Adjectives Starting with U

Uberous (a.) Fruitful; copious; abundant; plentiful.

Ubiquarian (a.) Ubiquitous.

Ubiquitary (a.) Ubiquitous.

Ubiquitous (a.) Existing or being everywhere, or in all places, at the same time; omnipresent.

Udal (a.) Allodial; -- a term used in Finland, Shetland, and Orkney. See Allodial.

Uddered (a.) Having an udder or udders.

Udderless (a.) Destitute or deprived of an udder.

Udderless (a.) Hence, without mother's milk; motherless; as, udderless lambs.

Uglesome (a.) Ugly.

Ugsome (a.) Ugly; offensive; loathsome.

Ulcerable (a.) Capable of ulcerating.

Ulcerated (a.) Affected with, or as with, an ulcer or ulcers; as, an ulcerated sore throat.

Ulcerative (a.) Of or pertaining to ulcers; as, an ulcerative process.

Ulcered (a.) Ulcerous; ulcerated.

Ulcerous (a.) Having the nature or character of an ulcer; discharging purulent or other matter.

Ulcerous (a.) Affected with an ulcer or ulcers; ulcerated.

Uliginose (a.) Alt. of Uliginous

Uliginous (a.) Muddy; oozy; slimy; also, growing in muddy places.

Ulmaceous (a.) Of or pertaining to a suborder of urticaceous plants, of which the elm is the type.

Ulmic (a.) Pertaining to ulmin; designating an acid obtained from ulmin.

Ulnar (a.) Of or pertaining to the ulna, or the elbow; as, the ulnar nerve.

Ulotrichan (a.) Of or pertaining to the Ulotrichi.

Ulotrichous (a.) Having woolly or crispy hair; -- opposed to leiotrichous.

Ulterior (a.) Situated beyond, or on the farther side; thither; -- correlative with hither.

Ulterior (a.) Further; remoter; more distant; succeeding; as, ulterior demands or propositions; ulterior views; what ulterior measures will be adopted is uncertain.

Ultima (a.) Most remote; furthest; final; last.

Ultimate (a.) Farthest; most remote in space or time; extreme; last; final.

Ultimate (a.) Last in a train of progression or consequences; tended toward by all that precedes; arrived at, as the last result; final.

Ultimate (a.) Incapable of further analysis; incapable of further division or separation; constituent; elemental; as, an ultimate constituent of matter.

Ultime (a.) Ultimate; final.

Ultra- (a.) A prefix from the Latin ultra beyond (see Ulterior), having in composition the signification beyond, on the other side, chiefly when joined with words expressing relations of place; as, ultramarine, ultramontane, ultramundane, ultratropical, etc. In other relations it has the sense of excessively, exceedingly, beyond what is common, natural, right, or proper; as, ultraconservative; ultrademocratic, ultradespotic, ultraliberal, ultraradical, etc.

Ultra (a.) Going beyond others, or beyond due limit; extreme; fanatical; uncompromising; as, an ultra reformer; ultra measures.

Ultramarine (a.) Situated or being beyond the sea.

Ultramundane (a.) Being beyond the world, or beyond the limits of our system.

Ultrared (a.) Situated beyond or below the red rays; as, the ultrated rays of the spectrum, which are less refrangible than the red.

Ultratropical (a.) Situated beyond, or outside of, the tropics; extratropical; also, having an excessively tropical temperature; warmer than the tropics.

Ultraviolet (a.) Lying outside the visible spectrum at its violet end; -- said of rays more refrangible than the extreme violet rays of the spectrum.

Ultrazodiacal (a.) Outside the zodiac; being in that part of the heavens that is more than eight degrees from the ecliptic; as, ultrazodiacal planets, that is, those planets which in part of their orbits go beyond the zodiac.

Ultroneous (a.) Spontaneous; voluntary.

Ululant (a.) Howling; wailing.

Umbellar (a.) Of or pertaining to an umbel; having the form of an umbel.

Umbellate (a.) Alt. of Umbellated

Umbellated (a.) Bearing umbels; pertaining to an umbel; umbel-like; as, umbellate plants or flowers.

Umbellic (a.) Pertaining to, or obtained from, certain umbelliferous plants; as, umbellic acid.

Umbelliferous (a.) Producing umbels.

Umbelliferous (a.) Of or pertaining to a natural order (Umbelliferae) of plants, of which the parsley, carrot, parsnip, and fennel are well-known examples.

Umber (a.) Of or pertaining to umber; resembling umber; olive-brown; dark brown; dark; dusky.

Umbery (a.) Of or pertaining to umber; like umber; as, umbery gold.

Umbilic (a.) See Umbilical, 1.

Umbilicate (a.) Alt. of Umbilicated

Umbilicated (a.) Depressed in the middle, like a navel, as a flower, fruit, or leaf; navel-shaped; having an umbilicus; as, an umbilicated smallpox vesicle.

Umbilicated (a.) Supported by a stalk at the central point.

Umbonate (a.) Alt. of Umbonated

Umbonated (a.) Having a conical or rounded projection or protuberance, like a boss.

Umbraculiferous (a.) Bearing something like an open umbrella.

Umbraculiform (a.) Having the form of anything that serves to shade, as a tree top, an umbrella, and the like; specifically (Bot.), having the form of an umbrella; umbrella-shaped.

Umbrageous (a.) Forming or affording a shade; shady; shaded; as, umbrageous trees or foliage.

Umbrageous (a.) Not easily perceived, as if from being darkened or shaded; obscure.

Umbrageous (a.) Feeling jealousy or umbrage; taking, or disposed to take, umbrage; suspicious.

Umbratic (a.) Alt. of Umbratical

Umbratical (a.) Of or pertaining to the shade or darkness; shadowy; unreal; secluded; retired.

Umbratile (a.) Umbratic.

Umbratious (a.) Suspicious; captious; disposed to take umbrage.

Umbriferous (a.) Casting or making a shade; umbrageous.

Umbrose (a.) Shady; umbrageous.

Umlauted (a.) Having the umlaut; as, umlauted vowels.

Umquhile (a.) Former.

Unable (a.) Not able; not having sufficient strength, means, knowledge, skill, or the like; impotent' weak; helpless; incapable; -- now usually followed by an infinitive or an adverbial phrase; as, unable for work; unable to bear fatigue.

Unabled (a.) Disabled.

Unabridged (a.) Not abridged, or shortened; full; complete; entire; whole.

Unabsorbable (a.) Not absorbable; specifically (Physiol.), not capable of absorption; unable to pass by osmosis into the circulating blood; as, the unabsorbable portion of food.

Unacceptable (a.) Not acceptable; not pleasing; not welcome; unpleasant; disagreeable; displeasing; offensive.

Unaccessible (a.) Inaccessible.

Unaccomplished (a.) Not accomplished or performed; unfinished; also, deficient in accomplishment; unrefined.

Unaccountable (a.) Not accountable or responsible; free from control.

Unaccountable (a.) Not to be accounted for; inexplicable; not consonant with reason or rule; strange; mysterious.

Unaccurate (a.) Inaccurate.

Unaccustomed (a.) Not used; not habituated; unfamiliar; unused; -- which to.

Unaccustomed (a.) Not usual; uncommon; strange; new.

Unacquainted (a.) Not acquainted.

Unacquainted (a.) Not usual; unfamiliar; strange.

Unactive (a.) Inactive; listless.

Unadmissible (a.) Alt. of Unadmittable

Unadmittable (a.) Inadmissible.

Unadulterate (a.) Alt. of Unadulterated

Unadulterated (a.) Not adulterated; pure.

Unadvisable (a.) Not advisable; inadvisable; inexpedient.

Unadvised (a.) Not prudent; not discreet; ill advised.

Unadvised (a.) Done without due consideration; wanton; rash; inconsiderate; as, an unadvised proceeding.

Unaffected (a.) Not affected or moved; destitute of affection or emotion; uninfluenced.

Unaffected (a.) Free from affectation; plain; simple; natural; real; sincere; genuine; as, unaffected sorrow.

Unafiled (a.) Undefiled.

Unagreeable (a.) Disagreeable.

Unagreeable (a.) Not agreeing or consistent; unsuitable.

Unaidable (a.) Incapable of being aided.

Unalienable (a.) Inalienable; as, unalienable rights.

Unallied (a.) Not allied; having no ally; having no connection or relation; as, unallied species or genera.

Unalloyed (a.) Not alloyed; not reduced by foreign admixture; unmixed; unqualified; pure; as, unalloyed metals; unalloyed happiness.

Unalmsed (a.) Not having received alms.

Unamiable (a.) Not amiable; morose; ill-natured; repulsive.

Unaneled (a.) Not aneled; not having received extreme unction.

Unanimate (a.) Unanimous.

Unanimous (a.) Being of one mind; agreeing in opinion, design, or determination; consentient; not discordant or dissentient; harmonious; as, the assembly was unanimous; the members of the council were unanimous.

Unanimous (a.) Formed with unanimity; indicating unanimity; having the agreement and consent of all; agreed upon without the opposition or contradiction of any; as, a unanimous opinion; a unanimous vote.

Unanswerable (a.) Not answerable; irrefutable; conclusive; decisive; as, he have an unanswerable argument.

Unanswered (a.) Not answered; not replied; as, an unanswered letter.

Unanswered (a.) Not refuted; as, an unanswered argument.

Unanswered (a.) Not responded to in kind; unrequited; as, unanswered affection.

Unappalled (a.) Not appalled; not frightened; dauntless; undaunted.

Unappealable (a.) Not appealable; that can not be carried to a higher tribunal by appeal; as, an unappealable suit or action.

Unappealable (a.) Not to be appealed from; -- said of a judge or a judgment that can not be overruled.

Unappliable (a.) Inapplicable.

Unapplicable (a.) Inapplicable.

Unappropriate (a.) Inappropriate; unsuitable.

Unappropriate (a.) Not appropriated.

Unappropriated (a.) Not specially appropriate; having not special application.

Unappropriated (a.) Not granted to any person, corporation, or the like, to the exclusion of others; as, unappropriated lands.

Unappropriated (a.) Not granted for, or applied to, any specific purpose; as, the unappropriated moneys in the treasury.

Unapproved (a.) Not approved.

Unapproved (a.) Not proved.

Unapt (a.) Inapt; slow; dull.

Unapt (a.) Unsuitable; unfit; inappropriate.

Unapt (a.) Not accustomed and not likely; not disposed.

Unaquit (a.) Unrequited.

Unargued (a.) Not argued or debated.

Unargued (a.) Not argued against; undisputed.

Unargued (a.) Not censured.

Unarmed (a.) Not armed or armored; having no arms or weapons.

Unarmed (a.) Having no hard and sharp projections, as spines, prickles, spurs, claws, etc.

Unarted (a.) Ignorant of the arts.

Unarted (a.) Not artificial; plain; simple.

Unartful (a.) Lacking art or skill; artless.

Unartistic (a.) Inartistic.

Unascried (a.) Not descried.

Unaserved (a.) Not served.

Unassuming (a.) Not assuming; not bold or forward; not arrogant or presuming; humble; modest; retiring; as, an unassuming youth; unassuming manners.

Unassured (a.) Not assured; not bold or confident.

Unassured (a.) Not to be trusted.

Unassured (a.) Not insured against loss; as, unassured goods.

Unatonable (a.) Not capable of being brought into harmony; irreconcilable.

Unatonable (a.) Incapable of being atoned for; inexpiable.

Unattached (a.) Not attached; not adhering; having no engagement; free.

Unattached (a.) Not assigned to any company or regiment.

Unattached (a.) Not taken or arrested.

Unattentive (a.) Inattentive; careless.

Unaudienced (a.) Not given an audience; not received or heard.

Unauspicious (a.) Inauspicious.

Unavoidable (a.) Not avoidable; incapable of being shunned or prevented; inevitable; necessary; as, unavoidable troubles.

Unavoidable (a.) Not voidable; incapable of being made null or void.

Unavoided (a.) Not avoided or shunned.

Unavoided (a.) Unavoidable; inevitable.

Unaware (a.) Not aware; not noticing; giving no heed; thoughtless; inattentive.

Unbacked (a.) Never mounted by a rider; unbroken.

Unbacked (a.) Not supported or encouraged; not countenanced; unaided.

Unbalanced (a.) Not balanced; not in equipoise; having no counterpoise, or having insufficient counterpoise.

Unbalanced (a.) Not adjusted; not settled; not brought to an equality of debt and credit; as, an unbalanced account; unbalanced books.

