Adverbs Starting with P

Paganly (adv.) In a pagan manner.

Palatably (adv.) In a palatable manner.

Palewise (adv.) In the manner of a pale or pales; by perpendicular

Pallidly (adv.) In a pallid manner.

Palmately (adv.) In a palmate manner.

Paltrily (adv.) In a paltry manner.

Pantingly (adv.) With palpitation or rapid breathing.

Papally (adv.) In a papal manner; popishly

Parabolically (adv.) By way of parable; in a parabolic manner.

Parabolically (adv.) In the form of a parabola.

Parallelly (adv.) In a parallel manner; with parallelism.

Paramountly (adv.) In a paramount manner.

Paramour (adv.) Alt. of Paramours

Paramours (adv.) By or with love, esp. the love of the sexes; -- sometimes written as two words.

Paraunter (adv.) Peradventure. See Paraventure.

Paravant (adv.) Alt. of Paravant

Paravant (adv.) In front; publicly.

Paravant (adv.) Beforehand; first.

Paraventure (adv.) Peradventure; perchance.

Parcase (adv.) Perchance; by chance.

Parcel-mele (adv.) By parcels or parts.

Pardonably (adv.) In a manner admitting of pardon; excusably.

Parentally (adv.) In a parental manner.

Parenthetically (adv.) In a parenthetical manner; by way of parenthesis; by parentheses.

Parfitly (adv.) Perfectly.

Parliamentarily (adv.) In a parliamentary manner.

Parochially (adv.) In a parochial manner; by the parish, or by parishes.

Part (adv.) Partly; in a measure.

Partially (adv.) In part; not totally; as, partially true; the sun partially eclipsed.

Partially (adv.) In a partial manner; with undue bias of mind; with unjust favor or dislike; as, to judge partially.

Participantly (adv.) In a participant manner.

Participially (adv.) In the sense or manner of a participle.

Particularly (adv.) In a particular manner; expressly; with a specific reference or interest; in particular; distinctly.

Particularly (adv.) In an especial manner; in a high degree; as, a particularly fortunate man; a particularly bad failure.

Partitively (adv.) In a partitive manner.

Partly (adv.) In part; in some measure of degree; not wholly.

Party (adv.) Partly.

Passably (adv.) Tolerably; moderately.

Passim (adv.) Here and there; everywhere; as, this word occurs passim in the poem.

Passing (adv.) Exceedingly; excessively; surpassingly; as, passing fair; passing strange.

Passingly (adv.) Exceedingly.

Passionately (adv.) In a passionate manner; with strong feeling; ardently.

Passionately (adv.) Angrily; irascibly.

Passively (adv.) In a passive manner; inertly; unresistingly.

Passively (adv.) As a passive verb; in the passive voice.

Past (adv.) By; beyond; as, he ran past.

Pastorally (adv.) In a pastoral or rural manner.

Pastorally (adv.) In the manner of a pastor.

Pat (adv.) In a pat manner.

Patchingly (adv.) Knavishy; deceitfully.

Patently (adv.) Openly; evidently.

Paternally (adv.) In a paternal manner.

Patiently (adv.) In a patient manner.

Patly (adv.) Fitly; seasonably.

Patrimonially (adv.) By inheritance.

Pausingly (adv.) With pauses; haltingly.

Peccantly (adv.) In a peccant manner.

Pectinately (adv.) In a pectinate manner.

Pectorally (adv.) As connected with the breast.

Peculiarly (adv.) In a peculiar manner; particulary; in a rare and striking degree; unusually.

Pecuniarily (adv.) In a pecuniary manner; as regards money.

Pedantically (adv.) In a pedantic manner.

Pedanticly (adv.) Pedantically.

Pedestrially (adv.) In a pedestrial manner.

Peevishly (adv.) In a peevish manner.

Pellmell (adv.) In utter confusion; with confused violence.

Pellucidly (adv.) In a pellucid manner.

Penally (adv.) In a penal manner.

Pendently (adv.) In a pendent manner.

Pendulously (adv.) In a pendulous manner.

