Adverbs Starting with G

Gaddingly (adv.) In a roving, idle manner.

Gaily (adv.) Merrily; showily. See gaily.

Gallantly (adv.) In a polite or courtly manner; like a gallant or wooer.

Gallantly (adv.) In a gallant manner.

Gamely (adv.) In a plucky manner; spiritedly.

Gatewise (adv.) In the manner of a gate.

Gaudily (adv.) In a gaudy manner.

Gauntly (adv.) In a gaunt manner; meagerly.

Gayly (adv.) With mirth and frolic; merrily; blithely; gleefully.

Gayly (adv.) Finely; splendidly; showily; as, ladies gayly dressed; a flower gayly blooming.

Gelidly (adv.) In a gelid manner; coldly.

Generally (adv.) In general; commonly; extensively, though not universally; most frequently.

Generally (adv.) In a general way, or in general relation; in the main; upon the whole; comprehensively.

Generally (adv.) Collectively; as a whole; without omissions.

Generically (adv.) With regard to a genus, or an extensive class; as, an animal generically distinct from another, or two animals or plants generically allied.

Genetically (adv.) In a genetical manner.

Genially (adv.) By genius or nature; naturally.

Genially (adv.) Gayly; cheerfully.

Genteelly (adv.) In a genteel manner.

Gently (adv.) In a gentle manner.

Geocentrically (adv.) In a geocentric manner.

Geodetically (adv.) In a geodetic manner; according to geodesy.

Geographically (adv.) In a geographical manner or method; according to geography.

Geologically (adv.) In a geological manner.

Geometrically (adv.) According to the rules or laws of geometry.

Gerundively (adv.) In the manner of a gerund; as, or in place of, a gerund.

Ghastly (adv.) In a ghastly manner; hideously.

Ghostly (adv.) Spiritually; mystically.

Gibingly (adv.) In a gibing manner; scornfully.

Giddily (adv.) In a giddy manner.

Gingerly (adv.) Cautiously; timidly; fastidiously; daintily.

Given (adv.) Stated; fixed; as, in a given time.

Glancingly (adv.) In a glancing manner; transiently; incidentally; indirectly.

Glassily (adv.) So as to resemble glass.

Gley (adv.) Asquint; askance; obliquely.

Glibly (adv.) In a glib manner; as, to speak glibly.

Glidingly (adv.) In a gliding manner.

Glisteringly (adv.) In a glistering manner.

Glitteringly (adv.) In a glittering manner.

Globosely (adv.) In a globular manner; globularly.

Globularly (adv.) Spherically.

Gloomily (adv.) In a gloomy manner.

Glossarially (adv.) In the manner of a glossary.

Glossily (adv.) In a glossy manner.

Glossly (adv.) Like gloss; specious.

Glowingly (adv.) In a glowing manner; with ardent heat or passion.

Glumly (adv.) In a glum manner; sullenly; moodily.

Gnashingly (adv.) With gnashing.

Gnomically (adv.) In a gnomic, didactic, or sententious manner.

Gnomonically (adv.) According to the principles of the gnomonic projection.

Gobbetly (adv.) In pieces.

Godlily (adv.) Righteously.

Godly (adv.) Piously; devoutly; righteously.

Godward (adv.) Toward God.

Goden ly (adv.) In golden terms or a golden manner; splendidly; delightfully.

Good (adv.) Well, -- especially in the phrase as good, with a following as expressed or implied; equally well with as much advantage or as little harm as possible.

Good-humoredly (adv.) With a cheerful spirit; in a cheerful or good-tempered manner.

Goodly (adv.) Excellently.

Good-naturedly (adv.) With maldness of temper.

Goutily (adv.) In a gouty manner.

Graciously (adv.) In a gracious manner; courteously; benignantly.

Graciously (adv.) Fortunately; luckily.

Gradely (adv.) Decently; in order.

Gradually (adv.) In a gradual manner.

Gradually (adv.) In degree.

Grandly (adv.) In a grand manner.

Granularly (adv.) In a granular form.

Graphically (adv.) In a graphic manner; vividly.

Gratis (adv.) For nothing; without fee or recompense; freely; gratuitously.

Gravely (adv.) In a grave manner.

Grazioso (adv.) Gracefully; smoothly; elegantly.

Greasily (adv.) In a greasy manner.

Greasily (adv.) In a gross or indelicate manner.

Greatly (adv.) In a great degree; much.

Greatly (adv.) Nobly; illustriously; magnanimously.

Greedily (adv.) In a greedy manner.

Greenly (adv.) With a green color; newly; freshly, immaturely.

Grimily (adv.) In a grimy manner.

Grimly (adv.) In a grim manner; fiercely.

Grindingly (adv.) In a grinding manner.

Grinningly (adv.) In a grinning manner.

Gripingly (adv.) In a griping or oppressive manner.

Groping-ly (adv.) In a groping manner.

Grossly (adv.) In a gross manner; greatly; coarsely; without delicacy; shamefully; disgracefully.

Grotesquely (adv.) In a grotesque manner.

Groundedly (adv.) In a grounded or firmly established manner.

Groundly (adv.) Solidly; deeply; thoroughly.

Grovel (adv.) To creep on the earth, or with the face to the ground; to lie prone, or move uneasily with the body prostrate on the earth; to lie fiat on one's belly, expressive of abjectness; to crawl.

Grovel (adv.) To tend toward, or delight in, what is sensual or base; to be low, abject, or mean.

Growlingly (adv.) In a growling manner.

Grudgingly (adv.) In a grudging manner.

Gruf (adv.) Forwards; with one's face to the ground.

Grumblingly (adv.) In a grumbling manner.

Grumbly (adv.) In a grum manner.

Grumpily (adv.) In a surly manner; sullenly.

Gruntingly (adv.) In a grunting manner.

Guessingly (adv.) By way of conjecture.

Guestwise (adv.) In the manner of a guest.

Guiltily (adv.) In a guilty manner.

Guiltylike (adv.) Guiltily.

Gurgling-ly (adv.) In a gurgling manner.

Gushingly (adv.) In a gushing manner; copiously.

Gushingly (adv.) Weakly; sentimentally; effusively.

Gutturally (adv.) In a guttural manner.

Gymnastically (adv.) In a gymnastic manner.

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