a.) Of or pertaining to the thigh or leg, or to any of the parts called crura; as, the crural arteries; crural arch; crural canal; crural ring.

Crusading (a.) Of or pertaining to a crusade; as, a crusading spirit.

Crushing (a.) That crushes; overwhelming.

Crustacean (a.) Of or pertaining to the Crustacea; crustaceous.

Crustaceological (a.) Pertaining to crustaceology.

Crustaceous (a.) Pertaining to, or of the nature of, crust or shell; having a crustlike shell.

Crustaceous (a.) Belonging to the Crustacea; crustacean.

Crustal (a.) Relating to a crust.

Crustalogical (a.) Pertaining to crustalogy.

Crustated (a.) Covered with a crust; as, crustated basalt.

Crusted (a.) Incrusted; covered with, or containing, crust; as, old, crusted port wine.

Crustific (a.) Producing or forming a crust or skin.

Crusty (a.) Having the nature of crust; pertaining to a hard covering; as, a crusty coat; a crusty surface or substance.

Crusty (a.) Having a hard exterior, or a short, rough manner, though kind at heart; snappish; peevish; surly.

Crutched (a.) Supported upon crutches.

Crutched (a.) Marked with the sign of the cross; crouched.

Crying (a.) Calling for notice; compelling attention; notorious; heinous; as, a crying evil.

Cryptal (a.) Of or pertaining to crypts.

Cryptic (a.) Alt. of Cryptical

Cryptical (a.) Hidden; secret; occult.

Cryptobranchiate (a.) Having concealed or rudimentary gills.


Cryptogamian (a.) Alt. of Cryptogamous

Cryptogamic (a.) Alt. of Cryptogamous

Cryptogamous (a.) Of or pertaining to the series Cryptogamia, or to plants of that series.

Cryptographal (a.) Pertaining to cryptography; cryptographical.

Cryptographic (a.) Alt. of Cryptographical

Cryptographical (a.) Relating to cryptography; written in secret characters or in cipher, or with sympathetic ink.

Crystal (a.) Consisting of, or like, crystal; clear; transparent; lucid; pellucid; crystal





Crystallizable (a.) Capable of being crystallized; that may be formed into crystals.

Crystallogenic (a.) Alt. of Crystallogenical

Crystallogenical (a.) Pertaining to the production of crystals; crystal-producing; as, crystallogenic attraction.

Crystallographic (a.) Alt. of Crystallographical

Crystallographical (a.) Pertaining to crystallography.

Crystalloid (a.) Crystal-like; transparent like crystal.

Ctenoid (a.) Having a comblike margin, as a ctenoid scale

Ctenoid (a.) Pertaining to the Ctenoidei.

Ctenoidean (a.) Relating to the Ctenoidei.

Ctenophoric (a.) Alt. of Ctenophorous

Ctenophorous (a.) Of or pertaining to the Ctenophora.

Cuban (a.) Of or pertaining to Cuba or its inhabitants.

Cubatory (a.) Lying down; recumbent.

Cubdrawn (a.) Sucked by cubs.

Cubebic (a.) Pertaining to, or derived from, cubebs; as, cubebic acid (a soft olive-green resin extracted from cubebs).

Cubic (a.) Alt. of Cubical

Cubical (a.) Having the form or properties of a cube; contained, or capable of being contained, in a cube.

Cubical (a.) Isometric or monometric; as, cubic cleavage. See Crystallization.

Cubicular (a.) Belonging to a chamber or bedroom.

Cubiform (a.) Of the form of a cube.

Cubital (a.) Of or pertaining to the cubit or ulna; as, the cubital nerve; the cubital artery; the cubital muscle.

Cubital (a.) Of the length of a cubit.

Cubited (a.) Having the measure of a cubit.

Cubless (a.) Having no cubs.

Cuboid (a.) Cube-shaped, or nearly so; as, the cuboid bone of the foot.

Cuboidal (a.) Cuboid.

Cubo-octahedral (a.) Presenting a combination of a cube and an octahedron.

Cuckoldly (a.) Having the qualities of a cuckold; mean-spirited; sneaking.

Cucullate (a.) Alt. of Cucullated

Cucullated (a.) Hooded; cowled; covered, as with a hood.

Cucullated (a.) Having the edges toward the base rolled inward, as the leaf of the commonest American blue violet.

