Adverbs Starting with S

Sacerdotally (adv.) In a sacerdotal manner.

Sacramentally (adv.) In a sacramental manner.

Sadly (adv.) Wearily; heavily; firmly.

Sadly (adv.) Seriously; soberly; gravely.

Sadly (adv.) Grievously; deeply; sorrowfully; miserably.

Safely (adv.) In a safe manner; danger, injury, loss, or evil consequences.

Sagely (adv.) In a sage manner; wisely.

Saleable (adv.) Alt. of Saleably

Saleably (adv.) See Salable, Salably, etc.

Saliently (adv.) In a salient manner.

Saltirewise (adv.) In the manner of a saltire; -- said especially of the blazoning of a shield divided by two

Saltly (adv.) With taste of salt; in a salt manner.

Salutatorily (adv.) By way of salutation.

Salutiferously (adv.) Salutarily.

Sanctifyingly (adv.) In a manner or degree tending to sanctify or make holy.

Sanguinarily (adv.) In a sanguinary manner.

Sanguinely (adv.) In a sanguine manner.

Sans-souci (adv.) Without care; free and easy.

Sapiently (adv.) In a sapient manner.

Sarcastically (adv.) In a sarcastic manner.

Satisfyingly (adv.) So as to satisfy; satisfactorily.

Saucily (adv.) In a saucy manner; impudently; with impertinent boldness.

Saufly (adv.) Safely.

Savagely (adv.) In a savage manner.

Savely (adv.) Safely.

Savingly (adv.) In a saving manner; with frugality or parsimony.

Savingly (adv.) So as to be finally saved from eternal death.

Savorily (adv.) In a savory manner.

Savorly (adv.) In a savory manner.

Scabbily (adv.) In a scabby manner.

Scamblingly (adv.) In a scambling manner; with turbulence and noise; with bold intrusiveness.

Scandalously (adv.) In a manner to give offense; shamefully.

Scandalously (adv.) With a disposition to impute immorality or wrong.

Scant (adv.) In a scant manner; with difficulty; scarcely; hardly.

Scantily (adv.) In a scanty manner; not fully; not plentifully; sparingly; parsimoniously.

Scantly (adv.) In a scant manner; not fully or sufficiently; narrowly; penuriously.

Scantly (adv.) Scarcely; hardly; barely.

Scarce (adv.) Alt. of Scarcely

Scarcely (adv.) With difficulty; hardly; scantly; barely; but just.

Scarcely (adv.) Frugally; penuriously.

Scasely (adv.) Scarcely; hardly.

Scatteringly (adv.) In a scattering manner; dispersedly.

Scentingly (adv.) By scent.

Scherzando (adv.) In a playful or sportive manner.

Scholarly (adv.) In a scholarly manner.

Scholastically (adv.) In a scholastic manner.

Schoolward (adv.) Toward school.

Sciatically (adv.) With, or by means of, sciatica.

Scienter (adv.) Knowingly; willfully.

Scientifically (adv.) In a scientific manner; according to the rules or principles of science.

Scilicet (adv.) To wit; namely; videlicet; -- often abbreviated to sc., or ss.

Scintillously (adv.) In a scintillant manner.

Scoffingly (adv.) In a scoffing manner.

Scoldingly (adv.) In a scolding manner.

Scowlingly (adv.) In a scowling manner.

Scraggily (adv.) In a scraggy manner.

Scrappily (adv.) In a scrappy manner; in scraps.

Scratching (adv.) With the action of scratching.

Scribblingly (adv.) In a scribbling manner.

Scrimpingly (adv.) In a scrimping manner.

Scripturally (adv.) In a scriptural manner.

Scurvily (adv.) In a scurvy manner.

Seaboard (adv.) Toward the sea.

Seaward (adv.) Toward the sea.

Secondarily (adv.) In a secondary manner or degree.

Secondarily (adv.) Secondly; in the second place.

Secondly (adv.) In the second place.

Secrely (adv.) Secretly.

Secretly (adv.) In a secret manner.

Sectionally (adv.) In a sectional manner.

Secularly (adv.) In a secular or worldly manner.

Securely (adv.) In a secure manner; without fear or apprehension; without danger; safely.