Penetratingly (adv.) In a penetrating manner.

Penitentially (adv.) In a penitential manner.

Penitently (adv.) In a penitent manner.

Pensively (adv.) In a pensive manner.

Pentagonally (adv.) In the form of a pentagon; with five angles.

Percase (adv.) Perhaps; perchance.

Perchance (adv.) By chance; perhaps; peradventure.

Perdie (adv.) See Parde.

Perdy (adv.) Truly. See Parde.

Peremptorily (adv.) In a peremptory manner; absolutely; positively.

Perennially (adv.) In a perennial manner.

Perfectively (adv.) In a perfective manner.

Perfectly (adv.) In a perfect manner or degree; in or to perfection; completely; wholly; throughly; faultlessly.

Perfidiously (adv.) In a perfidious manner.

Perforce (adv.) By force; of necessary; at any rate.

Perfunctorily (adv.) In a perfunctory manner; formally; carelessly.

Perhaps (adv.) By chance; peradventure; perchance; it may be.

Periodically (adv.) In a periodical manner.

Periphrastically (adv.) With circumlocution.

Perishably (adv.) In a perishable degree or manner.

Permanently (adv.) In a permanent manner.

Permeably (adv.) In a permeable manner.

Permissively (adv.) In a permissive manner.

Perpendicularly (adv.) In a perpendicular manner; vertically.

Perpetually (adv.) In a perpetual manner; constantly; continually.

Perplexly (adv.) Perplexedly.

Persistently (adv.) In a persistent manner.

Personally (adv.) In a personal manner; by bodily presence; in person; not by representative or substitute; as, to deliver a letter personally.

Personally (adv.) With respect to an individual; as regards the person; individually; particularly.

Personally (adv.) With respect to one's individuality; as regards one's self; as, personally I have no feeling in the matter.

Perspectively (adv.) Optically; as through a glass.

Perspectively (adv.) According to the rules of perspective.

Pertinately (adv.) Pertinaciously.

Pertly (adv.) In a pert manner.

Perversedly (adv.) Perversely.

Perversely (adv.) In a perverse manner.

Pestiferously (adv.) In a pestiferuos manner.

Pestilentially (adv.) Pestilently.

Pestilently (adv.) In a pestilent manner; mischievously; destructively.

Petitionarily (adv.) By way of begging the question; by an assumption.

Petrologically (adv.) According to petrology.

Pettily (adv.) In a petty manner; frivolously.

Petulantly (adv.) In a petulant manner.

Phlegmatically (adv.) In a phlegmatic manner.

Phonetically (adv.) In a phonetic manner.

Phonographically (adv.) In a phonographic manner; by means of phonograph.

Physically (adv.) In a physical manner; according to the laws of nature or physics; by physical force; not morally.

Physically (adv.) According to the rules of medicine.

Physiologically (adv.) In a physiological manner.

Pickaback (adv.) On the back or shoulders; as, to ride pickback.

Pickapack (adv.) Pickaback.

Pickback (adv.) On the back.

Pickpack (adv.) Pickaback.

Piecely (adv.) In pieces; piecemeal.

Piecemeal (adv.) In pieces; in parts or fragments.

Piecemeal (adv.) Piece by piece; by little and little in succession.

Pinchingly (adv.) In a pinching way.

Piningly (adv.) In a pining manner; droopingly.

Pinnately (adv.) In a pinnate manner.

Piously (adv.) In a pious manner.

Piquantly (adv.) In a piquant manner.

Pitapat (adv.) In a flutter; with palpitation or quick succession of beats.

Pithily (adv.) In a pithy manner.

Piu (adv.) A little more; as, piu allegro, a little more briskly.

Placidly (adv.) In a placid manner.

Plaguily (adv.) In a plaguing manner; vexatiously; extremely.

Plain (adv.) In a plain manner; plainly.

Plainly (adv.) In a plain manner; clearly.

Plastically (adv.) In a plastic manner.

Plat (adv.) Plainly; flatly; downright.

Plat (adv.) Flatly; smoothly; evenly.

