Adverbs Starting with N

Naively (adv.) In a naive manner.

Nakedly (adv.) In a naked manner; without covering or disguise; manifestly; simply; barely.

Namelessly (adv.) In a nameless manner.

Namely (adv.) By name; by particular mention; specifically; especially; expressly.

Namely (adv.) That is to say; to wit; videlicet; -- introducing a particular or specific designation.

Namo (adv.) No more.

Narratively (adv.) In the style of narration.

Narrowly (adv.) With little breadth; in a narrow manner.

Narrowly (adv.) Without much extent; contractedly.

Narrowly (adv.) With minute scrutiny; closely; as, to look or watch narrowly; to search narrowly.

Narrowly (adv.) With a little margin or space; by a small distance; hence, closely; hardly; barely; only just; -- often with reference to an avoided danger or misfortune; as, he narrowly escaped.

Narrowly (adv.) Sparingly; parsimoniously.

Nasally (adv.) In a nasal manner; by the nose.

Nastily (adv.) In a nasty manner.

Nat (adv.) Not.

Natantly (adv.) In a floating manner; swimmingly.

Nathmore (adv.) Not the more; never the more.

Nationally (adv.) In a national manner or way; as a nation.

Natively (adv.) By natural or original condition; naturally; originally.

Naturally (adv.) In a natural manner or way; according to the usual course of things; spontaneously.

Naught (adv.) Nothing.

Naught (adv.) The arithmetical character 0; a cipher. See Cipher.

Naught (adv.) In no degree; not at all.

Naughtily (adv.) In a naughty manner; wickedly; perversely.

Naughtly (adv.) Naughtily; wrongly.

Nautically (adv.) In a nautical manner; with reference to nautical affairs.

Nay (adv.) No; -- a negative answer to a question asked, or a request made, now superseded by no. See Yes.

Nay (adv.) Not this merely, but also; not only so, but; -- used to mark the addition or substitution of a more explicit or more emphatic phrase.

Ne (adv.) Not; never.

Ne (adv.) Nor.

Near (adv.) At a little distance, in place, time, manner, or degree; not remote; nigh.

Near (adv.) Nearly; almost; well-nigh.

Near (adv.) Closely; intimately.

Near (adv.) Not far distant in time, place, or degree; not remote; close at hand; adjacent; neighboring; nigh.

Near (adv.) Closely connected or related.

Near (adv.) Close to one's interests, affection, etc.; touching, or affecting intimately; intimate; dear; as, a near friend.

Near (adv.) Close to anything followed or imitated; not free, loose, or rambling; as, a version near to the original.

Near (adv.) So as barely to avoid or pass injury or loss; close; narrow; as, a near escape.

Near (adv.) Next to the driver, when he is on foot; in the Unted States, on the left of an animal or a team; as, the near ox; the near leg. See Off side, under Off, a.

Near (adv.) To approach; to come nearer; as, the ship neared the land.

Nearly (adv.) In a near manner; not remotely; closely; intimately; almost.

Neatly (adv.) In a neat manner; tidily; tastefully.

Necessarily (adv.) In a necessary manner; by necessity; unavoidably; indispensably.

Need (adv.) Of necessity. See Needs.

Needily (adv.) In a needy condition or manner; necessarily.

Needly (adv.) Necessarily; of necessity.

Needs (adv.) Of necessity; necessarily; indispensably; -- often with must, and equivalent to of need.

Needscost (adv.) Of necessity.

Needsly (adv.) Of necessity.

Ne'er (adv.) a contraction of Never.

Nefarious (adv.) Wicked in the extreme; abominable; iniquitous; atrociously villainous; execrable; detestably vile.

Negation (adv.) The act of denying; assertion of the nonreality or untruthfulness of anything; declaration that something is not, or has not been, or will not be; denial; -- the opposite of affirmation.

Negation (adv.) Description or definition by denial, exclusion, or exception; statement of what a thing is not, or has not, from which may be inferred what it is or has.

Negatively (adv.) In a negative manner; with or by denial.

Negatively (adv.) In the form of speech implying the absence of something; -- opposed to positively.

Neglect (adv.) Not to attend to with due care or attention; to forbear one's duty in regard to; to suffer to pass unimproved, unheeded, undone, etc.; to omit; to disregard; to slight; as, to neglect duty or business; to neglect to pay debts.

Neglect (adv.) To omit to notice; to forbear to treat with attention or respect; to slight; as, to neglect strangers.