Cucullated (a.) Having the prothorax elevated so as to form a sort of hood, receiving the head, as in certain insects.

Cucullated (a.) Having a hoodlike crest on the head, as certain birds, mammals, and reptiles.

Cuculoid (a.) Like or belonging to the cuckoos (Cuculidae).

Cucumiform (a.) Having the form of a cucumber; having the form of a cylinder tapered and rounded at the ends, and either straight or curved.

Cucurbitaceous (a.) Of, pertaining to, or resembling, a family of plants of which the cucumber, melon, and gourd are common examples.

Cucurbitive (a.) Having the shape of a gourd seed; -- said of certain small worms.

Cufic (a.) Of or pertaining to the older characters of the Arabic language.

Cuirassed (a.) Wearing a cuirass.

Cuirassed (a.) Having a covering of bony plates, resembling a cuirass; -- said of certain fishes.

Culiciform (a.) Gnat-shaped.

Culinary (a.) Relating to the kitchen, or to the art of cookery; used in kitchens; as, a culinary vessel; the culinary art.

Cullible (a.) Easily deceived; gullible.

Cullionly (a.) Mean; base.

Culmiferous (a.) Having jointed stems or culms.

Culmiferous (a.) Containing, or abounding in, culm or glance coal.

Culminal (a.) Pertaining to a culmen.

Culminant (a.) Being vertical, or at the highest point of altitude; hence, predominant.

Culminate (a.) Growing upward, as distinguished from a lateral growth; -- applied to the growth of corals.

Culpable (a.) Deserving censure; worthy of blame; faulty; immoral; criminal.

Culpable (a.) Guilty; as, culpable of a crime.

Culpatory (a.) Expressing blame; censuring; reprehensory; inculpating.

Cultirostral (a.) Having a bill shaped like the colter of a plow, or like a knife, as the heron, stork, etc.

Cultivable (a.) Capable of being cultivated or tilled.

Cultivatable (a.) Cultivable.

Cultrate (a.) Alt. of Cultrated

Cultrated (a.) Sharp-edged and pointed; shaped like a pruning knife, as the beak of certain birds.

Cultriform (a.) Shaped like a pruning knife; cultrate.

Cultrivorous (a.) Devouring knives; swallowing, or pretending to swallow, knives; -- applied to persons who have swallowed, or have seemed to swallow, knives with impunity.

Culturable (a.) Capable of, or fit for, being cultivated; capable or becoming cultured.

Cultural (a.) Of or pertaining to culture.

Cultured (a.) Under culture; cultivated.

Cultured (a.) Characterized by mental and moral training; discip

Cultureless (a.) Having no culture.

Culvertailed (a.) United or fastened by a dovetailed joint.

Cumbent (a.) Lying down; recumbent.

Cumbersome (a.) Burdensome or hindering, as a weight or drag; embarrassing; vexatious; cumbrous.

Cumbersome (a.) Not easily managed; as, a cumbersome contrivance or machine.

Cumbrian (a.) Pertaining to Cumberland, England, or to a system of rocks found there.

Cumbrous (a.) Rendering action or motion difficult or toilsome; serving to obstruct or hinder; burdensome; clogging.

Cumbrous (a.) Giving trouble; vexatious.

Cumic (a.) See Cuming.

Cuminic (a.) Pertaining to, or derived from, cumin, or from oil of caraway; as, cuminic acid.

Cumulative (a.) Composed of parts in a heap; forming a mass; aggregated.

Cumulative (a.) Augmenting, gaining, or giving force, by successive additions; as, a cumulative argument, i. e., one whose force increases as the statement proceeds.

Cumulative (a.) Tending to prove the same point to which other evidence has been offered; -- said of evidence.

Cumulative (a.) Given by same testator to the same legatee; -- said of a legacy.

Cumulose (a.) Full of heaps.

Cunctative (a.) Slow; tardy; dilatory; causing delay.

Cunctipotent (a.) All-powerful; omnipotent.

Cuneate (a.) Alt. of Cuneated

Cuneated (a.) Wedge-shaped

Cuneated (a.) wedge-shaped, with the point at the base; as, a cuneate leaf.

Cuneatic (a.) Cuneiform.

Cuneiform (a.) Alt. of Cuniform

Cuniform (a.) Wedge-shaped; as, a cuneiform bone; -- especially applied to the wedge-shaped or arrowheaded characters of ancient Persian and Assyrian inscriptions. See Arrowheaded.

