Adverbs Starting with H

Habnab (adv.) By chance.

Haemad (adv.) Toward the haemal side; on the haemal side of; -- opposed to neurad.

Haggardly (adv.) In a haggard manner.

Haggishly (adv.) In the manner of a hag.

Half (adv.) In an equal part or degree; in some pa/ appro/mating a half; partially; imperfectly; as, half-colored, half done, half-hearted, half persuaded, half conscious.

Halfendeal (adv.) Half; by the part.

Halfway (adv.) In the middle; at half the distance; imperfectly; partially; as, he halfway yielded.

Haltingly (adv.) In a halting or limping manner.

Handfastly (adv.) In a handfast or publicly pledged manner.

Handily (adv.) In a handy manner; skillfully; conveniently.

Handsomely (adv.) In a handsome manner.

Handsomely (adv.) Carefully; in shipshape style.

Hankeringly (adv.) In a hankering manner.

Haplessly (adv.) In a hapless, unlucky manner.

Haply (adv.) By hap, chance, luck, or accident; perhaps; it may be.

Happily (adv.) By chance; peradventure; haply.

Happily (adv.) By good fortune; fortunately; luckily.

Happily (adv.) In a happy manner or state; in happy circumstances; as, he lived happily with his wife.

Happily (adv.) With address or dexterity; gracefully; felicitously; in a manner to success; with success.

Hard (adv.) With pressure; with urgency; hence, diligently; earnestly.

Hard (adv.) With difficulty; as, the vehicle moves hard.

Hard (adv.) Uneasily; vexatiously; slowly.

Hard (adv.) So as to raise difficulties.

Hard (adv.) With tension or strain of the powers; violently; with force; tempestuously; vehemently; vigorously; energetically; as, to press, to blow, to rain hard; hence, rapidly; as, to run hard.

Hard (adv.) Close or near.

Hardily (adv.) Same as Hardly.

Hardily (adv.) Boldly; stoutly; resolutely.

Hardly (adv.) In a hard or difficult manner; with difficulty.

Hardly (adv.) Unwillingly; grudgingly.

Hardly (adv.) Scarcely; barely; not guite; not wholly.

Hardly (adv.) Severely; harshly; roughly.

Hardly (adv.) Confidently; hardily.

Hardly (adv.) Certainly; surely; indeed.

Har monically (adv.) In an harmonical manner; harmoniously.

Har monically (adv.) In respect to harmony, as distinguished from melody; as, a passage harmonically correct.

Har monically (adv.) In harmonical progression.

Harshly (adv.) In a harsh manner; gratingly; roughly; rudely.

Hastily (adv.) In haste; with speed or quickness; speedily; nimbly.

Hastily (adv.) Without due reflection; precipitately; rashly.

Hastily (adv.) Passionately; impatiently.

Haughtily (adv.) In a haughty manner; arrogantly.

Hazily (adv.) In a hazy manner; mistily; obscurely; confusedly.

Headfirst (adv.) Alt. of Headforemost

Headforemost (adv.) With the head foremost.

Headily (adv.) In a heady or rash manner; hastily; rashly; obstinately.

Healingly (adv.) So as to heal or cure.

Healthfully (adv.) In health; wholesomely.

Healthily (adv.) In a healthy manner.

Heartily (adv.) From the heart; with all the heart; with sincerity.

Heartily (adv.) With zeal; actively; vigorously; willingly; cordially; as, he heartily assisted the prince.

Heathenishly (adv.) In a heathenish manner.

Heatingly (adv.) In a heating manner; so as to make or become hot or heated.

Heavenly (adv.) In a manner resembling that of heaven.

Heavenly (adv.) By the influence or agency of heaven.

Heavily (adv.) In a heavy manner; with great weight; as, to bear heavily on a thing; to be heavily loaded.

Heavily (adv.) As if burdened with a great weight; slowly and laboriously; with difficulty; hence, in a slow, difficult, or suffering manner; sorrowfully.