Sedentarily (adv.) In a sedentary manner.

Seductively (adv.) In a seductive manner.

Seelily (adv.) In a silly manner.

Seemingly (adv.) In appearance; in show; in semblance; apparently; ostensibly.

Seemlily (adv.) In a seemly manner.

Seld (adv.) Rarely; seldom.

Selden (adv.) Seldom.

Selectedly (adv.) With care and selection.

Selfishly (adv.) In a selfish manner; with regard to private interest only or chiefly.

Self-reprovingly (adv.) In a self-reproving way.

Semaphorically (adv.) By means of a semaphore.

Semblably (adv.) In like manner.

Semiannually (adv.) Every half year.

Semimonthly (adv.) In a semimonthly manner; at intervals of half a month.

Semioccasionally (adv.) Once in a while; on rare occasions.

Semiweekly (adv.) At intervals of half a week each.

Sempre (adv.) Always; throughout; as, sempre piano, always soft.

Senatorially (adv.) In a senatorial manner.

Sens (adv.) Since.

Sensibly (adv.) In a sensible manner; so as to be perceptible to the senses or to the mind; appreciably; with perception; susceptibly; sensitively.

Sensibly (adv.) With intelligence or good sense; judiciously.

Sensually (adv.) In a sensual manner.

Sententially (adv.) In a sentential manner.

Sentiently (adv.) In a sentient or perceptive way.

Sentimentally (adv.) In a sentimental manner.

Septennially (adv.) Once in seven years.

Septentrionally (adv.) Northerly.

Septically (adv.) In a septic manner; in a manner tending to promote putrefaction.

Serenely (adv.) In a serene manner; clearly.

Serenely (adv.) With unruffled temper; coolly; calmly.

Serially (adv.) In a series, or regular order; in a serial manner; as, arranged serially; published serially.

Seriatim (adv.) In regular order; one after the other; severally.

Serpentinely (adv.) In a serpentine manner.

Servilely (adv.) In a servile manner; slavishly.

Sevenfold (adv.) Seven times as much or as often.

Seventhly (adv.) In the seventh place.

Several (adv.) By itself; severally.

Severally (adv.) Separately; distinctly; apart from others; individually.

Sexangularly (adv.) Hexagonally.

Sexennially (adv.) Once in six years.

Sexually (adv.) In a sexual manner or relation.

Shabbily (adv.) In a shabby manner.

Shadily (adv.) In a shady manner.

Shallowly (adv.) In a shallow manner.

Sharp (adv.) To a point or edge; piercingly; eagerly; sharply.

Sharp (adv.) Precisely; exactly; as, we shall start at ten o'clock sharp.

Sharply (adv.) In a sharp manner,; keenly; acutely.

Sheenly (adv.) Brightly.

Sheer (adv.) Clean; quite; at once.

Sheerly (adv.) At once; absolutely.

Shiftingly (adv.) In a shifting manner.

Shill-I-shall-I (adv.) Alt. of Shilly-shally

Shilly-shally (adv.) In an irresolute, undecided, or hesitating manner.

Shily (adv.) See Shyly.

Shipshape (adv.) In a shipshape or seamanlike manner.

Shiveringly (adv.) In a shivering manner.

Shoreward (adv.) Toward the shore.

Short (adv.) Not prolonged, or relatively less prolonged, in utterance; -- opposed to long, and applied to vowels or to syllables. In English, the long and short of the same letter are not, in most cases, the long and short of the same sound; thus, the i in ill is the short sound, not of i in isle, but of ee in eel, and the e in pet is the short sound of a in pate, etc. See Quantity, and Guide to Pronunciation, //22, 30.

Short (adv.) In a short manner; briefly; limitedly; abruptly; quickly; as, to stop short in one's course; to turn short.

Shortly (adv.) In a short or brief time or manner; soon; quickly.

Shortly (adv.) In few words; briefly; abruptly; curtly; as, to express ideas more shortly in verse than in prose.

Showily (adv.) In a showy manner; pompously; with parade.

Shrilly (adv.) In a shrill manner; acutely; with a sharp sound or voice.

Shrinkingly (adv.) In a shrinking manner.

Shudderingly (adv.) In a shuddering manner.