Platonically (adv.) In a Platonic manner.

Plausibly (adv.) In a plausible manner.

Plausibly (adv.) Contentedly, readily.

Pleadingly (adv.) In a pleading manner.

Pleasantly (adv.) In a pleasant manner.

Plenarily (adv.) In a plenary manner.

Pleonastically (adv.) In a pleonastic manner.

Pluckily (adv.) In a plucky manner.

Plumb (adv.) In a plumb direction; perpendicularly.

Plump (adv.) Well rounded or filled out; full; fleshy; fat; as, a plump baby; plump cheeks.

Plumply (adv.) Fully; roundly; plainly; without reserve.

Plurally (adv.) In a plural manner or sense.

Poco (adv.) A little; -- used chiefly in phrases indicating the time or movement; as, poco piu allegro, a little faster; poco largo, rather slow.

Poetically (adv.) In a poetic manner.

Poignantly (adv.) In a poignant manner.

Point-blank (adv.) In a point-blank manner.

Point-device (adv.) Alt. of Point-devise

Point-devise (adv.) Exactly.

Pointlessly (adv.) Without point.

Polarily (adv.) In a polary manner; with polarity.

Polewards (adv.) Toward a pole of the earth.

Politely (adv.) In a polished manner; so as to be smooth or glossy.

Politely (adv.) In a polite manner; with politeness.

Politically (adv.) In a political manner.

Politically (adv.) Politicly; artfully.

Politicly (adv.) In a politic manner; sagaciously; shrewdly; artfully.

Ponderously (adv.) In a ponderous manner.

Pontifically (adv.) In a pontifical manner.

Poorly (adv.) In a poor manner or condition; without plenty, or sufficiency, or suitable provision for comfort; as, to live poorly.

Poorly (adv.) With little or no success; indifferently; with little profit or advantage; as, to do poorly in business.

Poorly (adv.) Meanly; without spirit.

Poorly (adv.) Without skill or merit; as, he performs poorly.

Pop (adv.) Like a pop; suddenly; unexpectedly.

Popularly (adv.) In a popular manner; so as to be generally favored or accepted by the people; commonly; currently; as, the story was popularity reported.

Porously (adv.) In a porous manner.

Posingly (adv.) So as to pose or puzzle.

Positively (adv.) In a positive manner; absolutely; really; expressly; with certainty; indubitably; peremptorily; dogmatically; -- opposed to negatively.

Possessively (adv.) In a possessive manner.

Possibly (adv.) In a possible manner; by possible means; especially, by extreme, remote, or improbable intervention, change, or exercise of power; by a chance; perhaps; as, possibly he may recover.

Post (adv.) With post horses; hence, in haste; as, to travel post.

Posteriorly (adv.) Subsequently in time; also, behind in position.

Posthaste (adv.) With speed or expedition; as, he traveled posthaste; to send posthaste.

Posthumously (adv.) In a posthumous manner; after one's decease.

Potentially (adv.) With power; potently.

Potentially (adv.) In a potential manner; possibly, not positively.

Potently (adv.) With great force or energy; powerfully; efficaciously.

Poureliche (adv.) Poorly.

Poutingly (adv.) In a pouting, or a sullen, manner.

Practically (adv.) In a practical way; not theoretically; really; as, to look at things practically; practically worthless.

Practically (adv.) By means of practice or use; by experience or experiment; as, practically wise or skillful; practically acquainted with a subject.

Practically (adv.) In practice or use; as, a medicine practically safe; theoretically wrong, but practically right.

Practically (adv.) Almost.

Pragmatically (adv.) In a pragmatical manner.

Praisably (adv.) In a praisable manner.

Praiseworthily (adv.) In a praiseworthy manner.

Pratingly (adv.) With idle talk; with loquacity.

Prayingly (adv.) With supplication to God.

Precedently (adv.) Beforehand; antecedently.

Preciously (adv.) In a precious manner; expensively; extremely; dearly. Also used ironically.

Precipitantly (adv.) With rash or foolish haste; in headlong manner.

