Adverbs Starting with T

Tailoring (adv.) The business or the work of a tailor or a tailoress.

Taintlessly (adv.) In a taintless manner.

Talewise (adv.) In a way of a tale or story.

Tamely (adv.) In a tame manner.

Tangentially (adv.) In the direction of a tangent.

Tanglingly (adv.) In a tangling manner.

Tantalizingly (adv.) In a tantalizing or teasing manner.

Tantivy (adv.) Swiftly; speedily; rapidly; -- a fox-hunting term; as, to ride tantivy.

Tardily (adv.) In a tardy manner; slowly.

Tartly (adv.) In a tart manner; with acidity.

Tastily (adv.) In a tasty manner.

Tauntingly (adv.) In a taunting manner.

Tawdrily (adv.) In a tawdry manner.

Techily (adv.) In a techy manner.

Technically (adv.) In a technical manner; according to the signification of terms as used in any art, business, or profession.

Tectly (adv.) Covertly; privately; secretly.

Teetotally (adv.) Entirely; totally.

Telarly (adv.) In a weblike manner.

Telephonically (adv.) By telephonic means or processes; by the use of the telephone.

Telescopically (adv.) In a telescopical manner; by or with the telescope.

Temperately (adv.) In a temperate manner.

Temporally (adv.) In a temporal manner; secularly.

Temporarily (adv.) In a temporary manner; for a time.

Temporizingly (adv.) In a temporizing or yielding manner.

Tenderly (adv.) In a tender manner; with tenderness; mildly; gently; softly; in a manner not to injure or give pain; with pity or affection; kindly.

Tenthly (adv.) In a tenth manner.

Tentifly (adv.) Attentively.

Termly (adv.) Term by term; every term.

Terrifically (adv.) In a terrific manner.

Territorially (adv.) In regard to territory; by means of territory.

Testify (adv.) In a testy manner; fretfully; peevishly; with petulance.

Tete-a-tete (adv.) Face to face; privately or confidentially; familiarly.

Tetrahedrally (adv.) In a tetrahedral manner.

Textually (adv.) In a textual manner; in the text or body of a work; in accordance with the text.

Than (adv.) Then. See Then.

Thankly (adv.) Thankfully.

The (adv.) By that; by how much; by so much; on that account; -- used before comparatives; as, the longer we continue in sin, the more difficult it is to reform.

Then (adv.) At that time (referring to a time specified, either past or future).

Then (adv.) Soon afterward, or immediately; next; afterward.

Then (adv.) At another time; later; again.

Thenadays (adv.) At that time; then; in those days; -- correlative to nowadays.

Thence (adv.) From that place.

Thence (adv.) From that time; thenceforth; thereafter.

Thence (adv.) For that reason; therefore.

Thence (adv.) Not there; elsewhere; absent.

Thenceforth (adv.) From that time; thereafter.

Thenceforward (adv.) From that time onward; thenceforth.

Thencefrom (adv.) From that place.

Theorically (adv.) In a theoretic manner.

Thereabout (adv.) Alt. of Thereabouts

Thereabouts (adv.) Near that place.

Thereabouts (adv.) Near that number, degree, or quantity; nearly; as, ten men, or thereabouts.

Thereabouts (adv.) Concerning that; about that.

Thereafter (adv.) After that; afterward.

Thereafter (adv.) According to that; accordingly.

Thereafter (adv.) Of that sort.

Thereagain (adv.) In opposition; against one's course.

There-anent (adv.) Concerning that.

Thereat (adv.) At that place; there.

Thereat (adv.) At that occurrence or event; on that account.

Therebefore (adv.) Alt. of Therebiforn

Therebiforn (adv.) Before that time; beforehand.

Thereby (adv.) By that; by that means; in consequence of that.

Thereby (adv.) Annexed to that.

Thereby (adv.) Thereabout; -- said of place, number, etc.

Therefor (adv.) For that, or this; for it.

Therefore (adv.) For that or this reason, referring to something previously stated; for that.

Therefore (adv.) Consequently; by consequence.

Therefrom (adv.) From this or that.

Therein (adv.) In that or this place, time, or thing; in that particular or respect.