Cuniform (a.) Pertaining to, or versed in, the ancient wedge-shaped characters, or the inscriptions in them.

Cunning (a.) Knowing; skillful; dexterous.

Cunning (a.) Wrought with, or exhibiting, skill or ingenuity; ingenious; curious; as, cunning work.

Cunning (a.) Crafty; sly; artful; designing; deceitful.

Cunning (a.) Pretty or pleasing; as, a cunning little boy.

Cunning (a.) Knowledge; art; skill; dexterity.

Cunning (a.) The faculty or act of using stratagem to accomplish a purpose; fraudulent skill or dexterity; deceit; craft.

Cupreous (a.) Consisting of copper or resembling copper; coppery.

Cupric (a.) Of, pertaining to, or derived from, copper; containing copper; -- said of those compounds of copper in which this element is present in its lowest proportion.

Cupriferous (a.) Containing copper; as, cupriferous silver.

Cuprous (a.) Of, pertaining to, or derived from, copper; containing copper; -- said of those compounds of copper in which this element is present in its highest proportion.

Cupulate (a.) Having or bearing cupules; cupuliferous.

Cupuliferous (a.) Of, pertaining to, or resembling, the family of plants of which the oak and the chestnut are examples, -- trees bearing a smooth, solid nut inclosed in some kind of cup or bur; bearing, or furnished with, a cupule.

Curbless (a.) Having no curb or restraint.

Curculionidous (a.) Pertaining to the Curculionideae, or weevil tribe.

Curdless (a.) Destitute of curd.

Curdy (a.) Like curd; full of curd; coagulated.

Cureless (a.) Incapable of cure; incurable.

Curialistic (a.) Pertaining to a court.

Curialistic (a.) Relating or belonging to the ultramontane party in the Latin Church.

Curiologic (a.) Pertaining to a rude kind of hieroglyphics, in which a thing is represented by its picture instead of by a symbol.

Curious (a.) Difficult to please or satisfy; solicitous to be correct; careful; scrupulous; nice; exact.

Curious (a.) Exhibiting care or nicety; artfully constructed; elaborate; wrought with elegance or skill.

Curious (a.) Careful or anxious to learn; eager for knowledge; given to research or inquiry; habitually inquisitive; prying; -- sometimes with after or of.

Curious (a.) Exciting attention or inquiry; awakening surprise; inviting and rewarding inquisitiveness; not simple or plain; strange; rare.

Curled (a.) Having curls; curly; sinuous; wavy; as, curled maple (maple having fibers which take a sinuous course).

Curly (a.) Curling or tending to curl; having curls; full of ripples; crinkled.

Curmudgeonly (a.) Like a curmudgeon; niggardly; churlish; as, a curmudgeonly fellow.

Current (a.) Running or moving rapidly.

Current (a.) Now passing, as time; as, the current month.

Current (a.) Passing from person to person, or from hand to hand; circulating through the community; generally received; common; as, a current coin; a current report; current history.

Current (a.) Commonly estimated or acknowledged.

Current (a.) Fitted for general acceptance or circulation; authentic; passable.

Current (a.) A flowing or passing; onward motion. Hence: A body of fluid moving continuously in a certain direction; a stream; esp., the swiftest part of it; as, a current of water or of air; that which resembles a stream in motion; as, a current of electricity.

Current (a.) General course; ordinary procedure; progressive and connected movement; as, the current of time, of events, of opinion, etc.

Currish (a.) Having the qualities, or exhibiting the characteristics, of a cur; snarling; quarrelsome; snappish; churlish; hence, also malicious; malignant; brutal.

Cursed (a.) Deserving a curse; execrable; hateful; detestable; abominable.

Cursitating (a.) Moving about slightly.

Cursive (a.) Running; flowing.

Cursorary (a.) Cursory; hasty.

Cursorial (a.) Adapted to running or walking, and not to prehension; as, the limbs of the horse are cursorial. See Illust. of Aves.

Cursorial (a.) Of or pertaining to the Cursores.

Cursory (a.) Running about; not stationary.

Cursory (a.) Characterized by haste; hastily or superficially performed; slight; superficial; careless.

Curst (a.) Froward; malignant; mischievous; malicious; snarling.

Curt (a.) Characterized by excessive brevity; short; rudely concise; as, curt limits; a curt answer.