Heavy (adv.) Heavily; -- sometimes used in composition; as, heavy-laden.

Hebdomadally (adv.) In periods of seven days; weekly.

Hebraically (adv.) After the manner of the Hebrews or of the Hebrew language.

Hebraistically (adv.) In a Hebraistic sense or form.

Heliacally (adv.) In a heliacal manner.

Hellenistically (adv.) According to the Hellenistic manner or dialect.

Hellward (adv.) Toward hell.

Helter-skelter (adv.) In hurry and confusion; without definite purpose; irregularly.

Hence (adv.) From this place; away.

Hence (adv.) From this time; in the future; as, a week hence.

Hence (adv.) From this reason; as an inference or deduction.

Hence (adv.) From this source or origin.

Henceforth (adv.) From this time forward; henceforward.

Henceforward (adv.) From this time forward; henceforth.

Henen (adv.) Hence.

Hennes (adv.) Hence.

Heraldically (adv.) In an heraldic manner; according to the rules of heraldry.

Here (adv.) In this place; in the place where the speaker is; -- opposed to there.

Here (adv.) In the present life or state.

Here (adv.) To or into this place; hither. [Colloq.] See Thither.

Here (adv.) At this point of time, or of an argument; now.

Herea-bout (adv.) Alt. of Hereabouts

Hereabouts (adv.) About this place; in this vicinity.

Hereabouts (adv.) Concerning this.

Hereafter (adv.) In time to come; in some future time or state.

Hereafterward (adv.) Hereafter.

Here-at (adv.) At, or by reason of, this; as, he was offended hereat.

Hereby (adv.) By means of this.

Hereby (adv.) Close by; very near.

Hereditably (adv.) By inheritance.

Hereditarily (adv.) By inheritance; in an hereditary manner.

Herehence (adv.) From hence.

Herein (adv.) In this.

Hereinafter (adv.) In the following part of this (writing, document, speech, and the like).

Hereinbefore (adv.) In the preceding part of this (writing, document, book, etc.).

Hereinto (adv.) Into this.

Hereof (adv.) Of this; concerning this; from this; hence.

Hereon (adv.) On or upon this; hereupon.

Hereout (adv.) Out of this.

Heretically (adv.) In an heretical manner.

Hereto (adv.) To this; hereunto.

Heretofore (adv.) Up to this time; hitherto; before; in time past.

Hereunto (adv.) Unto this; up to this time; hereto.

Hereupon (adv.) On this; hereon.

Herewith (adv.) With this.

Hermeneutically (adv.) According to the principles of interpretation; as, a verse of Scripture was examined hermeneutically.

Hermetically (adv.) In an hermetical manner; chemically.

Hermetically (adv.) By fusion, so as to form an air-tight closure.

Hesitantly (adv.) With hesitancy or doubt.

Hesitatingly (adv.) With hesitation or doubt.

Hexagonally (adv.) In an hexagonal manner.

Heyten (adv.) Hence.

Hiddenly (adv.) In a hidden manner.

Hieroglyphically (adv.) In hieroglyphics.

Higgledy-piggledy (adv.) In confusion; topsy-turvy.

High (adv.) In a high manner; in a high place; to a great altitude; to a great degree; largely; in a superior manner; eminently; powerfully.

Highly (adv.) In a high manner, or to a high degree; very much; as, highly esteemed.

Hintingly (adv.) In a hinting manner.

Hissingly (adv.) With a hissing sound.

Historically (adv.) In the manner of, or in accordance with, history.

Hither (adv.) To this place; -- used with verbs signifying motion, and implying motion toward the speaker; correlate of hence and thither; as, to come or bring hither.

Hither (adv.) To this point, source, conclusion, design, etc.; -- in a sense not physical.

Hitherto (adv.) To this place; to a prescribed limit.

Hitherto (adv.) Up to this time; as yet; until now.