Thereinto (adv.) Into that or this, or into that place.

Thereof (adv.) Of that or this.

Thereon (adv.) On that or this.

Thereout (adv.) Out of that or this.

Thereout (adv.) On the outside; out of doors.

Thereto (adv.) To that or this.

Thereto (adv.) Besides; moreover.

Theretofore (adv.) Up to that time; before then; -- correlative with heretofore.

Thereunder (adv.) Under that or this.

Thereunto (adv.) Unto that or this; thereto; besides.

Thereupon (adv.) Upon that or this; thereon.

Thereupon (adv.) On account, or in consequence, of that; therefore.

Thereupon (adv.) Immediately; at once; without delay.

Therewhile (adv.) At that time; at the same time.

Therewith (adv.) With that or this.

Therewith (adv.) In addition; besides; moreover.

Therewith (adv.) At the same time; forthwith.

Therewithal (adv.) Over and above; besides; moreover.

Therewithal (adv.) With that or this; therewith; at the same time.

Thermally (adv.) In a thermal manner.

Thermometrically (adv.) In a thermometrical manner; by means of a thermometer.

Thick (adv.) Frequently; fast; quick.

Thick (adv.) Closely; as, a plat of ground thick sown.

Thick (adv.) To a great depth, or to a greater depth than usual; as, land covered thick with manure.

Thickly (adv.) In a thick manner; deeply; closely.

Thider (adv.) Thither.

Thiderward (adv.) Thitherward.

Thin (adv.) Not thickly or closely; in a seattered state; as, seed sown thin.

Thirdly (adv.) In the third place.

Thirstily (adv.) In a thirsty manner.

Thither (adv.) To that place; -- opposed to hither.

Thither (adv.) To that point, end, or result; as, the argument tended thither.

Thitherto (adv.) To that point; so far.

Thitherward (adv.) To ward that place; in that direction.

Tho (adv.) Then.

Thorough (adv.) Thoroughly.

Thorough (adv.) Through.

Thoroughly (adv.) In a thorough manner; fully; entirely; completely.

Thoroughstitch (adv.) So as to go the whole length of any business; fully; completely.

Though (adv.) However; nevertheless; notwithstanding; -- used in familiar language, and in the middle or at the end of a sentence.

Thoughtless (adv.) Lacking thought; careless; inconsiderate; rash; as, a thoughtless person, or act.

Thoughtless (adv.) Giddy; gay; dissipated.

Thoughtless (adv.) Deficient in reasoning power; stupid; dull.

Thrice (adv.) Three times.

Thrice (adv.) In a threefold manner or degree; repeatedly; very.

Thriftily (adv.) In a thrifty manner.

Thriftily (adv.) Carefully; properly; becomingly.

Thrivingly (adv.) In a thriving manner.

Throngly (adv.) In throngs or crowds.

Through (adv.) From one end or side to the other; as, to pierce a thing through.

Through (adv.) From beginning to end; as, to read a letter through.

Through (adv.) To the end; to a conclusion; to the ultimate purpose; as, to carry a project through.

Throughly (adv.) Thoroughly.

Throughout (adv.) In every part; as, the cloth was of a piece throughout.

Thus (adv.) In this or that manner; on this wise.

Thus (adv.) To this degree or extent; so far; so; as, thus wise; thus peaceble; thus bold.

Thwartingly (adv.) In a thwarting or obstructing manner; so as to thwart.

Thwartly (adv.) Transversely; obliquely.

Ticktack (adv.) With a ticking noise, like that of a watch.

Tidily (adv.) In a tidy manner.

Tightly (adv.) In a tight manner; closely; nearly.

Timelessly (adv.) In a timeless manner; unseasonably.

Timely (adv.) Early; soon; in good season.

Tinselly (adv.) In a showy and cheap manner.

Tipsily (adv.) In a tipsy manner; like one tipsy.

Titularly (adv.) In a titular manner; nominally; by title only.

Tivy (adv.) With great speed; -- a huntsman's word or sound.

Togider (adv.) Alt. of Togidres

Togidres (adv.) Together.

Tomorn (adv.) To-morrow.

Tomorrow (adv.) On the day after the present day; on the next day; on the morrow.