Curtal (a.) Curt; brief; laconic.

Curtate (a.) Shortened or reduced; -- said of the distance of a planet from the sun or earth, as measured in the plane of the ecliptic, or the distance from the sun or earth to that point where a perpendicular, let fall from the planet upon the plane of the ecliptic, meets the ecliptic.

Curtes (a.) Courteous.

Curule (a.) Of or pertaining to a chariot.

Curule (a.) Of or pertaining to a kind of chair appropriated to Roman magistrates and dignitaries; pertaining to, having, or conferring, the right to sit in the curule chair; hence, official.

Curvate (a.) Alt. of Curvated

Curvated (a.) Bent in a regular form; curved.

Curvative (a.) Having the margins only a little curved; -- said of leaves.

Curve (a.) Bent without angles; crooked; curved; as, a curve

Curve (a.) A bending without angles; that which is bent; a flexure; as, a curve in a railway or canal.

Curve (a.) A

Curve (a.) To bend; to crook; as, to curve a

Curvicaudate (a.) Having a curved or crooked tail.

Curvicostate (a.) Having bent ribs.

Curvidentate (a.) Having curved teeth.

Curviform (a.) Having a curved form.



Curvinerved (a.) Having the ribs or the veins of the leaves curved; -- called also curvinervate and curve-veined.

Curvirostral (a.) Having a crooked beak, as the crossbill.

Curviserial (a.) Distributed in a curved

Cushionless (a.) Hot furnished with a cushion.

Cushiony (a.) Like a cushion; soft; pliable.

Cuspated (a.) Ending in a point.

Cuspidal (a.) Ending in a point.

Cuspidate (a.) Alt. of Cuspidated

Cuspidated (a.) Having a sharp end, like the point of a spear; terminating in a hard point; as, a cuspidate leaf.

Custodial (a.) Relating to custody or guardianship.

Customable (a.) Customary.

Customable (a.) Subject to the payment of customs; dutiable.

Customary (a.) Agreeing with, or established by, custom; established by common usage; conventional; habitual.

Customary (a.) Holding or held by custom; as, customary tenants; customary service or estate.

Custumary (a.) See Customary.

Cut (a.) Gashed or divided, as by a cutting instrument.

Cut (a.) Formed or shaped as by cutting; carved.

Cut (a.) Overcome by liquor; tipsy.

Cutaneous (a.) Of pertaining to the skin; existing on, or affecting, the skin; as, a cutaneous disease; cutaneous absorption; cutaneous respiration.

Cutaway (a.) Having a part cut off or away; having the corners rounded or cut away.

Cute (a.) Clever; sharp; shrewd; ingenious; cunning.

Cuticular (a.) Pertaining to the cuticle, or external coat of the skin; epidermal.

Cutthroat (a.) Murderous; cruel; barbarous.

Cutting (a.) Adapted to cut; as, a cutting tool.

Cutting (a.) Chilling; penetrating; sharp; as, a cutting wind.

Cutting (a.) Severe; sarcastic; biting; as, a cutting reply.

Cytty (a.) Short; as, a cutty knife; a cutty sark.

Cyanean (a.) Having an azure color.

Cyanic (a.) Pertaining to, or containing, cyanogen.

Cyanic (a.) Of or pertaining to a blue color.

Cyanosed (a.) Rendered blue, as the surface of the body, from cyanosis or deficient a/ration of the blood.

Cyanotic (a.) Relating to cyanosis; affected with cyanosis; as, a cyanotic patient; having the hue caused by cyanosis; as, a cyanotic skin.

Cyanuric (a.) Pertaining to, or derived from, cyanic and uric acids.

Cyathiform (a.) In the form of a cup, a little widened at the top.

Cyathophylloid (a.) Like, or pertaining to, the family Cyathophyllidae.

Cycadaceous (a.) Pertaining to, or resembling, an order of plants like the palms, but having exogenous wood. The sago palm is an example.

Cyclic (a.) Alt. of Cyclical

Cyclical (a.) Of or pertaining to a cycle or circle; moving in cycles; as, cyclical time.

Cyclobranchiate (a.) Having the gills around the margin of the body, as certain limpets.

Cycloganoid (a.) Of or pertaining to the Cycloganoidei.

Cycloid (a.) Of or pertaining to the Cycloidei.

Cycloidal (a.) Pertaining to, or resembling, a cycloid; as, the cycloidal space is the space contained between a cycloid and its base.

