Adverbs Starting with M

Magically (adv.) In a magical manner; by magic, or as if by magic.

Magisterially (adv.) In a magisterial manner.

Magistrally (adv.) In a magistral manner.

Magnanimously (adv.) In a magnanimous manner; with greatness of mind.

Magnetically (adv.) By or as by, magnetism.

Magnificently (adv.) In a Magnificent manner.

Maidenly (adv.) In a maidenlike manner.

Maimedly (adv.) In a maimed manner.

Mainly (adv.) Very strongly; mightily; to a great degree.

Mainly (adv.) Principally; chiefly.

Malevolently (adv.) In a malevolent manner.

Malignantly (adv.) In a malignant manner.

Malignly (adv.) In a malign manner; with malignity.

Mangily (adv.) In a mangy manner; scabbily.

Manifestly (adv.) In a manifest manner.

Manifoldly (adv.) In a manifold manner.

Manlessly (adv.) Inhumanly.

Manly (adv.) In a manly manner; with the courage and fortitude of a manly man; as, to act manly.

Mannerly (adv.) With good manners.

Manually (adv.) By hand.

Manyways (adv.) Alt. of Manywise

Manywise (adv.) In many different ways; variously.

Marginally (adv.) In the margin of a book.

Martially (adv.) In a martial manner.

Martyrly (adv.) In the manner of a martyr.

Marvelously (adv.) In a marvelous manner; wonderfully; strangely.

Massively (adv.) In a heavy mass.

Masterfully (adv.) In a masterful manner; imperiously.

Masterly (adv.) With the skill of a master.

Materially (adv.) In the state of matter.

Materially (adv.) In its essence; substantially.

Materially (adv.) In an important manner or degree; essentaily; as, it materially concern us to know the real motives of our actions.

Maternally (adv.) In a motherly manner.

Matrimonially (adv.) In a matrimonial manner.

Maturely (adv.) In a mature manner; with ripeness; completely.

Maturely (adv.) With caution; deliberately.

Maturely (adv.) Early; soon.

Mawkingly (adv.) Slatternly.

Mawkishly (adv.) In a mawkish way.

Maybe (adv.) Perhaps; possibly; peradventure.

Mayhap (adv.) Perhaps; peradventure.

Mazily (adv.) In a mazy manner.

Meagerly (adv.) Alt. of Meagrely

Meagrely (adv.) Poorly; thinly.

Meanly (adv.) Moderately.

Meanly (adv.) In a mean manner; unworthily; basely; poorly; ungenerously.

Meantime (adv.) Alt. of Meanwhile

Meanwhile (adv.) In the intervening time; during the interval.

Mechanically (adv.) In a mechanical manner.

Meddlingly (adv.) In a meddling manner.

Mediaevally (adv.) In the manner of the Middle Ages; in accordance with mediaevalism.

Mediately (adv.) In a mediate manner; by a secondary cause or agent; not directly or primarily; by means; -- opposed to immediately.

Medically (adv.) In a medical manner; with reference to healing, or to the principles of the healing art.

Medicinally (adv.) In a medicinal manner.

Meedfully (adv.) According to merit; suitably.

Meekly (adv.) In a meek manner.

Meet (adv.) Meetly.

Meetly (adv.) Fitly; suitably; properly.

Melancholily (adv.) In a melancholy manner.

Mellifluently (adv.) In a mellifluent manner.

Mellowly (adv.) In a mellow manner.

Memoriter (adv.) By, or from, memory.

Menacingly (adv.) In a threatening manner.

Mentally (adv.) In the mind; in thought or meditation; intellectually; in idea.

Mercenarily (adv.) In a mercenary manner.

Mercurially (adv.) In a mercurial manner.

Merely (adv.) Purely; unmixedly; absolutely.

Merely (adv.) Not otherwise than; simply; barely; only.

Meridionally (adv.) In the direction of the meridian.

Meritedly (adv.) By merit; deservedly.

Merrily (adv.) In a merry manner; with mirth; with gayety and laughter; jovially. See Mirth, and Merry.

Mesad (adv.) Same as Mesiad.

Mesally (adv.) Same as Mesially.

Mesiad (adv.) Toward, or on the side toward, the mesial plane; mesially; -- opposed to laterad.

Mesially (adv.) In, near, or toward, the mesial plane; mesiad.

Metallicly (adv.) In a metallic manner; by metallic means.

Metamerically (adv.) In a metameric manner.

Metaphysically (adv.) In the manner of metaphysical science, or of a metaphysician.

Metrically (adv.) In a metrical manner.

Microscopically (adv.) By the microscope; with minute inspection; in a microscopic manner.

Midships (adv.) In the middle of a ship; -- properly amidships.

Midst (adv.) In the middle.

Midward (adv.) In or toward the midst.

Midway (adv.) In the middle of the way or distance; half way.

Mightily (adv.) In a mighty manner; with might; with great earnestness; vigorously; powerfully.

Mightily (adv.) To a great degree; very much.

Mighty (adv.) In a great degree; very.

Mildly (adv.) In a mild manner.

Militarily (adv.) In a military manner.

Milkily (adv.) In a milky manner.

Mimically (adv.) In an imitative manner.

Minatorially (adv.) Alt. of Minatorily

Minatorily (adv.) In a minatory manner; with threats.