Unbalanced (a.) Being, or being thrown, out of equilibrium; hence, disordered or deranged in sense; unsteady; unsound; as, an unbalanced mind.

Unballast (a.) Not ballasted.

Unballasted (a.) Freed from ballast; having discharged ballast.

Unballasted (a.) Not furnished with ballast; not kept steady by ballast; unsteady; as, unballasted vessels; unballasted wits.

Unbaned (a.) Wanting a band or string; unfastened.

Unbarbed (a.) Not shaven.

Unbarbed (a.) Destitute of bards, or of reversed points, hairs, or plumes; as, an unbarded feather.

Unbarricadoed (a.) Not obstructed by barricades; open; as, unbarricadoed streets.

Unbashful (a.) Not bashful or modest; bold; impudent; shameless.

Unbecoming (a.) Not becoming; unsuitable; unfit; indecorous; improper.

Unbedinned (a.) Not filled with din.

Unbegilt (a.) Not gilded; hence, not rewarded with gold.

Unbegot (a.) Alt. of Unbegotten

Unbegotten (a.) Not begot; not yet generated; also, having never been generated; self-existent; eternal.

Unbegun (a.) Not yet begun; also, existing without a beginning.

Unbehovely (a.) Not behooving or becoming; unseemly.

Unbeing (a.) Not existing.

Unbeknown (a.) Not known; unknown.

Unbelieved (a.) Not believed; disbelieved.

Unbelieving (a.) Not believing; incredulous; doubting; distrusting; skeptical.

Unbelieving (a.) Believing the thing alleged no to be true; disbelieving; especially, believing that Bible is not a divine revelation, or that Christ was not a divine or a supernatural person.

Unbending (a.) Not bending; not suffering flexure; not yielding to pressure; stiff; -- applied to material things.

Unbending (a.) Unyielding in will; not subject to persuasion or influence; inflexible; resolute; -- applied to persons.

Unbending (a.) Unyielding in nature; unchangeable; fixed; -- applied to abstract ideas; as, unbending truths.

Unbending (a.) Devoted to relaxation or amusement.

Unbenign (a.) Not benign; malignant.

Unbereaven (a.) Unbereft.

Unbereft (a.) Not bereft; not taken away.

Unbeseeming (a.) Unbecoming; not befitting.

Unbiased (a.) Free from bias or prejudice; unprejudiced; impartial.

Unbid (a.) Alt. of Unbidden

Unbidden (a.) Not bidden; not commanded.

Unbidden (a.) Uninvited; as, unbidden guests.

Unbidden (a.) Being without a prayer.

Unblemished (a.) Not blemished; pure; spotless; as, an unblemished reputation or life.

Unblessed (a.) Alt. of Unblest

Unblest (a.) Not blest; excluded from benediction; hence, accursed; wretched.

Unblestful (a.) Unblessed.

Unbloody (a.) Not bloody.

Unblushing (a.) Not blushing; shameless.

Unbooked (a.) Not written in a book; unrecorded.

Unborn (a.) Not born; no yet brought into life; being still to appear; future.

Unborrowed (a.) Not borrowed; being one's own; native; original.

Unbottomed (a.) Deprived of a bottom.

Unbottomed (a.) Having no bottom; bottomless.

Unbounded (a.) Having no bound or limit; as, unbounded space; an, unbounded ambition.

Unbowed (a.) Not bent or arched; not bowed down.

Unbreathed (a.) Not breathed.

Unbreathed (a.) Not exercised; unpracticed.

Unbred (a.) Not begotten; unborn.

Unbred (a.) Not taught or trained; -- with to.

Unbred (a.) Not well-bred; ill-bred.

Unbrewed (a.) Not made by brewing; unmixed; pure; genuine.

Unbridled (a.) Loosed from the bridle, or as from the bridle; hence, unrestrained; licentious; violent; as, unbridled passions.

Unbroken (a.) Not broken; continuous; unsubdued; as, an unbroken colt.

Unburiable (a.) Not ready or not proper to be buried.

Unbusied (a.) Not required to work; unemployed; not busy.

Unbuxom (a.) Disobedient.

Uncalled-for (a.) Not called for; not required or needed; improper; gratuitous; wanton.

Uncanny (a.) Not canny; unsafe; strange; weird; ghostly.

Uncapable (a.) Incapable.

Uncared (a.) Not cared for; not heeded; -- with for.

Uncarnate (a.) Not fleshy; specifically, not made flesh; not incarnate.

Uncaused (a.) Having no antecedent cause; uncreated; self-existent; eternal.

Uncautelous (a.) Incautious.

Uncautious (a.) Incautious.

Unceasable (a.) Not capable of being ended; unceasing.

Uncertain (a.) Not certain; not having certain knowledge; not assured in mind; distrustful.

Uncertain (a.) Irresolute; inconsonant; variable; untrustworthy; as, an uncertain person; an uncertain breeze.

Uncertain (a.) Questionable; equivocal; indefinite; problematical.

Uncertain (a.) Not sure; liable to fall or err; fallible.

Uncertain (a.) To make uncertain.

Uncessant (a.) Incessant.

Unchancy (a.) Happening at a bad time; unseasonable; inconvenient.

Unchancy (a.) Ill-fated; unlucky.

Unchancy (a.) Unsafe to meddle with; dangerous.

Uncharitable (a.) Not charitable; contrary to charity; severe in judging; harsh; censorious; as, uncharitable opinions or zeal.

Unchaste (a.) Not chaste; not continent; lewd.

Uncheckable (a.) Not capable of being checked or stopped.

Unchristened (a.) Not christened; as, an unchristened child.

Unchristian (a.) Not Christian; not converted to the Christian faith; infidel.

Unchristian (a.) Contrary to Christianity; not like or becoming a Christian; as, unchristian conduct.

Unchristianly (a.) Unchristian.

Uncial (a.) Of, pertaining to, or designating, a certain style of letters used in ancient manuscripts, esp. in Greek and Latin manuscripts. The letters are somewhat rounded, and the upstrokes and downstrokes usually have a slight inclination. These letters were used as early as the 1st century b. c., and were seldom used after the 10th century a. d., being superseded by the cursive style.

Unciform (a.) Having the shape of a hook; being of a curved or hooked from; hooklike.

Uncinate (a.) Hooked; bent at the tip in the form of a hook; as, an uncinate process.

Uncircumstandtial (a.) Not circumstantial; not entering into minute particulars.

Uncircumstandtial (a.) Not important; not pertinent; trivial.

Uncivil (a.) Not civilized; savage; barbarous; uncivilized.

Uncivil (a.) Not civil; not complaisant; discourteous; impolite; rude; unpolished; as, uncivil behavior.

Uncivilized (a.) Not civilized; not reclaimed from savage life; rude; barbarous; savage; as, the uncivilized inhabitants of Central Africa.

Uncivilized (a.) Not civil; coarse; clownish.

Unclean (a.) Not clean; foul; dirty; filthy.

Unclean (a.) Ceremonially impure; needing ritual cleansing.

Unclean (a.) Morally impure.

Uncleansable (a.) Incapable of being cleansed or cleaned.

Unclosed (a.) Not separated by inclosures; open.

Unclosed (a.) Not finished; not concluded.

Unclosed (a.) Not closed; not sealed; open.

Unclothed (a.) Divested or stripped of clothing.

Unclothed (a.) Not yet clothed; wanting clothes; naked.

Unco (a.) Unknown; strange, or foreign; unusual, or surprising; distant in manner; reserved.

Uncoined (a.) Not coined, or minted; as, uncoined silver.

Uncoined (a.) Not fabricated; not artificial or counterfeit; natural.

Uncomeatable (a.) Not to be come at, or reached; inaccessible.

Uncomely (a.) Not comely. -- adv. In an uncomely manner.

Uncomfortable (a.) Feeling discomfort; uneasy; as, to be uncomfortable on account of one's position.

Uncomfortable (a.) Causing discomfort; disagreeable; unpleasant; as, an uncomfortable seat or situation.

Uncommon (a.) Not common; unusual; infrequent; rare; hence, remarkable; strange; as, an uncommon season; an uncommon degree of cold or heat; uncommon courage.

Uncomplete (a.) Incomplete.

Uncomprehensive (a.) Unable to comprehend.

Uncomprehensive (a.) Incomprehensible.

Uncompromising (a.) Not admitting of compromise; making no truce or concessions; obstinate; unyielding; inflexible.

Unconceivable (a.) Inconceivable.

Unconcerned (a.) Not concerned; not anxious or solicitous; easy in mind; carelessly secure; indifferent; as, to be unconcerned at what has happened; to be unconcerned about the future.

Unconcerning (a.) Not interesting of affecting; insignificant; not belonging to one.

Unconcludent (a.) Alt. of Unconcluding

Unconcluding (a.) Inconclusive.

Unconclusive (a.) Inconclusive.

Unconditional (a.) Not conditional limited, or conditioned; made without condition; absolute; unreserved; as, an unconditional surrender.

Unconditioned (a.) Not conditioned or subject to conditions; unconditional.

Unconditioned (a.) Not subject to condition or limitations; infinite; absolute; hence, inconceivable; incogitable.

Uncoform (a.) Unlike.

Unconformable (a.) Not conformable; not agreeable; not conforming.

Unconformable (a.) Not conformable; not lying in a parallel position; as, unconformable strata.

Unconfounded (a.) Not confounded.

Unconning (a.) Not knowing; ignorant.

Unconquerable (a.) Not conquerable; indomitable.

Unconscionable (a.) Not conscionable; not conforming to reason; unreasonable; exceeding the limits of any reasonable claim or expectation; inordinate; as, an unconscionable person or demand; unconscionable size.

Unconscionable (a.) Not guided by, or conformed to, conscience.

Unconscious (a.) Not conscious; having no consciousness or power of mental perception; without cerebral appreciation; hence, not knowing or regarding; ignorant; as, an unconscious man.

Unconscious (a.) Not known or apprehended by consciousness; as, an unconscious cerebration.

Unconscious (a.) Having no knowledge by experience; -- followed by of; as, a mule unconscious of the yoke.

Unconsequential (a.) Inconsequential.

Unconsiderate (a.) Inconsiderate; heedless; careless.

Unconsidered (a.) Not considered or attended to; not regarded; inconsiderable; trifling.

Unconsonant (a.) Incongruous; inconsistent.

Unconspicuous (a.) Inconspicuous.

Unconstant (a.) Not constant; inconstant; fickle; changeable.

Unconstitutional (a.) Not constitutional; not according to, or consistent with, the terms of a constitution of government; contrary to the constitution; as, an unconstitutional law, or act of an officer.

Unconsummate (a.) Not consummated; not accomplished.

Uncontestable (a.) Incontestable.

Uncontinent (a.) Not continent; incontinent.

Uncontrollable (a.) Incapable of being controlled; ungovernable; irresistible; as, an uncontrollable temper; uncontrollable events.

Uncontrollable (a.) Indisputable; irrefragable; as, an uncontrollable maxim; an uncontrollable title.

Uncontroversory (a.) Not involving controversy.

Uncontrovertible (a.) Incontrovertible.

Unconvenient (a.) Inconvenient.

Unconverted (a.) Not converted or exchanged.

Unconverted (a.) Not changed in opinion, or from one faith to another.

Unconverted (a.) Not persuaded of the truth of the Christian religion; heathenish.

Unconverted (a.) Unregenerate; sinful; impenitent.

Uncorrect (a.) Incorrect.

Uncorrigible (a.) Incorrigible; not capable of correction.

Uncorrupt (a.) Incorrupt.

Uncorruptible (a.) Incorruptible.

Uncous (a.) Hooklike; hooked.

Uncouth (a.) Unknown.

Uncouth (a.) Uncommon; rare; exquisite; elegant.

Uncouth (a.) Unfamiliar; strange; hence, mysterious; dreadful; also, odd; awkward; boorish; as, uncouth manners.

Uncovenable (a.) Not covenable; inconvenient.

Uncovenanted (a.) Not covenanted; not granted or entered into under a covenant, agreement, or contract.

Uncovenanted (a.) Not having joined in a league, or assented to a covenant or agreement, as to the Solemn League and Covenant of the Scottish people in the times of the Stuarts.

Uncovenanted (a.) Not having entered into relationship with God through the appointed means of grace; also, not promised or assured by the divine promises or conditions; as, uncovenanted mercies.

Uncreate (a.) Uncreated; self-existent.

Uncreated (a.) Deprived of existence; annihilated.