Shuttlewise (adv.) Back and forth, like the movement of a shuttle.

Shyly (adv.) In a shy or timid manner; not familiarly; with reserve.

Sic (adv.) Thus.

Sicker (adv.) Alt. of Siker

Siker (adv.) Surely; certainly.

Sickerly (adv.) Alt. of Sikerly

Sikerly (adv.) Surely; securely.

Sickly (adv.) In a sick manner or condition; ill.

Sideling (adv.) Sidelong; on the side; laterally; also, obliquely; askew.

Sidelong (adv.) Laterally; obliquely; in the direction of the side.

Sidelong (adv.) On the side; as, to lay a thing sidelong.

Sideways (adv.) Toward the side; sidewise.

Sidewise (adv.) On or toward one side; laterally; sideways.

Sigmoidally (adv.) In a sigmoidal manner.

Signally (adv.) In a signal manner; eminently.

Significantly (adv.) In a significant manner.

Silently (adv.) In a silent manner.

Sillily (adv.) In a silly manner; foolishly.

Silverly (adv.) Like silver in appearance or in sound.

Similarly (adv.) In a similar manner.

Simperingly (adv.) In a simpering manner.

Simply (adv.) In a simple manner or state; considered in or by itself; without addition; along; merely; solely; barely.

Simply (adv.) Plainly; without art or subtlety.

Simply (adv.) Weakly; foolishly.

Since (adv.) From a definite past time until now; as, he went a month ago, and I have not seen him since.

Since (adv.) In the time past, counting backward from the present; before this or now; ago.

Since (adv.) When or that.

Sincerely (adv.) In a sincere manner.

Sincerely (adv.) Purely; without alloy.

Sincerely (adv.) Honestly; unfeignedly; without dissimulation; as, to speak one's mind sincerely; to love virtue sincerely.

Singingly (adv.) With sounds like singing; with a kind of tune; in a singing tone.

Singly (adv.) Individually; particularly; severally; as, to make men singly and personally good.

Singly (adv.) Only; by one's self; alone.

Singly (adv.) Without partners, companions, or associates; single-handed; as, to attack another singly.

Singly (adv.) Honestly; sincerely; simply.

Singly (adv.) Singularly; peculiarly.

Singularly (adv.) In a singular manner; in a manner, or to a degree, not common to others; extraordinarily; as, to be singularly exact in one's statements; singularly considerate of others.

Singularly (adv.) Strangely; oddly; as, to behave singularly.

Singularly (adv.) So as to express one, or the singular number.

Sinisterly (adv.) In a sinister manner.

Sinistrad (adv.) Toward the left side; sinistrally.

Sinistrally (adv.) Toward the left; in a sinistral manner.

Sinistrously (adv.) In a sinistrous manner; perversely; wrongly; unluckily.

Sinistrously (adv.) With a tendency to use the left hand.

Sixthly (adv.) In the sixth place.

Sketchily (adv.) In a sketchy or incomplete manner.

Skew (adv.) Awry; obliquely; askew.

Skew (adv.) To shape or form in an oblique way; to cause to take an oblique position.

Skew (adv.) To throw or hurl obliquely.

Skimmingly (adv.) In a skimming manner.

Skippingly (adv.) In a skipping manner; by skips, or light leaps.

Skulkingly (adv.) In a skulking manner.

Slack (adv.) Slackly; as, slack dried hops.

Slackly (adv.) In a slack manner.

Slam-bang (adv.) With great violence; with a slamming or banging noise.

Slantwise (adv.) Alt. of Slantly

Slantly (adv.) In an inc

Slapdash (adv.) In a bold, careless manner; at random.

Slapdash (adv.) With a slap; all at once; slap.

Slatternly (adv.) In a slatternly manner.

Sleek (adv.) With ease and dexterity.

Sleekly (adv.) In a sleek manner; smoothly.

Sleepily (adv.) In a sleepy manner; drowsily.

Sleightly (adv.) Cinningly.

Slight (adv.) Slightly.

Slightingly (adv.) In a slighting manner.

Slightly (adv.) In a slight manner.

Slightly (adv.) Slightingly; negligently.

Slily (adv.) See Slyly.

Slimily (adv.) In a slimy manner.