Mincingly (adv.) In a mincing manner; not fully; with affected nicety.

Mineralogically (adv.) According to the principles of, or with reference to, mineralogy.

Mingledly (adv.) Confusedly.

Minglingly (adv.) In a mingling manner.

Ministerially (adv.) In a ministerial manner; in the character or capacity of a minister.

Minutely (adv.) In a minute manner; with minuteness; exactly; nicely.

Minutely (adv.) At intervals of a minute; very often and regularly.

Misapprehensively (adv.) By, or with, misapprehension.

Miserably (adv.) In a miserable; unhappily; calamitously; wretchedly; meanly.

Missingly (adv.) With a sense of loss.

Mistakenly (adv.) By mistake.

Mistakingly (adv.) Erroneously.

Mistily (adv.) With mist; darkly; obscurely.

Mistrustingly (adv.) With distrust or suspicion.

Mixedly (adv.) In a mixed or mingled manner.

Mixtly (adv.) With mixture; in a mixed manner; mixedly.

Mockingly (adv.) By way of derision; in a contemptuous or mocking manner.

Modally (adv.) In a modal manner.

Moderately (adv.) In a moderate manner or degree; to a moderate extent.

Modernly (adv.) In modern times.

Modestly (adv.) In a modest manner.

Molecularly (adv.) With molecules; in the manner of molecules.

Molliently (adv.) Assuagingly.

Molto (adv.) Much; very; as, molto adagio, very slow.

Momentally (adv.) For a moment.

Momentarily (adv.) Every moment; from moment to moment.

Momently (adv.) For a moment.

Momently (adv.) In a moment; every moment; momentarily.

Monastically (adv.) In a monastic manner.

Monatomic (adv.) Consisting of, or containing, one atom; as, the molecule of mercury is monatomic.

Monatomic (adv.) Having the equivalence or replacing power of an atom of hydrogen; univalent; as, the methyl radical is monatomic.

Moneyed (adv.) Supplied with money; having money; wealthy; as, moneyey men.

Moneyed (adv.) Converted into money; coined.

Moneyed (adv.) Consisting in, or composed of, money.

Monitorially (adv.) In a monitorial manner.

Monstrous (adv.) Exceedingly; very; very much.

Monstrously (adv.) In a monstrous manner; unnaturally; extraordinarily; as, monstrously wicked.

Monthly (adv.) Once a month; in every month; as, the moon changes monthly.

Monthly (adv.) As if under the influence of the moon; in the manner of a lunatic.

Monumentally (adv.) By way of memorial.

Monumentally (adv.) By means of monuments.

Moodily (adv.) In a moody manner.

Moodishly (adv.) Moodily.

Morally (adv.) In a moral or ethical sense; according to the rules of morality.

Morally (adv.) According to moral rules; virtuously.

Morally (adv.) In moral qualities; in disposition and character; as, one who physically and morally endures hardships.

Morally (adv.) In a manner calculated to serve as the basis of action; according to the usual course of things and human judgment; according to reason and probability.

Morbidly (adv.) In a morbid manner.

Mordantly (adv.) In the manner of a mordant.

More (adv.) In a greater quantity; in or to a greater extent or degree.

More (adv.) With a verb or participle.

More (adv.) With an adjective or adverb (instead of the suffix -er) to form the comparative degree; as, more durable; more active; more sweetly.

More (adv.) In addition; further; besides; again.

Moreover (adv.) Beyond what has been said; further; besides; in addition; furthermore; also; likewise.

Mornward (adv.) Towards the morn.

Morosely (adv.) Sourly; with sullen austerity.

Mortally (adv.) In a mortal manner; so as to cause death; as, mortally wounded.

Mortally (adv.) In the manner of a mortal or of mortal beings.

Mortally (adv.) In an extreme degree; to the point of dying or causing death; desperately; as, mortally jealous.

Mortifyingly (adv.) In a mortifying manner.

Mosaically (adv.) In the manner of a mosaic.

Mostly (adv.) For the greatest part; for the most part; chiefly; in the main.

Mostwhat (adv.) For the most part.

Motherly (adv.) In a manner of a mother.

Mountingly (adv.) In an ascending manner.

Mourningly (adv.) In a mourning manner.

Movably (adv.) In a movable manner or condition.

Movingly (adv.) In a moving manner.

Muchwhat (adv.) Nearly; almost; much.

Muddily (adv.) In a muddy manner; turbidly; without mixture; cloudily; obscurely; confusedly.

Mulierly (adv.) In the manner or condition of a mulier; in wedlock; legitimately.

Multifariously (adv.) With great multiplicity and diversity; with variety of modes and relations.

Multiplicatively (adv.) So as to multiply.

Municipally (adv.) In a municipal relation or condition.

Murkily (adv.) Darkly; gloomily.

Muscularly (adv.) In a muscular manner.

Musically (adv.) In a musical manner.

Musingly (adv.) In a musing manner.

Mussulmanly (adv.) In the manner of Moslems.

Mutably (adv.) Changeably.

Mutely (adv.) Without uttering words or sounds; in a mute manner; silently.

Mutteringly (adv.) With a low voice and indistinct articulation; in a muttering manner.

Mutually (adv.) In a mutual manner.

Mysteriously (adv.) In a mysterious manner.

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