Uncreated (a.) Not yet created; as, misery uncreated.

Uncreated (a.) Not existing by creation; self-existent; eternal; as, God is an uncreated being.

Uncredible (a.) Incredible.

Uncreditable (a.) Discreditable.

Uncrudded (a.) Not cruddled, or curdled.

Unctious (a.) Unctuous.

Unctuous (a.) Of the nature or quality of an unguent or ointment; fatty; oily; greasy.

Unctuous (a.) Having a smooth, greasy feel, as certain minerals.

Unctuous (a.) Bland; suave; also, tender; fervid; as, an unctuous speech; sometimes, insincerely suave or fervid.

Unculpable (a.) Inculpable; not blameworthy.

Uncult (a.) Not cultivated; rude; illiterate.

Uncunning (a.) Ignorant.

Uncurable (a.) Incurable.

Uncurbable (a.) Not capable of being curbed.

Uncurrent (a.) Not current. Specifically: Not passing in common payment; not receivable at par or full value; as, uncurrent notes.

Uncustomable (a.) Not customable, or subject to custom duties.

Uncustomed (a.) Uncustomable; also, not having paid duty or customs.

Uncut (a.) Not cut; not separated or divided by cutting or otherwise; -- said especially of books, periodicals, and the like, when the leaves have not been separated by trimming in binding.

Uncut (a.) Not ground, or otherwise cut, into a certain shape; as, an uncut diamond.

Uncuth (a.) Unknown; strange.

Undampned (a.) Uncondemned.

Undated (a.) Rising and falling in waves toward the margin, as a leaf; waved.

Undated (a.) Not dated; having no date; of unknown age; as, an undated letter.

Undauntable (a.) Incapable of being daunted; intrepid; fearless; indomitable.

Undaunted (a.) Not daunted; not subdued or depressed by fear.

Unde (a.) Waving or wavy; -- applied to ordinaries, or division

Undeadly (a.) Not subject to death; immortal.

Undecennary (a.) Occurring once in every period of eleven years; undecennial.

Undecennial (a.) Occurring or observed every eleventh year; belonging to, or continuing, a period of eleven years; undecennary; as, an undecennial festival.

Undecent (a.) Indecent.

Undecisive (a.) Indecisive.

Undecked (a.) Not decked; unadorned.

Undecked (a.) Not having a deck; as, an undecked vessel.

Undecolic (a.) Pertaining to, or designating, an acid, C11H18O2, of the propiolic acid series, obtained indirectly from undecylenic acid as a white crystal

Undecreed (a.) Not decreed.

Undecreed (a.) Reversed or nullified by decree, as something previously decreed.

Undecylenic (a.) Pertaining to, or designating, an acid C11H20O2, homologous with acrylic acid, and obtained as a white crystal

Undecylic (a.) Related to, derived from, or containing, undecyl; specifically, designating that member of the fatty acids which corresponds to undecane, and is obtained as a white crystal

Undeeded (a.) Not deeded or transferred by deed; as, undeeded land.

Undeeded (a.) Not made famous by any great action.

Undefatigable (a.) Indefatigable.

Undefeasible (a.) Indefeasible.

Undeniable (a.) Not deniable; incapable of denial; palpably true; indisputable; obvious; as, undeniable evidence.

Undeniable (a.) Unobjectionable; unquestionably excellent; as, a person of undeniable connections.

Undepartable (a.) Incapable of being parted; inseparable.

Under (a.) Lower in position, intensity, rank, or degree; subject; subordinate; -- generally in composition with a noun, and written with or without the hyphen; as, an undercurrent; undertone; underdose; under-garment; underofficer; undersheriff.

Under-age (a.) Not having arrived at adult age, or at years of discretion; hence, raw; green; immature; boyish; childish.

Under-arm (a.) Done (as bowling) with the arm not raised above the elbow, that is, not swung far out from the body; underhand. Cf. Over-arm and Round-Arm.

Underbred (a.) Not thoroughly bred; ill-bred; as, an underbred fellow.

Undercurrent (a.) Running beneath the surface; hidden.

Underdressed (a.) Not dresses enough.

Underfoot (a.) Low; base; abject; trodden down.

Underglaze (a.) Applied under the glaze, that is, before the glaze, that is, before the glaze is put on; fitted to be so applied; -- said of colors in porcelain painting.

Undergraduate (a.) Of or pertaining to an undergraduate, or the body of undergraduates.

Underground (a.) Being below the surface of the ground; as, an underground story or apartment.

Underground (a.) Done or occurring out of sight; secret.

Undergrow (a.) Undergrown.

Undergrown (a.) Of small stature; not grown to a full height or size.

Underhand (a.) Secret; clandestine; hence, mean; unfair; fraudulent.

Underhand (a.) Done, as pitching, with the hand lower than the shoulder, or, as bowling, with the hand lower than elbow.

Underhanded (a.) Underhand; clandestine.

Underhanded (a.) Insufficiently provided with hands or workers; short-handed; sparsely populated.

Underhonest (a.) Not entirely honest.

Underhung (a.) Resting on a track at the bottom, instead of being suspended; -- said of a sliding door.

Underhung (a.) Having the lower jaw projecting.

Underlaid (a.) Laid or placed underneath; also, having something laid or lying underneath.

Underlying (a.) Lying under or beneath; hence, fundamental; as, the underlying strata of a locality; underlying principles.

Undermanned (a.) Insufficiently furnished with men; short-handed.

Undermasted (a.) Having masts smaller than the usual dimension; -- said of vessels.

Undermoneyed (a.) Bribed.

Undermost (a.) Lowest, as in place, rank, or condition.

Underpeopled (a.) Not fully peopled.

Underproof (a.) Containing less alcohol than proof spirit. See Proof spirit, under Spirit.

Underproportioned (a.) Of inadequate or inferior proportions; small; poor.

Undersailed (a.) Inadequately equipped with sails.

Undersaturated (a.) Not fully saturated; imperfectly saturated.

Undershapen (a.) Under the usual shape or size; small; dwarfish.

Undershot (a.) Having the lower incisor teeth projecting beyond the upper ones, as in the bulldog.

Undershot (a.) Moved by water passing beneath; -- said of a water wheel, and opposed to overshot; as, an undershot wheel.

Undershrub (a.) Partly shrublike.

Undershut (a.) Closed from beneath.

Undersized (a.) Of a size less than is common.

Undersparred (a.) Having spars smaller than the usual dimension; -- said of vessels.

Understair (a.) Of or pertaining to the kitchen, or the servants' quarters; hence, subordinate; menial.

Understandable (a.) Capable of being understood; intelligible.

Understanding (a.) Knowing; intelligent; skillful; as, he is an understanding man.

Understrapping (a.) Becoming an understrapper; subservient.

Undertakable (a.) Capable of being undertaken; practicable.

Undertaxed (a.) Taxed too little, or at a lower rate than others.

Underwitted (a.) Weak in intellect; half-witted; silly.

Undesigning (a.) Having no artful, ulterior, or fraudulent purpose; sincere; artless; simple.

Undestroyable (a.) Indestructible.

Undeterminable (a.) Not determinable; indeterminable.

Undeterminate (a.) Nor determinate; not settled or certain; indeterminate.

Undifferentiated (a.) Not differentiated; specifically (Biol.), homogenous, or nearly so; -- said especially of young or embryonic tissues which have not yet undergone differentiation (see Differentiation, 3), that is, which show no visible separation into their different structural parts.

Undigenous (a.) Generated by water.

Undigestible (a.) Indigestible.

Undigne (a.) Unworthy.

Undiocesed (a.) Unprovided with a diocese; having no diocese.

Undirect (a.) Indirect.

Undirected (a.) Not directed; not guided; left without direction.

Undirected (a.) Not addressed; not superscribed, as a letter.

Undirected (a.) Misdirected; misled; led astray.

Undiscreet (a.) Indiscreet.

Undispensable (a.) Indispensable.

Undispensable (a.) Unavoidable; inevitable.

Undispensable (a.) Not to be freed by dispensation.

Undispensed (a.) Not dispensed.

Undispensed (a.) Not freed by dispensation.

Undisputable (a.) Indisputable.

Undistinctive (a.) Making no distinctions; not discriminating; impartial.

Undivided (a.) Not divided; not separated or disunited; unbroken; whole; continuous; as, plains undivided by rivers or mountains.

Undivided (a.) Not set off, as a share in a firm; not made actually separate by division; as, a partner, owning one half in a firm, is said to own an undivided half so long as the business continues and his share is not set off to him.

Undivided (a.) Not directed or given to more than one object; as, undivided attention or affection.

Undivided (a.) Not lobed, cleft, or branched; entire.

Undividual (a.) Indivisible.

Undivisible (a.) Indivisible.

Undone (a.) Not done or performed; neglected.

Undoubtable (a.) Indubitable.

Undoubted (a.) Not doubted; not called in question; indubitable; indisputable; as, undoubted proof; undoubted hero.

Undreamed (a.) Alt. of Undreamt

Undreamt (a.) Not dreamed, or dreamed of; not th/ught of; not imagined; -- often followed by of.

Undubitable (a.) Indubitable; as, an undubitable principle.

Undue (a.) Not due; not yet owing; as, an undue debt, note, or bond.

Undue (a.) Not right; not lawful or legal; improper; as, an undue proceeding.

Undue (a.) Not agreeable to a rule or standard, or to duty; disproportioned; excessive; immoderate; inordinate; as, an undue attachment to forms; an undue rigor in the execution of law.

Undulant (a.) Undulating.

Undulary (a.) Moving like waves; undulatory.

Undulate (a.) Same as Undulated.

Undulated (a.) Resembling, or in the nature of, waves; having a wavy surface; undulatory.

Undulated (a.) Waved obtusely up and down, near the margin, as a leaf or corolla; wavy.

Undulated (a.) Formed with elevations and depressions resembling waves; having wavelike color markings; as, an undulated shell.

Undulating (a.) Rising and falling like waves; resembling wave form or motion; undulatory; rolling; wavy; as, an undulating medium; undulating ground.

Undulative (a.) Consisting in, or accompanied by, undulations; undulatory.

Undulatory (a.) Moving in the manner of undulations, or waves; resembling the motion of waves, which successively rise or swell rise or swell and fall; pertaining to a propagated alternating motion, similar to that of waves.

Undulous (a.) Undulating; undulatory.

Undwellable (a.) Uninhabitable.

Undwelt (a.) Not lived (in); -- with in.

Undying (a.) Not dying; imperishable; unending; immortal; as, the undying souls of men.

Uneared (a.) Not eared, or plowed.

Unearned (a.) Not earned; not gained by labor or service.

Unearthly (a.) Not terrestrial; supernatural; preternatural; hence, weird; appalling; terrific; as, an unearthly sight or sound.

Uneasy (a.) Not easy; difficult.

Uneasy (a.) Restless; disturbed by pain, anxiety, or the like; disquieted; perturbed.

Uneasy (a.) Not easy in manner; constrained; stiff; awkward; not graceful; as, an uneasy deportment.

Uneasy (a.) Occasioning want of ease; constraining; cramping; disagreeable; unpleasing.

Uneath (a.) Not easy; difficult; hard.

Unefectual (a.) Ineffectual.

Unelastic (a.) Not elastic; inelastic.

Unelegant (a.) Inelegant.

Uneligible (a.) Ineligible.

Unembarrassed (a.) Not embarrassed.

Unembarrassed (a.) Not perplexed in mind; not confused; as, the speaker appeared unembarrassed.

Unembarrassed (a.) Free from pecuniary difficulties or encumbrances; as, he and his property are unembarrassed.

Unembarrassed (a.) Free from perplexing connection; as, the question comes into court unembarrassed with irrelevant matter.

Unembodied (a.) Free from a corporeal body; disembodied; as, unembodied spirits.

Unembodied (a.) Not embodied; not collected into a body; not yet organized; as, unembodied militia.

Unemployed (a.) Not employed in manual or other labor; having no regular work.

Unemployed (a.) Not invested or used; as, unemployed capital.

Unendly (a.) Unending; endless.

Unequal (a.) Not equal; not matched; not of the same size, length, breadth, quantity, strength, talents, acquirements, age, station, or the like; as, the fingers are of unequal length; peers and commoners are unequal in rank.

Unequal (a.) Ill balanced or matched; disproportioned; hence, not equitable; partial; unjust; unfair.

Unequal (a.) Not uniform; not equable; irregular; uneven; as, unequal pulsations; an unequal poem.