Slimly (adv.) In a state of slimness; in a slim manner; slenderly.

Slipperily (adv.) In a slippery manner.

Slope (adv.) In a sloping manner.

Slopewise (adv.) Obliquely.

Slovenly (adv.) a slovenly manner.

Slow (adv.) Slowly.

Slowly (adv.) In a slow manner; moderately; not rapidly; not early; not rashly; not readly; tardly.

Slubberingly (adv.) In a slovenly, or hurried and imperfect, manner.

Slumberingly (adv.) In a slumbering manner.

Sly (adv.) Slyly.

Slyly (adv.) In a sly manner; shrewdly; craftily.

Smack (adv.) As if with a smack or slap.

Small (adv.) In or to small extent, quantity, or degree; little; slightly.

Small (adv.) Not loudly; faintly; timidly.

Smally (adv.) In a small quantity or degree; with minuteness.

Smartly (adv.) In a smart manner.

Smickly (adv.) Smugly; finically.

Smilingly (adv.) In a smiling manner.

Smirkingly (adv.) With smirking; with a smirk.

Smokily (adv.) In a smoky manner.

Smooth (adv.) Smoothly.

Smoothly (adv.) In a smooth manner.

Smotheringly (adv.) In a smothering manner.

Smugly (adv.) In a smug manner.

Snail-like (adv.) In the manner of a snail; slowly.

Snatchingly (adv.) By snatching; abruptly.

Sneeringly (adv.) In a sneering manner.

Snuffingly (adv.) In a snuffing manner.

Snugly (adv.) In a snug manner; closely; safely.

So (adv.) In that manner or degree; as, indicated (in any way), or as implied, or as supposed to be known.

So (adv.) In like manner or degree; in the same way; thus; for like reason; whith equal reason; -- used correlatively, following as, to denote comparison or resemblance; sometimes, also, following inasmuch as.

So (adv.) In such manner; to such degree; -- used correlatively with as or that following; as, he was so fortunate as to escape.

So (adv.) Very; in a high degree; that is, in such a degree as can not well be expressed; as, he is so good; he planned so wisely.

So (adv.) In the same manner; as has been stated or suggested; in this or that condition or state; under these circumstances; in this way; -- with reflex reference to something just asserted or implied; used also with the verb to be, as a predicate.

So (adv.) The case being such; therefore; on this account; for this reason; on these terms; -- used both as an adverb and a conjuction.

So (adv.) It is well; let it be as it is, or let it come to pass; -- used to express assent.

So (adv.) Well; the fact being as stated; -- used as an expletive; as, so the work is done, is it?

So (adv.) Is it thus? do you mean what you say? -- with an upward tone; as, do you say he refuses? So?

So (adv.) About the number, time, or quantity specified; thereabouts; more or less; as, I will spend a week or so in the country; I have read only a page or so.

Soavemente (adv.) Sweetly.

Soberly (adv.) In a sober manner; temperately; cooly; calmly; gravely; seriously.

Sociably (adv.) In a sociable manner.

Socially (adv.) In a social manner; sociably.

Socratically (adv.) In the Socratic method.

Soft (adv.) Softly; without roughness or harshness; gently; quietly.

Softly (adv.) In a soft manner.

Solecistically (adv.) In a solecistic manner.

Solely (adv.) Singly; alone; only; without another; as, to rest a cause solely one argument; to rely solelyn one's own strength.

Solemnly (adv.) In a solemn manner; with gravity; seriously; formally.

Solidly (adv.) In a solid manner; densely; compactly; firmly; truly.

Solitarily (adv.) In a solitary manner; in solitude; alone.

Soly (adv.) Solely.

Somberly (adv.) Alt. of Sombrely

Sombrely (adv.) In a somber manner; sombrously; gloomily; despondingly.

Somedeal (adv.) In some degree; somewhat.

Somehow (adv.) In one way or another; in some way not yet known or designated; by some means; as, the thing must be done somehow; he lives somehow.

Something (adv.) In some degree; somewhat; to some extent; at some distance.

Sometime (adv.) At a past time indefinitely referred to; once; formerly.

Sometime (adv.) At a time undefined; once in a while; now and then; sometimes.

Sometime (adv.) At one time or other hereafter; as, I will do it sometime.