Neglectingly (adv.) Carelessly; heedlessly.

Negligently (adv.) In a negligent manner.

Neighborly (adv.) In a neigborly manner.

Neologically (adv.) In a neological manner.

Neoterically (adv.) Recently; newly.

Nervously (adv.) In a nervous manner.

Neurad (adv.) Toward the neural side; -- opposed to haemad.

Neutrally (adv.) In a neutral manner; without taking part with either side; indifferently.

Never (adv.) Not ever; not at any time; at no time, whether past, present, or future.

Never (adv.) In no degree; not in the least; not.

Nevermore (adv.) Never again; at no time hereafter.

New (adv.) Newly; recently.

Newfangly (adv.) In a newfangled manner; with eagerness for novelty.

Newly (adv.) Lately; recently.

Newly (adv.) Anew; afresh; freshly.

Next (adv.) In the time, place, or order nearest or immediately suceeding; as, this man follows next.

Nibblingly (adv.) In a nibbling manner; cautiously.

Nicely (adv.) In a nice manner.

Niggardly (adv.) In a niggard manner.

Nighly (adv.) In a near relation in place, time, degree, etc.; within a little; almost.

Nightly (adv.) At night; every night.

Nimbly (adv.) In a nimble manner; with agility; with light, quick motion.

Ninthly (adv.) In the ninth place.

Nippingly (adv.) In a nipping manner.

Nittily (adv.) Lousily.

No (adv.) Nay; not; not at all; not in any respect or degree; -- a word expressing negation, denial, or refusal. Before or after another negative, no is emphatic.

Nobbily (adv.) In a nobby manner.

Nobly (adv.) Of noble extraction; as, nobly born or descended.

Nobly (adv.) In a noble manner; with greatness of soul; heroically; with magnanimity; as, a deed nobly done.

Nobly (adv.) Splendidly; magnificently.

Nocently (adv.) Hurtfully; injuriosly.

Nocturnally (adv.) By night; nightly.

Noght (adv.) Not.

Noisily (adv.) In a noisy manner.

Nominally (adv.) In a nominal manner; by name; in name only; not in reality.

Nominately (adv.) By name; particularly; namely.

Nominatively (adv.) In the manner of a nominative; as a nominative.

Nonchalantly (adv.) In a nonchalant, indifferent, or careless manner; coolly.

Normally (adv.) In a normal manner.

North (adv.) Northward.

Northeast (adv.) Toward the northeast.

Northeasterly (adv.) Toward the northeast.

Northeastward (adv.) Alt. of Northeastwardly

Northeastwardly (adv.) Toward the northeast.

Northerly (adv.) Toward the north.

Northernly (adv.) Northerly.

Northward (adv.) Alt. of Northwards

Northwards (adv.) Toward the north, or toward a point nearer to the north than to the east or west point.

Northwardly (adv.) In a northern direction.

Northwest (adv.) Toward the northwest.

Northwestward (adv.) Alt. of Northwestwardly

Northwestwardly (adv.) Toward the northwest.

Not (adv.) A word used to express negation, prohibition, denial, or refusal.

Notably (adv.) In a notable manner.

Notarially (adv.) In a notarial manner.

Nothing (adv.) In no degree; not at all; in no wise.

Noticeably (adv.) In a noticeable manner.

Notionally (adv.) In mental apprehension; in conception; not in reality.

Nourishingly (adv.) Nutritively; cherishingly.

Nouthe (adv.) Alt. of Nowthe

Nowthe (adv.) Just now; at present.

Now (adv.) At the present time; at this moment; at the time of speaking; instantly; as, I will write now.

Now (adv.) Very lately; not long ago.

Now (adv.) At a time contemporaneous with something spoken of or contemplated; at a particular time referred to.

Now (adv.) In present circumstances; things being as they are; -- hence, used as a connective particle, to introduce an inference or an explanation.

Nowadays (adv.) In these days; at the present time.

Noway (adv.) Alt. of Noways

Noways (adv.) In no manner or degree; not at all; nowise.

Nowhere (adv.) Not anywhere; not in any place or state; as, the book is nowhere to be found.

Nowhither (adv.) Not anywhither; in no direction; nowhere.

Numerally (adv.) According to number; in number; numerically.

Numerically (adv.) In a numerical manner; in numbers; with respect to number, or sameness in number; as, a thing is numerically the same, or numerically different.

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