Unequal (a.) Not adequate or sufficient; inferior; as, the man was unequal to the emergency; the timber was unequal to the sudden strain.

Unequal (a.) Not having the two sides or the parts symmetrical.

Unequalable (a.) Not capable of being equaled or paralleled.

Unequaled (a.) Not equaled; unmatched; unparalleled; unrivaled; exceeding; surpassing; -- in a good or bad sense; as, unequaled excellence; unequaled ingratitude or baseness.

Unequitable (a.) Inequitable.

Unequivocal (a.) Not equivocal; not doubtful; not ambiguous; evident; sincere; plain; as, unequivocal evidence; unequivocal words.

Unerring (a.) Committing no mistake; incapable or error or failure certain; sure; unfailing; as, the unerring wisdom of God.

Unessential (a.) Not essential; not of prime importance; not indispensable; unimportant.

Unessential (a.) Void of essence, or real being.

Uneven (a.) Not even; not level; not uniform; rough; as, an uneven road or way; uneven ground.

Uneven (a.) Not equal; not of equal length.

Uneven (a.) Not divisible by two without a remainder; odd; -- said of numbers; as, 3, 7, and 11 are uneven numbers.

Unevitable (a.) Inevitable.

Unexact (a.) Not exact; inexact.

Unexampled (a.) Having no example or similar case; being without precedent; unprecedented; unparalleled.

Unexceptionable (a.) Not liable to any exception or objection; unobjectionable; faultless; good; excellent; as, a man of most unexceptionable character.

Unexceptive (a.) Not exceptive; not including, admitting, or being, an exception.

Unexcusable (a.) Inexcusable.

Unexhaustible (a.) Inexhaustible.

Unexpected (a.) Not expected; coming without warning; sudden.

Unexpedient (a.) Inexpedient.

Unexpensive (a.) Inexpensive.

Unexperienced (a.) Not experienced; being without experience; inexperienced.

Unexperienced (a.) Untried; -- applied to things.

Unexperient (a.) Inexperienced.

Unexpert (a.) Not expert; inexpert.

Unexpressible (a.) Inexpressible.

Unexpressive (a.) Not expressive; not having the power of utterance; inexpressive.

Unexpressive (a.) Incapable of being expressed; inexpressible; unutterable; ineffable.

Unextinguishable (a.) Inextinguishable.

Unextricable (a.) Not extricable; inextricable.

Unfailable (a.) Infallible.

Unfailing (a.) Not failing; not liable to fail; inexhaustible; certain; sure.

Unfair (a.) Not fair; not honest; not impartial; disingenuous; using or involving trick or artifice; dishonest; unjust; unequal.

Unfaithful (a.) Not faithful; not observant of promises, vows, allegiance, or duty; violating trust or confidence; treacherous; perfidious; as, an unfaithful subject; an unfaithful agent or servant.

Unfaithful (a.) Not possessing faith; infidel.

Unfalcated (a.) Not falcated, or hooked.

Unfalcated (a.) Having no deductions; not curtailed, or shortened; undiminished.

Unfallible (a.) Infallible.

Unfathered (a.) Having no father; fatherless; hence, born contrary to nature.

Unfathered (a.) Having no acknowledged father; hence, illegitimate; spurious; bastard.

Unfavorable (a.) Not favorable; not propitious; adverse; contrary; discouraging.

Unfeatured (a.) Wanting regular features; deformed.

Unfeaty (a.) Not feat; not dexterous; unskillful; clumsy.

Unfeeling (a.) Destitute of feeling; void of sensibility; insensible; insensate.

Unfeeling (a.) Without kind feelings; cruel; hard-hearted.

Unfeigned (a.) Not feigned; not counterfeit; not hypocritical; real; sincere; genuine; as, unfeigned piety; unfeigned love to man.

Unfellowed (a.) Being without a fellow; unmatched; unmated.

Unfertile (a.) Not fertile; infertile; barren.

Unfestlich (a.) Unfit for a feast; hence, jaded; worn.

Unfiled (a.) Not defiled; pure.

Unfilial (a.) Unsuitable to a son or a daughter; undutiful; not becoming a child.

Unfinished (a.) Not finished, not brought to an end; imperfect; incomplete; left in the rough; wanting the last hand or touch; as, an unfinished house; an unfinished picture; an unfinished iron casting.

Unfirm (a.) Infirm.

Unfit (a.) Not fit; unsuitable.

Unfledged (a.) Not fledged; not feathered; hence, not fully developed; immature.

Unfleshly (a.) Not pertaining to the flesh; spiritual.

Unflexible (a.) Inflexible.

Unflinching (a.) Not flinching or shrinking; unyielding.

Unforeseeable (a.) Incapable of being foreseen.

Unforeskinned (a.) Deprived of the foreskin; circumcised.

Unforgettable (a.) Not forgettable; enduring in memory.

Unformed (a.) Decomposed, or resolved into parts; having the form destroyed.

Unformed (a.) Not formed; not arranged into regular shape, order, or relations; shapeless; amorphous.

Unformed (a.) Unorganized; without definite shape or structure; as, an unformed, or unorganized, ferment.

Unfortunate (a.) Not fortunate; unsuccessful; not prosperous; unlucky; attended with misfortune; unhappy; as, an unfortunate adventure; an unfortunate man; an unfortunate commander; unfortunate business.

Unfounded (a.) Not founded; not built or established.

Unfounded (a.) Having no foundation; baseless; vain; idle; as, unfounded expectations.

Unfrangible (a.) Infrangible.

Unfrankable (a.) Not frankable; incapable of being sent free by public conveyance.

Unfraught (a.) Not fraught; not burdened.

Unfraught (a.) Removed, as a burden; unloaded.

Unfree (a.) Not free; held in bondage.

Unfrequent (a.) Infrequent.

Unfrequented (a.) Rarely visited; seldom or never resorted to by human beings; as, an unfrequented place or forest.

Unfriended (a.) Wanting friends; not befriended; not countenanced or supported.

Unfriendly (a.) Not friendly; not kind or benevolent; hostile; as, an unfriendly neighbor.

Unfriendly (a.) Not favorable; not adapted to promote or support any object; as, weather unfriendly to health.

Unfruitful (a.) Not producing fruit or offspring; unproductive; infertile; barren; sterile; as, an unfruitful tree or animal; unfruitful soil; an unfruitful life or effort.

Unfumed (a.) Not exposed to fumes; not fumigated.

Unfusible (a.) Infusible.

Ungain (a.) Ungainly; clumsy; awkward; also, troublesome; inconvenient.

Ungainly (a.) Not gainly; not expert or dexterous; clumsy; awkward; uncouth; as, an ungainly strut in walking.

Ungainly (a.) Unsuitable; unprofitable.

Ungenerous (a.) Not generous; illiberal; ignoble; unkind; dishonorable.

Ungenitured (a.) Destitute of genitals; impotent.

Ungentle (a.) Not gentle; lacking good breeding or delicacy; harsh.

Ungifted (a.) Being without gifts, especially native gifts or endowments.

Unglorious (a.) Inglorious.

Ungodly (a.) Not godly; not having regard for God; disobedient to God; wicked; impious; sinful.

Ungodly (a.) Polluted by sin or wickedness.

Ungored (a.) Not stained with gore; not bloodied.

Ungored (a.) Not gored or pierced.

Ungot (a.) Alt. of Ungotten

Ungotten (a.) Not gotten; not acquired.

Ungotten (a.) Not begotten.

Ungovernable (a.) Not governable; not capable of being governed, ruled, or restrained; licentious; wild; unbridled; as, ungovernable passions.

Ungowned (a.) Stripped of a gown; unfrocked.

Ungowned (a.) Not having, or not wearing, a gown.

Ungraceful (a.) Not graceful; not marked with ease and dignity; deficient in beauty and elegance; inelegant; awkward; as, ungraceful manners; ungraceful speech.

Ungracious (a.) Not gracious; showing no grace or kindness; being without good will; unfeeling.

Ungracious (a.) Having no grace; graceless; wicked.

Ungracious (a.) Not well received; offensive; unpleasing; unacceptable; not favored.

Ungrate (a.) Displeasing; ungrateful; ingrate.

Ungrateful (a.) Not grateful; not thankful for favors; making no returns, or making ill return for kindness, attention, etc.; ingrateful.

Ungrateful (a.) Unpleasing; unacceptable; disagreeable; as, harsh sounds are ungrateful to the ear.

Ungual (a.) Of or pertaining to a nail, claw, talon, or hoof, or resembling one.

Ungual (a.) Having a nail, claw, or hoof attached; -- said of certain bones of the feet.

Ungueal (a.) Ungual.

Unguentary (a.) Like an unguent, or partaking of its qualities.

Unguentous (a.) Unguentary.

Unguical (a.) Ungual.

Unguicular (a.) Of or pertaining to a claw or a nail; ungual.

Unguiculate (a.) Alt. of Unguiculated

Unguiculated (a.) Furnished with nails, claws, or hooks; clawed. See the Note under Nail, n., 1.

Unguiferous (a.) Producing, having, or supporting nails or claws.

Unguiform (a.) Having the form of a claw or claws.

Unguinous (a.) Consisting of, or resembling, fat or oil; oily; unctuous; oleaginous.

Ungular (a.) Of or pertaining to a hoof, claw, or talon; ungual.

Ungulate (a.) Shaped like a hoof.

Ungulate (a.) Furnished with hoofs. See the Note under Nail, n., 1.

Unguled (a.) Hoofed, or bearing hoofs; -- used only when these are of a tincture different from the body.

Unguligrade (a.) Having, or walking on, hoofs.

Ungulous (a.) Same as Ungulate.

Unhallowed (a.) Not consecrated; hence, profane; unholy; impious; wicked.

Unhandsome (a.) Not handsome; not beautiful; ungraceful; not comely or pleasing; plain; homely.

Unhandsome (a.) Wanting noble or amiable qualities; dishonorable; illiberal; low; disingenuous; mean; indecorous; as, unhandsome conduct, treatment, or imputations.

Unhandsome (a.) Unhandy; clumsy; awkward; inconvenient.

Unhandy (a.) Clumsy; awkward; as, an Unhandy man.

Unhappied (a.) Made unhappy.

Unhappy (a.) Not happy or fortunate; unfortunate; unlucky; as, affairs have taken an unhappy turn.

Unhappy (a.) In a degree miserable or wretched; not happy; sad; sorrowful; as, children render their parents unhappy by misconduct.

Unhappy (a.) Marked by infelicity; evil; calamitous; as, an unhappy day.

Unhappy (a.) Mischievous; wanton; wicked.

Unharbored (a.) Having no harbor or shelter; unprotected.

Unharbored (a.) Affording no harbor or shelter.

Unharmonious (a.) Inharmonious; unsymmetrical; also, unmusical; discordant.

Unheard (a.) Not heard; not perceived by the ear; as, words unheard by those present.

Unheard (a.) Not granted an audience or a hearing; not allowed to speak; not having made a defense, or stated one's side of a question; disregarded; unheeded; as, to condem/ a man unheard.

Unheard (a.) Not known to fame; not illustrious or celebrated; obscure.

Unheard-of (a.) New; unprecedented; unparalleled.

Unheedy (a.) Incautious; precipitate; heedless.

Unheired (a.) Destitute of an heir.

Unhelmed (a.) Divested or deprived of the helm or helmet.

Unhelmed (a.) Not wearing a helmet; without a helmet.

Unholy (a.) Not holy; unhallowed; not consecrated; hence, profane; wicked; impious.

Unhonest (a.) Dishonest; dishonorable.

Unhoped (a.) Not hoped or expected.

Unhoped-for (a.) Unhoped; unexpected.

Unhosed (a.) Without hose.

Unhospitable (a.) Inhospitable.

Unhoused (a.) Driven from a house; deprived of shelter.

Unhoused (a.) Not provided with a house or shelter; houseless; homeless.

Unhouseled (a.) Not having received the sacrament.

Unhuman (a.) Not human; inhuman.

Unhusked (a.) Not husked; having the husk on.

Unhusked (a.) Having the husk removed; without husk.

Uniaxal (a.) Uniaxial.

Uniaxial (a.) Having but one optic axis, or

Uniaxial (a.) Having only one axis; developing along a single

Unibranchiate (a.) Having but one gill, as certain molluscs.

Unicameral (a.) Having, or consisting of, a single chamber; -- said of a legislative assembly.

Unicarinated (a.) Having one ridge or keel.

Unicelled (a.) Unicellular.