Sometimes (adv.) Formerly; sometime.

Sometimes (adv.) At times; at intervals; now and then;occasionally.

Somewhat (adv.) In some degree or measure; a little.

Somewhen (adv.) At some indefinite time.

Somewhere (adv.) In some place unknown or not specified; in one place or another.

Somewhile (adv.) Once; for a time.

Somewhither (adv.) To some indeterminate place; to some place or other.

Soon (adv.) In a short time; shortly after any time specified or supposed; as, soon after sunrise.

Soon (adv.) Without the usual delay; before any time supposed; early.

Soon (adv.) Promptly; quickly; easily.

Soon (adv.) Readily; willingly; -- in this sense used with would, or some other word expressing will.

Soonly (adv.) Soon.

Soothfast (adv.) Soothly; really; in fact.

Soothingly (adv.) In a soothing manner.

Soothly (adv.) In truth; truly; really; verily.

Sopra (adv.) Above; before; over; upon.

Sordidly (adv.) In a sordid manner.

Sorely (adv.) In a sore manner; grievously; painfully; as, to be sorely afflicted.

Sorrily (adv.) In a sorry manner; poorly.

Sortably (adv.) Suitable.

So-so (adv.) Tolerably; passably.

Soullessly (adv.) In a soulless manner.

Sound (adv.) Soundly.

Soundly (adv.) In a sound manner.

Sourly (adv.) In a sour manner; with sourness.

Souse (adv.) With a sudden swoop; violently.

South (adv.) Toward the south; southward.

South (adv.) From the south; as, the wind blows south.

Southeaster (adv.) Toward the southeast.

Southeastward (adv.) Alt. of Southeastwardly

Southeastwardly (adv.) Toward the southeast.

Southernly (adv.) In a southerly manner or course; southward.

Southly (adv.) Southerly.

Southward (adv.) Alt. of Southwards

Southwards (adv.) Toward the south, or toward a point nearer the south than the east or west point; as, to go southward.

Southwardly (adv.) In a southern direction.

Southwestward (adv.) Alt. of Southwestwardly

Southwestwardly (adv.) Toward the southwest.

Sovereignly (adv.) In a sovereign manner; in the highest degree; supremely.

Spacially (adv.) See Spatially.

Sparely (adv.) In a spare manner; sparingly.

Sparsedly (adv.) Sparsely.

Sparsely (adv.) In a scattered or sparse manner.

Sparsim (adv.) Sparsely; scatteredly; here and there.

Spastically (adv.) Spasmodically.

Spatially (adv.) As regards space.

Specially (adv.) In a special manner; particularly; especially.

Specially (adv.) For a particular purpose; as, a meeting of the legislature is specially summoned.

Specifically (adv.) In a specific manner.

Spectrally (adv.) In the form or manner of a specter.

Speedfully (adv.) In a speedful manner.

Speedily (adv.) In a speedy manner.

Spicily (adv.) In a spicy manner.

Spirally (adv.) In a spiral form, manner, or direction.

Spiritally (adv.) By means of the breath.

Spiritually (adv.) In a spiritual manner; with purity of spirit; like a spirit.

Spitously (adv.) Spitefully.

Splendidly (adv.) In a splendid manner; magnificently.

Splenetically (adv.) In a splenetical manner.

Spoonily (adv.) In a spoony manner.

Sporadically (adv.) In a sporadic manner.

Sportingly (adv.) In sport; sportively.

Spreadingly (adv.) Increasingly.

Spruntly (adv.) In a sprunt manner; smartly; vigorously; youthfully.

Squab (adv.) With a heavy fall; plump.

Squalidly (adv.) In a squalid manner.

Squanderingly (adv.) In a squandering manner.

Squarely (adv.) In a square form or manner.

Squeakingly (adv.) In a squeaking manner.

Stabbingly (adv.) By stabbing; with intent to injure covertly.

Stably (adv.) In a stable manner; firmly; fixedly; steadily; as, a government stably settled.

Staggeringly (adv.) In a staggering manner.

Stagnantly (adv.) In a stagnant manner.

Staidly (adv.) In a staid manner, sedately.

Stainlessly (adv.) In a stainless manner.