Precipitately (adv.) In a precipitate manner; headlong; hastily; rashly.

Precociously (adv.) In a precocious manner.

Predatorily (adv.) In a predatory manner.

Predominantly (adv.) In a predominant manner.

Preedy (adv.) With ease.

Preeminently (adv.) In a preeminent degree.

Prefatorily (adv.) In a prefatory manner; by way of preface.

Preferably (adv.) In preference; by choice.

Pregnantly (adv.) In a pregnant manner; fruitfully; significantly.

Pregnantly (adv.) Unresistingly; openly; hence, clearly; evidently.

Prejudicately (adv.) With prejudice.

Prelatically (adv.) In a prelatical manner; with reference to prelates.

Preliminarily (adv.) In a preliminary manner.

Prelusorily (adv.) In a prelusory way.

Premeditately (adv.) With premeditation.

Preparatively (adv.) By way of preparation.

Prepensely (adv.) In a premeditated manner.

Preponderatingly (adv.) In a preponderating manner; preponderantly.

Prerogatively (adv.) By prerogative.

Presciently (adv.) With prescience or foresight.

Prescriptively (adv.) By prescription.

Presently (adv.) At present; at this time; now.

Presently (adv.) At once; without delay; forthwith; also, less definitely, soon; shortly; before long; after a little while; by and by.

Presently (adv.) With actual presence; actually .

Pressly (adv.) Closely; concisely.

Prestissimo (adv.) Very quickly; with great rapidity.

Presumably (adv.) In a presumable manner; by, or according to, presumption.

Presumedly (adv.) By presumption.

Presumingly (adv.) Confidently; arrogantly.

Presumptively (adv.) By presumption, or supposition grounded or probability; presumably.

Presumptuously (adv.) In a presumptuous manner; arrogantly.

Pretendingly (adv.) As by right or title; arrogantly; presumptuously.

Preternaturally (adv.) In a preternatural manner or degree.

Prettily (adv.) In a pretty manner.

Pretty (adv.) In some degree; moderately; considerably; rather; almost; -- less emphatic than very; as, I am pretty sure of the fact; pretty cold weather.

Prevailingly (adv.) So as to prevail.

Prevalently (adv.) In a prevalent manner.

Preventingly (adv.) So as to prevent or hinder.

Preventively (adv.) In a preventive manner.

Previously (adv.) Beforehand; antecedently; as, a plan previously formed.

Pridingly (adv.) Proudly.

Primarily (adv.) In a primary manner; in the first place; in the first place; in the first intention; originally.

Primely (adv.) At first; primarily.

Primely (adv.) In a prime manner; excellently.

Primevally (adv.) In a primeval manner; in or from the earliest times; originally.

Primitively (adv.) Originally; at first.

Primitively (adv.) Primarily; not derivatively.

Primitively (adv.) According to the original rule or ancient practice; in the ancient style.

Primly (adv.) In a prim or precise manner.

Primordially (adv.) At the beginning; under the first order of things; originally.

Princely (adv.) In a princely manner.

Principally (adv.) In a principal manner; primarily; above all; chiefly; mainly.

Priorly (adv.) Previously.

Prismatically (adv.) In the form or manner of a prism; by means of a prism.

Privately (adv.) In a private manner; not openly; without the presence of others.

Privately (adv.) In a manner affecting an individual; personally not officially; as, he is not privately benefited.

Privatively (adv.) In a privative manner; by the absence of something; negatively.

Privily (adv.) In a privy manner; privately; secretly.

Pro (adv.) For, on, or in behalf of, the affirmative side; -- in contrast with con.

Probably (adv.) In a probable manner; in likelihood.

Prodigally (adv.) In a prodigal manner; with profusion of expense; extravagantly; wasteful; profusely; lavishly; as, an estate prodigally dissipated.

Prodigiously (adv.) Enormously; wonderfully; astonishingly; as, prodigiously great.

Prodigiously (adv.) Very much; extremely; as, he was prodigiously pleased.

Profanely (adv.) In a profane manner.