Unicellular (a.) Having, or consisting of, but a single cell; as, a unicellular organism.

Unicentral (a.) Having a single center of growth.

Uniclinal (a.) See Nonoclinal.

Unicolorous (a.) Having the surface of a uniform color.

Unicornous (a.) Having but a single horn; -- said of certain insects.

Unicostate (a.) Having a single rib or strong nerve running upward from the base; -- said of a leaf.

Unicursal (a.) That can be passed over in a single course; -- said of a curve when the coordinates of the point on the curve can be expressed as rational algebraic functions of a single parameter /.

Unideaed (a.) Having no ideas; senseless; frivolous.

Unideal (a.) Not ideal; real; unimaginative.

Unideal (a.) Unideaed.

Unidimensional (a.) Having but one dimension. See Dimension.

Unifacial (a.) Having but one front surface; as, some foliaceous corals are unifacial, the polyp mouths being confined to one surface.

Unific (a.) Making one or unity; unifying.

Unifilar (a.) Having only one thread; involving the use of only one thread, wire, fiber, or the like; as, unifilar suspension.

Uniflagellate (a.) Having but one flagellum; as, uniflagellate organisms.

Uniflorous (a.) Bearing one flower only; as, a uniflorous peduncle.

Unifolliate (a.) Having only one leaf.

Unifollilate (a.) Having only one leaflet, as the leaves of the orange tree.

Uniform (a.) Having always the same form, manner, or degree; not varying or variable; unchanging; consistent; equable; homogenous; as, the dress of the Asiatics has been uniform from early ages; the temperature is uniform; a stratum of uniform clay.

Uniform (a.) Of the same form with others; agreeing with each other; conforming to one rule or mode; consonant.

Uniform (a.) A dress of a particular style or fashion worn by persons in the same service or order by means of which they have a distinctive appearance; as, the uniform of the artillery, of the police, of the Freemasons, etc.

Uniformal (a.) Uniform.

Uniformitarian (a.) Of, pertaining to, or designating, the view or doctrine that existing causes, acting in the same manner and with essentially the same intensity as at the present time, are sufficient to account for all geological changes.

Unigenous (a.) Being of one kind; being of the same genus.

Unijugate (a.) Having but one pair of leaflets; -- said of a pinnate leaf.

Unilabiate (a.) Having one lip only; as, a unilabiate corolla.

Unilateral (a.) Being on one side only; affecting but one side; one-sided.

Unilateral (a.) Pertaining to one side; one-sided; as, a unilateral raceme, in which the flowers grow only on one side of a common axis, or are all turned to one side.

Uniliteral (a.) Consisting of one letter only; as, a uniliteral word or sign.

Unilobar (a.) Consisting of a single lobe.

Unilocular (a.) Having one cell or cavity only; as, a unilocular capsule or shell.

Unimitable (a.) Inimitable.

Unimpairable (a.) That can not be impaired.

Unimpeachable (a.) Not impeachable; not to be called in question; exempt from liability to accusation; free from stain, guilt, or fault; irreproachable; blameless; as, an unimpeachable reputation; unimpeachable testimony.

Unimplicate (a.) Not implicated.

Unimproved (a.) Not improved; not made better or wiser; not advanced in knowledge, manners, or excellence.

Unimproved (a.) Not used; not employed; especially, not used or employed for a valuable purpose; as, unimproved opportunities; unimproved blessings.

Unimproved (a.) Not tilled, cultivated, or built upon; yielding no revenue; as, unimproved land or soil.

Unimuscular (a.) Having only one adductor muscle, and one muscular impression on each valve, as the oyster; monomyarian.

Unincumbered (a.) Not incumbered; not burdened.

Unincumbered (a.) Free from any temporary estate or interest, or from mortgage, or other charge or debt; as, an estate unincumbered with dower.

Uninfringible (a.) That may not be infringed; as, an uninfringible monopoly.

Uninteressed (a.) Uninterested; unaffected.

Uninterested (a.) Not interested; not having any interest or property in; having nothing at stake; as, to be uninterested in any business.

Uninterested (a.) Not having the mind or the passions engaged; as, uninterested in a discourse or narration.

Uninucleated (a.) Possessed of but a single nucleus; as, a uninucleated cell.

Uniocular (a.) Of, pertaining to, or seated in, one eye; monocular.

Unionistic (a.) Of or pertaining to union or unionists; tending to promote or preserve union.

Uniovulate (a.) Containing but one ovule.

Uniparous (a.) Producing but one egg or young at a time.

Uniparous (a.) Producing but one axis of inflorescence; -- said of the scorpioid cyme.

Uniped (a.) Having only one foot.

Unipersonal (a.) Existing as one, and only one, person; as, a unipersonal God.

Unipersonal (a.) Used in only one person, especially only in the third person, as some verbs; impersonal.

Uniphonous (a.) Having but one sound, as the drum.

Uniplicate (a.) Having, or consisting of, but one fold.

Unipolar (a.) Having, or acting by means of, one pole only.

Unipolar (a.) Having but one pole or process; -- applied to those ganglionic nerve cells which have but one radiating process; -- opposed to multipolar.

Unique (a.) Being without a like or equal; unmatched; unequaled; unparalleled; single in kind or excellence; sole.

Uniradiated (a.) Having but one ray.

Uniramous (a.) Having but one branch.

Uniseptate (a.) Having but one septum, or partition; -- said of two-celled fruits, such as the silicles of cruciferous plants.

Uniserial (a.) Having only one row or series.

Uniseriate (a.) Having one

Unisexual (a.) Having one sex only, as plants which have the male and female flowers on separate individuals, or animals in which the sexes are in separate individuals; di/cious; -- distinguished from bisexual, or hermaphrodite. See Di/cious.

Unisonal (a.) Being in unison; unisonant.

Unisonant (a.) Being in unison; having the same degree of gravity or acuteness; sounded alike in pitch.

Unisonous (a.) Being in unison; unisonant.

Unitable (a.) Capable of union by growth or otherwise.

Unitarian (a.) Of or pertaining to Unitarians, or their doctrines.

Unitary (a.) Of or pertaining to a unit or units; relating to unity; as, the unitary method in arithmetic.

Unitary (a.) Of the nature of a unit; not divided; united.

United (a.) Combined; joined; made one.

Uniterable (a.) Not iterable; incapable of being repeated.

Unitive (a.) Having the power of uniting; causing, or tending to produce, union.

Univalent (a.) Having a valence of one; capable of combining with, or of being substituted for, one atom of hydrogen; monovalent; -- said of certain atoms and radicals.

Univalve (a.) Alt. of Univalved

Univalved (a.) Having one valve; as, a univalve shell or pericarp.

Univalvular (a.) Same as Univalve, a.

Universal (a.) Of or pertaining to the universe; extending to, including, or affecting, the whole number, quantity, or space; unlimited; general; all-reaching; all-pervading; as, universal ruin; universal good; universal benevolence or benefice.

Universal (a.) Constituting or considered as a whole; total; entire; whole; as, the universal world.

Universal (a.) Adapted or adaptable to all or to various uses, shapes, sizes, etc.; as, a universal milling machine.

Universal (a.) Forming the whole of a genus; relatively unlimited in extension; affirmed or denied of the whole of a subject; as, a universal proposition; -- opposed to particular; e. g. (universal affirmative) All men are animals; (universal negative) No men are omniscient.

Universalian (a.) Of or pertaining to Universalism; Universalist.

Universalist (a.) Of or pertaining to Unversalists of their doctrines.

Universalistic (a.) Of or pertaining to the whole; universal.

Universological (a.) Of or pertaining to universology.

Univocal (a.) Having one meaning only; -- contrasted with equivocal.

Univocal (a.) Having unison of sound, as the octave in music. See Unison, n., 2.

Unjointed (a.) Disjointed; unconnected; hence, incoherent.

Unjointed (a.) Having no joint or articulation; as, an unjointed stem.

Unjust (a.) Acting contrary to the standard of right; not animated or controlled by justice; false; dishonest; as, an unjust man or judge.

Unjust (a.) Contrary to justice and right; prompted by a spirit of injustice; wrongful; as, an unjust sentence; an unjust demand; an unjust accusation.

Unkard (a.) See Unked.

Unked (a.) Odd; strange; ugly; old; uncouth.

Unked (a.) Lonely; dreary; unkard.

Unkemmed (a.) Unkempt.

Unkempt (a.) Not combed; disheveled; as, an urchin with unkempt hair.

Unkempt (a.) Fig.; Not smoothed; unpolished; rough.

Unkent (a.) Unknown; strange.

Unketh (a.) Uncouth.

Unkind (a.) Having no race or kindred; childless.

Unkind (a.) Not kind; contrary to nature, or the law of kind or kindred; unnatural.

Unkind (a.) Wanting in kindness, sympathy, benevolence, gratitude, or the like; cruel; harsh; unjust; ungrateful.

Unkindly (a.) Not kindly; unkind; ungracious.

Unkindly (a.) Unnatural; contrary to nature.

Unkindly (a.) Unfavorable; annoying; malignant.

Unkindred (a.) Not kindred; not of the same kin.

Unknow (a.) Unknown.

Unknowledged (a.) Not acknowledged or recognized.

Unknown (a.) Not known; not apprehended.

Unlabored (a.) Not produced by labor or toil.

Unlabored (a.) Not cultivated; untitled; as, an unlabored field.

Unlabored (a.) Not laboriously produced, or not evincing labor; as, an unlabored style or work.

Unlaid (a.) Not laid or placed; not fixed.

Unlaid (a.) Not allayed; not pacified; not laid finally to rest.

Unlaid (a.) Not laid out, as a corpse.

Unlawed (a.) Not having the claws and balls of the forefeet cut off; -- said of dogs.

Unlawful (a.) Not lawful; contrary to law.

Unlawlike (a.) Not according to law; being or done in violation of law; unlawful.

Unlearned (a.) Not learned; untaught; uneducated; ignorant; illiterate.

Unlearned (a.) Not gained by study; not known.

Unlearned (a.) Not exhibiting learning; as, unlearned verses.

Unleavened (a.) Not leavened; containing no leaven; as, unleavened bread.

Unlicked (a.) Not licked; hence, not properly formed; ungainly. Cf. To lick into shape, under Lick, v.

Unlike (a.) Not like; dissimilar; diverse; having no resemblance; as, the cases are unlike.

Unlike (a.) Not likely; improbable; unlikely.

Unlikely (a.) Not likely; improbable; not to be reasonably expected; as, an unlikely event; the thing you mention is very unlikely.

Unlikely (a.) Not holding out a prospect of success; likely to fail; unpromising; as, unlikely means.

Unlikely (a.) Not such as to inspire liking; unattractive; disagreeable.

Unlimitable (a.) Illimitable.

Unlimited (a.) Not limited; having no bounds; boundless; as, an unlimited expanse of ocean.

Unlimited (a.) Undefined; indefinite; not bounded by proper exceptions; as, unlimited terms.

Unlimited (a.) Unconfined; not restrained; unrestricted.

Unliquidated (a.) Not liquidated; not exactly ascertained; not adjusted or settled.

Unliquored (a.) Not moistened or wet with liquor; dry.

Unliquored (a.) Not in liquor; not intoxicated; sober.

Unlived (a.) Bereft or deprived of life.

Unlocated (a.) Not located or placed; not fixed in a place.

Unlocated (a.) Not surveyed, or designated by marks, limits, or boundaries, as appropriated to some individual, company, or corporation; as, unlocated lands.

Unlooked (a.) Not observed or foreseen; unexpected; -- generally with for.

Unlooked-for (a.) Not looked for; unexpected; as, an unlooked-for event.

Unlorded (a.) Deprived of the rank of a lord.

Unlorded (a.) Not raised to the rank of a lord.

Unlovely (a.) Not lovely; not amiable; possessing qualities that excite dislike; disagreeable; displeasing; unpleasant.

Unlucky (a.) Not lucky; not successful; unfortunate; ill-fated; unhappy; as, an unlucky man; an unlucky adventure; an unlucky throw of dice; an unlucky game.

Unlucky (a.) Bringing bad luck; ill-omened; inauspicious.

Unlucky (a.) Mischievous; as, an unlucky wag.

Unmade (a.) Not yet made or formed; as, an unmade grave.

Unmade (a.) Deprived of form, character, etc.; disunited.

Unmanned (a.) Deprived of manly qualities; deficient in vigor, strength, courage, etc.; weak; effeminate.

Unmanned (a.) Not tamed; not made familiar with, or subject to, man; -- also used figuratively.