Cyclonic (a.) Pertaining to a cyclone.

Cyclopean (a.) Pertaining to the Cyclops; characteristic of the Cyclops; huge; gigantic; vast and rough; massive; as, Cyclopean labors; Cyclopean architecture.

Cyclopedic (a.) Belonging to the circle of the sciences, or to a cyclopedia; of the nature of a cyclopedia; hence, of great range, extent, or amount; as, a man of cyclopedic knowledge.

Cyclopic (a.) Pertaining to the Cyclops; Cyclopean.

Cyclostome (a.) Alt. of Cyclostomous

Cyclostomous (a.) Pertaining to the Cyclostomi.

Cyclostylar (a.) Relating to a structure composed of a circular range of columns, without a core or building within.

Cylindraceous (a.) Cylindrical, or approaching a cylindrical form.

Cylindric (a.) Alt. of Cylindrical

Cylindrical (a.) Having the form of a cylinder, or of a section of its convex surface; partaking of the properties of the cylinder.

Cylindriform (a.) Having the form of a cylinder.

Cylindrometric (a.) Belonging to a scale used in measuring cylinders.

Cymbiform (a.) Shaped like a boat; (Bot.) elongated and having the upper surface decidedly concave, as the glumes of many grasses.

Cymiferous (a.) Producing cymes.

Cymoid (a.) Having the form of a cyme.

Cymophanous (a.) Having a wavy, floating light; opalescent; chatoyant.

Cymose (a.) Alt. of Cymous

Cymous (a.) Having the nature of a cyme, or derived from a cyme; bearing, or pertaining to, a cyme or cymes.

Cymric (a.) Welsh.

Cynic (a.) Alt. of Cynical

Cynical (a.) Having the qualities of a surly dog; snarling; captious; currish.

Cynical (a.) Pertaining to the Dog Star; as, the cynic, or Sothic, year; cynic cycle.

Cynical (a.) Belonging to the sect of philosophers called cynics; having the qualities of a cynic; pertaining to, or resembling, the doctrines of the cynics.

Cynical (a.) Given to sneering at rectitude and the conduct of life by moral principles; disbelieving in the reality of any human purposes which are not suggested or directed by self-interest or self-indulgence; as, a cynical man who scoffs at pretensions of integrity; characterized by such opinions; as, cynical views of human nature.

Cynosural (a.) Of or pertaining to a cynosure.

Cyperaceous (a.) Of, pertaining to, or resembling, a large family of plants of which the sedge is the type.

Cyprian (a.) Belonging to Cyprus.

Cyprian (a.) Of, pertaining, or conducing to, lewdness.

Cyprine (a.) Of or pertaining to the cypress.

Cyprine (a.) Cyprinoid.

Cyprinoid (a.) Like the carp (Cyprinus).

Cypseliform (a.) Like or belonging to the swifts (Cypselidae.)

Cyrenaic (a.) Pertaining to Cyrenaica, an ancient country of northern Africa, and to Cyrene, its principal city; also, to a school of philosophy founded by Aristippus, a native of Cyrene.

Cyrenian (a.) Pertaining to Cyrene, in Africa; Cyrenaic.

Cyriologic (a.) Relating to capital letters.

Cysted (a.) Inclosed in a cyst.

Cystic (a.) Having the form of, or living in, a cyst; as, the cystic entozoa.

Cystic (a.) Containing cysts; cystose; as, cystic sarcoma.

Cystic (a.) Pertaining to, or contained in, a cyst; esp., pertaining to, or contained in, either the urinary bladder or the gall bladder.

Cystolithic (a.) Relating to stone in the bladder.

Cystose (a.) Containing, or resembling, a cyst or cysts; cystic; bladdery.

Cytherean (a.) Pertaining to the goddess Venus.

Cytogenic (a.) Alt. of Cytogenetic

Cytogenetic (a.) Of or pertaining to cytogenesis or cell development.

Cytogenous (a.) Producing cells; -- applied esp. to lymphatic, or adenoid, tissue.

Cytoid (a.) Cell-like; -- applied to the corpuscles of lymph, blood, chyle, etc.

Czarinian (a.) Of or pertaining to the czar or the czarina; czarish.

Czarish (a.) Of or pertaining to the czar.

Czechic (a.) Of or pertaining to the Czechs.

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