Professedly (adv.) By profession.

Professionally (adv.) In a professional manner or capacity; by profession or calling; in the exercise of one's profession; one employed professionally.

Proficiently (adv.) In a proficient manner.

Profligately (adv.) In a profligate manner.

Profoundly (adv.) In a profound manner.

Profusely (adv.) In a profuse manner.

Proleptically (adv.) In a proleptical manner.

Prolixly (adv.) In a prolix manner.

Prominently (adv.) In a prominent manner.

Promiscuously (adv.) In a promiscuous manner.

Promissorily (adv.) In a promissory manner.

Promptly (adv.) In a prompt manner.

Pronely (adv.) In a prone manner or position.

Pronominally (adv.) In a pronominal manner/ with the nature or office of a pronoun; as a pronoun.

Proper (adv.) Properly; hence, to a great degree; very; as, proper good.

Properly (adv.) In a proper manner; suitably; fitly; strictly; rightly; as, a word properly applied; a dress properly adjusted.

Properly (adv.) Individually; after one's own manner.

Prophetically (adv.) In a prophetical manner; by way of prediction.

Propitiatorily (adv.) By way of propitiation.

Proportionably (adv.) Proportionally.

Proportionally (adv.) In proportion; in due degree; adapted relatively; as, all parts of the building are proportionally large.

Proportionately (adv.) In a proportionate manner; with due proportion; proportionally.

Prosily (adv.) In a prosy manner.

Prosingly (adv.) Prosily.

Prosodiacally (adv.) Prosodically.

Prospectively (adv.) In a prospective manner.

Proteanly (adv.) In a protean manner.

Protectingly (adv.) By way of protection; in a protective manner.

Protestantly (adv.) Like a Protestant; in conformity with Protestantism.

Protestingly (adv.) By way of protesting.

Protrusively (adv.) In a protrusive manner.

Proudly (adv.) In a proud manner; with lofty airs or mien; haughtily; arrogantly; boastfully.

Proverbially (adv.) In a proverbial manner; by way of proverb; hence, commonly; universally; as, it is proverbially said; the bee is proverbially busy.

Providently (adv.) In a provident manner.

Provincially (adv.) In a provincial manner.

Provisionally (adv.) By way of provision for the time being; temporarily.

Provisorily (adv.) In a provisory manner; conditionally; subject to a proviso; as, to admit a doctrine provisorily.

Proximad (adv.) Toward a proximal part; on the proximal side of; proximally.

Proximally (adv.) On or toward a proximal part; proximad.

Proximately (adv.) In a proximate manner, position, or degree; immediately.

Prudentially (adv.) In a prudential manner; prudently.

Prudently (adv.) In a prudent manner.

Prudishly (adv.) In a prudish manner.

Pryingly (adv.) In a prying manner.

Publicly (adv.) With exposure to popular view or notice; without concealment; openly; as, property publicly offered for sale; an opinion publicly avowed; a declaration publicly made.

Publicly (adv.) In the name of the community.

Puerilely (adv.) In a puerile manner; childishly.

Puffingly (adv.) In a puffing manner; with vehement breathing or shortness of breath; with exaggerated praise.

Puissantly (adv.) In a puissant manner; powerfully; with great strength.

Pulingly (adv.) With whining or complaint.

Punctually (adv.) In a punctual manner; promptly; exactly.

Pungently (adv.) In a pungent manner; sharply.

Purely (adv.) In a pure manner (in any sense of the adjective).

Purely (adv.) Nicely; prettily.

Purgatively (adv.) In a purgative manner.

Puritanically (adv.) In a puritanical manner.

Purposedly (adv.) In a purposed manner; according to purpose or design; purposely.

Purposely (adv.) With purpose or design; intentionally; with predetermination; designedly.

Pursuant (adv.) Alt. of Pursuantly

Pursuantly (adv.) Agreeably; conformably.

Pusillanimously (adv.) With pusillanimity.

Puzzlingly (adv.) In a puzzling manner.

Pyramidally (adv.) Like a pyramid.

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