Adverbs Starting with K

Keenly (adv.) In a keen manner.

Kindly (adv.) Naturally; fitly.

Kindly (adv.) In a kind manner; congenially; with good will; with a disposition to make others happy, or to oblige.

Kingly (adv.) In a kingly or kinglike manner.

Knavishly (adv.) In a knavish manner; dishonestly; fraudulently.

Knavishly (adv.) Mischievously; waggishly; roguishly.

Kneadingly (adv.) In the manner of one kneading.

Kneelingly (adv.) In a kneeling position.

Knightly (adv.) In a manner becoming a knight.

Knowingly (adv.) With knowledge; in a knowing manner; intelligently; consciously; deliberately; as, he would not knowingly offend.

Knowingly (adv.) By experience.

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