Stalely (adv.) In a state stale manner.

Stalely (adv.) Of old; long since.

Stalwartly (adv.) In a stalwart manner.

Stanchly (adv.) In a stanch manner.

Starchly (adv.) In a starched or starch manner.

Staringly (adv.) With a staring look.

Stark (adv.) Wholly; entirely; absolutely; quite; as, stark mind.

Starkly (adv.) In a stark manner; stiffly; strongly.

Startingly (adv.) By sudden fits or starts; spasmodically.

Startlingly (adv.) In a startling manner.

Starvedly (adv.) In the condition of one starved or starving; parsimoniously.

Statarianly (adv.) Fixedly; steadly.

Statedly (adv.) At stated times; regularly.

Statelily (adv.) In a stately manner.

Stately (adv.) Majestically; loftily.

Statically (adv.) In a statical manner.

Statistically (adv.) In the way of statistics.

Statuesquely (adv.) In a statuesque manner; in a way suggestive of a statue; like a statue.

Statutably (adv.) Conformably to statute.

Stayedly (adv.) Staidly. See Staidly.

Steadfastly (adv.) In a steadfast manner; firmly.

Steadily (adv.) In a steady manner.

Stealingly (adv.) By stealing, or as by stealing, furtively, or by an invisible motion.

Stealthily (adv.) In a stealthy manner.

Sted (adv.) Alt. of Stedfastly

Stedfast (adv.) Alt. of Stedfastly

Stedfastly (adv.) See Stead, Steadfast, etc.

Steeply (adv.) In a steep manner; with steepness; with precipitous declivity.

Stereographically (adv.) In a stereographical manner; by de

Sternforemost (adv.) With the stern, instead of the bow, in advance; hence, figuratively, in an awkward, blundering manner.

Sternly (adv.) In a stern manner.

Stewardly (adv.) In a manner, or with the care, of a steward.

Stiffly (adv.) In a stiff manner.

Stigmatically (adv.) With a stigma, or mark of infamy or deformity.

Still (adv.) Motionless; at rest; quiet; as, to stand still; to lie or sit still.

Still (adv.) Uttering no sound; silent; as, the audience is still; the animals are still.

Still (adv.) Not disturbed by noise or agitation; quiet; calm; as, a still evening; a still atmosphere.

Still (adv.) Comparatively quiet or silent; soft; gentle; low.

Still (adv.) Constant; continual.

Still (adv.) Not effervescing; not sparkling; as, still wines.

Stilly (adv.) In a still manner; quietly; silently; softly.

Stingily (adv.) In a stingy manner.

Stinkingly (adv.) In a stinking manner; with an offensive smell.

Stonily (adv.) In a stony manner.

Stormily (adv.) In a stormy manner.

Stoutly (adv.) In a stout manner; lustily; boldly; obstinately; as, he stoutly defended himself.

Stragglingly (adv.) In a straggling manner.

Straight (adv.) In a straight manner; directly; rightly; forthwith; immediately; as, the arrow went straight to the mark.

Straightforth (adv.) Straightway.

Straightforward (adv.) In a straightforward manner.

Straightly (adv.) In a right

Straightly (adv.) A variant of Straitly. See 1st Straight.

Straightway (adv.) Immediately; without loss of time; without delay.

Straightways (adv.) Straightway.

Strainably (adv.) Violently.

Strait (adv.) Strictly; rigorously.

Straitly (adv.) In a strait manner; narrowly; strictly; rigorously.

Straitly (adv.) Closely; intimately.

Strange (adv.) Strangely.

Strangely (adv.) As something foreign, or not one's own; in a manner adapted to something foreign and strange.

Strangely (adv.) In the manner of one who does not know another; distantly; reservedly; coldly.

Strangely (adv.) In a strange manner; in a manner or degree to excite surprise or wonder; wonderfully.

Streite (adv.) Narrowly; strictly; straitly.

Strictly (adv.) In a strict manner; closely; precisely.

Strongly (adv.) In a strong manner; so as to be strong in action or in resistance; with strength; with great force; forcibly; powerfully; firmly; vehemently; as, a town strongly fortified; he objected strongly.

Studiedly (adv.) In a studied manner.