Unmanned (a.) Not furnished with men; as, an unmanned ship.

Unmannerly (a.) Not mannerly; ill-bred; rude.

Unmasterable (a.) Incapable of being mastered or subdued.

Unmaterial (a.) Not material; immaterial.

Unmeaning (a.) Having no meaning or signification; as, unmeaning words.

Unmeaning (a.) Not indicating intelligence or sense; senseless; expressionless; as, an unmeaning face.

Unmeant (a.) Not meant or intended; unintentional.

Unmeasurable (a.) Immeasurable.

Unmechanized (a.) Not mechanized.

Unmeet (a.) Not meet or fit; not proper; unbecoming; unsuitable; -- usually followed by for.

Unmerchantable (a.) Not merchantable; not fit for market; being of a kind, quality, or quantity that is unsalable.

Unmercied (a.) Unmerciful; merciless.

Unmerciful (a.) Not merciful; indisposed to mercy or grace; cruel; inhuman; merciless; unkind.

Unmerciless (a.) Utterly merciless.

Unmistakable (a.) Incapable of being mistaken or misunderstood; clear; plain; obvious; evident.

Unmoneyed (a.) Destitute of money; not rich.

Unmoral (a.) Having no moral perception, quality, or relation; involving no idea of morality; -- distinguished from both moral and immoral.

Unmoralized (a.) Not restrained or tutored by morality.

Unmorrised (a.) Not arrayed in the dress of a morris dancer.

Un-Mosaic (a.) Not according to Moses; unlike Moses or his works.

Unmovable (a.) Immovable.

Unmoved (a.) Not moved; fixed; firm; unshaken; calm; apathetic.

Unmutable (a.) Immutable.

Unnapped (a.) Finished without a nap.

Unnatural (a.) Not natural; contrary, or not conforming, to the order of nature; being without natural traits; as, unnatural crimes.

Unnesessary (a.) Not necessary; not required under the circumstances; unless; needless; as, unnecessary labor, care, or rigor.

Unneighbored (a.) Being without neigbors.

Unneighborly (a.) Not neighborly; distant; reserved; solitary; exclusive.

Unnervate (a.) Enervate.

Unnoble (a.) Ignoble.

Unhooked (a.) Without nooks and corners; guileless.

Unnumbered (a.) Not numbered; not counted or estimated; innumerable.

Unnumerable (a.) Innumerable.

Unobedient (a.) Disobedient.

Unobtrusive (a.) Not obtrusive; not presuming; modest.

Unoffensive (a.) Inoffensive.

Unoperative (a.) Producing no effect; inoperative.

Unoperculated (a.) Destitute of an operculum, or cover.

Unorderly (a.) Disorderly.

Unordinate (a.) Disorderly; irregular; inordinate.

Unorganized (a.) Not organized; being without organic structure; specifically (Biol.), not having the different tissues and organs characteristic of living organisms, nor the power of growth and development; as, the unorganized ferments. See the Note under Ferment, n., 1.

Unoriginated (a.) Not originated; existing from all eternity.

Unoriginated (a.) Not yet caused to be, or to be made; as, possible inventions still unoriginated.

Unossified (a.) Destitute of a bony structure.

Unowed (a.) Ownerless.

Unowed (a.) Not owed; as, to pay money unowed.

Unowned (a.) Not owned; having no owner.

Unowned (a.) Not acknowledged; not avowed.

Unpaired (a.) Not paired; not suited or matched.

Unpalped (a.) Destitute of a palp.

Unparagoned (a.) Having no paragon or equal; matchless; peerless.

Unparalleled (a.) Having no parallel, or equal; unequaled; unmatched.

Unparched (a.) Dried up; withered by heat.

Unparented (a.) Having no parent, or no acknowledged parent.

Unparliamentary (a.) Not parliamentary; contrary to the practice of parliamentary bodies.

Unpartial (a.) Impartial.

Unpassable (a.) Impassable.

Unpassionate (a.) Not passionate; dispassionate.

Unpathed (a.) Not having a path.

Unpathwayed (a.) Pathless.

Unpatient (a.) Impatient.

Unpaved (a.) Not paved; not furnished with a pavement.

Unpaved (a.) Castrated.

Unpedigreed (a.) Not distinguished by a pedigree.

Unpeeled (a.) Thoroughly stripped; pillaged.

Unpeeled (a.) Not peeled.

Unpeerable (a.) Incapable of having a peer, or equal.

Unpeered (a.) Having no peer; unequaled; unparalleled.

Unpenetrable (a.) Impenetrable.

Unpenitent (a.) Impenitent.

Unperegal (a.) Unequal.

Unperfect (a.) Imperfect.

Unperishable (a.) Imperishable.

Unpicked (a.) Picked out; picked open.

Unpicked (a.) Not picked.

Unpitied (a.) Not pitied.

Unpitied (a.) Pitiless; merciless.

Unpitious (a.) Impious; wicked.

Unpitious (a.) Destitute of pity; pitiless.

Unplacable (a.) Implacable.

Unplaced (a.) Not placed.

Unplained (a.) Not deplored or bewailed; unlamented.

Unplausive (a.) Not approving; disapproving.

Unpleaded (a.) Not used as a plea; not urged; as, an unpleaded excuse.

Unpleaded (a.) Not supported by pleas; undefended; as, an unpleaded suit.

Unpleasant (a.) Not pleasant; not amiable or agreeable; displeasing; offensive.

Unpleasive (a.) Unpleasant.

Unpoised (a.) Not poised or balanced.

Unpoised (a.) Not poised or weighed; hence, regardless of consequences; unhesitating.

Unpolicied (a.) Not having civil polity, or a regular form of government.

Unpolicied (a.) Impolitic; imprudent.

Unpolite (a.) Not polite; impolite; rude.

Unpolitic (a.) Impolitic; imprudent.

Unpolled (a.) Not polled.

Unpolled (a.) Not enumerated or registered; as, an unpolled vote or voter.

Unpolled (a.) Not plundered.

Unportunate (a.) Importunate; troublesome with requests.

Unportuous (a.) Having no ports.

Unpossible (a.) Impossible.

Unpowerful (a.) Not powerful; weak.

Unpracticable (a.) Impracticable; not feasible.

Unpractical (a.) Not practical; impractical.

Unprayable (a.) Not to be influenced or moved by prayers; obdurate.

Unprayed (a.) Not prayed for.

Unprecedented (a.) Having no precedent or example; not preceded by a like case; not having the authority of prior example; novel; new; unexampled.

Unprejudiced (a.) Not prejudiced; free from undue bias or prepossession; not preoccupied by opinion; impartial; as, an unprejudiced mind; an unprejudiced judge.

Unprejudiced (a.) Not warped or biased by prejudice; as, an unprejudiced judgment.

Unprelated (a.) Deposed from the office of prelate.

Unprevented (a.) Not prevented or hindered; as, unprevented sorrows.

Unprevented (a.) Not preceded by anything.

Unpriced (a.) Not priced; being without a fixed or certain value; also, priceless.

Unprincipled (a.) Being without principles; especially, being without right moral principles; also, characterized by absence of principle.

Unprizable (a.) Not prized or valued; being without value.

Unprizable (a.) Invaluable; being beyond estimation.

Unprofited (a.) Profitless.

Unproper (a.) Not proper or peculiar; improper.

Unprovident (a.) Improvident.

Unprudent (a.) Imprudent.

Unprudential (a.) Imprudent.

Unpure (a.) Not pure; impure.

Unpursed (a.) Robbed of a purse, or of money.

Unpursed (a.) Taken from the purse; expended.

Unqualitied (a.) Deprived of the usual faculties.

Unquestionable (a.) Not questionable; as, an unquestionable title.

Unquestionable (a.) Not inviting questions or conversation.

Unquestioned (a.) Not called in question; not doubted.

Unquestioned (a.) Not interrogated; having no questions asked; not examined or examined into.

Unquestioned (a.) Indisputable; not to be opposed or impugned.

Unquick (a.) Not quick.

Unquiet (a.) Not quiet; restless; uneasy; agitated; disturbed.

Unrazored (a.) Not shaven.

Unread (a.) Not read or perused; as, an unread book.

Unread (a.) Not versed in literature; illiterate.

Unready (a.) Not ready or prepared; not prompt; slow; awkward; clumsy.

Unready (a.) Not dressed; undressed.

Unreal (a.) Not real; unsubstantial; fanciful; ideal.

Unreasonable (a.) Not reasonable; irrational; immoderate; exorbitant.

Unreasoned (a.) Not supported by reason; unreasonable.

Unreaved (a.) Not torn, split, or parted; not torn to pieces.

Unrebukable (a.) Not deserving rebuke or censure; blameless.

Unrecuring (a.) Incurable.

Unredeemed (a.) Not redeemed.

Unregenerate (a.) Alt. of Unregenerated

Unregenerated (a.) Not regenerated; not renewed in heart; remaining or being at enmity with God.

Unrelenting (a.) Not relenting; unyielding; rigid; hard; stern; cruel.

Unreliable (a.) Not reliable; untrustworthy. See Reliable.

Unreligious (a.) Irreligious.

Unremitting (a.) Not remitting; incessant; continued; persevering; as, unremitting exertions.

Unremorseless (a.) Utterly remorseless.

Unreproachable (a.) Not liable to be reproached; irreproachable.

Unreprievable (a.) Not capable of being reprieved.

Unreproved (a.) Not reproved.

Unreproved (a.) Not having incurred reproof, blameless.

Unreputable (a.) Disreputable.

Unreserved (a.) Not reserved; not kept back; not withheld in part; unrestrained.

Unresisted (a.) Not resisted; unopposed.

Unresisted (a.) Resistless; as, unresisted fate.

Unresistible (a.) Irresistible.

Unresponsible (a.) Irresponsible.

Unresty (a.) Causing unrest; disquieting; as, unresty sorrows.

Unrevenued (a.) Not furnished with a revenue.

Unreverend (a.) Not reverend.

Unreverend (a.) Disrespectful; irreverent.

Unreverent (a.) Irreverent.

Unright (a.) Not right; wrong.

Unrighteous (a.) Not righteous; evil; wicked; sinful; as, an unrighteous man.

Unrighteous (a.) Contrary to law and equity; unjust; as, an unrighteous decree or sentence.

Unrightwise (a.) Unrighteous.

Unringed (a.) Not having a ring, as in the nose.

Unrioted (a.) Free from rioting.

Unripe (a.) Not ripe; as, unripe fruit.

Unripe (a.) Developing too early; premature.

Unrivaled (a.) Having no rival; without a competitor; peerless.

Un-Romanized (a.) Not subjected to Roman arms or customs.

Un-Romanized (a.) Not subjected to the principles or usages of the Roman Catholic Church.

Unroofed (a.) Stripped of a roof, or similar covering.

Unroofed (a.) Not yet roofed.

Unrude (a.) Not rude; polished.

Unrude (a.) Excessively rude.

Unruffled (a.) Not ruffled or agitated; smooth; calm; tranquil; quiet.

Unruinate (a.) Alt. of Unruinated

Unruinated (a.) Not ruined or destroyed.

Unruled (a.) Not governed or controlled.

Unruled (a.) Not ruled or marked with

Unsad (a.) Unsteady; fickle.

Unsaintly (a.) Unbecoming to a saint.

Unsalable (a.) Not salable; unmerchantable.

Unsatiable (a.) Insatiable.

Unsatiate (a.) Insatiate.

Unsaturated (a.) Capable of absorbing or dissolving to a greater degree; as, an unsaturated solution.

Unsaturated (a.) Capable of taking up, or of uniting with, certain other elements or compounds, without the elimination of any side product; thus, aldehyde, ethylene, and ammonia are unsaturated.

Unscapable (a.) Not be escaped; inevitable.

Unsceptered (a.) Alt. of Unsceptred

Unsceptred (a.) Having no scepter.

Unsceptred (a.) Deprived of a scepter.

Unscrupulous (a.) Not scrupulous; unprincipled.

Unscrutable (a.) Inscrutable.

Unsoutcheoned (a.) Destitute of an escutcheon.

Unsearchable (a.) Not searchable; inscrutable; hidden; mysterious.

Unseasonable (a.) Not seasonable; being, done, or occurring out of the proper season; ill-timed; untimely; too early or too late; as, he called at an unseasonable hour; unseasonable advice; unseasonable frosts; unseasonable food.

Unseasoned (a.) Not seasoned.