Tonight (adv.) On this present or coming night.

Tonight (adv.) On the last night past.

Too (adv.) Over; more than enough; -- noting excess; as, a thing is too long, too short, or too wide; too high; too many; too much.

Too (adv.) Likewise; also; in addition.

Topically (adv.) In a topical manner; with application to, or limitation of, a particular place or topic.

Toppingly (adv.) In a topping or proud manner.

Topsy-turvy (adv.) In an inverted posture; with the top or head downward; upside down; as, to turn a carriage topsy-turvy.

Torpidly (adv.) In a torpid manner.

Tortiously (adv.) In a tortous manner.

Torturingly (adv.) So as to torture.

Tossily (adv.) In a tossy manner.

Totally (adv.) In a total manner; wholly; entirely.

Totteringly (adv.) In a tottering manner.

Touchily (adv.) In a touchy manner.

Toughly (adv.) In a tough manner.

Toward (adv.) Alt. of Towards

Towards (adv.) Near; at hand; in state of preparation.

Townward (adv.) Alt. of Townwards

Townwards (adv.) Toward a town.

Toyear (adv.) This year.

Toyingly (adv.) In a toying manner.

Traditionally (adv.) In a traditional manner.

Traditionarily (adv.) By tradition.

Traducingly (adv.) In a traducing manner; by traduction; slanderously.

Tralatitiously (adv.) In a tralatitious manner; metephorically.

Tranquilly (adv.) In a tranquil manner; calmly.

Transcendentally (adv.) In a transcendental manner.

Transcendently (adv.) In a transcendent manner.

Transitorily (adv.) In a transitory manner; with brief continuance.

Translucently (adv.) In a translucent manner.

Transportingly (adv.) So as to transport.

Transversely (adv.) In a transverse manner.

Trashily (adv.) In a trashy manner.

Traverse (adv.) Athwart; across; crosswise.

Treatably (adv.) In a treatable manner.

Treble (adv.) Trebly; triply.

Trebly (adv.) In a treble manner; with a threefold number or quantity; triply.

Trenchantly (adv.) In a trenchant, or sharp, manner; sharply; severely.

Triangularly (adv.) In a triangular manner; in the form of a triangle.

Trubutarily (adv.) In a tributary manner.

Triennially (adv.) Once in three years.

Trimly (adv.) In a trim manner; nicely.

Trimmingly (adv.) In a trimming manner.

Tripartitely (adv.) In a tripartite manner.

Triply (adv.) In a triple manner.

Trippingly (adv.) In a tripping manner; with a light, nimble, quick step; with agility; nimbly.

Tristfully (adv.) In a tristful manner; sadly.

Triumphantly (adv.) In a triumphant manner.

Trivially (adv.) In a trivial manner.

Triweekly (adv.) Three times a week.

Troopmeal (adv.) By troops; in crowds.

Tropically (adv.) In a tropical manner; figuratively; metaphorically.

Truantly (adv.) Like a truant; in idleness.

Truculently (adv.) In a truculent manner.

True (adv.) In accordance with truth; truly.

Truly (adv.) In a true manner; according to truth; in agreement with fact; as, to state things truly; the facts are truly represented.

Truly (adv.) Exactly; justly; precisely; accurately; as, to estimate truly the weight of evidence.

Truly (adv.) Sincerely; honestly; really; faithfully; as, to be truly attached to a lover; the citizens are truly loyal to their prince or their country.

Truly (adv.) Conformably to law; legally; legitimately.

Truly (adv.) In fact; in deed; in reality; in truth.

Trustily (adv.) In a trusty manner.

Tuggingly (adv.) In a tugging manner; with laborious pulling.

Tumultuarily (adv.) In a tumultuary manner.

Turbidly (adv.) In a turbid manner; with muddiness or confusion.

Turbidly (adv.) Proudly; haughtily.

Turbulently (adv.) In a turbulent manner.

Twice (adv.) Two times; once and again.

Twice (adv.) Doubly; in twofold quantity or degree; as, twice the sum; he is twice as fortunate as his neighbor.

Twittingly (adv.) In a twitting manner; with upbraiding.

Twofold (adv.) In a double degree; doubly.

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