Stumblingly (adv.) In a stumbling manner.

Sturdily (adv.) In a sturdy manner.

Subito (adv.) In haste; quickly; rapidly.

Sublimely (adv.) In a sublime manner.

Submissly (adv.) In a submissive manner; with a submission.

Subobscurely (adv.) Somewhat obscurely or darkly.

Subsequently (adv.) At a later time; afterwards.

Subserviently (adv.) In a subservient manner.

Subsidiarily (adv.) In a subsidiary manner; so as to assist.

Substantially (adv.) In a substantial manner; in substance; essentially.

Substantively (adv.) In a substantive manner; in substance; essentially.

Substantively (adv.) As a substantive, name, or noun; as, an adjective may be used substantively.

Subtly (adv.) In a subtle manner; slyly; artfully; cunningly.

Subtly (adv.) Nicely; delicately.

Subtly (adv.) Deceitfully; delusively.

Successively (adv.) In a successive manner.

Succulently (adv.) In a succulent manner.

Suchwise (adv.) In a such a manner; so.

Sudden (adv.) Suddenly; unexpectedly.

Suently (adv.) Evenly; smoothly.

Sufficiently (adv.) To a sufficient degree; to a degree that answers the purpose, or gives content; enough; as, we are sufficiently supplied with food; a man sufficiently qualified for the discharge of his official duties.

Suicide (adv.) The act of taking one's own life voluntary and intentionally; self-murder; specifically (Law), the felonious killing of one's self; the deliberate and intentional destruction of one's own life by a person of years of discretion and of sound mind.

Suicide (adv.) One guilty of self-murder; a felo-de-se.

Suicide (adv.) Ruin of one's own interests.

Suingly (adv.) In succession; afterwards.

Sulkily (adv.) In a sulky manner.

Sultryly (adv.) In a sultry manner.

Summarily (adv.) In a summary manner.

Sundrily (adv.) In sundry ways; variously.

Sunward (adv.) Toward the sun.

Sunwise (adv.) In the direction of the sun's apparent motion, or from the east southward and westward, and so around the circle; also, in the same direction as the movement of the hands of a watch lying face upward.

Superiorly (adv.) In a superior position or manner.

Supernaturally (adv.) In a supernatural manner.

Supplely (adv.) In a supple manner; softly; pliantly; mildly.

Supplicatingly (adv.) In a supplicating manner.

Supra (adv.) Over; above; before; also, beyond; besides; -- much used as a prefix.

Supremely (adv.) In a supreme manner.

Sure (adv.) In a sure manner; safely; certainly.

Surely (adv.) In a sure or certain manner; certainly; infallibly; undoubtedly; assuredly.

Surely (adv.) Without danger; firmly; steadly; securely.

Surgically (adv.) By means of surgery.

Surlily (adv.) In a surly manner.

Suspensely (adv.) In suspense.

Susurringly (adv.) In the manner of a whisper.

Suturally (adv.) In a sutural manner.

Swa (adv.) So.

Swarthily (adv.) In a swarthy manner; with a tawny hue; duskily.

Sweatily (adv.) In a sweaty manner.

Sweet (adv.) Sweetly.

Sweetly (adv.) In a sweet manner.

Swift (adv.) Swiftly.

Swiftly (adv.) In a swift manner; with quick motion or velocity; fleetly.

Swimmingly (adv.) In an easy, gliding manner, as if swimming; smoothly; successfully; prosperously.

Swithe (adv.) Instantly; quickly; speedily; rapidly.

Swoopstake (adv.) Altogether; indiscriminately.

Swythe (adv.) Quickly. See Swithe.

Syllabically (adv.) In a syllabic manner.

Syllogistically (adv.) In a syllogistic manner.

Sympathetically (adv.) In a sympathetic manner.

Syne (adv.) Afterwards; since; ago.

Syne (adv.) Late, -- as opposed to soon.

Synecdochically (adv.) By synecdoche.

Synodically (adv.) In a synodical manner; in a synod; by the authority of a synod.

Synonymally (adv.) Synonymously.

Synthetically (adv.) In a synthetic manner.

Syphilitically (adv.) In a syphilitic manner; with venereal disease.

Systematically (adv.) In a systematic manner; methodically.

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