Unseasoned (a.) Untimely; ill-timed.

Unseconded (a.) Not seconded; not supported, aided, or assisted; as, the motion was unseconded; the attempt was unseconded.

Unseconded (a.) Not exemplified a second time.

Unsecret (a.) Not secret; not close; not trusty; indiscreet.

Unsecure (a.) Insecure.

Unseeming (a.) Unbeseeming; not fit or becoming.

Unseemly (a.) Not seemly; unbecoming; indecent.

Unseen (a.) Not seen or discovered.

Unseen (a.) Unskilled; inexperienced.

Unsely (a.) Not blessed or happy; wretched; unfortunate.

Unseminared (a.) Deprived of virility, or seminal energy; made a eunuch.

Unsensed (a.) Wanting a distinct meaning; having no certain signification.

Unsensible (a.) Insensible.

Unseparable (a.) Inseparable.

Unset (a.) Not set; not fixed or appointed.

Unsexual (a.) Not sexual; not proper or peculiar to one of the sexes.

Unshakable (a.) Not capable of being shaken; firm; fixed.

Unshaked (a.) Unshaken.

Unshaped (a.) Alt. of Unshapen

Unshapen (a.) Not shaped; shapeless; misshapen; deformed; ugly.

Unshed (a.) Not parted or divided, as the hair.

Unshed (a.) Not spilt, or made to flow, as blood or tears.

Unshent (a.) Not shent; not disgraced; blameless.

Unshiftable (a.) That may /ot be shifted.

Unshiftable (a.) Shiftless; helpless.

Unshot (a.) Not hit by a shot; also, not discharged or fired off.

Unshrubbed (a.) Being without shrubs.

Unsight (a.) Doing or done without sight; not seeing or examining.

Unsightable (a.) Invisible.

Unsighted (a.) Not sighted, or seen.

Unsighted (a.) Not aimed by means of a sight; also, not furnished with a sight, or with a properly adjusted sight; as, to shoot and unsighted rife or cannon.

Unsignificant (a.) Insignificant.

Unsilly (a.) See Unsely.

Unsincere (a.) Not sincere or pure; insincere.

Unsisterly (a.) Not sisterly.

Unsisting (a.) Unresisting.

Unsitting (a.) Not sitting well; unbecoming.

Unskillful (a.) Not skillful; inexperienced; awkward; bungling; as, an unskillful surgeon or mechanic; an unskillful logician.

Unskillful (a.) Lacking discernment; injudicious; ignorant.

Unslacked (a.) Not slacked; unslaked; as, unslacked lime.

Unslaked (a.) Not slaked; unslacked; as, an unslaked thirst; unslaked lime.

Unsociable (a.) Not sociable; not inc

Unsoft (a.) Not soft; hard; coarse; rough.

Unsoldiered (a.) Not equipped like a soldier; unsoldierlike.

Unsonable (a.) Incapable of being sounded.

Unsonsy (a.) Not soncy (sonsy); not fortunate.

Unsoot (a.) Not sweet.

Unsophisticate (a.) Alt. of Unsophisticated

Unsophisticated (a.) Not sophisticated; pure; innocent; genuine.

Unsorrowed (a.) Not sorrowed for; unlamented.

Unsorted (a.) Not sorted; not classified; as, a lot of unsorted goods.

Unsorted (a.) Not well selected; ill-chosen.

Unsound (a.) Not sound; not whole; not solid; defective; infirm; diseased.

Unsparing (a.) Not sparing; not parsimonious; liberal; profuse.

Unsparing (a.) Not merciful or forgiving.

Unspeakable (a.) Not speakable; incapable of being uttered or adequately described; inexpressible; unutterable; ineffable; as, unspeakable grief or rage.

Unspecialized (a.) Not specialized; specifically (Biol.), not adapted, or set apart, for any particular purpose or function; as, an unspecialized unicellular organism.

Unsped (a.) Not performed; not dispatched.

Unspilt (a.) Not spilt or wasted; not shed.

Unspleened (a.) Deprived of a spleen.

Unspotted (a.) Not spotted; free from spot or stain; especially, free from moral stain; unblemished; immaculate; as, an unspotted reputation.

Unstable (a.) Not stable; not firm, fixed, or constant; subject to change or overthrow.

Unstill (a.) Not still; restless.

Unstockinged (a.) Destitute of stockings.

Unstockinged (a.) Deprived of stockings.

Unstrained (a.) Not strained; not cleared or purified by straining; as, unstrained oil or milk.

Unstrained (a.) Not forced; easy; natural; as, a unstrained deduction or inference.

Unstratified (a.) Not stratified; -- applied to massive rocks, as granite, porphyry, etc., and also to deposits of loose material, as the glacial till, which occur in masses without layers or strata.

Unstriated (a.) Nonstriated; unstriped.

Unstriped (a.) Not striped.

Unstriped (a.) Without marks or striations; nonstriated; as, unstriped muscle fibers.

Unstudied (a.) Not studied; not acquired by study; unlabored; natural.

Unstudied (a.) Not skilled; unversed; -- followed by in.

Unstudied (a.) Not spent in study.

Unsubstantial (a.) Lacking in matter or substance; visionary; chimerical.

Unsucceedable (a.) Not able or likely to succeed.

Unsuccessful (a.) Not successful; not producing the desired event; not fortunate; meeting with, or resulting in, failure; unlucky; unhappy.

Unsufferable (a.) Insufferable.

Unsufficient (a.) Insufficient.

Unsupportable (a.) Insupportable; unendurable.

Unsured (a.) Not made sure.

Unsurmountable (a.) Insurmountable.

Unswayable (a.) Not capable of being swayed.

Unsymmetrical (a.) Wanting in symmetry, or due proportion pf parts.

Unsymmetrical (a.) Not symmetrical; being without symmetry, as the parts of a flower when similar parts are of different size and shape, or when the parts of successive circles differ in number. See Symmetry.

Unsymmetrical (a.) Being without symmetry of chemical structure or relation; as, an unsymmetrical carbon atom.

Untalked (a.) Not talked; not mentioned; -- often with of.

Untangible (a.) Intangible.

Untemperate (a.) Intemperate.

Untented (a.) Having no tent or tents, as a soldier or a field.

Untented (a.) Not tended; not dressed. See 4th Tent.

Unthinking (a.) Not thinking; not heedful; thoughtless; inconsiderate; as, unthinking youth.

Unthinking (a.) Not indicating thought or reflection; thoughtless.

Unthrift (a.) Unthrifty.

Unthrifty (a.) Not thrifty; profuse.

Untidy (a.) Unseasonable; untimely.

Untidy (a.) Not tidy or neat; slovenly.

Untimely (a.) Not timely; done or happening at an unnatural, unusual, or improper time; unseasonable; premature; inopportune; as, untimely frosts; untimely remarks; an untimely death.

Untimeous (a.) Untimely.

Untithed (a.) Not subjected tithes.

Untitled (a.) Not titled; having no title, or appellation of dignity or distinction.

Untitled (a.) Being without title or right; not entitled.

Untold (a.) Not told; not related; not revealed; as, untold secrets.

Untold (a.) Not numbered or counted; as, untold money.

Untolerable (a.) Intolerable.

Untoward (a.) Froward; perverse.

Untoward (a.) Awkward; ungraceful.

Untoward (a.) Inconvenient; troublesome; vexatious; unlucky; unfortunate; as, an untoward wind or accident.

Untowardly (a.) Perverse; froward; untoward.

Untraded (a.) Not dealt with in trade; not visited for purposes of trade.

Untraded (a.) Unpracticed; inexperienced.

Untraded (a.) Not traded in or bartered; hence, not hackneyed; unusual; not common.

Untrained (a.) Not trained.

Untrained (a.) Not trainable; indocile.

Untrammeled (a.) Not hampered or impeded; free.

Untraveled (a.) Not traveled; not trodden by passengers; as, an untraveled forest.

Untraveled (a.) Having never visited foreign countries; not having gained knowledge or experience by travel; as, an untraveled Englishman.

Untreasured (a.) Deprived of treasure.

Untreasured (a.) Not treasured; not kept as treasure.

Untreatable (a.) Incapable of being treated; not practicable.

Untrenched (a.) Being without trenches; whole; intact.

Untressed (a.) Not tied up in tresses; unarranged; -- said of the hair.

Untrowable (a.) Incredible.

Untrue (a.) Not true; false; contrary to the fact; as, the story is untrue.

Untrue (a.) Not faithful; inconstant; false; disloyal.

Untrunked (a.) Separated from its trunk or stock.

Untrustful (a.) Not trustful or trusting.

Untrustful (a.) Not to be trusted; not trusty.

Untruthful (a.) Not truthful; unveracious; contrary to the truth or the fact.

Unturned (a.) Not turned; not revolved or reversed.

Unused (a.) Not used; as, an unused book; an unused apartment.

Unused (a.) Not habituated; unaccustomed.

Unusual (a.) Not usual; uncommon; rare; as, an unusual season; a person of unusual grace or erudition.

Unutterable (a.) Not utterable; incapable of being spoken or voiced; inexpressible; ineffable; unspeakable; as, unutterable anguish.

Unvaluable (a.) Invaluable; being beyond price.

Unvaluable (a.) Not valuable; having little value.

Unvalued (a.) Not valued; not appraised; hence, not considered; disregarded; valueless; as, an unvalued estate.

Unvalued (a.) Having inestimable value; invaluable.

Unvariable (a.) Invariable.

Unviolable (a.) Inviolable.

Unvisible (a.) Invisible.

Unvitiated (a.) Not vitiated; pure.

Unvoluntary (a.) Involuntary.

Unvoweled (a.) Having no vowel sounds or signs.

Unvulnerable (a.) Invulnerable.

Unware (a.) Unaware; not foreseeing; being off one's guard.

Unware (a.) Happening unexpectedly; unforeseen.

Unwarped (a.) Not warped; hence, not biased; impartial.

Unwarrantable (a.) Not warrantable; indefensible; not vindicable; not justifiable; illegal; unjust; improper.

Unwarranted (a.) Not warranted; being without warrant, authority, or guaranty; unwarrantable.

Unwary (a.) Not vigilant against danger; not wary or cautious; unguarded; precipitate; heedless; careless.

Unwary (a.) Unexpected; unforeseen; unware.

Unwashed (a.) Not washed or cleansed; filthy; unclean.

Unwashen (a.) Not washed.

Unwayed (a.) Not used to travel; as, colts that are unwayed.

Unwayed (a.) Having no ways or roads; pathless.

Unwearied (a.) Not wearied; not fatigued or tired; hence, persistent; not tiring or wearying; indefatigable.

Unwedgeable (a.) Not to be split with wedges.

Unweeting (a.) Unwitting.

Unweighed (a.) Not weighed; not pondered or considered; as, an unweighed statement.

Unweighing (a.) Not weighing or pondering; inconsiderate.

Unweld (a.) Alt. of Unweldy

Unweldy (a.) Unwieldy; unmanageable; clumsy.

Unwell (a.) Not well; indisposed; not in good health; somewhat ill; ailing.

Unwell (a.) Specifically, ill from menstruation; affected with, or having, catamenial; menstruant.

Unwemmed (a.) Not blemished; undefiled; pure.

Unwhole (a.) Not whole; unsound.

Unwieldy (a.) Not easily wielded or carried; unmanageable; bulky; ponderous.

Unwilled (a.) Deprived of the faculty of will or volition.

Unwilling (a.) Not willing; loath; disinc

Unwise (a.) Not wise; defective in wisdom; injudicious; indiscreet; foolish; as, an unwise man; unwise kings; unwise measures.

Unwist (a.) Not known; unknown.

Unwist (a.) Not knowing; unwitting.

Unwitting (a.) Not knowing; unconscious; ignorant.

Unwont (a.) Unwonted; unused; unaccustomed.

Unwonted (a.) Not wonted; unaccustomed; unused; not made familiar by practice; as, a child unwonted to strangers.

Unwonted (a.) Uncommon; unusual; infrequent; rare; as, unwonted changes.

Unworldly (a.) Not worldly; spiritual; holy.

Unwormed (a.) Not wormed; not having had the worm, or lytta, under the tongue cut out; -- said of a dog.

Unworth (a.) Unworthy.

Unworthy (a.) Not worthy; wanting merit, value, or fitness; undeserving; worthless; unbecoming; -- often with of.

Unwritten (a.) Not written; not reduced to writing; oral; as, unwritten agreements.

Unwritten (a.) Containing no writing; blank; as, unwritten paper.