Hitherward (adv.) Toward this place; hither.

Hoarsely (adv.) With a harsh, grating sound or voice.

Hobblingly (adv.) With a limping step.

Hobnob (adv.) Have or have not; -- a familiar invitation to reciprocal drinking.

Hobnob (adv.) At random; hit or miss. (Obs.)

Hobornob (adv.) See Hobnob.

Holily (adv.) Piously; with sanctity; in a holy manner.

Holily (adv.) Sacredly; inviolably.

Hollow (adv.) Wholly; completely; utterly; -- chiefly after the verb to beat, and often with all; as, this story beats the other all hollow. See All, adv.

Hollowly (adv.) Insincerely; deceitfully.

Holly (adv.) Wholly.

Home (adv.) To one's home or country; as in the phrases, go home, come home, carry home.

Home (adv.) Close; closely.

Home (adv.) To the place where it belongs; to the end of a course; to the full length; as, to drive a nail home; to ram a cartridge home.

Homelily (adv.) Plainly; inelegantly.

Homely (adv.) Plainly; rudely; coarsely; as, homely dressed.

Homeopathically (adv.) According to the practice of homeopathy.

Homeward (adv.) Alt. of Homewards

Homewards (adv.) Toward home; in the direction of one's house, town, or country.

Homonymously (adv.) In an homonymous manner; so as to have the same name or relation.

Homonymously (adv.) Equivocally; ambiguously.

Honestly (adv.) Honorably; becomingly; decently.

Honestly (adv.) In an honest manner; as, a contract honestly made; to live honestly; to speak honestly.

Honorably (adv.) In an honorable manner; in a manner showing, or consistent with, honor.

Honorably (adv.) Decently; becomingly.

Hopingly (adv.) In a hopeful manner.

Horaly (adv.) Hourly.

Horizontally (adv.) In a horizontal direction or position; on a level; as, moving horizontally.

Horribly (adv.) In a manner to excite horror; dreadfully; terribly.

Horridly (adv.) In a horrid manner.

Hospitably (adv.) In a hospitable manner.

Hostilely (adv.) In a hostile manner.

Hotfoot (adv.) In haste; foothot.

Hourly (adv.) Every hour; frequently; continually.

Hoveringly (adv.) In a hovering manner.

How (adv.) In what manner or way; by what means or process.

How (adv.) To what degree or extent, number or amount; in what proportion; by what measure or quality.

How (adv.) For what reason; from what cause.

How (adv.) In what state, condition, or plight.

How (adv.) By what name, designation, or title.

How (adv.) At what price; how dear.

However (adv.) In whetever manner, way, or degree.

However (adv.) At all events; at least; in any case.

Howso (adv.) Howsoever.

Huffingly (adv.) Blusteringly; arrogantly.

Humanly (adv.) In a human manner; after the manner of men; according to the knowledge or wisdom of men; as, the present prospects, humanly speaking, promise a happy issue.

Humanly (adv.) Kindly; humanely.

Humbly (adv.) With humility; lowly.

Humorously (adv.) Capriciously; whimsically.

Humorously (adv.) Facetiously; wittily.

Humorsomely (adv.) Pleasantly; humorously.

Hungerly (adv.) With keen appetite.

Hungrily (adv.) In a hungry manner; voraciously.

Hurryingly (adv.) In a hurrying manner.

Hurry-skurry (adv.) Confusedly; in a bustle.

Huskily (adv.) In a husky manner; dryly.

Huswifely (adv.) In a huswifely manner.

Hydropically (adv.) In a hydropical manner.

Hydrostatically (adv.) According to hydrostatics, or to hydrostatic principles.

Hyperbolically (adv.) In the form of an hyperbola.

Hyperbolically (adv.) With exaggeration; in a manner to express more or less than the truth.

Hypercritically (adv.) In a hypercritical manner.

Hypocritely (adv.) Hypocritically.

Hypostatically (adv.) In a hypostatic manner.

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