Unwroken (a.) Not revenged; unavenged.

Unyoked (a.) Not yet yoked; not having worn the yoke.

Unyoked (a.) Freed or loosed from a yoke.

Unyoked (a.) Licentious; unrestrained.

Unyolden (a.) Not yielded.

Unzoned (a.) Not zoned; not bound with a girdle; as, an unzoned bosom.

Up (a.) Inclining up; tending or going up; upward; as, an up look; an up grade; the up train.

Upbrought (a.) Brought up; educated.

Upcast (a.) Cast up; thrown upward; as, with upcast eyes.

Upcaught (a.) Seized or caught up.

Upcountry (a.) Living or situated remote from the seacoast; as, an upcountry residence.

Upflung (a.) Flung or thrown up.

Uphand (a.) Lifted by the hand, or by both hands; as, the uphand sledge.

Upheaped (a.) Piled up; accumulated.

Uphill (a.) Ascending; going up; as, an uphill road.

Uphill (a.) Attended with labor; difficult; as, uphill work.

Upland (a.) Of or pertaining to uplands; being on upland; high in situation; as, upland inhabitants; upland pasturage.

Upland (a.) Pertaining to the country, as distinguished from the neighborhood of towns; rustic; rude; unpolished.

Uplandish (a.) Of or pertaining to uplands; dwelling on high lands.

Uplandish (a.) Rude; rustic; unpolished; uncivilized.

Upmost (a.) Highest; topmost; uppermost.

Uppent (a.) A Pent up; confined.

Uppermost (a.) Highest in place, position, rank, power, or the like; upmost; supreme.

Uppish (a.) Proud; arrogant; assuming; putting on airs of superiority.

Uppricked (a.) Upraised; erect; -- said of the ears of an animal.

Upridged (a.) Raised up in a ridge or ridges; as, a billow upridged.

Upright (a.) In an erect position or posture; perpendicular; vertical, or nearly vertical; pointing upward; as, an upright tree.

Upright (a.) Morally erect; having rectitude; honest; just; as, a man upright in all his ways.

Upright (a.) Conformable to moral rectitude.

Upright (a.) Stretched out face upward; flat on the back.

Uproarious (a.) Making, or accompanied by, uproar, or noise and tumult; as, uproarious merriment.

Upset (a.) Set up; fixed; determined; -- used chiefly or only in the phrase upset price; that is, the price fixed upon as the minimum for property offered in a public sale, or, in an auction, the price at which property is set up or started by the auctioneer, and the lowest price at which it will be sold.

Upsetting (a.) Conceited; assuming; as, an upsetting fellow.

Upstairs (a.) Being above stairs; as, an upstairs room.

Upstart (a.) Suddenly raised to prominence or consequence.

Uptown (a.) Situated in, or belonging to, the upper part of a town or city; as, a uptown street, shop, etc.; uptown society.

Upward (a.) Directed toward a higher place; as, with upward eye; with upward course.

Uraemic (a.) Of or pertaining to uraemia; as, uraemic convulsions.

Ural (a.) Pertaining to, or designating, the Urals, a mountain range between Europe and Asia.

Ural-Altaic (a.) Of or pertaining to the Urals and the Altai; as the Ural-Altaic, or Turanian, languages.

Uralian (a.) Alt. of Uralic

Uralic (a.) Of or relating to the Ural Mountains.

Uranian (a.) Of or pertaining to the planet Uranus; as, the Uranian year.

Uranic (a.) Of or pertaining to the heavens; celestial; astronomical.

Uranic (a.) Pertaining to, resembling, or containing uranium; specifically, designating those compounds in which uranium has a valence relatively higher than in uranous compounds.

Uranitic (a.) Of or pertaining to uranium; containing uranium.

Uranographic (a.) Alt. of Uranographical

Uranographical (a.) Of or pertaining to uranography; as, an uranographic treatise.

Uranoso- (a.) A combining form (also used adjectively) from uranium; -- used in naming certain complex compounds; as in uranoso-uranic oxide, uranoso-uranic sulphate.

Uranous (a.) Pertaining to, or containing, uranium; designating those compounds in which uranium has a lower valence as contrasted with the uranic compounds.

Urban (a.) Of or belonging to a city or town; as, an urban population.

Urban (a.) Belonging to, or suiting, those living in a city; cultivated; polite; urbane; as, urban manners.

Urbane (a.) Courteous in manners; polite; refined; elegant.

Urbicolous (a.) Of or pertaining to a city; urban.

Urceolar (a.) Urceolate.

Urcelate (a.) Shaped like a pitcher or urn; swelling below, and contrasted at the orifice, as a calyx or corolla.

Urchin (a.) Rough; pricking; piercing.

Urea (a.) A very soluble crystal

Ureal (a.) Of or pertaining to urea; containing, or consisting of, urea; as, ureal deposits.

Urethral (a.) Of or pertaining to the urethra.

Uretic (a.) Of or pertaining to the urine; diuretic; urinary; as, uretic medicine.

Urgent (a.) Urging; pressing; besetting; plying, with importunity; calling for immediate attention; instantly important.

Uric (a.) Of or pertaining to urine; obtained from urine; as, uric acid.

Urinary (a.) Of or pertaining to the urine; as, the urinary bladder; urinary excretions.

Urinary (a.) Resembling, or being of the nature of, urine.

Urinative (a.) Provoking the flow of urine; uretic; diuretic.

Uriniferous (a.) Bearing or conveying urine; as, uriniferous tubules.

Uriniparous (a.) Producing or preparing urine; as, the uriniparous tubes in the cortical portion of the kidney.

Urinogenital (a.) Pertaining to the urinary and genital organs; genitourinary; urogenital; as, the urinogenital canal.

Urinose (a.) Alt. of Urinous

Urinous (a.) Of or pertaining to urine, or partaking of its qualities; having the character or odor of urine; similar to urine.

Urnal (a.) Of or pertaining to an urn; effected by an urn or urns.

Urn-shaped (a.) Having the shape of an urn; as, the urn-shaped capsules of some mosses.

Urochordal (a.) Of or pertaining to the Urochorda.

Urodelian (a.) Of or pertaining to the Urodela.

Urogastric (a.) Behind the stomach; -- said of two lobes of the carapace of certain crustaceans.

Urogenital (a.) Same as Urinogenital.

Urohyal (a.) Of or pertaining to one or more median and posterior elements in the hyoidean arch of fishes.

Uropodal (a.) Of or pertaining to a uropod.

Uropoetic (a.) Producing, or favoring the production of, urine.

Uropoetic (a.) Of, pertaining to, or designating, a system of organs which eliminate nitrogenous waste matter from the blood of certain invertebrates.

Uropygial (a.) Of or pertaining to the uropygium, or prominence at the base of the tail feathers, in birds.

Urosacral (a.) Of or pertaining to both the caudal and sacral parts of the vertebral column; as, the urosacral vertebrae of birds.

Uroxanic (a.) Pertaining to, or designating, an acid, C5H8N4O6, which is obtained, as a white crystal

Ursiform (a.) Having the shape of a bear.

Ursine (a.) Of or pertaining to a bear; resembling a bear.


Urticaceous (a.) Of or pertaining to a natural order (Urticaceae) of plants, of which the nettle is the type. The order includes also the hop, the elm, the mulberry, the fig, and many other plants.

Urtical (a.) Resembling nettles; -- said of several natural orders allied to urticaceous plants.

Usable (a.) Capable of being used.

Usant (a.) Using; accustomed.

Useful (a.) Full of use, advantage, or profit; producing, or having power to produce, good; serviceable for any end or object; helpful toward advancing any purpose; beneficial; profitable; advantageous; as, vessels and instruments useful in a family; books useful for improvement; useful knowledge; useful arts.

Useless (a.) Having, or being of, no use; unserviceable; producing no good end; answering no valuable purpose; not advancing the end proposed; unprofitable; ineffectual; as, a useless garment; useless pity.

Usherless (a.) Destitute of an usher.

Usitative (a.) Denoting usual or customary action.

Usnic (a.) Pertaining to, or designating, a complex acid obtained, as a yellow crystal

Usquebaugh (a.) A compound distilled spirit made in Ireland and Scotland; whisky.

Usquebaugh (a.) A liquor compounded of brandy, or other strong spirit, raisins, cinnamon and other spices.

Ustorious (a.) Having the quality of burning.

Ustulate (a.) Blackened as if burned.

Usufructuary (a.) Of or pertaining to a usufruct; having the nature of a usufruct.

Usurarious (a.) Alt. of Usurary

Usurary (a.) Usurious.

Usurious (a.) Practicing usury; taking illegal or exorbitant interest for the use of money; as, a usurious person.

Usurious (a.) Partaking of usury; containing or involving usury; as, a usurious contract.

Usurpant (a.) Usurping; encroaching.

Usurpatory (a.) Marked by usurpation; usurping.

Uterine (a.) Of or instrument to the uterus, or womb.

Uterine (a.) Born of the same mother, but by a different father.

Utica (a.) Of, pertaining to, or designating, a subdivision of the Trenton Period of the Lower Silurian, characterized in the State of New York by beds of shale.

Utilitarian (a.) Of or pertaining to utility; consisting in utility; /iming at utility as distinguished from beauty, ornament, etc.; sometimes, reproachfully, evincing, or characterized by, a regard for utility of a lower kind, or marked by a sordid spirit; as, utilitarian narrowness; a utilitarian indifference to art.

Utilitarian (a.) Of or pertaining to utilitarianism; supporting utilitarianism; as, the utilitarian view of morality; the Utilitarian Society.

Utilizable (a.) Capable of being utilized; as, the utilizable products of the gas works.

Utmost (a.) Situated at the farthest point or extremity; farthest out; most distant; extreme; as, the utmost limits of the land; the utmost extent of human knowledge.

Utmost (a.) Being in the greatest or highest degree, quantity, number, or the like; greatest; as, the utmost assiduity; the utmost harmony; the utmost misery or happiness.

Utopian (a.) Of or pertaining to Utopia; resembling Utopia; hence, ideal; chimerical; fanciful; founded upon, or involving, imaginary perfections; as, Utopian projects; Utopian happiness.

Utopical (a.) Utopian; ideal.

Utricular (a.) Of or pertaining to a utricle, or utriculus; containing, or furnished with, a utricle or utricles; utriculate; as, a utricular plant.

Utricular (a.) Resembling a utricle or bag, whether large or minute; -- said especially with reference to the condition of certain substances, as sulphur, selenium, etc., when condensed from the vaporous state and deposited upon cold bodies, in which case they assume the form of small globules filled with liquid.

Utriculate (a.) Resembling a bladder; swollen like a bladder; inflated; utricular.

Utriculoid (a.) Resembling a bladder; utricular; utriculate.

Utter (a.) Outer.

Utter (a.) Situated on the outside, or extreme limit; remote from the center; outer.

Utter (a.) Complete; perfect; total; entire; absolute; as, utter ruin; utter darkness.

Utter (a.) Peremptory; unconditional; unqualified; final; as, an utter refusal or denial.

Utter (a.) To put forth or out; to reach out.

Utter (a.) To dispose of in trade; to sell or vend.

Utter (a.) hence, to put in circulation, as money; to put off, as currency; to cause to pass in trade; -- often used, specifically, of the issue of counterfeit notes or coins, forged or fraudulent documents, and the like; as, to utter coin or bank notes.

Utter (a.) To give public expression to; to disclose; to publish; to speak; to pronounce.

Utterable (a.) Capable of being uttered.

Utterless (a.) Incapable of being uttered.

Uttermore (a.) Further; outer; utter.

Uttermost (a.) Extreme; utmost; being; in the farthest, greatest, or highest degree; as, the uttermost extent or end.

Uveous (a.) Resembling a grape.

Uvic (a.) Pertaining to, or obtained from, grapes; specifically, designating an organic acid, C7H8O3 (also called pyrotritartaric acid), obtained as a white crystal

Uvitic (a.) Pertaining to, or designating, an acid, CH3C6H3(CO2H)2, obtained as a white crystal

Uvitonic (a.) Pertaining to, or designating, an acid which is obtained as a white crystal

Uvular (a.) Of or pertaining to a uvula.

Uxorial (a.) Dotingly fond of, or servilely submissive to, a wife; uxorious; also, becoming a wife; pertaining to a wife.

Uxoricidal (a.) Of or pertaining to uxoricide; tending to uxoricide.

Uxorious (a.) Excessively fond of, or submissive to, a wife; being a dependent husband.

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